SL: We're switching to writing like this because it's easier and it was what I had originally planned to do anyway.

Steve: Okay. So what're we doing?

SL: First of all I'd like to apologize for not updating in forever on any of my fics. I'm not going to say I was busy, because that would be a lie. I was on holiday for the last 2 weeks, but really it's because I'm a lazy douche bag.

Darren: Okay, so we've established that you're a lazy douche bag. Now, what are we doing? And will it scar me for life?

SL: The first thing – probably not. The second thing - yes.

Darren: T_T Give me the nice one first then.

SL: Well, it's not actually nice. You both have to kill RV for Ozuma thy Awesome.

Steve: Meh, none of the other vampaneze will miss him much. Let's get it over with so we can find out what the second thing is *wiggles eyebrows*.

Darren: Do you know?

Steve: No, but I'm hoping it involves me and you making out.

SL: *Giggling*

Steve: What's so funny?

SL: Well, it's not quite that, Steve. Anyway, hurry up and kill RV so we can all find out.

RV: *Falls from the sky* Ow! Couldn't you lower me gently, man?

Steve: Shut up and die! *Hits in with a stick*

Darren: Er, Steve? I don't really think a stick is going to kill him.

Steve: That's what you think. This is a magical stick S.L. gave me to attack all the people that don't review with. *Hits him again*

RV: *Screams like a girl, rolls over and dies*

Darren: And just for good measure… *Finds a knife and chops his feet off*

SL: Great! Now we can find out the second thing. Will our special guest please come out?

Kurda: *Steps out from behind a curtain*

Steve: Was that there a minute ago?

SL: Hush! Now, as requested by an unknown reader, Darren, you must make out with Kurda!

Kurda: *Wiggles eyebrows*

Darren: What? No!

SL: You have to – I am the god of this world.

Darren: Can I switch to truth?

SL: This isn't Truth or Dare, Darren.

Darren: *Sighs* Fine.

Kurda: Come here, handsome.

Steve: No, Darren! You can't!

SL: But he must! *Dramatic music starts playing*

*Kurda and Darren are making out in a very sexual manner until Steve gets fed up and pulls them apart*

SL: Give it up for our special guest, Kurda!

*Imaginary audience claps as Kurda exits the imaginary stage*

Steve: So, is that it then?

SL: Actually, I have one more thing for you to do.

Steve: Does it involve making out with Darren?

SL: No. RangaJess requested that I send you after them anyway despite the fact that they did review. Do you have your stick?

Steve: *Raises stick* Yup!

SL: Then go get 'em.

Steve: *Runs off* (A/N: You can decide for yourselves what Steve did to RangaJess lol)

SL: So that concludes today's chapter. Thanks for reading and please review. Say goodbye, Darren.

Darren: Goodbye, Darren. (A/N: Lol, couldn't resist)