"Sosuke! Sosuke! Wake up, Sosuke!" five-year-old Ponyo yelled at the top of her lungs in her best friend's face. "Ponyo… you didn't need to yell!" Sosuke replied, yawning and rubbing his eyes. "Sorry Sosuke." Ponyo said. She smiled. "Why are you smiling, Ponyo?" Sosuke asked. "Did you get ham?" "No…" Ponyo replied. "I wish I did, though."

"Then why are you smiling?"

"Because we're going to have lots of fun today!"

"Really? What are we going to do?"

"I was going to ask YOU that, Sosuke!"

"Oh. Well, we're going to school today!"

"Me too?"

"Of course!"

"But I've never been to a school before."

"That's okay. We are going to say that you are my sister, alright?"


Sosuke got up from his bed. "We're going to get a bunk bed after school. Then, we can have the same room." He told Ponyo. "Yay! I want the top!" "We'll talk about it later. Right now, we need to get ready for school." Sosuke told Ponyo to go to his mom and ask where her dress was while he got ready. Ponyo agreed and went running to Lisa in the kitchen. "Mrs. Lisa?" Ponyo said. "Yes, Ponyo?" Lisa said. "Where's my dress?" Ponyo asked. "Oh, right here. You can get dressed in my room, if you want." "Okay!" Ponyo ran towards Lisa and gave her a big hug. Ponyo ran straight to Lisa's room and got dressed.

Ponyo ran back out and saw Sosuke standing near the door with a small black backpack. "What about breakfast?" Ponyo asked. "We aren't going to have breakfast today because my mom needs to go grocery shopping." Sosuke replied. "Oh. Okay!" Ponyo peered onto Sosuke's back. "I don't have one of those!" she said, pointing to his backpack. "Oh, that's right. I bought this for you last night, Ponyo." Lisa said, handing her a blue backpack. "Oh! It's blue!" Ponyo said, smiling ear-to-ear.

"I have a surprise for you two." Lisa said, smiling. "What?" Ponyo and Sosuke replied simultaneously. "Koichi! Are you ready?" Lisa yelled up the stairs. "Coming!" Koichi, Sosuke's dad, replied. He hurried down the stairs. "I'm taking you two to school!" he said smiling at Ponyo and Sosuke. "That's amazing! Thanks, dad!" Sosuke said. "Yay!" Ponyo squeaked. "Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go!" Koichi said to the children. "Bye, mom!" Sosuke said. "Bye Mrs. Lisa!" Ponyo said. "Bye. Have fun!" Lisa said.

Sosuke and Koichi headed down the cliff. Ponyo gulped and looked a little scared. "Ponyo? What's wrong?" Sosuke said. "Will I fall?" Ponyo asked, her voice shaking. "No, it'll be just fine! Want me to hold your hand?" Sosuke replied. "Okay…" Ponyo replied hesitantly. She took his hand and walked down with him. All of a sudden, the three saw Fujimoto coming towards them. "Father!" Ponyo said, letting go of Sosuke's hand. "Ponyo, do not come any further. The water will get you all wet." Fujimoto said, stopping Ponyo. "Okay father." Ponyo replied. "You must be going to school." Fujimoto said, peering at Ponyo's blue backpack. "But that is alright. I am here to talk to Lisa." "Okay, father. Goodbye!" Ponyo said, giving him a hug and running to the car that Koichi owned. Sosuke and Koichi followed her, giving a wave to Fujimoto as he walked up the cliff, constantly spraying ocean water on his path and on his feet so he would not dry out on land.

On the ride to the school, Ponyo watched her sisters swimming in the water performing a little 'hello' dance they had made up in Ponyo's honor. When they reached the school, Sosuke, Ponyo, and Koichi got out of the car and starting walking towards the entrance. "Dad, why do you have to come in?" Sosuke asked. "I've got to tell your teacher that Ponyo is your sister and she is enrolling today." Koichi replied.

Ponyo had a frown on her face, which was not common for her. She was walking slowly, instead of running or skipping. "What's wrong Ponyo?" Sosuke asked. "I don't want to see Kumiko" Ponyo answered. "How do you know Kumiko?" Koichi asked. "When Ponyo was a fish, I showed her to Kumiko. Kumiko said, 'That is the most boring goldfish I have ever seen in my entire life!' and Ponyo spit water onto Kumiko's face and dress." Sosuke said. "I feel better now. Because it was her fault, not mine." Ponyo said. So the three walked into the school. "Hello, Sosuke and Koichi. Who is this little girl?" The teacher asked. "This is Ponyo, Sosuke's-" Koichi started to say. "I'm Sosuke's sister!" Ponyo interrupted, smiling. "Oh, okay then. Nice to meet you, Ponyo." Sensei said. "Yup!" Ponyo said. "Well, I'd best be going. Goodbye, Sosuke. Goodbye, Ponyo." Koichi said with a wave. "Bye!" Ponyo and Sosuke said.

Kumiko came running towards Sosuke. Ponyo looked at Kumiko sadly. "Come on, Sosuke! Come play with- who's that?" she said, pointing to Ponyo. Ponyo looked at Kumiko, expecting her to remember. Kumiko didn't. "Kumiko, remember that goldfish that sprayed water on your dress?" Sosuke asked. "Yes! I hate that 'Ponyo' of yours! Do you still have her?" Kumiko replied.

Ponyo ran to the bookshelves and kicked one, making all of the books fall off. Then Ponyo went over to some girls making a castle out of blocks and kicked the blocks and messed up the entire thing. The girls started to cry, and Ponyo stuck out her tongue at them. "Ponyo!" teacher said. Ponyo looked at her angrily. "Come with me this instant!" teacher said, opening her office door. Ponyo stomped her foot as hard as she could. "Fine!" Ponyo said, and stomped into the office.

"Your sister is bad." Kumiko said. Sosuke couldn't hold it back. "NO SHE IS NOT! YOU ARE! YOU ARE SO MEAN AND YOU ARE THE REASON SHE IS ACTING LIKE THAT!" Sosuke yelled. Kumiko ran from him crying. Teacher had heard, and came out of her office. She grabbed Sosuke's wrist, and brought him to her office too. Teacher closed the door. "Sit down." Teacher said, pointing to two chairs that were in the front of her desk. Ponyo and Sosuke sat in the chairs. Teacher sat in the chair across from them and began writing their names on a slip of paper. "Why are you both acting like this? Ponyo, I never knew how you acted, and Sosuke, you have never acted like this until Ponyo came. Now tell me why." teacher ordered. No answer.

"Alright! You two can talk over in the corner and discuss who will say what!" teacher said. Ponyo and Sosuke walked to the corner. "We can't tell her that you were a fish! She would think we are lying!" Sosuke said. "I know… maybe we should say we did it for no reason. I want to get in trouble with her more then get in trouble with my father." Ponyo said. "Are you sure?" Sosuke asked. "Yes." Ponyo replied. The children walked back to the desk and sat in their chairs. They took a deep breath. "We did it for no reason." Ponyo said. "No reason? That is unacceptable!" Teacher said.

"You both are going on the time-out bench for the rest of the day. The only people you can talk to is each other! Now go!" Teacher ordered. Ponyo and Sosuke walked out of the office and to the bench. "Sosuke? There's water coming from your eyes." Ponyo said. "They're called tears." He explained, wiping his eyes. "What are tears, Sosuke?" Ponyo asked. "It's what comes out of someone's eyes when they are so sad that they are crying." Sosuke replied.

"Oh. Why are you crying?"

"I've never been in trouble before, and now we're both going to be in trouble here, AND at home. My parents will find out, and so will yours. I'm pretty sure my mom will tell your parents what you did."

"Oh. I've been in trouble before. But that made me meet you!"

Sosuke smiled at Ponyo when she said that because he knew it was true. If it wasn't for the trouble she had got in, they would have never met. He felt a lot better. Ponyo gave him a big hug, and he hugged her back. "How long until school ends, Sosuke?" Ponyo said. Sosuke checked his small watch. "Only fifteen minutes." He replied. "Okay." Ponyo said. 5 minutes later, she fell asleep.