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Chapter 1

The last patient of the day had finally left the office and the weekend was just about to start. I turned off the computer and knocked on my boss' office door. Dr Volturi looked up from his charts and smiled at me.

"Thanks for your help today, Bella! I felt like I was being pulled in different directions all day! You're a life saver."

I smiled politely at him. "You're welcome Dr V." Since day one, he'd insisted on being called that, saying Dr. Volturi made him sound like he was a part of the Italian mafia or something.

"Do you need anything else before I go?" I asked, silently praying he didn't me any more.

Thankfully, he shook his head no. "I'm just going to finish up some paper work and I'll head home soon, too. Get out of here and have a great weekend." He waved me off and went back to charting.

I certainly didn't need to be told twice, I was already leaving later than normal. I grabbed my purse from behind the door and headed to the parking lot and my battered '53 Chevy truck.

It had been a busy day at LifePlus Chiropractic, where I'd worked as the clinic manager for the past three years. Dr V had a few extra bookings squeezed in, like he normally did on a Friday afternoon. Today however, he'd fallen behind and it had spiraled out of control. I'd managed to call the last two patients and reschedule them for Monday morning instead, which helped. Otherwise, I would have been stuck in the office even longer and I'd have the wrath of Rosalie, my roommate, on my hands.

Rosalie Hale and I had been friends since freshmen year in high school. Until then, I had been living with my mom, Renee, in Florida. When she remarried a semi-pro baseball player, I knew she wanted to travel with him, but felt obligated to stay home with me. I insisted on moving back to Forks to live with my dad and she reluctantly agreed it would be for the best.

Charlie, my dad, was pretty cool. My parents had divorced when I was two and were still cordial to each other - I guessed living on opposite sides of the US helped keep their relationship that way. Besides the two weeks summer vacation I'd spent with him every year, Charlie and I had limited visits until I moved in. He really didn't know much about parenting a teenager so he'd left me to my own devices most of the time. It's not like I was going to get into any trouble – my dad being the police chief and all. Forks is a pretty small town and word got around fast so I made sure I kept myself out of trouble. When I moved in with my dad in mid August, I was nervous those last few weeks of summer just thinking about starting at a new school. I was pretty shy back then and preferred to keep to myself.

My second week at Forks High I ran into trouble with Jane, the school bully. Being the new girl, I got a lot of attention from the boys and Jane was not impressed. I would have gladly flown under the radar, not liking to be the center of attention at all. A new student, though, is like a magnet to the opposite sex.

During forth period lunch that second week, Rosalie over heard Jane in the lunchroom telling everyone that she'd seen me giving Tyler Crowley a hand job in his van after school the previous day.

The one thing Rosalie cannot stand is a liar. Had it not been for her promiscuity, my reputation would have been ruined right then. But lucky for me, Rosalie was a tramp. And she had actually been the one handing out sexual favors in exchange for a homework assignment in Tyler's van that day. She'd never admit that to anyone but me, but knowing the truth, she called Jane out in front of everyone. Rosalie was popular and bitchy and no one would ever dare go against anything she said. She told everyone that not only was Jane lying about me, she made it known to everyone in the lunchroom that day that Jane was the school slut. She insisted she'd walked in on Jane giving Mr. Banner a blowjob after biology class. The rumor stuck and not long after, Jane transferred schools herself. That day, Rosalie took me under her wing and we'd been best friends ever since. While she loved to be the center of attention, I was just as happy being in her shadow. Rosalie was still popular and bitchy, but she is fiercely loyal to her friends. Oh, and she still hands out sexual favors to get whatever she wants. Oddly enough, Tyler actually turned out to be a nice guy and he and I would sometimes go out together. In fact, he was my date for senior prom.

I cursed as the downtown traffic crawled along that night. It was worse than normal since it was a Friday night and there was a home football game on. A quick glance at the clock on the dashboard and I realized I was running even more behind then I thought.

"Shit!" I mumbled to myself and reached over with my right hand to the passenger seat. I dug through my purse looking for my cell phone. I kept half an eye on the road and called Rosalie. She answered on the first ring.

"Tell me you are right around the corner."

"I am almost there! I'm sorry!" I knew she didn't care why I was late, but I felt better giving her an excuse. "It was a crazy day! Dr V got behind, the phones were nuts. You know how it goes!"

Rosalie gave an exaggerated sigh, but I knew she understood. She was a personal trainer at the LifePlus Chiropractic Fitness Center. Her last client had come down with food poisoning so she had been able to leave an hour earlier than normal.

"Just hurry your ass up. Angela is trying to hold a table for us, but it's hard for her to do on game night. Alice will meet us after she closes up her store."

"I'll be there in five." I ended the call without saying goodbye and tossed my iPhone back into my purse.

Alice Cullen was one of our neighbors and the three of us had become instant friends when she moved across the hall a few months ago. As hot as Rosalie was, Alice was her equivalent in cuteness. She wasn't curvy or voluptuous like Rosalie, but her svelte figure was just as gorgeous. Her round pixie face was framed by dark, wildly spiked her. She boasted beautiful green eyes, a small turned up nose and full lips. What she lacked in height, she made up for in her exuberant personality.

I had run into Ali in the hallway the day she moved in, and told her if she needed anything to knock on our door. That same night, she stopped by with a bottle of wine. She immediately made herself comfortable on our couch, flopping down on it, her legs propped up on our coffee table. She talked a mile a minute for hours, barely stopping to take a breath. That was the first of many evenings we'd spent together. She was a little firecracker under pressure. Tonight we were meeting for drinks at our local watering hole, Brown's Social House.

Brown's was walking distance to our apartment. It was a pretty casual, anything goes kind of Pub. People could come after a day at the office in suits and ties, or khakis and tees on a Saturday afternoon or on game night dressed in team jerseys. And tonight the Seahawks were playing. More importantly, Alice's older brother Emmett, the Seahawks new quarterback, was playing. Tonight was his first game with the team and we were excited to watch. To tell the truth, I actually had no idea whom they were even playing. Alice asked if we wanted to meet up to watch her brother play, which of course we did, but really we didn't need an excuse for a girl's night out.

I rounded the corner to the two-bedroom apartment complex that Rosalie and I shared on Pattinson Drive. The four-story, red brick building was situated in a quiet neighborhood just a stone's throw from downtown Seattle. The building was well maintained and secure. Along with a wrought iron fence as a deterrent, there was video surveillance as well. My dad had instantly approved. It was perfect for urban professionals, such as ourselves. It housed six, two-bedroom suites and one gorgeous penthouse, which was the only suite not currently rented. Everyone knew everyone in our building, and Rosalie and I joked that we were a modern day Melrose Place - complete with hook ups but unfortunately, minus the swimming pool.

Rose and I shared a bright, open concept, two-bedroom suite on the ground floor; Alice lived alone across the hall from us. We both had decks with lovely sitting areas and room for a barbeque. The decks were mostly private with ivy and plants creating a lush oasis. Alice had been given money from her parents when she moved from Chicago, and she had spent some of it frivolously on a four-person hot tub placed on the far corner of her deck, tucked under a tree so the units upstairs weren't able to spy. Another reason why we were pleased to make her acquaintance.

On the second floor directly above our suite, were Quil Embry and Jacob Black, both apprentice mechanics. Above Alice were Jessica Stanley, a hairdresser, and Lauren Mallory, who was always in between jobs. The third floor was home to Angela Webber and her boyfriend Ben Cheney. They were co-owners of Brown's Social House, and Rosalie and I had gone to High School with them both. They had met during our junior year and started dating soon after. They were practically married, but living in sin, as Angela's mother liked to remind her. Their neighbor was Mike Newton, a used car sale man at dealership on the outskirts of town.

There was parking right in front of our building, so instead of pulling into the parking garage, I parked outside. I noticed the engine sputter a bit before it quit and I frowned. The last thing I needed was yet another bill. I'd have to remember to ask Quil or Jacob if they could take a look at it for me. I slammed the door shut with a loud clunk behind me and let myself into the building.

Rosalie was waiting at our door, tapping her stiletto-clad foot, and pointing at her watch. She told me I had five minutes. I quickly stripped off my top and threw it into the laundry room by the front door, heading down the hall to my bedroom clad only in my bra.

"Hiya Bella!"

Jake. I should have known he would be around. Jacob had a habit of hanging out at our place whenever his roommate had his girlfriend over, which was often.

"Quil getting busy again Jacob?" I didn't bother covering myself up. Jake had seen it all before, on more than a few occasions.

"Yup. Emily's here for the weekend." He glanced over at me, his eyes not so subtle in checking me out. "You want to get busy with me?" He followed me to my room, folded his bulky arms across his chest and leaned against the doorframe with a lop-sided grin on his boyish face. Native American, Jake's skin was a dark golden hue, his black hair cropped short and spiked in the front. By his grin I knew he thought his comment could be considered foreplay.

I rolled my eyes. "Sorry Jake, plans with the girls tonight."

I threw on my Seahawks tee, but not before Jacob gawked at my boobs again. He really needed to work on being stealthy. I ducked into my small walk-in closet, pulled off my dress pants and put on my new True Religion jeans and my favorite pair of black strappy sandals. I tied my unruly brown hair into a low ponytail and checked myself out in the mirror. I certainly wasn't Rosalie, but I couldn't compare myself to a blonde bombshell with gigantic boobs. My hair was ordinary chestnut brown and sadly, my breasts were less than gigantic.

"Come on Bella, skip the girls night and hang out with me, I'll make you some special margaritas," He proposed as he followed me like a puppy dog back out to the living room where Rosalie was waiting, holding out my Coach purse for me.

"Yes Bella, you know, those special margaritas that cloud your judgment so much that you'd even fuck Jacob?" She rolled her eyes and pushed me out the door. "Bye Jacob. Don't wait up!" I gave him a shrug and a meek smile, as Rose closed the door behind us.

Rosalie had little patience on a good day, and even less where Jake was concerned. The boys had moved in three years ago. Immediately, Rosalie and Jake squared off about Jake revving his motorcycle late at night waking Rose up. She bitched at him from her window, he barked back and gave her the one finger salute. She was so furious and about to call the cops, until I talked her out of it. Cops talk and I didn't want my dad to find out there was any trouble brewing in our building. He had approved of our neighorhood but was still leery of his only child moving to 'the big city'.

Jake and I got along well. Well enough, in fact, that we had a romantic relationship for two and a half years. He was fun, spontaneous and a little rebellious. Our friendship developed quickly and one night after an impromptu summer barbeque with the other tenants of the building, we'd kissed. We took it slow, building our relationship slowly from friends to lovers. Previously, I'd dated here and there, but there was something about Jacob that just felt comfortable and right. Eventually though, things became almost too comfortable; the spark fizzled out over time. I had loved him, but I certainly wasn't in love with him any more. We had broken up four months prior, at the end of spring, much to Rosalie's delight. It was hard for me to tell Jacob I thought we should see other people but in the end we made an amicable separation. I was glad to have maintained his friendship. Unfortunately, I hadn't exactly been very good about making a clean break. There had been several late night booty calls in the past few months. Sometimes they happened by accident, usually involving those margaritas, other times planned by a quick "booty call?" text message.

"I don't know what you ever saw in him, Bella." Rosalie was irritated, I could tell by her fast pace to the pub.

"Aww, give him a break. He's a good guy, he means well."

Rose laughed. "Well, I hope the sex was good, at least."

I smiled sheepishly. "Yeah, it was good."

Another laugh from Rosalie, "Oh, and you have so much to compare it to."

It was true. I wasn't exactly as versed in sex as Miss Thing. Jacob had been my one and only. The sex was good, albeit I didn't have anything to compare it to. Jacob had some talents, but I'm not one to kiss and tell. Rosalie, on the other hand, was very verbal, in and out of the bedroom. Enough said.

When we arrived at Browns the patio outside was packed. We headed inside and saw that Angela managed to save a table for us near the bar, bless her heart! Waving to Ben behind the bar we wove our way over to Ang through the sea of Hawks jerseys. It was loud in the pub, with a younger crowd the university students were out in full force for the night. Angela smiled when she spotted us.

"Hey!" She gave us both a hug. "That's the only table left, it's packed tonight. Friday night games will do that!" She led us to the table and put down three coasters, anticipating Alice's arrival. "What'll it be girlies?"

Rosalie ordered a glass of wine and I ordered a lime margarita. The table behind us had four guys around it, drunk before kick off. They were cute, but probably a little too young, even for Rosalie. They raked their eyes down her body getting instant hard-ons, no doubt. She looked hot, she always did. Her blonde hair was half way down her back in loose curls, her football jersey was tight across her ample chest, the V-neck displaying her cleavage. Her jeans were riding lower than necessary but her Louis Vuitton shoes were a fantastic choice. Being a a personal trainer, during work hours Rose was in Nike runners, but after hours, those were cast aside and she was never seen without a sexy pair of shoes.

Alice arrived soon after we did, not too late for a change. It could take her an hour just to put together an outfit, so we didn't usually count on her arriving on time. Tonight she had on a dark green dress, tailored perfectly to her tiny body. The neckline cut low, showcasing her push-up bra enhanced cleavage. The dress was super short, but on her it looked cute, not trashy. She paired it with a pair of six-inch Manolo Blahnik's, which made her appear to be average height, but in reality she was barely five foot nothing. I was insanely jealous of her and Rosalie being able to glide on air in their fuck me shoes, when I had trouble with two-inch heels.

Alice literally bounced over to our table and planted a kiss on my cheek. Alice grabbed a bar stool beside me and took a sip of my margarita. "How are you girls? I had such a shitty day! The boutique was so busy! My fabric didn't arrive from Portugal like it was supposed to, then the visa machine crapped out and, God it was just a shitty, but it's Friday night and I'm ready for some fun!"

Typical Alice; fast-talking and full of spunk. Even when she had a shitty day, she was still fun and made me smile. Alice's parents, Carlisle, a prominent surgeon back in Chicago and Esme, a renowned interior designer, were quite well off. They had given Alice the money to start her own clothing boutique, Cullen Couture, in downtown Seattle. She had been working long hours trying to get her business off the ground, and we knew she really wanted to make them proud.

Angela brought Alice her usual, rum and coke - because someone as effervescent as Alice needed just a little more sugar. "So, I told my brothers to come here after the game." Alice said casually, taking a slow slip of her drink, never taking her eyes of the big screen.

Rosalie raised her eyebrow. "Oh really? I thought this was a girls night out?"

Alice smiled slyly. She had been gushing about her brother Emmett since that first bottle of wine we shared when she moved in months before. Ali said she just had a hunch that Rosalie and Emmett would make the perfect couple. But this was the first time I'd heard about her brothers, as in plural.

"Settle down, Rosalie. Em's probably going to bail anyway. I mean, I told him there was a hot blonde with huge tits I wanted to set him up with, why would he want to make the effort?" Alice's musical laugh rung out.

"Fine. But if you are setting me up with your brother, then I get to set you up with mine!" Rosalie compromised. "Just tell me when and where!"

"Deal!" Alice was clapping her hands together like a three year old, gaining the attention of those around us. "Here and now! Seriously, I've been in town two months and I haven't had time to meet anyone yet. Call him! Call him!" She took another sip of her drink, "Besides I could use a good fuck!" Rosalie laughed and took her glittery pink embellished cell phone out of her purse to text her brother.

I'd known Jasper a long time, and I wasn't so sure how his quiet demeanor would stand up to hyper drive Alice. But his last relationship had broken his heart and I really did want to see him happy. Perhaps just a smidge of Alice's happiness would rub off on him.

"What about me?" I was feeling dejected. Not that I wanted Rosalie to set me up with Jasper, he was a little too science and math for my taste. I had more of a thing for the bad boy, hence why Jacob and his motorbike got me a little hot and bothered. Besides, I had always known Jazz as Rosalie's big brother. It would be a little awkward to cross that gap from brother to lover. I actually shuddered at the thought.

Alice had a huge grin on her face. "Don't you worry, missy. I already know you and my twin brother will hit it off."

Rosalie giggled "Oh my God, can you imagine TWO Alice Cullen's running around. Your poor mom." Alice playfully smacked her from across the table and rolled her eyes.

"I didn't know you had a twin! How come you've never mentioned him before?" I exclaimed, I was pretty sure I was just being offered sloppy seconds.

The bar suddenly erupted in a chorus of cheers as the Seahawks got their first touchdown of the game. Emmett's face was flashed on the screen and Alice beamed with pride. I could see Rosalie momentarily enchanted by the freeze frame of him.

Alice winked at me. "Yes I'm a twin, the older, smarter twin" She laughed explaining that she was just six minutes older but that gave her years of wisdom over her brother. "Things were a little, um… complicated with Edward until recently." I could tell she was choosing her words carefully. "But everything's fine now."

She was distracted by the replay of the touchdown on the big screen, but I was certain there was something she wasn't telling me. Rosalie snickered.

"Complicated as in he just got out of jail for murder, or complicated that he likes to wear woman's underwear? I know Bella likes a bad boy, but that might be pushing the envelope."

"No, nothing like that. He was in a relationship with a psycho bitch, but it's all resolved now." She shrugged her shoulders, downplaying it.

"Resolved?" I echoed. I was more curious about psycho bitch girl then her brother.

"Yes, resolved." The way she said the word implied something more, but she carried on "That's not important. You and Edward are going to click, I have a feeling. Wait and see." She reached over and squeezed my arm.

We watched the game for a while, the three of us chatting about the game, work, and our plans for the weekend. Angela came around again to take our food order. We settled on sharing the appetizer platter with hot wings, deep-fried zucchini sticks, calamari, fresh cut veggies and dip, and another round of drinks. I'd have to go for a run this weekend to work that off. Unfortunately, I wasn't blessed with the skinny gene or high metabolism like Alice and Rosalie. Bitches.

At half time, the Hawks were down by only one touchdown. During the break, the sports network aired a long segment on Emmett's career. They showed a young Emmett playing for the University of Chicago. Then him looking quite cute in his Chicago Bears uniform, and his subsequent trade to the Seahawks. They showed play after play featuring him on the big screen. I watched both Alice and Rosalie – they had identical smiles, one of pride one of growing lust.

"So what does Edward do for a living besides run from psycho bitches?" I tried my best to sound nonchalant, but I was a little curious.

I hadn't really dated anyone since Jake and I broke up. I had made out with Mike Newton one night, but that was just some kissing and petting. God, Rosalie had given me the gears about that night. He'd only been in the building for a month when she caught us on the couch with his hand up my shirt. She nearly vomited in her mouth and begged for bleach for her eyes. In fairness to me, I hadn't known he had made the rounds with half the population of Seattle. I had nick named him man-whore after that night.

Alice and Rosalie both turned to stare at me "Back to Edward again, huh? So you're interested in my brother, are you?"

I shrugged. "Perhaps. Maybe I just want a good fuck too!"

The girls laughed louder than necessary, drawing the attention of the drunk guys at the next table. Rosalie glared at them, letting them know we were not interested in fucking with any of them in that way.

"Edward is Emmett's manager. He's pretty business-orientated, but he can let loose and have fun. I'm pretty sure he'll come by with Em tonight. He's at the game right now with my parents. Hey, want me to invite my parents here too? Then you can both meet your future in laws right away," she said with a wink. Another eye roll from Rose and I just laughed and polished off my margarita. Angela was quick to drop off another, and I was definitely feeling happy at that point. Rosalie's phone rang and caller ID showed it was Jasper. Rose answered it, and she was trying her best to tell Jazz he needed to come down to the pub to hang out. Rose could usually convince anyone to do anything they didn't want to do, but her brother was immune to her tricks. She was furrowing her brows, (time for her to get Botox done again) when Alice reached across the table and took the Blackberry from Rosalie's hands.

"Hey Jasper this is Alice….I'm good. But, I'm kind of bummed that Rosalie and Bella are going to be hanging out with my brothers tonight and that kind of leaves me as the third wheel. Uh huh… exactly. So I'll buy you a burger and a beer and maybe I'll let you kiss me later." There was a brief pause. "Twenty minutes? Okay, see you then, Jasper. Bye!" She hung up the phone with a twinkle in her eye and passed the phone back. Damn, she was good!

Less than twenty minutes later, Jasper walked in, quietly approaching our table, his hands in his pockets. He wore a blue polo shirt that matched his eye perfectly, dark denim jeans, and all white Nikes. His honey blonde hair was a casual mess, but you could tell he had tried to do it. He gave me a quick hug and a 'hey' to his sister, who in turn introduced him to Alice. He extended his hand politely and she laughed and pulled him into a hug instead. I could see him smile shyly.

"Nice to meet you, Jasper!" She sat back down and pulled an empty bar stool close to her and patted it, indicating he should sit down. "Thanks for coming out tonight, I didn't want to be walking home alone later." Alice flagged down Angela with a wave of her arm. "What kind of beer would you like, Jasper?"

"I'd love an Amber Ale, if you have it on tap?" Angela nodded and went to get it. He turned to Alice, speaking quietly "Thank you Alice. You didn't have to do that."

She grinned "You did me a favor by coming out tonight, so thank you."

Jasper settled in next to Alice, looking quite relaxed. I was surprised to see that, since he had become so guarded and reserved after his last break up. Jasper and Taylor had dated their senior of high school, and Jazz was head over heels in love. Taylor had been accepted to the University of Hawaii, and they had done the long distance relationship thing for another year, but it was hard on them both. In the end, Taylor had told him to see other people. He had asked if that meant she was going to see other people too. Sadly, it did. That was well over two years ago, and he still hadn't gotten over his broken heart.

Alice's personality was so infectious though, and she wormed her way into his bubble fairly quickly. Alice asked about his job as a web designer, and soon propositioned him to create a website for her business. Once you got Jazz talking about anything computer related, he was a different man and could talk your ear off.

Jasper ordered Alice another rum and coke, and quietly drank his beer. Soon the two of them were talking and laughing like they were old friends. I looked over a few times and saw Alice with her hand on his arm and Jazz smiling at her. Rosalie and I exchanged glances and we knew were witnessing a transformation in her brother. Jasper was a huge football fan, and was thrilled to learn that the Seahawks new, star quarterback was Alice's brother. Alice knew a lot of the ins and outs of the game - I guess that's par for the course when your brother plays professionally. The two of them were cheering and booing various calls and plays. I knew Jazz was hoping Emmett would stop by after the game, which was just ending.

As if on cue, Alice's phone vibrated on the tabletop and she flipped open the screen and smiled, reading the text message. "Emmett and Edward will be on their way soon," she said. "Mom and dad are going out with some of their friends, so you'll have to meet them another time." She winked at us like she knew more about the future than we did.

The pub was only a ten-minute drive from the stadium, so Rosalie and I excused our selves to freshen up in the bathroom before the boys showed up.

"Do we have condoms at home still?" Rosalie asked casually as she reapplied her lipstick. Another patron in the washroom gave her a disapproving look, and Rosalie glared at her with contempt until the woman left the washroom, shaking her head.

"I have no idea! Do you really think I keep tabs on that?" I undid my ponytail and attempted to tame my hair to look somewhat more sophisticated. "Why would you need condoms anyways? You haven't even met Emmett yet!"

"Hello? Did you see his bio and video clips at half time? That boy is adorable. Big, broad shoulders, gorgeous eyes, tight ass and God, those dimples! Being a quarterback, he obviously knows how to use his hands. And did I mention his tight little ass? Sign me up!"

I had to admire her, she knew what she wanted and there was no doubt she was going to be getting some action tonight. I hoped Emmett wasn't as boisterous in the bedroom as Rosalie, I really wanted to get some sleep tonight!

"Besides, if Edward is half as hot as Emmett, you should be concerned if we have condoms at home, too!"

"I'm not a fuck on the first date kind of girl, Rosalie. You know me better than that." I dug down to the bottom of my purse for my makeup bag. I applied some powder to my face then curled my eyelashes with my trusty Shu Uemura curler. That was pretty much the extent of my beauty routine.

"Why not?" Rose sounded incredulous.

I shrugged. "I don't know. I don't have the confidence that you have. Not all of us can be a tall, leggy blondes." Rosalie would look gorgeous in stirrup pants and a turtleneck.

"Don't under estimate yourself, Bella." She took my Kiss Me mascara from the make up bag "Here, let me." Rosalie applied mascara to my upper and lower lashes and expertly smudged eyeliner on real quick, then handed me her lipstick to apply. I looked in the mirror and was pleasantly surprised to see that I looked good, maybe even a little bit pretty. My boring brown eyes really stood out with how Rose had done the liner. She took my hair and twisted it into a messy bun, securing it with my elastic. I gave her a quick hug and my thanks as we left the restroom.

Rosalie linked her arms with me, smiling and saying "Now, let's get you another drink and give you some liquid confidence, shall we?"

We returned to our table to find another round of drinks waiting, courtesy of Jasper. Alice was shamelessly batting her eyelashes at Jasper (she really needed to teach me that!) and he was practically eating out of her hand. Alice winked at me.

"You look hot Bells," she complimented. I gave her a half smile, still not sure of myself, but trusting my girlfriends. Alice watched me suck back the margarita and gave a bewildered look to Rosalie who simply said "Liquid confidence." Alice nodded, grabbed her rum and coke and clinked my glass. I was well on my way to being intoxicated.

Behind us I heard a couple of loud hoots, Arsenio Hall style, and in walked one of the biggest human beings I'd ever seen. Emmett - without a doubt. He had to be six foot five, towering over the other pub goers who had all turned at his loud arrival. Most were gawking at him. He had the biggest, broadest shoulders I'd ever seen, and biceps the size of my thighs. His dark blonde hair was still damp from his post game shower, and those dimples were so deep I could see them clear across the room. He was wearing a gray Seahawks hoodie, jeans, and white Nikes. He was absolutely adorable.

His eyes lit up as he spotted his sister first, but they went as wide as saucers when he set eyes on Rosalie. I could tell he already approved of his sister's set-up. I looked at Rosalie, and saw she had her mouth open slightly. I knew that look, and I could guarantee if they went back to the apartment together, I wouldn't be getting a lick of sleep tonight.

"Ali-Cat!" Emmett scooped tiny Alice up into his ridiculously large arms in a bear hug and swung her around. She squealed loudly, in true Alice fashion.

"So nice to see you again, Bro! I've missed you!" The one thing I'd learned about Alice in the short time I'd known her is that she loved her family. She was really close with her mom especially, and the move from Chicago to Seattle had been hard on her. I'd seen Alice happy, but seeing her in her big brothers arms, it was apparent that she had been missing him more than she'd led on. Maybe it was the alcohol, but I got tears in my eyes seeing them together. Being an only child, I was always jealous of my friends who had siblings.

"I've missed you too, sissy! It's so awesome to be in the same city as you again! I dragged Edward out with me, he's just trying to find a parking spot." Emmett replied.

He put Alice's feet back on the ground. She reached over for Jasper's hand, and introduced him as her boyfriend. Jasper stood up, looking a little surprised and more than a little intimidated by this man who towered over him by a few inches. He managed to smile and shook Emmett's hand firmly.

"Nice to meet you" Jasper's voice was low and quiet.

"Boyfriend, huh?" Emmett tried to look menacing at Jazz, being the protective big brother and all, but those deep dimples softened any harsh look he was trying to give. He broke out a huge grin, showing off his perfect white teeth. "Nice to meet you too, Jasper."

His eyes briefly darted to Rosalie, but he turned to me next instead. "You must be Bella. Nice to meet you as well." He gave me a hug and lifted me off the ground as if I weighed nothing (I assure you, I weigh a heck of a lot more than nothing.)

"Hi Emmett. I've heard a lot about you. Your sister is certainly proud of you! Congrats on being a part of the best football team in the league!" It was kind of cool to be an acquaintance of one of our star players.

He smiled at me, then Alice. "Thanks, it's great to be here! It's no Chicago, but I think I'm going to like it here." His eyes looked over at Rosalie who was standing beside me, looking almost demure. What the hell?

"And you must be Rosalie." He took her hand dwarfing it in his giant one. "It is my pleasure to meet you." He leaned over and kissed her cheek, then quietly whispered something in her ear. Her smile reached her eyes and she actually blushed. It takes a lot to make a girl like Rosalie blush, trust me. Jasper and I exchanged looks. We were both completely shocked that Rosalie was A) blushing and B) looking so virginal at the moment. I had to remember to ask her what the fuck Emmett had said to make her cheeks pink.

"Where are you staying tonight Em?" Alice asked.

Emmett finally took his eyes of Rose, and raised an eyebrow at Jasper's hand on his sister's thigh. Jasper momentarily flinched but Alice grabbed his hand and kept it where it was. Emmett smiled. "The team's putting me up at the Sheraton Hotel until I can find a place." He turned to Rosalie "I just flew into town this morning. Now that I'm with the Seahawks I'll be looking for my own place near here." They shared an intimate look and I almost felt uncomfortable around them. I took another sip of my drink and averted my eyes. I was definitely feeling like a third wheel.

"You don't have to stay at a hotel, Emmett. I have a two bedroom apartment, you can stay at my place!" Alice told him.

Emmett let out a hearty laugh. "And what if I want to bring a hot chick back to my hotel room for some action tonight, little sis?" He winked at Rosalie. She was definitely in serious like with this boy, normally she would have decked a guy who called her a chick, football player or not. "Besides, I figured Edward could crash at your place."

Alice punched him in the shoulder but I doubt he even felt it. "Like I said, why don't you stay at my place and put Edward up in the hotel?" The siblings shared a knowing look. What was wrong with this Edward guy that no one wanted to room with him? Maybe he did wear woman's underwear. Alice saw my face and tried to laugh it off.

"Don't you worry, Bella, Edward's just a little OCD and maybe a touch moody sometimes." Alice explained to Emmett that she thought Edward and I would get along well. Emmett raised an eyebrow his lips twisting in a little smirk.

"I saw that!" That must be Cullen trait. Alice could raise one eyebrow just like that. "Angela! I'm going to need another fucking drink!" I called out. "Seriously, what's up with him? What aren't you telling me? He's a freak, isn't he?"

"Naaa, Edward's cool." Emmett wasn't convincing.

"But?" I interjected, and thanked Angela as she brought me another slushy margarita. I momentarily had second thoughts about having another drink but threw caution to the wind and started in on it.

"No buts. He's a great guy." Alice was trying hard to reassure me. "He's just not as personable as us, he's more reserved, keeps to himself more. Emmett nodded, agreeing with Alice, and they both quickly started rattling off his good qualities. Apparently he could play the piano and guitar, big whoop, and he had a decent singing voice. They were reaching deep here.

I was half cut and half listening. Across the pub, I watched this drop dead gorgeous, make your panties wet hottie saunter in. I knew then that I was drunk - I wasn't normally so vulgar, but damn he was something to behold. He wasn't ostentatious in his arrival, as Emmett had been, but there was something about him that I was instantly drawn to. He was tall and lean, and did I mention hot? He had dark brown hair that was dripping wet, a tell tale sign he'd been caught in one of Seattle's sudden down pours. His eyes were narrowed, scanning the room for someone. Pick me! Pick me! He ran his fingers through his hair making it stick up in a crazy, sexed up, just been fucked kind of way. I was totally mesmerized by his mere presence.

"Oh fuck, I'm sure he's fucking great!" I said sarcastically in response to Emmett and Alice's incessant ramblings about Edward being so wonderful. I couldn't take my eyes off the magnificent specimen at the door.

Rosalie laughed at me. "Bella's definitely drunk when she starts dropping the F-Bomb. She's all sweet and innocent until about her fourth drink."

"I'll drop fucking sweet and innocent and my panties for that one." I nodded to the door "I'll pass on Mr. Moody OCD, thank you very much. Let's get me hooked up with Mr. Fuck Me Sideways over there instead." I pointed in McDreamy's direction.

The group followed my finger and Emmett immediately let out an obnoxious, boisterous laugh. Alice literally spit her rum and coke out clear across the table. Rosalie was still laughing at my use of fuck as an adjective, and Jasper just smiled and shook his head at me. The sudden commotion at our table caused Mr. Sexy Hair to look in our direction, and before I could say "Fuck me", his long, lean legs brought him right over to our table.

I felt like things were happening in slow motion. One second I was sitting at the table mentally undressing the most beautiful man I've ever seen from across the crowded room. The next second, he was standing just three feet away from me and my heart had stopped in my chest from the unadulterated lust I was feeling.

Alice jumped off her chair, did her signature squeal, and my Adonis pulled her into a hug.

"Edward!" Alice's voice jarred me from the trance I was in.




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