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Chapter thirteen

Immediately after his arrival, André requested a private conversation with the General, which he granted him. Meanwhile, Oscar, her sisters and her mother stayed in the adjoining room, waiting for the outcome. Oscar was worrying a lot, scared of her father's reaction, to the point her hands felt clammy... Seeing her this stressed, Amber took her hand into hers.

Am : " Don't worry, everything will be alright ! André and you will soon be able to marry. I swear!"

O: "You really think so?"

An: "Yes ! So don't be like that !" Angélique intervened, putting her arms around her little sister.

Oscar was grateful for their attention, and felt a bit more reassured, but somehow she still couldn't think about her future yet without a feeling of fear and uncertainty.

In the meantime...

MJ: "Eh, well, André ! What did you want to report to me so urgently ?"

A: "... I wanted to ask you for Oscar's hand."

MJ: "I beg you a pardon?"

A: "I'm in love with your daughter, General, and my dearest wish is for her to become my legal wife. I would like to ask you for her hand in marriage."

MJ: "You must be joking! This request is completely ridiculous."

A: "I'm very serious. I love Oscar, and I want to marry her."

MJ: "You're talking nonsense, boy. Oscar will never accept marrying you."

A: "On the contrary, she did. We love each other, and we would like to request your blessing for our union."

MJ: "You're lying!"

A: "No! I swear I'm speaking the truth. Mrs. de Jarjayes has already consented to our marriage."

MJ: "Oh really?... Let somebody bring my wife here !"

Mrs. de Jarjayes silently entered the room.

MrsJ: "You called for me?"

MJ: "Indeed! Is it true you have given your consent about our daughter's marriage with a commoner?"

MrsJ: "I did."

MJ: "Excuse me? What's wrong with you? You seem to forget Oscar's destiny is to be in the Royal Guards."

MrsJ: "Oscar has suffered long enough. She deserves some happiness as well."

MJ: "Silence! Since when dares a wife contradict her husband? Have you forgotten your place?"

A: "Sir, I would like to renew my request."

MJ: "I won't accept this! Oscar will not marry anyone, and certainly not you!"

A: "I beg you, Sir. Think about it before refusing. I will make her happy, I swear!"

MJ: "I've already made my decision, and I will not change my mind." the General growled.

MrsJ: "Dear, maybe you should..."

MF: "Be silent, Madam! I won't allow anyone in this family to marry beneath our station! André, I demand you leave immediately. Disappear from this mansion, and never approach Oscar again."

A: "..."

MJ: "Well, what are you waiting for? Leave this place, now! Consider yourself lucky I haven't killed you on the spot!"

A: "No!"

MJ: "What?"

A: "I won't leave. My life means nothing if I can't be with Oscar, so you could just as well shoot me right now. It wouldn't make much of a difference."

O: "André's gone completely crazy! I have to go there !" Oscar exclaimed, having heard every word of the conversation inside.

Am: "No! Oscar! Wait a little longer!" Amber ordered her, keeping her back.

O: "No! He's really able to kill him. I don't want to lose him!"

Am: "You won't! I promise! Just wait!"

Oscar decided to give it another chance, but kept listening attentively.

MJ: "André, I've asked you to leave! That's an order, you hear!"

A: "I won't move an inch from here, not before you've accepted our marriage."

MJ: "You really think that will work on me? Very well! I wanted to prevent myself from having to do such a thing, out of respect for Granny, but... (he took a pistol out of one of the drawers of his desk) ... you don't leave me a choice."

MrsJ: "Dear! Put away that weapon, be reasonable!" Mrs de Jarjayes cried desperately, seeing her husband point the gun at André.

MJ: "I'll say it one last time, André! Leave this building, and my daughter's life as well!"

A: "Out of the question! I will never give up on Oscar. Your weapon is nothing to me. I won't leave!"

MJ: "I see! Listen well, I'll count to three, and then I'll fire. This is your last chance."

A : "..."

MJ: "...1!...2!"

O : "No! He'll kill him! I know he's capable of doing such horrible things! It's too much for me!"

Am: "Oscar, no!"

Oscar rushed forward, and slammed the door open.

O : "No!"

MJ : "Oscar?"

A : "Oscar? What are you doing?"

Oscar threw herself in André's arms in front of her father's eyes, protecting him with her body.

MJ : "Oscar! What the meaning of all this?"

O: "André is the one I love more than anyone else, and I won't let you hurt him!"

A: "Oscar! You shouldn't be here! Go wait outside." André ordered her, trying to push her away, but Oscar clung desperately to him, refusing to let go.

O: "No! I don't want to leave you! I love you too much! I can't stand this feeling I'm going to lose you..."

MJ : "...So, you've decided to dishonor your family, insulting us in the most horrible way, by wanting to marry a down-and- outer. I see! I give you one last chance, Oscar. I'll forgive you if you accept giving up on this ridiculous project of yours."

O : "I'd rather die!"

MJ : "Pull yourself together! ...Let go of him, and let me handle this with him. Step aside!"

O: "Never!"

MJ: "Then so be it!... 1!" the General snapped back, angrily, pointing his gun on the two lovers.

MrsJ: "Dear, you've gone crazy! Would you really dare to shoot your own child?"

MJ: "2!"

At that moment, Amber ran into the room as well.

Am: "If you want to shoot them that much, you'll have to kill me first."

She placed herself in front of Oscar and André.

MJ: "You really think I would hesitate a second to shoot you? It seems you don't know me very well. You're nothing more than a prostitute, a whore dishonoring our family without shame. Oscar was the only one who could restore it's glory, but now my projects are once again disturbed, and all because she's gotten it in her head she has feelings for that miserable man! ... 1!"

An: "Then you'll have to shoot me too, father." Angélique spoke calmly, as she joined Amber."

Ma: "And me as well."

Mo: "And me."

H: "Me too."

They all went to stand in front of the couple, protecting them. The General was completely taken by surprise because of the sudden turn things were taking. In the end, even Mrs de Jarjayes decided to join them.

MrsJ: "I apologize, dear, but I cannot let you go through with this madness without reacting."

The General didn't know what to do anymore. His finger on the trigger began trembling. After a few moments, the weapon fell on the ground with a dull thud.

MJ: "I give in. You've won. André, I give you my blessing for your marriage with Oscar, but I'll never, ever, consider you as one of us!"

He marched out of the room, leaving behind his wife, daughters and André.

Am : "...We did it!"

An : "Phew ! That was really close."

Mo : "Hip hip hurray for Oscar and André!"

H: "This time, you're the ridiculous one, Morgane!" Hortense started laughing.

A : "Thank you all so much. I'll be forever grateful for what you've done for us. Without you, Oscar and me would probably have been dead by now."

Ma: "No problem, my dear brother-in-law!"

MrsJ : "Welcome to the family, André!"

Am: "Oscar, won't you say anything?"

O: "...Sorry! Thank you very much, all of you, for all you've done... but I'm still worried about father."

MrsJ: You shouldn't worry so much. He feels deeply humiliated right now, but I'm sure he'll end up accepting André for real."

O: "I was so scared to lose you, my love!"Oscar said, turning to her André.

A: "But everything is alright now! Nothing can rip us apart anymore...I love you."

O: "I love you too."

Oscar and André kissed in front of the tender gazes of her five sister.

H: "Oh, love is such a beautiful thing!"

Ma: "You think they'll keep up that kiss for long?"

An: "Maybe we'd better leave those two alone for a moment."

Mo: "Why? We're not bothering at all, and they don't care anyway."

Am: "That's enough! Leave them alone! We really shouldn't be here right now!"

An: "Amber's defending Oscar, that's new!"

Everyone began laughing out loud at that comment. Oscar and André married 3 months later and of course and all 5 of her sisters were present. The General had finally accepted André as well. Nine months after the wedding, Oscar gave birth to a little boy. The young parents asked Amber to be his godmother, which she accepted gladly. After all, without her provocations, their little angel might not have been born...

The End

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