Hey guys! So this is my first fanfiction. The place setting is in Mystic Falls at the Lockwood Mansion. The time setting is when Caroline and Tyler are around 8-9 years of age. At this point, they're only family friends and nothing really more. Enjoy!

Caroline looked around for a new source of amusement. She already read her chapter books she brought over. She wanted to do something else now. Her bright, blonde, ponytail swished around her face as she examined the Lockwood's family room for a new distraction. Boring museum stuff, boring papers with words on it. The only interesting things were the few family pictures hanging on the walls. They showed a happy family of three though Caroline knew better. Often times, she would see Mayor Lockwood yell at Tyler for misbehaving and "disgracing" the family whatever that meant. But still, it was interesting to the imagination to see their family in a happy state.

Her mom was in the neighboring office room talking about "important stuff" with the Founding Families. While they were talking about her "important stuff," she was supposed to be a good girl and stay in the room or play with Tyler wherever he was. She sighed out of boredom and walked to the window. As she tiptoed and peeked across the Lockwood's perfectly green, cut lawn, she saw a tanned boy her age running behind the bushes surrounding the gazebo. Tyler…what was he doing now? Something that would get him in trouble, she thought. Though she wasn't invited to be part of his secret scheme, she decided to check on him out of her own curiosity.

"What are you doing here?" Tyler asked irritated when he saw the blonde girl skipping in his direction. He was on knees in the soil beginning to dig a hole behind the bush.

"I just wanted to see what you were doing. Can I help?" asked Caroline innocently. She kept a distance from Tyler just in case he suddenly turned very angry like he did sometimes in school.

Tyler stopped digging to give the girl standing behind him a hard look.

"Okay, but you have to promise not to tell anyone. And I mean it," Tyler said as threateningly as possible.

"I promise. I'll pinky swear," promised Caroline, holding out her pinky.

Tyler looked at her with disgust. "Boys don't do pinky swears," he scoffed. Caroline quickly put her hand down.

"Are you sure you want to help? You might get your dress dirty," pointed out Tyler in a mean voice. Caroline looked down at her favorite white floral print dress her dad bought for her birthday.

"No, I'll help," said Caroline as she got down to help Tyler dig his hole for whatever he was hiding. She did, in fact, care a lot about her dress but she wanted to show Tyler that she wasn't a girly-girl.

When Tyler told her to stop digging, he produced a key out of the back pocket of his soiled khaki shorts.

"What's the key for?" inquired Caroline.

"It's my mom's key for the house. I took it when she wasn't looking," told Tyler proudly. "Now she can't get in the house if I lock the doors from inside." He smirked at his brilliant idea, proud of doing something to cause more trouble for his parents.

Shocked the villainous nature of his idea, she gasped. (It didn't occur to either of them that keys could be easily copied.) "But what about if you get in trouble? Your dad…"

"Who cares about my dad? He won't know because they don't know what we're doing right now and you promised not to tell remember?" interrupted Tyler, flinching at the mention of his dad. Caroline nodded her head.

"Now, we have to cover it back up. It has to look like it did before," reminded Tyler. They began to pack the soil back. Finally, they chose five white stones and formed a very small circle around the covered hole to mark it.

"So what are you going to do now?" asked Caroline. They were walking back to house, knees and hands covered in mud.

"Now you're going to do the same thing at your house," answered Tyler.

Caroline eyes widened at his suggestion. "What? I can't do that!"

"Well, you have to. If you tell on me, then I need to tell on you for something too," explained the untrusting boy.

"But I'm going to get in trouble!" Caroline whined.

"You're such a baby," said Tyler in a sniping tone.

"Fine, I'll do it," said Caroline immediately. She hated being called a baby especially by boys like Tyler Lockwood. "But you have to help me."

"Sure." Tyler shrugged, not letting the idea of getting in trouble bother him.

They walked back to the Lockwood mansion, each carrying a secret on their young consciences. When they walked to the front of the mansion, the meeting was over and the parents exclaimed at their children's appearance.

"Caroline baby! What happened to your dress? What were you guys doing?" asked Sheriff Forbes with all the worries of a young mother.

"We were just trying to catch fish near the pond," replied Tyler immediately without missing a beat.

Sheriff Forbes sighed. "Well, Caroline, time to go home. Say bye to Tyler."

Caroline said her good-bye which Tyler responded indifferently. He never cared. Well, at least it seemed that way to her.

As they drove home, Caroline thought his secret, well, their secret now. She was typically a good girl and didn't like breaking the rules, especially lying to her parents. But she wanted to be friends with Tyler. She wanted Tyler to like her as a friend. He never seemed to want to talk to her or play with her. Now with a secret they both shared, maybe he would start wanting to be her friend.

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