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April 23, 2009
New Haven, Connecticut
Camford Asylum


After all that driving and run-ins they had, they finally made it. Donnie had noticed that Sam was acting strange around her, they had got answers from Dean as they were both confused but she kept thinking that there as something that was being kept from her. She had shrugged it off, it if was important they would have told her she liked to think at least. Walking through the asylum, it was overtaken by nature, completely destroyed and vacant. The three of them had split up to look around the whole place since it was big to see if there were any survivors or Von in general. Donnie could feel the presence she was familiar with, Astarte as she walked through. So this was where she had been since then.

Going through hallways and over rubble she flashed the light into each room she passed, patient beds and scrubs strewn, corpses buried and strung up with blood stains on linoleum and concrete ceilings with painted walls. This place was horrific to walk through, she only wondered how anything could be this strong but she knew that it wasn't impossible. Donnie went around a corner and on the edge of her vision she thought she saw something, when she looked nothing was there.

"Must be my hair getting in my way or something..." she brushed off, though the feeling that rode in the air was something she couldn't.


Sam moved with the grace of a wolf considering he carried it inside his system now. His nose was going crazy with all the different smells, as if the emotions were made into something more tangible like sweat leaving markers and identification. Closing his eyes he inhaled and opened them to hear a giggled breath behind him. Turning around quickly he searched. "Hello?" he asked, looking around him even the ceiling to make sure that nothing was up there.

Von was here...I can smell her...lingering...

Shaking his head he wondered if it really was her or hallucinations again. He had been doing so good and now if they were coming was bad timing. Continuing onward he had picked up a trail on the wall that was very interesting, flowers as strong as ambrosia, intoxicating and he closed his eyes as he followed on instinct and sense of smell. Moving and feeling along the wall as if he couldn't trace precisely where the hand had lightly brushed along the entire way. It was leading him somewhere he didn't know and he was so caught up that when he opened his eyes he furrowed his brows. Where was he? Going for his cell phone he went to dial Dean's number, dialing the number but not getting so far as pressing Call when he was grabbed from behind and something sunk into his neck, sharp and he snarled, growling in pain before his breathing began to slow down even as he tried to turn and fight the attacker, even as he tried to wasn't working. Nothing was working and he sank to his knees, the phone slipping from his hand to the rubble beside him.


The work was recognizable though honestly Dean had never seen it first hand because the untamable-chained beast that was Astarte had been stripped of her power in Hell. Bodies were strewn around like broken play things, limbs twisted and gnarled amongst throngs of leaves and vines, the ground was an uneven mess of shattered tiles, fallen leaves, roots and blood splatter. Dean found himself in the mess hall, tables and chairs overturned with corpses of patients and doctors mingled around the shrapnel. Those details came second to the mammoth tree that had invaded the better half of the right corner of the room, having sprouted somewhere through the linoleum at the bottom and merged with the wall breaking through the roof and expanding across it to canopy towards the entrance of the hall. Something like that would have taken hundreds if not thousands of years to grow and it had been here no longer than a couple weeks by Dean's guess.

All this, beauty mixed with a freak show was Astarte's doing and she had only just stretched her legs. The hair on the back of Dean's neck stood stalk still and he spun around anticipating any level of monstrosity to be waiting for him but there was nothing but the smell of flowers and a trail of tiny blue blossoms where none had been before. This time Dean could not fall back on the relief that this was just a dream, this was real, this was happening right now and what troubled him was that he knew that Astarte was still here somewhere playing hide and seek, that is until that sense suddenly changed like a shift in the air and he was unsure if she was truly gone or not.

It was time to call and get feedback on what everyone found in this creepy ass place. Sam's phone would not answer, it would ring and ring and ring then jump to voicemail, Dean saw no point in leaving a message and cursed under his breath hauling ass towards where he thought Sam might have gone which was either the worst or best educated guess he could come up with. The building was huge and while it might not have been the smartest plan splitting up it was the best way to get more ground covered. Dean could not entertain the idea that maybe Sam had found Von or rather what was Astarte now. Sam didn't know much of anything about the wild Goddess, Dean had spared him as much as he could, sparing himself Sam's pity and need to counsil in the process. If Sam had found her first he was in a shit load of danger.


Donnie maneuvered past bushes, vines and trees and saw some of them move as if they were still growing which made he shrink away from them as fast as possible while continuing onward. The more she went the more she felt a sense of urgency, her legs gave out and she fell into a sapling, hands pressed against it and she saw red hair different hue to hers, longer, the taste of blood in her mouth and she swallowed it down with a moan. "No, don't pull me in, get out, get out!" she yelled, slamming up the wall that connected her to looking through people's eyes.

Once it was up she knew that something was wrong. She knew where it was taking place and she stood, running in that direction. No wonder the feeling was in the air heavy as smoke there was something going on that they didn't know about. Donnie turned corners, jumped over things like a fucking frog but stumbled a few times as well and scraped up her knees and elbows but she carried on. Coming to a halt where it was, she looked down to find a small drop of blood that you wouldn't have been able to detect unless you were the one that had done the attack and watched it fall to that very spot. Bending over she removed a vial from her little bag she had and took it in. Might be useful later and then she took up the dropped cell phone with Dean's number waiting to be dialed and missed calls blinking like warning signs.

Standing straight it was near perfect timing as she heard breathing and hurried footfalls to find Dean coming her way she held out the phone to him as she met the distance in the middle. "He's...he's gone. Something took him."

And I think I know as well as you, the person who did.

"Dean..." she stopped, she saw his face the emotions cross in his eyes and it was gone in seconds because he was covering it up despite the want to just let it fall.

Everything was falling apart it seemed, things going wrong and never getting a break especially when it came to Sam. There was nothing that Donnie could do, if it were her then that meant that the vial with the small drop of blood she had wouldn't work. She would do everything to block things from finding them. What hurt her the most, was that right after she had helped Dean pick himself back up again and things were starting to get a little bit better, her efforts were for nothing for it to all crash once more. How would they find them? They had to get to a motel or something because the asylum was empty there wasn't a trace of where they could have gone but elsewhere. And Donnie had a feeling that this was a planned attack and kidnap.

I don't know what to do and I'm afraid that that's not going to be good enough for Dean.

Dean went past Donnie gripping Sam's phone in his hand like it was a lifeline he couldn't risk letting go, She had taken him and Dean was going to scour every last corner and shadow of this place until he was certain that neither one of them were here. He didn't care how long it took but he knew where to start, "Sam!" he called knowing the futility of it but needing to do it anyway, maybe just maybe his brother would hear him.

He started forward in his search, this was somewhere in the middle of the building, he would work his way into one wing and then backtrack into the other until he was back in the centre again, he needed to do this even if Donnie didn't understand. Dean didn't have to look at her to know she was thinking exactly what he was, there was no way that Astarte was sticking around this place, not if she had been taken here and not after she had what she wanted. She would go as far away as possible and they would have no chance of finding them ever again, not unless She wanted to be found. Dean could hear Donnie following softly behind him as he entered into a cramped hallway, stray legs and arms grazing and groping them through the passage, the smell was palpable and thick with rot and iron, a rainforest slaughterhouse was what Astarte had made of this place and she plainly saw to it that no one survived.

They had been repurposed as fertilizer that made this place thrive and if it wasn't for the nauseating reek or the tangled bodies emanating from every spot free of foliage it would have been breathtaking in the most fantastical sense. But those thoughts of awe and wonder were far from Dean's mind, he was bent on his purpose to find Sam in this horrifying web of nature versus man. The walls were alive and while they found the plants to be harmless they covered things quickly and efficiently when a foundation jarring crack rumbled behind them Dean spun around to see shoots coiling and slithering up to the ceiling crawling along the surface and cracking through the paint and first layer of dry wall to take anchor.

Whatever the plant was it was thin enough to still get around but that wasn't a certainty once they came back this way, it could be blocked off and they would have to find another way back. The elder Winchester was very well aware of the dangers that posed to them both, they could be locked up in here and squashed by some massive daisy if they weren't careful, but Dean had Donnie, she could blast her way through the plants if she wanted to, he was sure of it. There was a slope that once been a staircase but was now crumbled flat, rocky formations nestled firmly between tree roots and vines, they would have to climb down if they wanted to access the lower levels.

It was hard to watch everything around her and it was even harder to watch Dean as he searched, his breath picked up and face determined. Donnie wouldn't understand what he was going through because she never had a sibling to worry over and feel that connection to. Sure there was Alex but she was a friend and though Donnie felt like she wanted to search for her even though she wasn't in the places she had searched she would never know. Walking over dead bodies made her cringe as if they would open their eyes and grab out for her, it wouldn't have been the first time that had happened but they remained dead as if they were sleeping inside the greenery.

Managing to get down to the lower levels it made her skin crawl to a high degree. While Dean was searching for Sam, calling his name now and then but she felt like they were being watched by the plants that seemed to creep along silently between obstacles on the flooring. Donnie avoided one from slithering around her ankle for who knows what but it didn't seem dangerous more like curiosity. After searching the entire lower levels they had to find a way to get back, which was her job. Back on the main floor she grabbed Dean's arm and stopped him. "Dean, stop. We have to get out of here. I might be able to push back some things in this place but it's stronger because it's different magick, I can't keep doing it without risking us getting killed. Let's head back to the car and we'll search for him that way, he's not here anymore Dean..." Shaking her head she knew that he wasn't happy with her words but she let him go and walked around him to head towards the exit.

Dean clenched his jaw, anger and loss held vibrantly in his orbs until he shuttered it away from a single blink. Turning behind him again he returned his eyes forward and followed Donnie, because of his stubbornness they would die as the likely outcome and you couldn't do much when you were dead. He could feel the plants creeping up behind them but he did not look back to see them swallowing the bodies one by one, the brittle sound of bones dislocating and snapping told him well enough what was going on. No short amount of time later they emerged from the building, a once proud monument of the condemning of the insane was now crumbling and decrepit. Dean watched the tree that had broken into the mess hall rise up from the roof and send a hefty chunk of concrete and rebar tumbling to the ground to crash into three smaller but still very large pieces of debris.

Hundreds of years and it had happened in less than five hours.

Dean climbed into the Impala with Donnie and he grudgingly left the area feeling the place had answers but he would never be able to decipher them. He would go back to Bobby's, the old man had to know something, or someone that knew something, pressed hard enough Dean was even going to try contacting Cas again for answers. The angel had never been much help with anything; Dean just didn't have any options left open to him so he had to try what few he had. The ride to Bobby's would take over a day, in Dean's condition they would have to make a stopover unless he forfeited the wheel to Donnie and had her drive the rest of the way to give him a couple hours of rest. The couple of hours would hardly be any good to him because he knew they would be wrought with nightmares and garish scenes of Hell and what he dreaded more was the return of Leon and his sadistic games brought on by jealousy.


Hours had passed and she had finally taken over the wheel from Dean. She was a little unsure but she was a good driver and Dean looked really tired and ready for slumber. Donnie kept flicking her eyes over to him and back to the road. When she first met him he was hell bent on getting Von and Alex back with that he was hell bent on getting Sam back and she swore he was almost in a deeper hole than the one she had helped him try and dig out of. The music on the radio was on a low level so the car ride wasn't all silence. It would been better to stop and get a room but she knew the need to get to Bobby's from Dean and it was also better to save their money.

'We eat the night, we drink the time, make our dreams come true. And hungry eyes, are passing by, one streets we call the zoo.'


She bobbed her leg up and down as it was resting on her other knee. Her eyes shifted to catch the hunter as he slept and began to awaken on the couch in Bobby's house. Of course it was all a dream it always was it seemed. Alex stopped carving into the armrest where she had her old designs in it and just held the knife at point twirling it in circles with it making circles in the wood. He had been asleep for quite some time as she watched in the dream world.

"Hello Dean. I heard about Sam...There's something I need to-" Breaking off she couldn't say it so loud so she stood and walked over to him, kneeling down in front. Her voice lowered into a whisper but she knew he could still hear her. "You can't be here, things are starting to fall apart for you and you're going to let it consume you. Don't." Glancing around to make sure they were still alone, she quickly took his hands in hers. "It's time to wake up Dean...hurry before he comes."


April 24, 2009

Dean's eyes snapped open and he jerked in his seat finding himself staring at a dark world and the dual beam of the Impala's headlights reflecting off of Bobby Singer's front porch. He had not woken so willingly but with the knowledge of Leon on his way he had not resisted the push to consciousness either, he couldn't have Leon delaying him in dreamland while he had work to do in the real world. "Drove fast," Dean commented without realizing that the day was the twenty-fourth of April and it was nearly a quarter to eleven at night.

The hunter had slept longer than he thought, which came as both an upset and a comfort to the burdened man. When Donnie cut the engine Dean only glanced at her in thanks and climbed out of the car to grab his gear and head inside to tell Bobby the news, he didn't call him ahead of time to warn him that the worst had happened. Bobby didn't need to be a mathematician to see that one was missing of the three and the first words out of his mouth once the two of them were inside was, "Where's Sam?" Dean's throat instantly tightened up and his gaze fell to the floor like it had become more interesting than anything else in the room. It was Bobby's face that fell next. "Dean..." he went on to press and Dean lifted his head, voice thick and rough like sandpaper.

"She took him Bobby."

There was silence between them, the message sinking cold into the bone. "We'll find him Dean," Bobby said adamantly to lift Dean up enough so he could drag his feet through this.

Dean nodded but only to return the favor, he was doing his very best to hold himself together there wasn't much keeping him from falling apart. They didn't know Astarte like he did he wanted to scream at them, this wasn't some spirit they could summon or some piss poor demon that left a sloppy trail they could track. They had hunted Gods and Goddesses before but this was different, Astarte could not be killed why else had she been caged instead of slaughtered, because it was the easier thing to do, if she didn't want to be found she would not be found.

Entering the house she set her bags down at the stairs and walked through the living room and into the kitchen for a beer, whiskey would have been nice but she wanted to give herself a break from that for a night. Once she had the bottle she went to the basement, walking towards the panic room and stopping right before the threshold. Staring inside she tried to think of things. It felt almost colder down there and in that room now that it was empty of Sam, sure it had furniture back in there but so far it seemed as though it was deemed a useless room. She only ever knew Sam for a while in this room.

Donnie took a swig of the beer and made it long, really long. Separating her lips from it she stepped inside and walked around, sitting down at the desk chair there and resting her arms over the back, chin on her arms and she stared. She wished there was a way to track Sam with that blood she picked up or even the magick that was still swimming around the house. There was no way and this time she wouldn't be helpful with her abilities in any way unless she got another glimpse through the eyes of the beholder but that was highly doubtful or if it did happen she doubted it would be details that could help but more along the lines of something with blood again.

And Dean...she worried about him. He was her friend and yes she still had some feelings for him but seeing him that distraught just broke her. No one should have to go through this. A plan had to be formulated and Bobby and Dean were seeing to that right now while she hid away to think up her own. Magick wouldn't work but what if she left? Would splitting up help? No, she couldn't leave, Dean needed her, needed someone to help him through this but she had that niggling feeling that Astarte had been right in that dream of hers a while back. When the time came she would have to leave and Dean would no longer be in her hands to take care of.

I'll stay until that time comes, in the meantime, I'm going to do what I can.


Castiel was told by his supervisor, Anna that he was needed. Though he wanted to ask why now, he remained compliant. Heading down to the elder's house, knowing from basic observation when things came too hard to deal with Dean would go back to Bobby's to figure out things. Appearing on the front porch he searched the area around him, making sure he was in the right place before he turned around and looked at the door. Beside it was a button and he tilted his head. Bringing his hand up he pressed it to hear a ding inside. Bringing his eyes up to the wooden plank once more he waited until he saw Bobby open the door. "I heard about Sam and believe you need assistance."

Dean had been planning on calling Castiel but when the angel showed up he had half a mind to punch his nose clean through the back of his head, he believed they needed help well thank God for that. "Ya decide that now is the golden hour to give us yer help?" Bobby quipped cantankerously with an incredulous raise of his brow.

When the man just stood there with an adamant nod Bobby sighed and allowed the angel to enter leading him to the study when Dean joined them with a tumbler glass half full of whiskey. "Can you find Sam?" Dean came right out with it and Bobby stood staring at the angel with the same question in his aged hazel-brown eyes. If there was a way they would be damn grateful to the Powers on High and take back all the shit about angels only being douches with wings.

"I can try, though with the marks embedded into his ribs it will be an uneasy trial. And Astarte as you know already will not let angels find him at all or lightly," Castiel spoke. He stood there for a moment without saying any more and when Dean and Bobby went to speak he held up his hand to hold off while he listened. His supervisor was talking and he was also trying to gain leads with the news given as well as the souls that he had interacted with personally. Coming back he nodded and met the two hunters eyes. "Found a possible direction, I will go and scout the location though it might not be accurate. In the meantime I suggest you stay here until further notice and do the duties that God has laid out before you. I do hope you'll...forgive me...for my lack of assistance in the past. Sam was not meant to be taken." With one blink he was gone.


April 25th, 2009

Castiel had not returned and Dean was becoming mildly anxious to hear back from him with any news. In the meantime they were supposed to do what 'God laid out before them', God could stick it clean up his tailpipe for all Dean cared, God had abandoned his sand box ever since his dog Lucifer pissed in it. They would stop Lucifer and save the world because they had to not because of some divine decree that demanded they be obedient to their roles. So instead of sitting around with their thumbs up their asses they were hitting the books, killing the batteries on their phones and burning the candle on both ends.

Bobby was having a time of distinguishing between what was Astarte's doing versus Satan's, it was Dean that pointed out that Lucifer's handiwork was closer to that of a demon's than Astarte. When it came to the natural disasters however that's when things shifted to the grey middle, demons were just as likely to cause storms, as a Goddess would be. He wouldn't explain how he knew so much about what Astarte liked to do, not that he was asked but Bobby was giving him 'the look' and he was ignoring it dutifully. Bobby already had his theories that maybe Astarte bunked with Dean down in the Pit and he got to know what he did from the pillow talk.


Donnie hadn't gone upstairs at all last night unless it meant to go to the bathroom but she had remained down in the panic room where she had found some items in the drawers and all that down there. Set up herself a nice little area to think and to just immerse herself into a place that was anywhere but here. Eyes closed she had searched with her hand traveling over a map, the blood droplet rubbed on her palm and she could see the landscapes, the cars, the people, the towns...but no Sam. Inhaling she would try harder and harder and she kept being drawn to San Francisco. The feeling he got off of it she knew that Sam wasn't there and neither was Astarte but she could tell that something was pushing her to that place.

Shaking her head she let her hand touch the map fully and she hunched over. Right as her hand met the thing she jerked and felt herself traveling fast, really fast, the sound of wings, the sound of fighting, blood...then she was at the convent that was destroyed. Starry night sky, weight on her and she fought to breathe it was painful, so much pain, blood soaked shirt and she could almost feel her heart dead and no longer beating. Buried under stones and fragments. Cold, very cold and almost one of the stones herself. Zip lining back to herself, Donnie flew back into the air and hit the wall coming down and landing on her hands and knees.

She winced and rolled onto her back. Donnie didn't know what that was she just saw or experienced. Her best guess was that it was Alex she had been in, but Alex was dead which didn't make sense. When she had first gone to the convent she had wondered where Alex had been buried over and now she knew where she was. Trying to stand up the red head instead managed to crawl to the map and found it in ashes. Donnie doubted she would forget what she had seen but it made her want to find Alex, dig her out and find a way to bring her back. Sam was important to, but it was so strong. Donnie had to stay no matter her many wants and again she couldn't help but think of what Astarte had said to her that when the time came she would have to leave and Dean would be in Astarte's hands.

Leaving the ashes there she stood on shaky legs, moving to the panic room door it was time to head upstairs. Whatever was in San Francisco was going to have to be researched on a normal level and who was to say that anything was going to happen there anyways? Or had happened at least. Finally making it to the main level she worked her way into the living room where the two hunters were. Finding Dean's form she knew she couldn't tell him what she had done down there because he would have wanted to know everything and if he did who knew if it would tear him up or not? It wasn't the answers he was looking for. Sam wasn't in either place and the Alex bit would only bring heartbreak or words that said that Alex was probably all decayed by now.

Donnie had thoughts that were otherwise from what she experienced but maybe he would be right if he said that. What if she had been in the past of that? But she still knew where Alex's body lay and that was a big thing for Donnie. Maybe she could tell them that she had been trying downstairs, it would show that she wasn't just sitting around doing nothing. "I couldn't find anything," she spoke, "like I figured I would."

I may not know Astarte the way you do Dean but I know that there is no chance in Hell that she will let us find them. I know the energy that came off of her in that dream I had...I know some things that I don't think I should know normally but might have been given to me.

"What about you? Anything?"

Though I know the answer might already be no. Doesn't hurt to ask.


Dean leaned back in the old chair and rubbed his eyes which were sore, dry and likely bloodshot from the hours of extensive toil in reading the fine print of texts and scriptures and the frustration of coming up with nothing after all that work. There was little on Astarte, she went by several other names throughout history before disappearing all together and when they stopped looking for information on her they turned to what books Bobby had on angels, reading over passages concerning Lucifer and his fall from grace. Most people knew the story, angels were the master race until God created the clay monkeys and told the angels that men were to be loved and sworn fealty to which made a lot of the angels unhappy, Lucifer just happened to be the first one to puff out his chest and say something about it.

That was the catalyst that drove Michael to cast his fellow angel into the pits of Hell to end the fight in Heaven. Still, no tell tale motives other than the general want for the destruction of mankind. When the phone rang it was Bobby who answered, standing up and walking to the kitchen as he spoke to the person on the other end.


Castiel had gone, he had gone to the location that he had felt the lead to. No ability to transport back to the Singer he had called. The nurse had to look up the phone number for him otherwise he would never have known off the top of his head. Beaten and bloodied, he even wore a cast on an arm he spoke into the phone. "The search did not go well..." he waited when Bobby asked what he meant. "I was attacked." More words on the other end. "I'm cut off from my abilities which is what I feared would happen when I betrayed heaven, but I am held...until a place called the Lincoln Hospital in San Francisco." Hearing more and more he began to wonder why people called others at all when the one that was on the other end spoke more than the other person who intended the transaction of conversation in the first place. When the line went dead he looked at the phone and then looked at the nurse standing there with the chord in hand.

"Sir, you cannot be on the phone in your condition."

"It was an urgent call that I had to answer to. It could not be ignored."

The nurse didn't seem to find his reply to her liking and she took the phone from the room he was in and walked out the door leaving Castiel to wonder what his next step was. What did one do when they couldn't leave a hospital or deal with impossible healers?


Bobby hung up the phone and turned to face the two sitting there. "Castiel is in a hospital in San Francisco and I'm goin' to have to pick him up. From the sound of it, he won't be able to check himself out and I don't even think he knows how. Ya keep lookin' and when I get back with angel wings we'll maybe get more answers."

Donnie nodded and watched the elder leave, taking Sorcha with him. It seemed that the dog always followed the hunter when he left to go places on his own. He needed protection too and who else would be going with him? No one. She took up the whiskey bottle that Dean had been working on and took a pull before sitting down in the seat. San Francisco, which made sense on what she had felt on needing to look there. Castiel. Donnie hated how she could still see the images flash through her brain when she blinked and feel the heavy weight of concrete on her chest to the point breathing would have been impossible to do. She would always be thinking of going back to find Alex and helping her. They were helping Sam and Von but it seemed that their plans to help Alex out eventually were going to be harder and harder the more the days were passing.

The longer she was down there the more damaged she would be. Donnie didn't want to think that her friend wouldn't be salvageable day after day. Minute after minute. It was going to grow on her and then she would have to leave. She would and she didn't want to. "Dean..." she said his name in the silence as if it were threatening to be swallowed up.

What am I going to say? I can't leave just yet and I can't tell him things that I saw and I can't go along and say everything is alright and let's get to looking for Sam and Astarte but it doesn't work that way.

Donnie shook her head and ran her hand through her hair, standing up and going for her duffel bag to head upstairs. Going up the steps she ascended to the second floor, turning down the hall and entering the bedroom she had been in when the faeries had made themselves known. Tossing her bag onto the bed, she closed her eyes where she stood and could almost see the starry sky, could almost smell Summer and then it shifted to the flower scent that she remembered when she was in that motel room with Dean, that night...another shift and she could see the hallways, vines and corpses in the asylum that had been destroyed.

Torn between three things.

Falling to her knees at the end of the bed she rested her elbows on the mattress and felt the tears coming. When would things begin to feel like the weight wasn't on their shoulders, though Donnie felt it was more on her shoulders alone considering she was the witch, she was the one that could find a sign and that she should be trying harder to find Sam because he was her friend and to find him because Dean wanted her to. He wanted to find Sam because Sam was his little brother. Donnie needed to do so many things that it was becoming too much. Her heart throbbed when she thought about leaving Dean and she would have been lying if she said or thought that she didn't like him anymore and that they were just friends. No. She liked him and wanted to be kissed by him, feel his arms around her and just soak into him but it would never happen.

I'm becoming a train wreck. I'm starting to think like Alex...I have to leave.


'Meteorologists are saying this is the biggest storm to hit Florida in decades. Winds have already reached over three hundred kilometers an hour. A state of emergency has been declared and evacuations are in progress statewide. Authorities are advising people to pack only the essentials and leave as soon as possible before the storm system moves into the mainland.'

Dean listened to the news program a moment longer, it had been on the past three channels he had surfed through, different news anchors, different words but same story. Florida was being ripped to shreds and if it had any chance in hell the State would be lucky enough to come out not completely swallowed by the ocean, the next channel had apparently moved on from the Florida story to report the volcano activity in the Philippines had killed hundreds and left the island uninhabitable. The update was a reminder from weeks gone by, the news anchor was relating to the viewer the strange string of natural disasters occurring around the globe and how while many scientists and supposed experts were trying to pin an explanation on the phenomena nothing could be linked for certain.

They didn't know what Dean knew but it wasn't like he could contact the news stations and tell them the Devil was on the loose trashing the planet and there was an angry Goddess stirring thing up too. In the case of them actually believing him they wouldn't know the first thing about stopping either of them, the whole thing made Dean frustrated about them not living in some alternate universe where things like that were possible. Scoffing at his own stupidity he removed himself from the couch and entered the kitchen to grab himself a beer taking a long pull until he had to come up for air. He could have finished the bottle in a couple of gulps let out a manly belch then gone for another, and really he would have when his phone rang.

Setting the bottle down he pulled the phone out of his pocket and his eyes widended in alarm at the sight of the name on the call display, there wasn't any way it could possibly be who it said it was. Dean had more than one phone and so did Sam, and Dean had kept all of their dad's cell phones in case anyone tried to contact him but two phones they never managed to get ahold of were Alex and Von's. It was Von's name on the display and it made his stomach twist into a large violent knot, swallowing hard he flipped the phone open and pressed the phone to his ear waiting...

There was silence at first then Dean swore he heard breathing on the other end, some kind of interference that sounded a lot like EMF and he couldn't tear the phone away hanging on the thought that he might hear something. Crackling, then an airy feminine breath, a soft inhale as if the voice was about to speak then the line went dead. When Dean looked up he was no longer at Bobby's house but lost in some nameless field waist deep in bodies, the sky was clouded over stormy black and lightning flashed overhead with the rumble of thunder very far away. Panic took over and his mind raced, his only option was to wade through the sea of corpses to higher ground. Dean twisted and spun around when he felt a presence behind him, but when he turned it wasn't there but behind him again, spinning back around he caught a flash of pale skin in his peripheral before it dissappeared entirely.

"Stop fucking with me," Dean growled under his breath wanting the thing to face him rather than it playing mind games and freaking him out.

Apparently it understood and out of the bodies rose the red head standing upon a small hill, she walked towards him over top of the bodies without touching them at all and Dean saw her as he remembered her from Hell, bound in leather with bind runes carved in eyes aglow with ethereal light. Dean backed away through the bodies when she reached out to him and in a blink she was clothed like Von, biker boots, ripped jeans and a pale green plaid button down shirt with a black tank top underneath. That didn't stop him from wanting to get away and when she grabbed him he struggled to fend her off, grabbing her wrists and twisting.

Breaking from her grip he sank when a firm hand grabbed his leg and started to pull him under, bracing himself against the bodies he fought against the pull, Von grabbed him again and pulled floating above the bodies with her hair flying in it's own wind she opened her mouth but no words would come out. Feeling the body crawling up behind him he jerked his head to the side to see what it was when he saw Alex, eyes dark and swirling blue-black. Her mouth cracked into a sadistic grin and the air roiled with laughter and screaming from above and below that collided in between and made the air tremble with energy. If Dean couldn't get away he was going to be pulled apart but he could hardly move trapped by the two women and the bodies swamped around him, he cried out when pain shot through his body as muscles and ligaments popped and teared.

He was losing ground as he sank deeper, Alex hugged around his waist and dragged him under while he lost sight of Von, and Dean coughed and shouted freeing an arm to reach above him to no avail. Darkness consumed his senses and all he heard was breathing, thick, heavy and hungry. Dean woke with a start sending a book flying from his lap as he sat up abruptly and looked around to make sure he was where he was. Sucking down a deep breath he swung his legs over the edge of the couch and leaned over dragging his hands through his hair and massaging the hard knots at the back of his neck.


April 26th, 2009

She had gathered up her things, she had even taken a nap to suffice since she had gone downstairs to find Dean out for the count. Donnie shouldered her bags and placed them at the end of the hall just before the stairs so then she could grab them when she needed them. Or if she decided to change her mind, but she honestly didn't think she was going to be. Picking them up once more she inhaled and exhaled, descending the stairs and heading into the study she saw Dean look up at her and flick his sights to her bags. "I need to leave Dean. I've been forcing myself to stay here because of my gentle nature and wanting to make sure that everyone is picked back up on their's probably not the best time because of Sam...but...I can't stay anymore." A beat. "If we split up, we might have a better chance at covering ground for him but I need to find a way to bring Alex back along that road as well. She's my best friend Dean, I can't neglect her and keep her on the back burner."

Another reason that you will never know is that I have to leave because Astarte is right. I can't always be there for you, at some point I have to let you go and give you up to other hands. I have to release you from my heart and hold and I can't be your friend anymore because it will continue to tear me up more inside. I thought I could handle it but I can't.

"I'll text you and call you now and then to let you know where I am and if I've found any leads in my area or your area on checking out."

Don't cry.

Donnie could feel her eyes watering but she pushed it from falling from them she couldn't push them back entirely to not be shown in her glassy orbs. "I really hope you find Sam, Dean. I hope he's okay and that you won't suffer from this emotionally and physically like when I first met you."

I'm glad I met you Dean Winchester, you've flipped my world around and them some but in a good way.

Donnie leaving was a long train coming Dean didn't know when that time would come but it looked like it had arrived. He wasn't surprised, still the moment left him sore and feeling abandoned, nothing different than how things normally were before Donnie showed up to get him back on his feet. There was Sam but he always had Sam that was the one good constant in his life, now he had nothing. Dean didn't show an inch and gave a nod of understanding pushing himself to his feet. "The least I can do is drop you off at a bus station, let you make your own way from there," he offered and was already grabbing his jacket and pulling it on before she could make any kind of objections. It was a long walk into town and the world was more dangerous than it ever was, he wanted to make sure she at least got to the bus station all right.


It might have been pretty late at night but the drive there was silent. Donnie wanted to think of many things to say to him that she was sorry she was leaving him at the worst time ever but she couldn't help it. There was a pull to have her leave. Something she needed to do. When they arrived they exited the car and she turned to face Dean. She couldn't leave without a proper goodbye. Giving a small smile of thanks she hugged him and closed her eyes into it before letting go and pulling away from him. "Thanks Dean. For everything. Keep in touch. Goodbye..." Donnie turned from him once he said his own words and she let the tears drop as she shouldered her bag and headed inside.

'Every single day, I find it hard to say. I could be yours alone. You will see someday, that all along the way. I was yours to hold. I was yours to hold.'

The END.

Note: So obviously this is only the second installment, it was only meant to show what it did, but don't worry! There is a third installment, look out for it coming soon, called Watercolour. :) Thank you for sticking with this story line, reviewing, favoriting and alerting. It means a lot that you all like it so much. Stay tuned for more.

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