A/N Finally managed to finish this first chapter, still have lots of ideas knocking around my brain and I can't straighten them out. So hope you like this first chapter.

Chapter 1

Tori POV

I walked into Hollywood Arts, coffee in hand, and a smile on my face. Why am I smiling you ask? Well Jade west has been my girlfriend for two days and our first date is two days away!

I opened my locker to put a book away. When I closed it I got a shock.

"Hi Tori!" That overly happy voice! Where does she even come from?

I dropped my books and barely caught my coffee before it crashed onto the floor. "Cat!"

She frowned innocently, "What?"
"Don't scare me like that!" I said, picking my books up from the floor.

"I'm sorry." Cat said sweetly, softly, reminding me of a kid. It's so hard to stay mad at Cat. Seriously, try it. It's impossible.

"I just wanted to know if you were excited for Friday." Cat said. She's been very supportive of Jade and I the past two days.

Robbie (and Rex) hasn't been as supportive as Cat, but he's ok with us. Rex says it's hot and he keeps trying to get us to kiss for twenty bucks. I put gum on his nose again.

Beck and Andre on the other hand...well let's just say I haven't seen much of them.

"Yes, I'm very excited." I told the redhead, who grinned.

Then someone slipped the coffee out of my hands. I turned to give them an ear full, but grinned instead.

"Thanks for the coffee babe." Jade said, a smile on her face. I crossed my arms and she said, "Okay we share."

She took a sip then I took it back. I grinned at her and ended up staring. Jade gave me a smile smile and my heart skipped a beat. She took my hand in hers and teh other hand took the coffee.

Cat giggled, snapping me back to my senses, at least as much as I had with Jade holding my hand.

"Sorry Cat we-" I started then stopped after realizing she wasn't looking at us.

I followed her gaze to see Lane talking to a guy I've never seen before. He was wearing a black shirt and jeans with a chain going to his back pocket. I have to admit he looked good. Long, curly brown-black hair that curled down over his forehead. It looked like his eyes were light blue, but I couldn't tell.

Jade spoke first, "Cat are you staring at the new boy?"

"A little." Her cheeks soon matched her hair.

"Go talk to him. Offer to show him around." I said.

Cat shook her head, "I shouldn't. His conversation with Lane may be inmportant."

"He may have candyyy." I said, candy coming out in a sing song voice.

"Oh yay candy!" Cat eagerly skipped off to the new boy.

I chuckled and looked at Jade. "So are you going to tell me what our date is?"

"No. You'll have to find out for yourself. It wouldn't be a surprise if I told you." She said. I pouted and she kissed my cheek. "You'll like it."

I blushed and nodded. "If I don't you're in trouble."

I glanced back at cat to see her walking down the hall with the new guy. "I guess it went well."

"Jade leaned against teh locker, sipping my (our) coffee. Robbie walked up, walking by for once, but I grabbed his arm.
"Hey Robbie, have you seen Andre? I wanted to see if he'd be my partner for the sketch for Sikowitz." I haven't partnered with Andre in a while.

"He's partnered up with Beck." Robbie said.
"Why don't you pair up with your lovemuffin? Or if not I'm always available." Rex said.

"cat already roped me into partnering with her, but now she may want to switch to the new guy." Jade said.

"New guy?" Robbie asked, oblivious.

"Sikowitz said you can't switch." I said.

"Sorry babe." Jade said.

The bell rang, Jade took my hand and lead me to class.