Alright, hi! So this is my first ever freeverse…please review!

it began as an accident

and quickly spun out of control.

it was all passionpassionpassion

and .

but he pulled back-

and you pushed forward…

a dangerous game of—

t u g o f w a r.

because, darling, you're the

youngflirtyfunny Beauty

and he's the olderwiserfunnier Beast.

but no, you don't get the—

h a p p i l y e v e r a f t e r—

like the story books said.

but wait!

here it is! here he is!

maybe fairy tales do come true!

you've found love, little girl,

and everything is p.e.r.f.—

except it's not.

because there's a blood war happening—

and like it or not,

your world will come crashing down

little by little—until—

b o o m !

it's all gone.

(but in the end,

it was all worth it.)