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Chapter 4

The rest of the week seemed to move way too fast, but I think a large part of that had to do with the fact that Bella had agreed to go out with me on Sunday. I'd been hoping to not make an 'Alice Brandon Production' out of it, but she had the power to lop two feet off of my gown and make it a cocktail dress, so I wasn't about to piss her off.

We woke up Sunday morning, but around two o'clock Jasper came in giving me a look I knew was going to suck for me.

"Sorry man, we have to bond. Alice needs to borrow the squatter until it is time for your date."

"Where am I supposed to change?" I asked, annoyed that she was kicking me out of the apartment.

"You're not going anywhere," Alice said as she squeezed past Jasper and grabbed Bella's wrist, "I'm kidnapping your girlfriend. Pick her up at my place at 5:30."

I groaned, but leaned forward to give Bella a kiss before Alice dragged her the rest of the way out.

Jasper and I turned on the system in the living room and started playing James Bond on two player mode. It only took ten minutes for me to thoroughly spank him, and when he threw down the controller I thought back to Wednesday's rehearsal and couldn't stop the laughter.

"What's so funny, Edward?" he asked, annoyance clearly coloring his tone.

"We were doing some exercises in rehearsal, and Bella had to pretend to play a video game as a guy, and she did the exact same thing you just did." I tried taking a deep breath while he grumbled and reached for a different game.

We played until four o'clock, and then I jumped in the shower and started getting ready. Putting on a dark blue button-down and a black tie with my suit, I checked my mess of hair one last time before driving over to Alice's place.

For all of my whining about Alice taking her this afternoon, it meant that I had to pick Bella up, like it was a real date, which I'm sure Alice realized as well. If she had been at her apartment, it would have taken over an hour to get there, but twenty minutes later, I was ready to knock on the door.

Alice let me in, a big smile on her face as she called Bella out from the back bedroom.

Bella was wearing a dress that almost exactly matched the color of my shirt; it was a halter top that dipped low down on her back and made Bella look absolutely stunning. Her hair was straight, flowing down her back and hiding her exposed skin. Bella may be comfortable with having to strip down for a role, but when she was herself she didn't like to be too provocative. Alice managed to make her look sexy and feminine, without making her uncomfortable. Now to keep my hands off of her until we were back at my place.

I walked over to her and wasted no time in kissing her senseless, much to Alice's annoyance. "You look so beautiful tonight, you ready to go?"

"Sure am, handsome."

She took my hand and we headed out to my car. "I know you never see it, but I couldn't put us at the mercy of mass transit tonight."

"I'm a little afraid of what you planned." Bella confided and I laughed as I opened the door for her.

"Nothing too scary, just dinner and dancing," I told her, not letting her know where this was happening.

"Somehow, I don't think it is that simple."

I didn't respond, I just closed the door and walked around to get in, driving towards the restaurant. Bella's hand rested on the center console, so I reached over to take it, squeezing it as I wove through the streets. The restaurant came into view and Bella smiled, so I knew I'd made a good choice. We walked inside and the hostess led us back to the trellis covered outdoor area. There were vines and twinkling lights woven above us as we sat down on the loveseat, a coffee table in front of us for the food when it came.

"I can't believe you brought me to Twilight, I've always wanted to come here." Bella blushed as she looked over the menu.

"Why didn't you?" I asked and immediately saw Bella's eye roll.

"This is a date spot, all the meals on the menu have some kind of touted aphrodisiac in them, I can't imagine coming here with Rose or Angela. Alice raves about the food though."

"Well, I don't think we need the help, but I will be interested in seeing if there is something that can increase our sex drive, because I could take you at any moment." Her eyes bulged at the words I whispered to her.

We looked at the menu for another minute or two before deciding on our meal. The place made everything in portions for two, so it was lucky that Bella and I could easily agree on our meal. As soon as we sat down our menus, a bubbly little woman in her late-20's came over to us.

"Hello, my name is Makenna and I'll be your server tonight. Are you ready to order?"

I nodded, taking Bella's hand as I spoke, "We'll have the blush wine to drink tonight, and for our appetizer we'll have the oysters, followed by the honey and ginger chicken with asparagus, and then the fruit fondue for dessert."

"All excellent choices, now if I could just see some ID, I'll be happy to bring you your wine."

We showed Makenna our ID's and she smiled before going to get our wine. I knew that the bottle wouldn't be enough to hamper our night, but I wanted Bella to really enjoy herself. It had been too long since someone had taken her out.

The appetizer was out pretty quick and the only thing sexier than Bella, was watching her eat the oysters. I loved watching the little faces she made and thought about how beautiful she was and how if there was ever anyone I could learn the mysterious vulnerability behind Christina's façade from, it was Bella. Her complexity knew no bounds.

Our dinner arrived and as cheesy as it sounds, we sat there and fed each other. Bella's laugh filled the open space as she watched my reactions to her; her lips closing around the fork, her tongue darting out to catch a bit of the sauce on the corner of her mouth, or mine. I was beginning to wonder if dessert was a good idea.

Luckily, it arrived soon enough and Bella took great pride in her ability to leave just enough chocolate on her lips that I had to kiss it off. The pineapple, strawberries and raspberries never stood a chance and with the check paid for, including a nice tip for the attentive, yet barely noticeable Makenna, we were off to the other surprise.

Bella watched me as I drove, waiting for us to turn somewhere, so she could figure out where I was taking her out to go dancing, but as we pulled into the garage where I parked my car, she looked at me confused.

"I thought you said something about us going dancing?" She pouted, and I kissed her as we entered the front of my building.

"We are going to dance, just not out in public." We walked into my apartment and Bella blinked as she saw the furniture had been pushed back.

"Edward Cullen, you are too sweet for words."

"No, I'm not," I told her, "I just wasn't willing to have someone tell me that I couldn't put my hands on you like I plan to in public." My hands ran up her back as hers traced my chest. "God, you're so fucking beautiful."

She giggled as I stepped away to hit play on the stereo and then pulled her back to me to slow dance to the classical music that was drifting out of the speakers.

We stood there swaying as our hands travelled across each other's bodies, when Bella tipped up on her toes. "Edward, I need you."

Those were the only words I needed to hear before we were in the bedroom, shedding clothes and testing the cuisine at Twilight.


Angela was waiting in the prop room when Bella and I got there Monday afternoon. She looked like she was ready to die her hair and move out of state.

"Ang? What's wrong?"

"They're killing me. I can't take all of this back and forth and with techs coming up they're fighting about everything. I'm finally going to be taking the reins of this show and they're too busy having their pissing contest to get me what I need." Angela swiped at her eyes before she continued. "I tried to schedule the paper tech three times before I wrote the date and time that worked best for me on the dry erase board and kicked the garbage can to get their attention. Eric was ready to crap his pants. I told them to show up or they're design wouldn't make it into the performance, because I refused to bend over backwards to the battle of nitwits."

I hugged Angela and swayed side to side. "Angie, can't you talk to your advisor?"

"He was in the damn meeting. I just need to make it through dry tech, because they won't stick around for Sunday's wet tech unless there's a fire or something. Once the people who don't have to be there are gone and Aro is sitting in the audience, I will be better."

"Let us know if we can do anything to help," Bella added, hugging her other side as we sandwiched Angela.

Somehow, by Thursday, I'd done a makeup test that looked good enough to be approved for the show, and Bella and I had finished our hours. The prop rooms looked good and we were both facing a lot more free time for the last part of the semester.

The cigarettes were holding up in rehearsals, so we weren't going to have to break into the mad money just yet, and classes were going by without any problems.

By Friday's rehearsal, Angela was smoking for real, Emmett had declared the set ready for the show and Bella had even managed to hang herself a dozen times without another incident. It was during our fifteen minute break after we finished the run that Jake and I started talking about the important things, the show's official cast parties.

"Okay, so Emmett said he wanted to hold the closing night party, I can take opening night if you want?" Jake asked and I nodded.

"Perfect, we can do Ballet Studio for Friday, because it will be packed that we can sneak in the underagers a little easier, and I'll take Saturday night."

"Weren't you going to ask if I wanted to host one of the parties?" Bella asked.

"Baby, no one wants to pay for the ferry just to get stranded out on the island, but if you want to be the hostess on Saturday, my place is your place." I tried to appease her, but she huffed and went to sit with the totally frazzled Angela.

"Would you guys mind if I torched the set? The theater is surrounded by steel, so it wouldn't destroy the building, but nothing in this room would survive." Angela quipped and Jake picked her up and swung her around like a ragdoll.

"Angela, we'll fuck up anyone who messes with you, just give us names," Jake told her, sitting her down as Aro came in and clapped his hands.

"Who's ready for a speed through?"


Bella and I had taken full advantage of our day off, forcing Jasper and Alice to help us clean the apartment for the upcoming cast party and then doing a liquor run. By the afternoon, each couple was relegated to our respective bedrooms, only coming out for the pizza when it came.

At nine fifty-five, there was a loud knock at the door. Bella automatically panicked, but I tried to calm her down, even though I was worried about who the hell got up to our door without us letting them in.

I peeked through the peep-hole and then called out to Bella, opening the door for a hysterical Angela. As soon as the cries entered our apartment, Alice and Jasper came rushing out and soon the three girls were in my room.

They didn't come back out, so Jasper and I sat down to wait out the cryfest. But by eleven thirty, Jasper and I went into his room to get some sleep, because it didn't seem like we'd see our girlfriends again before morning.

"Edward?" I felt a gentle hand shaking my shoulder, "Baby, you have to get up."

I opened my eyes to see a fully-clothed Bella standing over me. "What time is it?"

"Eight-thirty, but we're heading in with Ang. I've got a change for you in the bathroom, but we have to leave as soon as possible."

"Can I shower first?" I asked, getting the idea that the answer would be no.

"You could, or we could shower together tonight. We'll be all alone." She smirked and I knew that I could make it another twelve hours without a shower…it wasn't like I hadn't showered yesterday.

I rolled out to bed to have Alice push past me on her way to Jasper and I got a chill thinking that I'd slept on that bed.

"Relax, Alice said they hadn't had sex in there since the last time she changed the sheets. I would have let you shower if you'd been laying on Jazz's jiz all night."

I changed and met the girls in the living room, walking out to catch the bus and start our twelve hour day. We got breakfast on the way in and then Angela started setting up for the day. Eric came in and was promptly sent out to get fruit at the market next door by Angela.

As more people came in, you actually felt the tension mount. By the time Aro and Eleazar were in the theater, it was ridiculous. The morning began and Angela tried to wrangle the personalities.

It became clear that she was still missing some of the cues she would need to call, most of them sound cues, so when we broke for lunch, she vanished with her production book.

The three of us went out for Chinese, but soon Emmett was sitting with us, filling everyone in on yesterday.

"It was the dumbest thing I've ever seen. Angie and I are the only students and we're the ones acting like adults. They fought over breaks and whether or not we should run the intermission set change more or not. Every time she tried to get them to quit it, they just yelled over her."

There was a buzz and Bella reached into her pocket. "That was Angela, she's finally getting the sound cues, so I'm bringing her back lunch."

As soon as the food was done, we headed back, but Angela didn't appear until ten minutes before the break ended. She was already done in and we still had eight hours to go. Hopefully she would make it to six when we took our dinner hour.

The squabbling continued through the end of the cue to cue for Ace One, but when Angela tried to break there instead of pushing through and having to stop in the middle of something twenty-five minutes from now all hell broke loose.

"Miss Weber, I think it best if we continue, now setting up for Act Two," Felix, the production manager, and Angela's boss, started to say.

"No," Angela spoke clearly, never raising her voice.

"Excuse me," Felix questioned.

"I said that we're taking a five minute break now, so everyone use the restroom, or smoke, whatever you need to do." Angela eyed him, but he cleared his throat.

"You there," Felix called to Eric, which sent Angela off the rails.

"Felix, unless you're taking over the calling of this show, then you have no direct say over the running of my tech. You're here as my advisor, well at the moment, you're only impeding my ability to do my job." Angela turned to all the faculty where they stood in the back of the audience. "As of yesterday, I took over the running of rehearsals from Aro, so you are all welcome to observe, but final decisions are mine. If there is a problem with that, the exit is in the back. Now, everyone take five."

Angela walked out of the theater and after a moment of stunned silence, many of the people who had no need to be there, including Felix, left. The break was fast, but when Angela returned, she got a standing ovation from her crew.

"Way to rock the 'God mic' little lady," Emmett yelled as he spun her around, the first carefree laugh I'd heard her emit in days coming out.

"Okay, enough messing around, let's get back to work."

The remainder of tech went by without incident. The cues had been run and everything was set, we even got in a run of the show with the lights before going home for the night. We were all exhausted, but we finally felt like the show was ours, and in a week all the hard work would be over and the show would come to a close.

As we made it through classes Monday, it seems that the drama that had been following Angela was passed onto Alice as the dress rehearsal put the spotlight on her ability to transform us into the opposite sex. I couldn't help but laugh at Bella's wig, but that was more the fact that she was wearing one at all than a problem with it. My wig however was currently driving me crazy as Alice poked and prodded me.

"Quit it! I need your makeup to be right. Do you have any idea what they'll put me through if you get up there and this looks like shit?"

"Alice, relax. It isn't going to be perfect, but it's going to look great. They can't give you a shoe-string budget and then yell at you for making do with that. Now, I'll stay still so you can finish with my boobs, I have to get my costume on."

That eased the tension and soon, the three of us were standing behind the set, waiting for the lights to dim before Bella got into position. We ran a good part of the first Act, but when we took our break, I saw the costume people huddled up at the top of the seating area.

After a minute or two, Alice came down to talk to us. "Edward, when you change shirts, can you leave on the tank top, the boobs don't look right under the lights, we'll see how it is at the end of the Act, but that's a quick fix."

"Sure, Alice, whatever makes your life easier." I could tell that Charlotte was watching really closely with how she handled these issues, so I was going to make it as easy as possible.

From there, we finished the rest of the Act, and thankfully, they said that the lighting worked in our favor during the sex scene, masking what was there enough that you couldn't tell for the short time you saw it.

Act Two went much better and we were officially free for the night with a final note for me. It was time for me to shave my legs.

Bella and I got home and she packed a small bag for tomorrow, so I could shave in the dressing room showers before rehearsal. We were officially a week away from being done with this show, and as much as I was ready to have it over, I was feeling a little bit sad about it as well.


The second dress sped by, all the issues having been worked out and my legs survived the hair removal. The final dress was open to the department, and was usually when all the actors saw the show, because it was free.

That fact had me worried. I knew there were people who would never let Bella and I live this down, I just hoped they directed their comments more at me. I was still thinking about it when Alice was sitting in front of me fixing my chest. She had just finished the last little touch when a pair of hands wrapped around my neck.

"Stop worrying about what they're going to think, you're going to be amazing tonight." Bella's lips danced around my ear as she threaded her fingers through my hair. "When we get home tonight, I'm going to ride you so hard that no one will ever be able to doubt how manly you are."

"Thank you, sexy. That was exactly what I needed to hear. Now, you go draw on some stubble and I'm going to tart myself up."

"That's the spirit," Jake yelled, looking freshly fucked.

"Oh my, God…Leah better not have fucked the cocky out of you, or all kick her ass." Bella scowled at him, but I couldn't stop laughing.

"Baby, I think she may have made him even cockier, if it's possible." Jake flipped me off and I blew him a kiss, ending the discussion as we each got ready for the 'places' call.

Finally, we were all behind the set, waiting for the lights to fade and our backstage light to go on, signaling that it was time for Bella's entrance.

The time from the moment that she walked out, until I heard the thud of the hook giving way under her weight had me tense as anything, but it was soon over and Jake was stepping out onstage, introducing me a minute later.

From the moment I walked through the door, something that only actors could understand happened. Everything was a blur as we went through our first official performance. It was second nature and all the second guessing and worrying was over, the three of us just were our characters.

We were riding the high from the final scene as we stepped onto the stage for our bows that something really cool happened. We got a standing ovation. From everyone.

All the bullshit, and backstabbing aside, we did a great job and they were choosing to take notice of that. The faculty came over and congratulated us and so did our classmates. It was a surreal thing, but when they finally filed out, Aro was waiting for us in one of the aisles.

"No one could have done that better; I'll see you after the opening."

The process of clearing up the stage took less time than we took to get cleaned up and ready to leave, so Angela was waiting outside the dressing room to lock up.

"That was a really great performance, guys. This is going to be an amazing run."

"Thanks Ang. It wouldn't be anything without you," I hugged her into my side before we went our separate ways for the night. Bella made good on her promise and we fell asleep, tangled up around each other, I felt the worry about the weekend fade away.

Classes went well, but my biggest concern was outdoing another tradition Bella and I had. On our opening nights, Bella always made me brownies from scratch, and I got her a very specific bouquet, lilies, bells of Ireland, and pink carnations. But this time, I wanted to give her something more, but I didn't want to be contrived. It was this thought that had me staring at the florist while she went over various options for bouquets she could make. I knew better than roses, but really didn't have a clue what it should be. Then I saw a potted orchid on one of the shelves and asked the woman to take it down.

It was perfect.

I paid for them both and then rushed to the theater, the sonnet that I'd chosen already open on my phone and waiting for me to write it in the card that was tucked into my script. Charlie always sent her flowers for closing night if he wasn't coming, a fete that I wished I'd pulled off with my parents, so I took opening night, that way she started and ended her run knowing that she was cared for.

I set her bouquet down and the orchid beside it as I started to write her card.

Not marble, nor the gilded monuments

Of princes, shall outlive this powerful rhyme;

But you shall shine more bright in these contents

Than unswept stone, besmear'd with sluttish time.

When wasteful war shall statues overturn,

And broils root out the work of masonry,

Nor Mars his sword nor war's quick fire shall burn

The living record of your memory.

'Gainst death and all oblivious enmity

Shall you pace forth; your praise shall still find room,

Even in the eyes of all posterity

That wear this world out to the ending doom.

So, till the judgment that yourself arise,

You live in this, and dwell in lovers' eyes.

Moving to the right side of the card, I wrote my personal note.


I'll never know how it escaped me for all this time how much I loved you, but I will never be that big of a fool again. You're so important in my life and I hope that this is only the beginning of a very long and happy road for us both personally and professionally. There is no one I would rather break convention with than you.

All My Love,

Edward Cullen

I sealed the envelope and moved to the corner where Alice did my makeup, knowing she would be here any minute.

I was twenty minutes into my makeup when Bella came in, setting down the brownies at my normal makeup station and then gasped as she saw her flowers. She tore open the card and ran over, swatting Alice away as she sat on my lap and leaned over my makeup as she kissed me hard on the lips. "That was so thoughtful, Edward. I love you, too."

I got in one good kiss before Alice started pulling Bella off my lap and telling her to get ready for Alice to help her wrap her boobs. It was another twenty minutes before Jake showed up and Bella just giggled as he did his makeup, the 30 minutes call coming over the two-way baby monitors.

When everyone was ready, we got up for an energy circle, and then headed off for our places. There was a palpable difference with a real audience, and it pumped us each up further. After a final peck on the cheek, Bella walked out to get into position.

The reactions were great, the audience was right there, something you always want on opening night. The night flew by again, with the exception of the two sex scenes, which was important because I could feel each beat of those moments as they happened, concluding with my run for the fire escape. As the music played and the lights faded, there was a roar in the small space as the audience applauded us. We went out into the theater to take our bows.

It took forty minutes for the stage to be reset for tomorrow and for us to get out of our costumes and back into our street clothes. Eric popped his head in and told us to come into the theater.

The three of us walked in to see Aro passing around plastic cups to our designers and crew, while Angela popped two bottles of champagne. The glasses were filled and Aro raised his glass, signaling a toast.

"This show was a chance, but you all took the leap of faith with me, and for that, I thank you. I could carry one, but I would instead like to offer you each the highest compliment that I could give you. I would hire you all for pay. To all of you, for dealing with my crazy and making this a show to remember."

We all laughed and drank the champagne before walking to Emmett and Jake's place. It was halfway between my place and the school, so we didn't have to take the bus, which made everything easier.

For the first half hour or so it was just the people from our show, but soon half the department was at the apartment and between the music and the booze, it was a great party.

I was sticking close to Bella tonight and it was in the moment that I went to get us some more beer that things got interesting. The cheers were the first thing that registered to me, so when I made my way through the crowd to see Angela and Leah making out, I was pretty shocked. I'd known Angela was bi-sexual since we met, but Leah and Jake had been together constantly lately. I found him and nudged his arm as he whistled and cat-called louder than anyone.

"It doesn't bug you that Angie's macking on your girl?" I asked and he just shook his head and gestured back to the girls.

"Doesn't bother me a bit, how about you?"

I looked back at his words to see Bella making out with Angela, who was palming her boob. I was instantly hard and damn near ready to throw her over my shoulder and tell everyone goodnight, but she was enjoying herself way too much to ruin her night.

So I cut in after they finished the mini make out session and we went back to dancing. Later that night, when a bunch of the crowd had thinned out, Emmett was playing the social butterfly so Jake and I grabbed our girls and headed for his bedroom.

The four of us were nursing what would probably be our last drinks when Leah started talking. "When you guys kiss at the end of the show…that's damn hot."

"Are you serious?" Jake asked.

"Did you think it was hot when we were kissing Angela?" Bella asked and I jumped in to voice my opinion.

"Hell yes, it was."

Leah laughed and turned to Bella, "You know, I thought it would be too much pretty for me, but there's something so…sensual about it."

"I know," Bella agreed, "you have no idea how hard it was to sit in rehearsal and watch them work on that scene. The sex is so vile, but that kiss, before Davis thinks about it too much…I can't describe it."

I nudged Jake, "Want to guarantee we get laid tonight?"

"As long as you take her home, because I don't need to reach out in the middle of the night and feel you." I laughed and then gripped Jake's face, kissing him hard.

The gasps were all we heard as we made a big drunken show of it and then I stood up, taking Bella's hand as she said good-bye, still giggling when we made it down to the street.

"You just kissed a guy because you knew that I liked it, you're too damn good to me," she spoke into my side as we started walking towards my apartment.

"You inspired the performance for the show, so why not give you a private viewing," I told her, but she stopped me.

"What do you mean?"

"When I was trying to kiss Jake, I didn't know how to do it. So I thought about how you kiss me when you're being a little cautious. You move slowly, like you're giving me a chance to say no, which I would never do. So I kissed him that way, and it worked."

She stood there for a moment and I wondered if I'd said something wrong, then she threw her arms around my neck and kissed me with everything she had. "That is so fucking sweet. You pay attention to how I kiss you enough to use it for Christina. I don't know which emotion should be more dominant, feeling horny or touched."

I smirked, my mind going into the gutter immediately, "How about I touch you and then we can take care of how horny you are?"

"Fine, but first, I'm making you take something for the hangover you'll feel in the morning." Bella linked our fingers and we walked back to the apartment.


Friday was a full day, classes, the second show and then a night at Ballet Studio. We didn't stay long, because Saturday is a double show day, and as I climbed into the shower I hoped it would go well.

Double show days were notorious because we'd go through hell and then get so drunk that we'd stumble through the morning before somehow pulling it together to do the closing show.

I got ready while Bella showered, grumbling at having to shave again this morning, but I'd be fine now and I could put it behind me.

The morning prep was slow moving today and as we got into position, I knew there was something different about today's audience. The show moved as it normally does, but there was no audience reaction. There was even an older couple that got up and left part way through Act One. By the end of the show, we were all a little dejected, but Emmett tried to cheer us up.

"Guy's they're old, they're gonna die soon, and being near death makes you quiet."

We all laughed and soon they headed out to grab dinner and hang out, but I had other plans.

"Bella, wait." I pulled her back to me and kissed her. We moved quickly to the makeup stations and I picked her up, moving to pull my clothes off quickly. Bella started to unbutton her shirt as I kicked off my pants and boxers, suddenly realizing the door had to be locked.

"Stop undressing yourself," I told her as I turned the knob, giving us our privacy.

"Why, did you want to do that?" she joked.

"Damn straight," I told her as I unbuttoned her pants and pulled them off, her shirt buttons falling open quickly as she perched herself back on the counter.

I moved to her breasts, knowing that having to wrap them made them extra sensitive and her mews let me know I was doing something very right.

"Oh God…Edward…I need you in me," she begged and I grabbed a condom and thrust into her, needing to be hard and fast after the suck-fest that was our matinee.

Bella's nails dug into my back as I kept moving with her, feeling her respond to me in a way that no one else ever had. She started panting and I could feel her orgasm approaching so I sped up, wanting to cum with her.

A minute or two later she whispered my name as she came all around me, not wanting anyone who may be wandering the hall to hear us and I was right there with her.

We showered in the dressing room and changed so that we'd be decent for when people started coming back for the evening show. Bella insisted on making the dinner run, so I went into the theater to stretch.

I was surprised when Angela came out a minute or two later, but as she sat down next to me, I knew something was up.

"What happened now, Ang? Who's ass do I need to kick?"

"Edward," she said, shaking her head, "I was fighting with whether or not I should have said anything, but here it goes." She took another deep breath and blurted it out, "If you're going to have sex with Bella, make sure no one can hear or see it. She'll be embarrassed if someone catches you."

"What are you talking about, we were careful?" I asked.

"The baby monitor is a two-way, so you can flip a switch and be either the transmitter or the receiver. Yours was transmitting this morning. I heard the beginning of it when I came to lock up the booth and shut it off before I heard anything really, but these walls have ears. Remember that."

"Thank you," I told her, annoyed that I hadn't been careful with Bella like I thought I had been.

The photo call wasn't even on my radar, so when Alice showed up well before our normal prep time, I realized how oblivious I'd been to our schedule this run.

It wasn't that long because Aro knew the shots he wanted, and we were quickly back in the dressing room. The evening show was a thousand times better than the morning show and we celebrated with the largest party to date at my place.

Bella was glued to my lips and lap all night and I couldn't have been happier. We were twenty-four hours away from the show being over and what I needed right now was to have her with me.

A bunch of people were crashing at the apartment, which meant some doubling up, but with Angela, Leah and Jake in my room, it was a blast. Angela insisted on using the air mattress and Jake and I enforced a rule that the girls had to be in the center so nothing weird happened.

It was a pretty hazy night, but when I woke up literally in between Bella's parted legs, Jake and Leah a knot on the other side of the bed, I couldn't begrudge the hangover, until I moved.

We moved like five very militant people grabbing our things and opting to shower at school simply because there were two stalls per bathroom. The lights at McDonald's were ungodly, but the coffee made up for it. Angela sent a text and soon we were in the dressing room, Leah letting everyone go ahead of her because she was just a member of the audience today.

People came in looking much like we did and I was wondering how they did it. I usually didn't party this hard before the matinees, but my inner rebel decided to live a little while I was still in college, and all my plans for how to deal with the parties went out the window.

The hot water and strong coffee helped a little, but when Eric walked in with two Boxes of Joe from Dunkin Donuts, I almost kissed him. Sweeping and mopping while we tried to elevate ourselves to human again, Angela shook her head.

"If that boy keeps it up, I may just screw him tonight."

"What?" Jake and I both yelled, instantly regretting it as our girlfriends hit us.

"He's been asking me out since we got into techs and I kept telling him that 'we'd see,' but the show is closing, so I might actually go for it."

"Why does that matter, they're fucking?" Jake pointed to us and I swatted at his hand.

"Because they're equals, I'm technically his boss, I can't do anything inappropriate until he's no longer under me."

"Yeah Jake, she can't be under him until he's out from under her," Leah giggled and we all groaned at the joke.

Angela stood up, cracking her back before she refilled her glass. "Okay kids, I have to get to work, ninety minutes until places."

"Thank you, places," we all whispered and started getting ready.

The next hour was just like every other show, the complex makeup and masking coming before the regular prep. But today everyone gave out their gifts to each other. I gave a new notebook, to replace the one we'd filled with notes on this show, Bella gave glasses with the show info engraved on it, and Jake gave a bottle of our favorite liquor and a pound of coffee. Angela came in with her handmade cards and flowers, and then ten minutes later returned with Bella's bouquet delivery from Charlie.

In addition to our thirty minute call, Ang told us that my parents had arrived and were first in line to get their seats. I was really nervous and also excited that they were here to see it, knowing what they were in for.

My dad had made reservations for dinner, as always, so the four of us were going to be leaving here for a real meal before the last cast party.

As I slipped my wig on for the last time, I felt a little sad, but soon enough I was in the wing behind the stage, waiting for everything to start up.

My mom's reactions were pretty easy to pick out; her gasp when Bella almost hung herself, and again when she saw me in the red dress the first time. Our audience for the closing show was one of the best I've had at this school, so I was happy with leaving this character on the stage when I took my final bow.

The process of cleaning up the dressing room and getting ourselves ready to go out took a little longer today, but when we finally emerged, my parents were right there.

"Bella, Edward," my mom called, "that was so amazing. Really touching."

"Thank you, Esme, I'm glad you enjoyed it," Bella blushed under my mom's praise.

"And you two, what a wonderful surprise," she added, "I always hoped my son would see the wonderful young woman right under his nose."

"Esme," my dad interjected, "I think it's about time we headed off to the restaurant. They still have a party to get to tonight."

"Yeah Mom, and if we let you keep going you'll have the wedding planned and our first-born named."

Bella elbowed me, but my mother just smiled. "Fair enough, let's go out and celebrate my two favorite thespians!"

As we walked to the car so my dad could drive us to the apartment to drop off our things I thought about the things my mother had said and all the things I'd thought about this show since starting it. It's been a wild ride, but this play's the thing that finally brought me and Bella together. And with her is the only place I want to be.

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