A Forgotten Fact

Fact Sphere Fact Log of Incident [REDACTED] in the [REDACTED] Chamber.

Fact: Intelligence Dampening Sphere (IDS) inquired "What? Are you Still Alive?" as Test Subject [REDACTED] climbed to her feet.

Fact: Test Subject [REDACTED] looked up at the Height Limiter as a rough Aperture appeared in it's surface.

Fact: Lunar Rocks are pure poison.

Fact: Lunar Rocks are also Good portal conductors.

Fact: IDS and Genetic Life-form and Disk Operating System (GLaDOS) ceased their vocalizations of surprise, anger, and/or concern for Test Subject [REDACTED] as she fired the Aperture Science Portal Device through the Height Limiter's newly acquired Aperture at the Lunar Surface visible in the Night-time sky.

Fact: Space Sphere was right.

Fact: Space Does exist.

Fact: Fact Sphere was wrong in this one instance, reducing accuracy rate of facts to 99.8 percent.

Fact: The Final Warning on the Aperture Science Portal Device is "Do not Aim Operational end of the Device at Lunar Surface."

Fact: This Warning was neglected in Test Subject [REDACTED]'s Portal Training Course.

Fact: A Portal Pair placed on the Lunar Surface and Inside the Aperture Science Laboratory creates a differential of air pressure.

Fact: Yes, That really just happened.

{Fact: "Lunacy" Achievement awarded.}

Fact: The First item to pass through the Portal was a television Monitor.

Fact: The second Item to pass through the Portal was the Handheld Portal Device

Fact: The Third item to pass through was the "Adventure Core" {Adventure Sphere} (Rick), forcibly ripped from the main GLaDOS body.

Fact: The Fourth and Fifth Items to pass through the Portal was Test Subject [REDACTED] and IDS.

Fact: The Sixth item to pass through the portal was Space Core (Space Core), giving a cry of "SPACE!" as he went of his own volition.

Fact: IDS was dislodged into space by a GlaDOS controlled pincer arm.

Fact: Test Subject [REDACTED] was the first object to return through the Portal.

Fact: Test Subject [REDACTED] was the only Object to return through the Portal.

Fact: IDS, Rick, and Space Sphere are currently trapped in orbit of Lunar Surface.

Fact: Fact Sphere was returned to Corrupt Core annex.

Fact: Fact Sphere then formatted this log, and then submitted it to the Aperture Science Memory Banks for file documentation.

Fact: Turrets can Sing.

Fact Sphere Fact Log Ended.


Wheatley glanced about. "You know, I could've sworn I saw another core get pulled through with us? I wonder where he went to..."

"space cops got him. in space!"The yellow eyed core floated about.

"Huh, wish they'd come get us then." Wheatley glanced down to Earth, spotting a speck of something orange below. "Maybe then I could tell her I'm sorry."


"YEEEE-HAW!" The green eyed Adventure Core cried out in pure excitement as he hurtled through Earth's atmosphere, attached to the side of a satellite that he had crashed into when he was flung out into space. "NOW THIS IS THE WAY TO TRAVEL!"

Gravity was a wondrous thing, Rick decided as he rocketed towards a rusty tool shed. Yes indeed, he loved Gravity.


A.N.: I had to write then when I Confirmed via replay that Adventure Core DID get pulled through the portal at the end of the game, but he's never seen after that. Fact Core is the only Core that remained inside the Facility during that little stunt. Also, remember how in Portal 1 that GLaDOS cuts off the last warning message when you get the Gun for the first time? I bet that it was "Do not fire the Portal gun at Lunar Surface." after how the game played out. It seems like the kind of thing GLaDOS would cut off due to it's actual importance. *shrug* Who knows though?