Title: Tomorrow When Your Life Began
Author: Janine
Fandom: The Gates
Pairing: Devon/Peg
Rating: R
Word Count: 420
Disclaimer: I don't own them.
Summary: Pre-Pilot. After her divorce from Frank, Devon is drifting, but with Peg's help she realizes what she needs to do to get her life back on track.

Note: I was intrigued by the interactions between Devon and Peg in the pilot, and the fact that Devon actually seemed to have a hint of vulnerability in them. So, there's this.


It took Peg's hands and her lips on her body to truly show Devon how resigned to things she had become, and how much she had lost of herself while she was married to Frank.

Peg's lips were soft and loving as they brushed across her skin, sucking and licking, drawing moans from Devon as Peg's hands teased and caressed her skin. Peg's hands moved warmly over her, touching her firmly yet gently, her caresses arousing and comforting Devon as Peg's thumb fanned out over the sensitive skin of Devon's inner thighs, teasing her and easing her into what was to come.

As Peg's tongue circled around her nipple, licking and sucking the sensitive tip to hardness before Peg breathed on the pebbled nub drawing a loud moan from Devon as her body quaked with pleasure, Devon realized that it had been years since she had really been made love to.

When Peg's fingers slid into her, Devon felt like she had been given something instead of having something ripped away from her. She felt warm, safe, protected and cherished instead of feeling used. She felt as if she was being given pleasure instead of having someone take it from her and Devon began to pant and beg far sooner than she thought possible.

Tears leaked from Devon's eyes as she came and she clutched at Peg, holding the doctor close as she trembled against her, whimpering embarrassingly thankful words into Peg's neck.

Strong arms wrapped around her as Devon's body sagged and Devon relaxed into the contact, resting her head on Peg's chest, allowing herself to be cradled as Peg gently stroked her back and arms, soothing Devon with her touch as the blonde's breathing settled.

Lying in Peg's arms Devon sighed contently and smiled. For the first time in longer than she could remember she didn't feel like Mrs. Frank Buckley, or even the former Mrs. Frank Buckley. She felt like a woman. She felt like Devon. She felt the light of possibility brighten her heart. She felt free.

"Teach me," Devon whispered, pressing her lips against the smooth, dark swell of Peg's breast.

"Are you sure?" Peg asked, angling her head down so that she could see Devon's expression.

"Yes," Devon breathed out meeting Peg's eyes steadily. "I don't care what they think anymore. I want to learn the craft. I think I need to."

Peg smiled warmly and stroked Devon's cheek before leaning forward to meet the woman's lips.

"Then we'll start tomorrow."

The End