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(POV Seto.)

I glared back at the mutt in front of me, her smirk getting on my nerves. I could not believe I had really asked her to watch Mokuba for me. Why did it have to be the most annoying, loud and not to mention one of the rudeist female on the planet that I had asked a favor, a favor from. I knew there were three things that I did NOT like to do:

Is being told something on short notice, like this nice surprise meeting that I knew was going to be an waste of my time,

Asking for a favor. I, Seto Kaiba NEVER ask for favors, until NOW,

Talk to or even let into my mansion the ever annoying female presence of Katsuya Jonouchi.

I glared back at her smirk coldly; trying not to show any emotion, which I would never waste on a mutt like her.

"So the," She repeated, again, in that annoying Brooklyn accent of hers, "Seto Kaiba, the CEO of Kaiba Corp, is asking me, little ole Katsuya Jonouchi to watch his little brother, Mokuba Kaiba?" She rolled her eyes and put her hands on her hips to add to my already big annoyance with her dog like presence. I made my glare intensify.

"Yes," I replied through gritted teeth, my anger getting harder to control in front of such an arrogant, pompous, rude, annoyin-

"Are you done seething yet?" She taunted, batting her eye lids in a fake attempt to act innocent, "I mean honestly, money bags," I became angrier with that remark, "Turn your frown upside down!" She flipped her messy, dirty blonde shoulder length hair back and gave me another smirk just to make me mad, "Or you'll never get a date with that ugly mug of yous!" I got up from my chair and slammed my fist down on my desk. I couldn't tolerate anymore of her immature taunts.

"Well, mutt," I retorted coldly, giving her an icy glare, "At lease my parents were able to tell my gender when I was born!" I expected her to remark about the fact that Mokuba and I didn't even have any parents but, I saw her make a slightly humorous, (though I didn't really want to think so,) and out raged face at my last comment. Steam looked like it was coming out of her ears.

"HEY!" She yelled at me as I ignored her, grabbing my steel brief case and getting ready to head down stairs to the limo, "It isn't my fault that my parents thought I was a boy when I was born! I was an unexpected delivery that the stork didn't tell them about! And I like the name Jonouchi!"

I scoffed, not understanding why she didn't call herself by her first name Katsuya but, everyone else except Mokuba and I didn't and, then again, everyone except Mokuba called me Kaiba most of the time.

I stood next to the door and looked at Jonouchi glaring.

"Just to let you know mutt," I told the idiot girl coldly, glaring and trying to intimidate her, "Get Mokuba to bed on time, which means before I get back," I went up to her, facing her eye to eye, I was surprised that she didn't even back down, she just kept her confidence and arrogance the same as before, even when I was looking down on her, "Got that?"

Jonouchi just shrugged and gave a grin, "What eva floats yo boat, Seto." She replied, using my first name on purpose. I kept glaring at her.

"Just stay out of my office, Katsuya." I turned back around and made my way out of my office door and down the dark dimly lit hallway pass my room and Mokuba's. As I went down the stairs and pass one of our living rooms, the one linked to the front door, I saw Mokuba waiting for me on the recliner. When he saw me, he perked up like a puppy and ran right over to me. I gave him one of my rare small smiles.

"But Seto," He whined slightly, "How long will you be gone? It's late!" I ruffled his long ebony hair a bit since I was usually beyond showing affection or emotion but, I usually did in the case of my younger brother. I looked at him softly.

"You'll be in bed by the time I get back," I replied, opening the door. Mokuba looked a little bit unhappy but then I noticed that he had suddenly perked up.

"Ok then so," He told me, a devilish grin appearing on his face, "You can trust Katsuya to watch me!" I rolled my eyes.

"Of course I can." I replied sarcastically. When I did, I saw Jonouchi appear suddenly in our living room. I glared at her, "But everything better be in one piece when I get back or else." I warned Mokuba and rather threatened Jonouchi. She went over to us casually and placed a hand on Mokuba's shoulder, trying to look innocent.

"Trust me, money bags," She teased, still trying the whole innocent look, making me angered again by how annoying she could be, "Everything will be in one piece when you get back!"

I gave her one last icy glare before I left, praying that everything would be in one piece, including Mokuba when I got back or at least be the same except for one thing…..One thing wasn't the same right now, I knew for sure….

My growing opinions that I did not understand about one little annoyance in my life:

Katsuya Jonouchi.

Author's Note: I'm getting ready to type chapter two as we speak so don't worry, this is going to get updated every day! And I know that Katsuya is a boy's name but, so is Yugi and people still keep his name when they change him into a girl so, I'm keeping it as Katsuya Jonouchi. I also know that he doesn't have a Brooklyn accent in the manga or the Japanese version but, I'm not Japanese so I don't really know any honorifics, (And yes, Jonouchi never uses them like Ryou does, which is politely,) so I'll have to stick to that accent that I know everyone and Seto just love! :P any who, I hope you all will like my first YGO fic! Chapter Two will be up today!