"What did you just do?"

It was an hour or so after that question, but those simple words were ingrained into Katsuya's frontal lobe- almost as if someone had carved them there in the beginning. In the beginning that was all this…

That was this… Well, what ever this, "relationship," was- she wasn't even sure herself.
Reaching down in the soapy suds of the water, she swirled them around with a finger and pondered silent as steam rolled up and curled around her body. An hour… An hour ago was when Seto had caught her kissing his forehead.
Awkward was an understatement.

H-how was she suppose to make an excuse up for this?! T-they weren't officially a couple or had said, "Hey, well I love you…" to one another or something of the sort…. And yet…
Squeezing her eyes shut, she sunk down and went under the water a bit. It covered over her nose and allowed her to keep her eyes above the water. Not that it mattered- she was keeping them squeezed shut. As if to stop facing what was really there…

She, well…
Maybe sort of…
Liked…. Seto…

A lot.
Which would explain why she cared about him, she supposed.
Gasping, her head shot up, now beaming red. Covering her cheeks with her hands, she stared down at the water and shivered a bit. O-okay! That was an obvious conclusion she supposed b-but he didn't know that! At least, she didn't think… He did?

Though a kiss to the forehead and a friendlier attitude did say a lot…

Groaning now, Katsuya laid back and dragged her slender fingers down- tugging at her skin and making a frustrated face. Her tongue lulled out- teasing and pink, and her eyes seemed to roll back into her skull for a moment. Speaking of that awkward talk…

It seemed Seto was more bemused than anything when he had found her doing that.

"Katsuya, what are you doing exactly?" He had pondered, giving a secretive smile as he sat up more and raised his rarely seen brows. It had made her shiver and just stare blankly with honey sickle eyes.
"Um…" she folded her hands behind herself and tugged at the hem of her old, ugly looking brown jacket. Oh look, a hole in the hem. "I um… Was just m-messin' wid youse! Like normal!"

All he did was lower those brows and shift his bangs back, blinking his eyes sleepily- after all, he was sick… And then laid back down and smiled a bit more, "... Just go grab some medicine."
And she had. Just a few pills. Seemed to make him rest more comfortably, and for once- out of character even, he was sleeping his cold off diligently.

Of course Mokuba had freaked out, and along with the dog, caused a bit of panic. But, after a few calming words, she had gotten the pair of excitebles to go and play and have fun outside while she…

Went and bathed with her turmoil of thoughts.

…. Well you would too if you had almost been caught red handed!

Dunking herself under the water, she hugged her skinny shoulders and released all the oxygen in her lungs before popping her head back up through the surface. She could almost imagine Yug's words right now…

"Jounouchi, you know what it means!" she'd laugh, giving her that impressionable look with those pretty violets of her's, "You're in love!"


Was that what they'd call it? Could Seto even call it that?

She was a little doubtful. Seto didn't seem like he had the emotional… Um, whatever, to do that. Whatever that whatever was, she was pretty sure he didn't have it. Otherwise he would do normal guy things right? Like flirting, or watching porn… Or flirting?

Or smiling.

Yeah, maybe smile more before they admit or attempt to watch porn.

Rolling her eyes at herself for thinking of something so ridiculous, Katsuya decided to pull the plug on this wonderful reflection hour called a bath and step out of the tub. Yeah, so she wasn't exactly sure how she felt for Seto…

B-but that could wait right?! They were just getting on good terms for the first time ever and besides… He might ask her… Out again…

And that could prove if things were real or not, right?

Grabbing a fluffy towel on the hanger, she began to dry herself off. Yeah.. That could prove everything.

Somehow, she knew that the lack of fire in her belly was convincing her otherwise….


Seto stared up at the ceiling in a sort of convocation with his thoughts. Where to begin… Well, he knew that Katsuya was knowledgeable of the scars under his bangs.

How lovely.

But most importantly, he was sick. And if he didn't get better, he'd lose a day of work, and that would get them nowhere.
He wouldn't trust simple minded employees to carry out the responsibility and importance of his dream. No, they could continue to flimsily ride on his coat tails, never climbing up to his level.

Unless they were Jounouchi Katsuya.

Closing his heavy lids, he sighed audibly and ignored the pounding headache that had managed to wake him up. He had to focus on what was important at the moment. Besides the whole cold thing.

The fact that Jounouchi Katsuya was now taking up most of his thoughts.

That date… It was meant to be a fun, little venture- a distraction. A way to get under her skin.

…. It was turning into more, wasn't it?

Something that was going to twist this into a complicated mess that he wasn't sure he could handle.

How would he react to her, if she decided that this could blossom into more than what it was before. A bit of teasing was what it was meant to stay as.

Not… A relationship. Whatever kind of relationship it was… But now it was something more serious apparently.

And he wasn't sure what to think of that.

He had never felt the need to ever have a girlfriend. What was the point- they just took up what little time you had right? He couldn't have that… His hour or two of free time was Mokuba's… He was obligated to that time.. If Katsuya took that time over…
His brother wouldn't have any, would he?

And then where would they be?

The thought made his heart tighten, and his head pound more. No… He wouldn't be able to bare knowing that he had shoved his brother to the side yet again. His job already did that… If opening himself up to the opportunity to be with a certain other did…
Then the relationship just wouldn't work out.

It wasn't like he could sacrifice a few hours of his job either to make this all work out. Kaiba Corp needed him! That was he and Mokuba's dream! To let anyone, from any upbringing be able to enjoy their favorite card game.

If that dream wasn't completed, Seto just wouldn't feel whole.

He knew that everything… Just wouldn't compare to making things better for everyone else.


Rolling over, his body aching more, he gripped the blanket and pulled it up more to his chin. Yet he couldn't ignore how he felt right now. It felt different…. When he thought about Katsuya.

She was just so different from him, so different from any other woman he met.

So different….

The unrefined way she acted. She had nothing to hide- nothing to ever hide.

It made him confused.

Why was she so comfortable with being so open, with everyone?

Her life wasn't perfect either. Seto knew- everyone knew. And yet, everytime he saw her- just before he'd speak to her, she would always look so happy.

That's what he wanted to know. Disregarding how confusing these feelings towards Jounouchi Katsuya were… He wanted to know what made her so happy. What made her not hide anything.

Myabe… If time would let them…

He'd know.

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