Finally Fitting In


Note: I do not own South Park or any of its characters. Oh, and this is based off a true incident that took place between my cousin, my siblings, and I; the words are changed to be more South Parkish though.

"Hey, Butters." The voice on the other end of the phone said.

"E-eric?" Butters asked, confusedly.

"Yeah. So my Mehm says I can invite three friends to the opening of the grand opening of that new IHOP. You wanna go?"

"M-me? A-are you sure you want to i-invite me?" Now that Stan was gone, Eric, Kyle, and Kenny had been including Butters more often but not so much that it was a common event for one of them to just call him up.

"Uh…yeah!" Eric answered and Butters could picture him rolling his eyes. "That's why I called!"

"Uh,hold on. MOM!" Butters called. "CAN I GO TO IHOP WITH ERIC, KYLE, AND KENNY?

"DID YOU PAINT THE ATTIC?" Her voice came from the kitchen.



"E-eric?" Butters checked.

"Yes, Butters. I'm still here." Eric sighed

"I-I can go! G-gee, thanks for inviting me. I-I've-"

"Whatever. We'll be there in fifteen minutes." There was a click on the other end and a moment later Butters hung up. He went and waited outside until the car pulled up.

"Th-thanks for inviting me, f-fellas." Butters said, getting into the car. "I-I've never been t-to IHOP before!"

"You've never been to IHOP?" Kyle asked incredulously.

"Uh-uh!" Butters smiled.

"OOF!" Kenny exclaimed.

"That's totally lame, Butters." Eric shook his head.

"Now, be nice to your friends Poopsiekins!" Mrs. Cartman put in sweetly.

"Whatevah, Mehm." Eric sighed. "Just drive faster!"

"I need to drive the speed limit, sweetie."

"B-better safe than sorry, E-Eric!" Butters seconded. "Ow!" He exclaimed as Eric threw a plastic cup at him. "I-I'll shut up now." It was probably his own fault, Butters mused. He was always upsetting Eric; he didn't mean to but he did. They drove on, Kenny and Kyle prattling about some video game and Eric urging his mother to speed on ahead. Butters just sat there quietly.


When they finally arrived, they got a booth and ordered (Eric thrice as many plates as everyone else).

"W-wow!" Butters said, taking a bite of his eggs when they arrived. "This is really good."

"This is your first time at IHOP? Seriously?" Kyle asked.

"Y-yeah. Well, there's not one in South Park and my parents never bring me with them when they go on vacation so…" Butters trailed off.

"Weak!" Eric said in between bites of pancakes and bacon.

"Af uss!" Kenny agreed.

"I can't imagine leaving my poopsiekins at home when I go away!" Mrs. Cartman spoke for the first time since they'd ordered their food.

Butters gave a rueful smile. It wasn't often he had people sympathize with him. "Th-thanks." He gave a shake of the head. Time to change the subject, though. "G-gee, I wonder what IHOP means." There was a clang as Eric dropped his fork and everyone but Mrs. Cartman stopped to stare at him. "Wh-what? Do I have s-something in my t-teeth?"

"Goddamit, Butters." Eric sighed.


"International. House. Of. Pancakes." Kyle said slowly.

"Wha- Oh!" Now he had done it. Now they'd regret asking him. Aw, heck… why did he always have to screw up? "I-I just thought it wa-was made up by someone wh-who likes to h-hop!" There was a small round of laughter.

"Ah 'akes I' ur!" Kenny tittered.

"O-oh." Butters let his head drop. It was all over now.

"Oi! Stop hogging the syrup, Kinneh!" Eric yelled.

Butters lifted his head, startled. Surely now, they'd start making fun of him! But the moment seemed to have past.

"Don't be such an ass, Cartman!" Kyle snapped.

"Share with your friends, Eric!" Mrs. Cartman reprimanded.

"But Mehm!" Cartman whined.

Butters glanced at each and every face but incredibly, nobody seemed to be looking at him. "Uh…your mother's right, Eric." He said cautiously.

Eric just scoffed and sulked. The others seemed totally absorbed in meaningless conversation. After a minute or so, Butters allowed himself to smile. In former years, this blunder of his would have been the center of conversation for at least five minutes and they would have held it against him for long after that. Now, it seemed that they'd completely forgotten what had happened. This could only mean one thing, Butters thought: He was finally beginning to fit in.