An unbreakable bond created through the threads of darkness as they engulf the light of a soul, marking him for eternity as he chooses to stay in his darkness and embrace it.

I am the daughter of the Leader of the British Knights, Marquis Alexis Leon Middleford: Elizabeth. The wife of the Queen's watchdog. I remember repeating those words years ago as I fought the undead creatures, I will be marrying Ciel officially in a year, I will be turning 18 soon and he will need to take me as his wife even though he is a year younger.

Through our actions the honesty of light creates the indifference of darkness.

The years have been kind to us if you look at it from the standpoint of us all being alive and healthy. I now stay in the Phantomhive house with Ciel, I've been living here for two years and I genuinely enjoy it. I join Ciel when I must to events and hold myself to a high standard garnering compliments from high nobles, they believe me to be a perfect woman fit for marriage and they expected nothing less from the Daughter of the Middleford's, fiance to the last remaining Phantomhive.

Justice does not exist in this world we humans have created.

I act as I must to put up a facade for my future husband, I act kind and loving in his presence as a wife should and I take care of him and love him more than anything in this world; I will forever be by his side until his final breath, and then I shall leave this world with him.

The light sins as the darkness commits.

I think I always knew this but one specific thing made me realize just how far away from Ciel I really was at the time; as his future wife I was supposed to be the one to comfort him but that was not the case for us and naturally I made him happy at times but I knew I would never have the bond with him that he had with Sebastian and I quickly accepted it, it's not like I really had much of a choice in the first place.

Isn't this what you wanted you foolish child?

"I wish to see Ciel, if you do not mind" I asked Sebastian as we stood in the hall.

"Lady Elizabeth he is currently asleep."

I shook my head.

"I have a bad feeling Sebastian, please."

I couldn't shake the foreboding feeling I had and I needed to see him, Sebastian stood there staring at me for a moment and then nodded.

As I walked into his room I realized something was off, something was so terribly wrong and I didn't know what it was, I walked over to his bed while Sebastian stood at the door, looming and finally after a few lingering moments I reached out to pull Ciel's covers back so I could see his face but he was sweating, his beautiful face masked with fear.

He was clearly having a nightmare and I couldn't help but cup his face like I usually did, it was never supposed to be affectionate merely friendly yet people always saw it otherwise and the moment I touched his skin he bolted awake startling me while his eyes were wide with fear and before I knew it, so much had happened and my mind finally started processing all of it far too late.

I want to see what your naïve idealism will achieve little one, that's all.

Ciel had a gun under his pillow and he pointed it at me but within seconds Sebastian had grabbed his hand and I was frozen; all three of us were still until Sebastian spoke, his voice low yet so loud from the frightening silence as that small moment in time was disturbed as though it should have never been disturbed in the first place. "My lord, you have frightened Lady Elizabeth" he leaned in closer and Ciel's face was plastered with shock which contorted into sadness, guilt, and disgust most likely with himself and my gaze softened, he was merely having a bad dream.

Whether you like it or not this is the path you've chosen for yourself and you cannot go back.


I put up my hand.

"Ciel it's fine, it was my fault for waking you."

His eyes widened and anger replaced all of the other emotions on his face, he was trying to lean forward, towards me but Sebastian seemed to be holding him in place with a hand to his chest pushing lightly.

"And if I had pulled the trigger?"

His tone was dark and his eyes seemed to have turned black but it may have been the lighting and I answered immediately without thinking.

"I'd have died by your hands instead of another's"

The silence became pounding due to my words and honestly I hadn't meant to say them, he knew I was loyal to him but…

I didn't want him knowing just how loyal I was, he may catch onto how much I truly knew.

My meaning was taken from me, I only have you left to fulfill that meaning, and as such you will die by my hands.

Sebastian had turned his face, for once he had a mask of confusion, curiosity gleaming in his red eyes.

"Elizabeth?" Ciel said with confusion, his tone soft and it was almost a whisper.

I stood quickly and bowed hesitantly.

"I apologize for waking you, I will be returning to bed now"

The light gives us solace, the dark gives us meaning.

A few moments later Sebastian was by my side holding the candelabra to light my way and accompany me to my room as he usually would after putting Ciel to bed which was a curious thought.

Sebastian, always there, putting Ciel to bed almost as though he were a coddling parent.

I shivered involuntarily knowing it would most likely be taken as a sign of chill.

There was silence as we walked the corridors of the mansion until Sebastian surprisingly broke the silence himself.

"Even though you are to be betrothed it's quite unnerving to have a gun pointed to your head by your own husband my lady regardless of whether or not it was due to his dreams, are you alright?"

I nodded, it truly didn't have a negative effect on me I already knew of the nightmares that plagued Ciel and for him to not have those to such a degree would be frightening in my honest opinion.

"Even if he had pulled the trigger I'd have died loyal to him to the very end Sebastian"

I replied definitively as though it was common knowledge.

This truth, this reality you speak of, it's too illogical for me to accept!

"You sound years older than you truly are my lady."

I gave a halfhearted smile; it was a sad prospect to have these thoughts that I knew a girl my age should not be having.

"I'm just determined to help Ciel reach his goal, that's all."

I saw him smirk in my peripheral vision, a rare sight.

"Your loyalty truly is unwavering Lady Elizabeth; I am fascinated by such blind devotion."

I frowned, stopping suddenly as we reached the bottom of the stairs of the large room of the main entrance of the house.

To my left if I looked up would be a blank wall where Ciel's father and mother used to be, he took it down many years ago.

Sebastian also stopped staring at me but I was facing forward, looking down at the floor with my hands cupped together as a lady should have them.

"Lady Elizabeth?"

I heard the butler say.

I sighed softly.

"Blind devotion you say…Sebastian…"

"Yes, my lady?"

I turned to my left so I was facing the blank wall, it was almost as though the picture would always be there, I knew it was gone but I could almost see it if I concentrated hard enough.

Death follows those who seek the death of others, it was inevitable.

"I've thought of this before but as a demon you seem to have such loyalty to Ciel and I assume it's for reasons I wouldn't understand."

In my peripheral vision I saw his eyes widen for a faction of a second but it may have just been my imagination.

"So you've realized that much…you are quite the force to be reckoned with."

He turned and looked at the blank wall as well.

A future in which the world can live in happiness, can I believe in it too?

"Regardless I believe that there is no way to compare our loyalties."

The demon turned his head to me.

"What do you mean?"

"You are loyal to Ciel for your own reasons while I for my own."

He nodded in agreement.

"This is true."

"Mine are pure."

He smirked and there was silence for a few moments until I turned to face him completely.

We really are weak creatures…aren't we?

"I honestly don't believe loyalties have purity to them, those we are loyal to are the ones we sacrifice parts of ourselves for, and it's quite a retched thing if you think about it."

I frowned but nodded in agreement.

"I suppose you're right but something tells me that when the moment comes my loyalties will ring true, far more than your own ever will Sebastian."

How is any of what has happened fair?

He raised an eyebrow.

"Do you intend to try to stop me from achieving my goal?"

I nodded once again.

"If Ciel wishes for it…but if he accepts his fate then I must as well accept my own."

A look of confusion swept over his face.

"Accept your own?"

"I will take my own life if Ciel were to cease to exist; I live for him as it is…that is the duty of a wife of a Phantomhive, even his mother died with his father regardless of whether or not it was by her own choice."

I decided a long time ago I wouldn't run away anymore…

"You have taken suicide as a form of fate?"

I shook my head.

"Suicide is a form of ignorance."

His head tilted to the side slightly.

"Does that not make you ignorant my lady?"

I chuckled softly.

"Ignorance for the sake of another, it truly is blind devotion."

I turned my head to him once again a small smile on my face, acceptance of this blind devotion he spoke of.

You wanted to escape from those memories of yours, where did it get you little one?

"I have always seen such a thing as cowardly" He replied, I could tell it was as though he was looking down upon me and I gave him a smile of pity.

"You live much longer than humans, we humans have the ability to know we will die one day, it's merely how you choose to leave this world that makes a difference, and it doesn't always have to be cowardly."

But that's why we as humans strive to be come stronger!

He blinked and his face was emotionless as he stared past me, contemplating my words.

"I suppose human's value life more to a certain degree due to their own morality but to take your own life still seems unjust."

I frowned.

"Life is full of the unjust and bias Sebastian."

He nodded his head slightly in agreement.

A lesson without pain, its meaningless isn't it?

"This is true but when the time comes do you truly have what it takes to end your own life for the sake of another?"

I gave a huff of annoyance and glared at him knowing he was staring down at me once again.

"Of course, I am resolved."

"Resolve of course but when the situation arises, will your own need to live overshadow such things?"

I contemplated that for a moment then shook my head in response.

"I suppose that's a good question but what will I truly have left when Ciel is gone?"

He smirked, self-righteousness exuding off of him.

In these moments his true nature showed through and it was almost as though I was seeing the true creature behind the mask.

You're trying to get rid of your anger and hatred, you try to unload it which in itself is destroying your very being.

"Regardless of what you choose my Lady I made a contract and even if he does not wish to give me his soul I will take it, those are the rules of the contract and I believe he will abide by them, I like to think I've known my little lord long enough to know such things" I merely stared at him.

My face was emotionless as he continued to smirk at me until I took the candelabra from his hand and began up the steps to my own room and when I reached the top of the stairs leading to the next hallway but did not turn around I spoke with a definitive tone.

I have to find my way back…for the sake of myself because it's all I have left anymore.

"Only time will tell what will happen…"

I could feel his smirk as I began to walk forward once again and faintly I heard him speak words as though the wind itself had carried them to me.

I have been so broken… for so long…

I feel as though it is not over…

And I know truthfully it never will be…

"Until that time Elizabeth."

It was not until I reached my room that I reached for the doorknob and stopped only to whisper to myself, having the faint understanding that he may hear me anyway.

"Until that time…demon."

If I died the world would continue on as though nothing had happened.

But all too quickly just like thatthis was it, this was that moment I had been dreading for so long as my world slowed down and everything went in slow motion.

My entire body frozen, heavy and completely still.

Rooted to the floor in terror, fear, dread and anger.

So many emotions within such a short amount of time and all I could do was watch.

If only it didn't have to be this way.

If only.

"Until that time Elizabeth"

"Until that time…demon"

I watched as flames engulfed the large mansion around me, dead bodies surrounding only those that were still alive.

Meirin, Finnian, Bardroy with their bodies in a line as the demon killed them all one by one, quick deaths as they accepted what they were being told

That their master was going to die and be taken from them.

He was their solace and their light.

He was the one that gave them a meaning to life and that meaning was being taken from them so they begged to die with him and so by some sick form of mercy from a demon.

They did.

Around them the bodies of those that tortured my husband.

The monsters that took away my cousin.

The monsters that tainted his purity as though it was theirs to taint.

So it was only fitting that Sebastian force me onto my knees after killing the others so only the three of us were left alive within a burning building with the flames surrounding all of us with Ciel standing in front of the man that was going to take his soul while I was on the ground a mere few feet away from them rooted to the spot and from there I would watch my light being taken from me.

Suddenly the shock was gone and I watched as silence consumed the demon and boy as they stared each other down because this was the moment and all that could be heard were the crackling of the flames and the screams had already dissipated but I could still hear them.

I would always hear them.

A sob wracked my body as I shivered letting out a guttural scream as the tears streamed down my face but I could feel them dry as the heat from the flames licked at my sorrowful face.

"Please…Ciel…don't do this."

I choked out.

I had to try.

I had to fight.

He turned his face to me smiling all the while, brilliant and beautiful in light of the flames yet it was a halfhearted smile, a sorrowful smile but a smile of acceptance.

Why did all of his smiles have to hold so much sorrow?

"Lizzie, I made a contract, I have to hold up my end of the deal."

Just like that the smile was gone with a look of determination replacing it and I knew at that moment he would be taken from me.

The tears stopped.

"Are you ready, my young lord?"

Sebastian asked his tone the same as always as though this was a natural occurrence for him and my husband was not about to be taken away from me.

Ciel nodded but held up his hand.

"The contract is still in place, yes?"

The demon raised his eyebrow but nodded nonetheless.

"I have one last request and order if you're willing to go through with it, demon."

The man dressed in black blinked.

"It matters what the request is young master"

The younger boy nodded while putting his hand down and turned his face to me once again.

"You hold your aesthetics so high in regard so I hope this request will be followed even after my soul is taken from this world if not for simple respect for one another."

I furrowed my brows, what was he doing?

"And what do you request?"

The demon asked his face emotionless.

Ciel closed his eyes and took a large breath as the dark smoke filling the air swirled around us instead of towards us refusing to enter our lungs due to the demons workings, it was as though a barrier was being formed around us but then Ciel's dark blue eyes shot open as his fists formed at his sides.

"I, Ciel Phantomhive order Sebastian Michaelis never to kill Elizabeth Ethel Cordelia Phantomhive Middleford no matter what she says, does or asks of you…and to get her out of here safely after you have taken your prize, my soul."

My eyes widened and in turn the demons eyes did as well.

I shook my head furiously, viciously, this couldn't be happening

He didn't think I was actually going to?


My thoughts were interrupted as Ciel turned to me and knelt down to the ground with me grabbing my face in his hands as my eyes widened and I held my breath.

"And you will not kill yourself over me, do you understand?"

I gritted my teeth and shook my head far more vigorously than before but his hands still held my face.

"I can't and you can't expect me to live after you leave this world"

"I can't do it…please don't make me do it."

I was sobbing uncontrollably at this point like a child.

A scared, broken, afraid child.

He smiled in apology at me and leaned in to place a kiss on my forehead slowly, lovingly, it was a goodbye.

"Promise me Lizzie, I need you to promise me that you will never kill yourself over me."

He was clutching my hand to his chest now, his other still holding my face.

My lower lip trembled as I looked from his beautiful maturing face to the demons and back again.

The demon merely stared emotionless at us.

Silence surrounded us once more and I let out a long soul crushing ear splitting scream of frustration, sorrow and every other emotion I had bottled up inside.

I pushed against the chest of the man in front of me in anger.

"How is any of what has happened fair?"

I spat out, anger behind my eyes.

Ciel merely stayed where he was, his eyes sad.

"It isn't fair for you…to you…but I did this and I have to follow through with it."

He took a deep breath.

"What is a man that does not hold up his end of a bargain, his end of a promise?"

I looked down; away from him, I couldn't look at his face anymore.

"Promise me Lizzie, hold up your end of the bargain, do it for me!"

His tone was harsh, cold, commanding, definitive.

My face immediately shot up, my eyes fierce.

"All I've ever done has been for you!" I yelled as I squeezed the hand he was holding.

"I know, I know, and that's why I can't"

His shoulder's shook.

"I can't bear the thought of you dying because of me so I will do everything I can to protect you as much as I possibly can"

He stroked my face gently.

"You out of all of this filth in the world, you have always been the one by my side."

My face filled with worry, what was he saying all of a sudden?

"Those loyal to me were loyal for their own personal reasons whether it turned into genuine loyalty by clinging to me for their life support due to me saving them in the end or not but you"

He had a genuine smile on his face now as he looked to the ground.

"I've never understood how you can be so deathly loyal to me out of nothingness, I've never deserved anything from you Elizabeth but you, you have unconditionally loved me through it all and I…"

He looked back up at me and for once I could see all of the emotion in his eyes.

"It's all I could ever ask for so please just please promise me for the love of whatever may be present in this world please Lizzie, you're the only truth in this disgusting world."

"I honestly don't believe loyalties have purity to them, those we are loyal to are the ones we sacrifice parts of ourselves for, and it's quite a retched thing if you think about it" I frowned but nodded in agreement.

"I suppose you're right but something tells me that when the moment comes my loyalties will ring true, far more than your own ever will Sebastian"

Something within me cracked at my husbands words as the demon and I stared at each other for one split second the demons eyes wide while mine were finally full of determination, understanding, triumph.


"I promise"

He smiled, pulling me into a small hug and stood once again to stand in front of Sebastian.

"Are you finally done my young master?"

Ciel nodded.

"Now it's your turn Sebastian, I'm ready but only if you follow my orders or else the contract will be null, you are after all still my butler and under my orders, consider it a parting gift to remember me by."

He added with that playful smirk of his he graced Sebastian with whenever he knew he was aggravating the creature.

On purpose no less.

The demon smiled.

My breath hitched as the world around me began to go black; it was starting to close in as the flaming red began to disappear from my view and the dead bodies were gone from the world and only blackness filled the vicinity as it crept up around me.

Pure darkness.

The last thing I saw before the darkness consumed me was what could only be described as pure horror personified in a black gruesome form.

The last thing I heard was a simple sentence, one I had heard so many times throughout knowing my husband and the demon.

"Yes, my lord."

I jolted awake, the room bright.

It's morning

I thought to myself as I looked around me, I had no idea where I was but it all felt familiar.

I was in my mother's mansion and my eyes widened as the events of last night crashed down upon me and I clutched my head, curling up into myself as a sob began to wrack my body and I let out a small whimper.

"It was painless for him."

I heard a deep male voice say to the left of me near my window.

I knew who it was.

I would always know.

It didn't stop the sudden appearance from jolting my mind and body into high alert as I jumped a bit startled as I looked at the creature that took Ciel away from me; pure rage engulfed my senses as I shot out of my bed and grabbed hold of one of the swords I had hidden in my room due to my mother always saying 'a woman needs protection at all times, especially in her own quarters' when I was a child.

I lunged for the demon and quickly twirled around sidestepping him to my left as I went immediately for his head.

I wanted it to be mine served on a silver platter.

He quickly put his gloved hand to his neck to grab the sword which I had expected and I quickly twirled back around pivoting my foot for balance as I swung back around going for the other side of his neck and I felt the edge of my sword puncture flesh as I watched the blood seep from his long pale neck but it wasn't enough to cut his head off unfortunately but it was a deep wound.

Not that it would matter for a damned demon.

A look of shock swept over his face but it was quickly replaced with a smirk, the smirk he used to give Ciel…before he took his soul.

My breathing was labored as I stared him down, sword still firmly in my hand.

"Are you done, my lady?"

He asked as his wounds began to heal.


I asked, finally feeling myself relax.

I couldn't allow myself to become blinded by anger, it wouldn't get me anywhere.

"I took the young masters soul and I returned you to your mother, preparations are being made, the funerals will most likely be within the next few weeks and the Phantomhive manor does not exist anymore, it has been burned down by request from my little lord and I foresee many visits from the police that will be put on the case so that should be an annoyance for you, I apologize for that."

I frowned, confused.

"You could have just left, you're a demon and you could just up and leave and allow us to take care of everything but it seems you've taken pains to fix specific things up, why?"

He nodded in understanding at my confusion.

"I am a butler to the core my lady, what sort of butler would I be if I did not allow my young master a peaceful rest?"

I scoffed.

"Peaceful rest you say, you took his soul you monster."

His smirk turned devilish.

"Monster I may be but a demon is a demon, this is just the way we are."

I threw my sword to the side and heard it clang against the wooden floor.

I looked up at him once more glaring into his red eyes.

"Why did it have to be this way, why did it all have to end this way?"

He gave me a look of pity and put his hand to his chest and bowed.

"Death follows those who seek the death of others, it was inevitable." Horror struck my face at the weight of his words because it was true, the entire reason Ciel even made the contract was to kill those who tortured him; there was no possible way for anything to end the way we all wanted it to.

Sacrifice had to be made.

I felt defeated somehow, completely defeated.

My husband was dead while the servants I had come to know and love were dead…


"What happened to Tanaka?"

"After I got you to safety as ordered by my young master I of course went back to do what needed to be done and Tanaka was still alive, he wished to die as a Phantomhive butler."

The wound just got deeper and deeper everyone around me was dying.

"You…the contract is over, you have his soul, you don't have to technically follow any of his orders anymore, why am I still alive?"

He was a demon; he should want to kill me, why was he letting me live.

Why had he even come to visit in the first place?

"I actually thought we could discuss a few things in that respect Elizabeth if you don't mind."

I frowned but nodded regardless of the sinking feeling in my stomach and my everlasting depression as it became more and more unbearable.

We both made our way to my small table and sat across from each other.

I considered offering tea but went against my better judgment because this was not a human man nor a noble this creature was a demon.

He didn't deserve my hospitality.

"What do you want to discuss demon?"

I asked to break the tension.

He smiled folding his hands into his lap.

"First of all the reason I am following my lord's final wishes are merely because of that, they were his final wishes and regardless of how you see me I spent quite a few years with him being by his side that were quite a few in human years, we gained a mutual respect for each other aside from the fact that I am a demon and he is a human he was by far one of my greatest cultivations."

He paused pursing his lips.

"Also very much enjoyable in that respect."

A look of pure horror struck my face as my stomach churned.

"I don't want to hear of your preferences when it comes to taking the souls of my dead husband that you killed much less my species."

He nodded letting the matter go.

"My point is that through this experience I must say I've gained a certain respect for humans, not all demons hate humans after all I'd like you to know that."

I rolled my eyes.

"I don't trust a demons words."

"That is a very smart way to look at things I won't deny that."

Silence filled the room, I had many things I wanted to say but for some reason I couldn't find the words.

"I know you have many things to say to me but I came to see you off, we won't be seeing each other again my lady, if you want to say anything you need to say it now."

My eyes widened, could he read minds?

He couldn't just disappear…

"What do you mean see me off?"

The anger began to boil beneath the surface.

"I have gotten the soul I wanted and the contract is over so I will need to move on. What I plan to do is of course nothing of interest to you because you'll be having quite the dramatic changes in your life I'm sure."

I gritted my teeth, he comes into my home, tells me the lies of a demon and takes those I cared for from me and expects me to accept that I will never see him again?

I stood abruptly and slammed my hands onto the table.

This was




This was bullshit!

"You can go wherever you please demon but I will follow you into the depths of hell if I must to tear you from your perch and know this; I will always find you."

"Your death will be by my hands and you may be a creature of darkness but this truth, this reality you speak of, it's too illogical for me to accept!"

The demons eyes widened and I could see the playful gleam in his eyes which only furthered my rage.

"You are a creature of deceit and you cause the most despicable of things to happen but don't you dare underestimate me because I am human because I will obliterate you"

He blinked and seemed almost amused as silence filled the room.

As my anger dissipated and I sat back down in my chair staring through the window and could not bear to stare at the man anymore.

No that's not right; a demon.

Not a man.

Finally the silence was broken by him as he stood and I looked abruptly up at him as he gazed down at me.

"Your words are fascinating, you were after all correct about your own loyalties ringing true far more than my own, I must say I was taken aback by that so I will take your words to heart Elizabeth, I'm curious as to if what you say this time will ring true as well"

I blinked; I was expecting self-righteousness, not an acceptance to the challenge.

"I want to see what your naive idealism will achieve little one, that's all." The demon said in an amused tone.

I frowned almost as though I was forming a pout at his words; there was that self-righteousness of his I was expecting.

"Regardless I have things I must attend to and you must as well, it will take quite some time to get to normalcy and who knows when we will meet again, months from now, weeks, years, but I will be looking forward to that moment when we meet once more."

I nodded.

I had made my decision I wasn't going to run away from this and his death would be by my hands no matter how long it took, even into my death I would find him I knew of it and I could feel it to be true.

I didn't care how long it took.

I smirked up at him, the playful gleam now in my own eyes as well as the strong will to accomplish what I had now vowed to do.

"Until that time…demon."

The creature smirked back.

"Until that time Elizabeth."