Always Will Be

Rose wandered into the TARDIS console room, bare foot and wrapped in a pink dressing gown. "Doctor." She walked up towards him as she spoke, dabbing at her wet hair with a towel. "I just want a warning, in five minutes are you gonna come running down the corridors shouting my name? 'Cause it's fine and all, I just want to know if I'm gonna get that gadget shoved in my face or find you dragging me out somewhere whilst my hair's still wet." He put whatever gadget he'd been sonicing down on the console and turned to face her, a look of awe on his face, words sticking in his throat. "What? Oh don't laugh! I've only just got out the shower."

"You look…" He swallowed thickly. "You look beautiful."

It was a sight she'd seen many times, that familiar, loving expression, the warmth in his eyes and the words spoken with such sincerity that it took her breath away. But this time she was struck by a sudden realisation; her mind drawn back to the first time he'd said those exact words to her, that very same expression on his face. "You loved me even then."

"What? When? What are you on about?" He was confused but smiled all the same.

"So long ago, when we met Charles Dickens. Here in this room you looked up at me and told me I looked beautiful in the exact same way you just did. Same expression, same tone of voice, same look in your eyes." A grin spread across her face. "You loved me even then."

"No! Course not! Don't be silly, Rose. That's impossible; I mean us Time Lords aren't wired to fall in love; must have taken you a lot longer than that to rewire me so that I could love you. Okay, that was a bad analogy, but you get my point." He trailed off as he lost his train of thought, then suddenly found it again. "And I hadn't known you very long, no, not very long at all, so how could I possible love you so soon? Oh you're staring…"

"You're babbling." She beamed at him, knowing that this babble was a poor attempt to hide the truth.

"Ah right, but you see the thing is, I was merely complimenting you because you were wearing that lovely dress and had done your hair up especially." He gestured at her as if miming how she'd styled her hair. "And I'd noticed that and wanted to make you feel good about yourself… it's not like the dress or hair had any impact on how beautiful you looked."

"Oh, really?" She stepped closer to him. "So you're saying that when you said I was beautiful you meant in general, as in all the time?"

"No I wasn't implying that at all!" She raised an eyebrow at him and he couldn't help but laugh, running his hand through his hair. "Oh I'm rubbish at this, aren't I?"

"You were smitten!" She prodded him in the chest. "Totally smitten!" She continued to tease him. "And your 'for a human' remark was such a poor cover up!" She laughed. "You were totally in love with…"

Her words were cut off as he pulled her close and softly kissed her. "Yes." He leant his forehead against hers. "Was and always will be." He couldn't help but smile as Rose leant up to kiss him. "And as for tonight, how about a movie night? No gadgets, no danger or alien threats, just you, me and a good film. You put some pyjamas on, dry your hair and pick a film, I'll get the snacks and see you in the cinema in… half an hour?"

"Sounds great." Rose walked away from him, a spring in her step as she went. "Any film?" She called back as she began to head for the corridor to their room.

"Nothing girly!"

"Something girly you say?" She laughed and disappeared down the corridor.

The Doctor watched with a smile as she walked out of sight, completely in awe of her as always.