Not the Last Airbender Anymore: an Unnatural Occurrence

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"How did we get here?" Jasper wondered aloud.

"And where is here?" Maggie added.

Jasper, Maggie and Henry had been rehearsing for the school magic show. Henry was supposed to "make Jasper disappear." However, something had gone wrong, and not even 'Griffin the Great' seemed to know what it was.

"Henry?" Jasper asked. "Did you do something? Because if you did, we're in a butt-load of trouble."

"We're in trouble anyway," said Henry. "And for once, I didn't cause this."

"Then who did?"

"We have bigger problems right now" Maggie interrupted. "We're stuck in the middle of an unknown desert!"

She started to hyperventilate. Just then a small dust cloud kicked up, and made Jasper sneeze. This caused him to fly 10 feet into the air. He let out a girly scream as he fell to the ground a few feet away.

"What was that?" yelled Henry. "Are you okay?"

"I have no idea what that was. I think I'm okay though."

Things didn't look so good right now. Maggie was still hyperventilating and Jasper looked like he was about to have a full blown panic attack. Henry was about to try to talk them out of it when Maggie accidently inhaled a mouthful of dust and started coughing.

"Are you okay, Maggie?"

"I think so," she said between coughs.

"Why doesn't coughing make her fly into the air," Jasper complained.

"I don't know," admitted Henry.

"Maybe it's the difference between sneezing and coughing," Maggie suggested. "Sneezes can travel up to a hundred miles per hour."

"Then why doesn't it happen at home?" Henry wondered.

"Look Henry. For all we know we could be in another world." Jasper pointed out. "If we are, the laws of physics could be different."

"Okay, we need to do something," said Henry. "We don't have any water, and we need to find a way out of this desert."

"How?" demanded Maggie. "We don't know where we are, and like you said, we don't have any water!"

"We've gotten out of tough spots before." Henry reminded them. "I know how to live in a desert. We'll be fine."

"So, what do we do now? Just start walking?" asked Maggie.

Henry looked at the sun, then down at his watch. He aligned the hour hand with the sun, and used it to find south. He pointed south.

"Let's walk this way," he said. "If we go in a straight line, we'll find our way out sooner or later."

After several hours of walking everyone was thirsty and exhausted.

"It's better if we travel at night when the weather cools down." Henry announced. "It's more comfortable than traveling during the day, and we can try to navigate by the stars."

"But we've been walking for hours without water," Maggie protested. "Jasper's basically sleep walking."

"Alright, we can sleep for a couple hours."

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