Hello everyone! My goodness, it's been such a long time since I've come out with anything new for the Yu-Gi-Oh fandom. But, I do have something new for you all! My friend Lily-Finn178 and I have decided to make our own writing meme! With the song "Friday!" We'll each be writing a fanfic using all the lyrics from the song that do not repeat. I have chosen to write for Yu-Gi-Oh, and my beloved Thiefshipping. Which means, this fanfic here will have thirty oneshots/drabbles, each focusing on one particular lyric, and it'll be updated each Friday. The reason we're not using the entire song is because, if we stick with our once-a-week schedule, that would take close to two years. Soo yeahhhh, we're cutting down some.

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Chapter One: 7 AM, Waking Up In The Morning

The very first thing Marik noticed when he woke up that Friday morning, courtesy of his alarm clock blaring in his ear (somehow even more obnoxious today than usual), was that he was not alone in his bed. Sleeping across from him was a slender body draped in long, white hair. Marik stared.

His initial reaction was one of utter repulse. There was something absolutely horrifying about someone else sharing his bed. All the disgusting skin particles and germs that had no doubt gotten stuck in his covers, and what if the person had sweat? Ew!

After he had reigned in and squashed his OCD tendencies, Marik's second reaction was the formation of a smug grin across his lips that even the headache brought on by the ring of the alarm clock could not dissipate.



Apparently, though he could only vaguely remember last night, he had scored big time at the party he'd gone to. Which was wonderfully ironic, because he'd figured that no one would actually get any ass at that thing. Really, who held a party on a Thursday night, of all things? Marik had gone only in hopes of getting some free alcohol. And he had. A lot, if the lack of concrete memory and sleeping beauty beside him were anything to go by.

The prone form was facing the wall, thus rendering Marik unable to see her face. But from the slender curves and rising slopes visible under the silk covers of his bed, he could make a pretty reasonable estimate that this chick was smoking. Oh god, unless she was a butter face… He prayed to the gods of his ancestors that this was not the case.

Slowly, ever so slowly, so not to wake the lady (although if the raucous sound of the alarm clock had not done the job, Marik doubted that he himself would), Marik leant over her sleeping form, and attempted to move her beautiful silver hair from her face. His breath caught in his throat as he got closer, and one shaky hand gently landed on the skin of her fair cheek. With a soft, sweeping motion, he brushed away the strands of delicate hair that had been blocking the face of his conquest from view. A violet eye peeked through the enclosing eyelids at the lady beneath him, as Marik caught sight of her for the first time. The breath that had been held captive released itself all at once in a shrill, horrified scream. A second later, the sound of a very large "BAM!" could be heard throughout the entire Ishtar house as Marik fell off the side of his bed and crashed to the floor.

"Y-Y-Y-YOU!" Marik screamed, index finger held high and accusatory at the one still on the bed, once he had righted himself from his ungainly fall.

"Yeah, yeah, it's me, now shut the fuck up and go back to sleep, Ishtar, before I wake up completely and kick your ass," Bakura drawled huskily, voice still rough from sleep.

"Godammit Bakura!" Marik shrieked, still in a state of scandal. Bakura lifted his head from the pillow he was using, and glared at Marik like he was the worst thing that had happened to him all day. Then, he flopped back down on the bed, and pulled the covers up and over his head.

"I told you, this needs to stop happening!" Marik continued, not one to back down that easily. (And besides, it wasn't like he'd never been on the receiving end of one of those before).

"Yeah, and I told you, stop going to the same parties I do. You think I want to wake up and find out I've been shoving my cock in my best friend's ass all night long? Believe me, pretty boy, I'm not exactly having a great time here either." Came the remark from the bulge of blanket.

Marik could not keep his cheeks from heating up after that, and he finally stood up from the floor and marched right up to the bed, feeling indignant. He grabbed a hold of the numerous sheets and blankets covering the spot that had once been his sacred area, and heaved them all off with a mighty pull, revealing a still-very-naked Bakura.

"GAAHH! PUT SOME CLOTHES ON, WILL YOU? MY EYES! MY POOR, VIRGIN EYES!" Marik screamed, turning away from the sight that had offended him so. From behind him came the sound of some very angry grumbling and some choice words directed at him as Bakura presumably went searching for his clothes. He was definitely not a morning type of person, even less with a bad hangover.

"Oh yeah, virgin eyes," Bakura muttered. "Probably about as virgin as the rest of you, and seeing as this has happened like five times now, can't be all that virgin. Stupid fucking pansy, shouldn't be inviting me home then if you don't want to see something you won't like."

"It's not like I wanted to!"

"Well there you go! Now I'm dressed! Anything else his royal bitchiness requires, or maybe now I can actually get some sleep without having to worry about you screaming your head off every five second," Bakura snarled. "And speaking of clothes, maybe you should put some on yourself, idiot."

Marik almost dropped the sheets that he was still holding as he realized that yes, he was still naked. He'd been so upset to find Bakura in his bed with him that he hadn't even noticed the fact that he was still in the nude. With a quiet "eep!", he began to frantically search for his clothes. His shirt was tossed carelessly on the floor, and he found his pants hanging precariously from the corner of his desk. His boxers were somehow in the closet, heavens knows how they got there, and Marik really did not want to find out, either. Maybe it was a good thing that he still couldn't remember what had transpired during that party.

When he turned around to put the blankets back on the bed, he noticed that Bakura was looking him over with an appreciative, and slightly hungry look. It was the same look, Marik noted with growing disturbance, that he often saw his friend give to a big piece of raw meat before tearing a bite out of it.

"You know, when you bend over like that, the view's not all too bad," Bakura commented with a smirk.

"Bakura…" Marik warned. Bakura merely smiled innocently, and advanced on Marik with gleaming eyes. Marik took a step back, and somehow found himself against his wall. He quickly eyed the distance to the door and was about to run for it, clothes be damned, but when he looked again at Bakura, the other male was now only standing about a foot away.

"Bakura, stop it, now. I mean it! I will hit you!" Marik threatened. Bakura's smile only grew, and when Marik raised his hand to make good on his threat, the other teen skillfully caught it.

"I've been thinking, Marik," Bakura paused thoughtfully, "about our situation here. No matter where we go, we always wind up in bed with one another, even if we'd just spent the entire night talking to beautiful women. Now obviously neither of us wants this to happen, but because it constantly continues to, something must be going right. Maybe we should stop fighting this, Marik, and just let it flow." Bakura was much closer now, almost on top of Marik, and the blonde found himself desperately wondering where all that space had gone.

"No, no, I think that sounds like a very bad idea Bakura, very bad. Now, you should just let me go, because it's all ready seven twenty, and we've both got to get ready for—"

But Bakura wasn't letting him go, because Bakura was leaning closer and closer to Marik's face, and Marik's eyes were focusing on his lips that were inching forward, and at the moment he really didn't care what they were going to be late for anyways, because he was expecting those lips to—

"Marik! You better be awake and dressed! You've got to leave for school in about twenty minutes!"

Both boys stopped in their… activities… and stared at the door, from which the voice of Marik's sister had just come floating up.

"That's what I was trying to tell you about," Marik said weakly. Bakura frowned and pulled away. He flipped off the door, as if Isis could see that through the wood, and then sat on the bed and toyed with the sheets while Marik dressed. Having finished with that, an awkward silence fell about the room as Marik stood in the middle of the floor and stared. He opened his mouth to say something about what had just transpired, but he really had no idea of what to say. He had just nearly been kissed by his "straight" best friend. And, he had really been looking forward to it, too.

"Well come on then, two little boys, off to school are we," Bakura said randomly as he jumped up from the bed and grabbed Marik's hand. After ninja-ing down the stairs and out the door to avoid being spotted by his sister, the two took a seat together on the bus that would bring them to the hellhole called school.

"So," Marik started hesitantly, unsure of where to start.

"Next time, this is going down at my house. No bothersome sister to pester us out of bed," Bakura said. He smirked as he leant back against the bus seat, and Marik felt a smile tugg on his lips, even as he fell right back into their normal routine.

"Oh yeah? Who said there would be a next time? Next time, I'm going to find some hot woman to bang, not you!"

"Ha! No woman would ever fuck you, Ishtar. You look too much like a woman yourself!"


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