"C'mon, Q! We gotta go!" Santana yelled from the street. Her luggage was already in the car and Brittany was putting hers, but Quinn still hasn't all packed, so they were late "If we miss this plane, you'll pay me the next flight!"

She yelled once more, getting in the car, on the driver's seat, mumbling about how Quinn always had to pack all her make-ups and it was desnecessary. But, soon, Quinn showed up, put her luggage in the car and entered, being followed by Brittany. "Calm down, 'Tana! I'm pretty sure Kurt hasn't got there yet, with so many things to pack..."

They arrived the airport in a rush, ran with their baggages to the meeting point, but Quinn was right. Kurt, Blaine and Finn didn't arrive yet. When they showed up, most of the group was already with the check-in made. Rachel was desperate by the thought that maybe they wouldn't be ready in time and she would have to travel without Finn, but the rest of the group was relatively calm: Mercedes and Sam were in their corner, talking in a low tone and giggling every 5 seconds, Tina was with Mike, Puck and Artie were looking magazines at the store, Quinn, Santana and Brittany were gossiping about the guys in California, Kurt and Blaine were talking in the line and Finn, poor Finn, was getting stressed because of Rachel's stress. Lauren couldn't go because of the wrestling competition.

Once they were all ready, they entered in the airplane and soon they were flighting. The road was long, so the most of them slept during the flight. But when they all got there, they were unstoppable. The girls ran to dress their bikinis, while the boys stood doing the check-in. They were sepparated in boys/girls group: in first room was Quinn, Brittany and Santana. In the second, Finn, Puck, Sam, Mike and Artie. In the third was Rachel, Mercedes and Tina. In the last one was Kurt and Blaine.

"BritBrit, let's enter in the pool!" yelled Santana, grabbing Brittany's hand, who grabbed Quinn's hand, who grabbed Mercedes hand, who grabbed Rachel's hand , who grabbed Kurt's hand, who finally pull Blaine. Tina was "busy" with Mike, far away in the beach.

"Ok, I know that two of us have girlfriends, Sam and Finn, but let's talk about the girls!" said Puck rubbing his hand together "I have to say that from looking, I would never say that Quinn had a baby".

The three of the boys agreed, then Sam's added "Shame on me that didn't even get in the -underwear- phase. When we were dating, I was dying to see her naked".

"But right after her, you went into Santana's pants, my friend..." commented Artie, looking jealous.

"But you were with Brittany for a long time, and none of us here already reached that point" replyed Sam.

"Defending my girlfriend I have to say that Rachel has a nice body..."

"If you don't care about boobs" said Puck "But let's not defend the girlfriends! Did you hear too Sam?"

Sam nodded and said "I love my girlfriend, because of her personality. And she's beautiful!"

"I just said you can't defend your girlfriend!" Said Puck, hitting Sam's neck with a plastic bottle "I think the hottest of all is Santana"

Artie agreed, adding "She has a really sculpted body..."

"It's a shame that she has such a terrible personality" said Finn, shrugging.

"Oh, no. She's a bitch sometimes, but when we were alone, she was funny and kind." commented Sam.

"And you were dying to get laid" said Puck, laughing "Yep, but let's be fair, she is a good person, she just have some issues to work".

They kept talking about how Tina's beauty was exotic and what was their likes and dislikes in each girl.

"I like Tina's smile, it's nice, but I don't like her clothes" said Sam.

"I don't like her hair, they're too straight. I like Mercedes' hair " added Puck.

"I don't like Mercedes' clothes either" said Artie "But neither Rachel's..."

"In matter of clothes, Santana is the one who dresses better. And by better, I mean, provokative" concluded Puck, making the others laugh "Damn it, I miss that girl"

"Watch out, Lauren would kill you!" said Artie laughing.

"Just one a little joke..." He sighed. Then, suddenly, Puck got up of the chair "I know how I am going to do this! This night, we are going to play Seven Minutes in Heaven!"

"Oh, my, Puck, how old are you?" asked Finn "Besides, Rachel wouldn't let me."

"So, Finessa, you do want a flashback too, hm?" mocked Puck.

"No, I don't. I'm ok with Rachel"

"But there's gotta be all of us to play. Or it won't be funny as it could be" said Artie.

"But there are the couples..." Sam said, looking down.

"Oh, man, it's just a game. It won't hurt anybody... And we'll have girls making out. As soon as they got drunk, Santana, Britanny and Quinn will start to make out" commented Puck, and the other three looked at him in surprise. "Are you serious that you didn't think that this could happen? Santana told me once what happens when they do sleepovers..."

"I'm in!" said Artie.

"Me too" that was Sam.

"Yep... I guess it won't hurt anybody, right?" agreed Finn, finally.