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Nate was standing in the middle of a hospital hallway in complete disarray. He continued to stare at a glass wall filled with doctors surrounding a body. He watched on in complete horror of who was in that room being operated upon.

"This is just like Sam," Nate sighed as he continued to watch the developing scene.

"Nate," Sophie cried out in sympathy of the man before her and in agony of the one occupying the hospital bed.

"Sophie…" Nate moaned in pain, "I can't. Not again."

"This isn't your fault, Nate," Sophie repliedsadly.

"I should have seen it coming," Nate explained himself in hopes of understanding, "I missed something important and it might cost us everything."

"Nate," Sophie spoke softly," Maybe you should go over the con. If you really missed something you'll be able to figure it out."

"I can't," Nate pleaded mercilessly as his eyes continued to be glued to the person in the bed, "I can't do this again. Oh God Sophie!"

"How did it start?" Sophie demanded desperately, "How did we get here, Nate?"

"Soph…" Nate complained in torture of what he was witnessing.

"Humor me," Sophie begged in a quiet whimper, "Please, Nate! Why did this happen?"

"Eliot," Nate retorted bitterly, "We were trying to protect Eliot."

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