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Before Class Camaraderie

"So, what brings you here from Sunagakure?"

"Personal reasons," Gaara deadpanned as he smoothed out his black and navy striped comforter.

"Alright man, I won't pry," Naruto said, but Gaara could tell curiosity was eating him. Gaara reached in a box and began unrolling posters, eying the egg shell white wall trying to decide the best ways to arrange them. Naruto was unpacking a box of his clothes, holding up Gaara's extra small t-shirts to himself in the mirror and grinning like an idiot.

"Why don't you tell me about yourself?" Gaara asked, grabbing the poster putty from the bottom of the box. He figured if he kept the blond talking he wouldn't have to give out much of his own personal history.

"Me? Aww, I'm boring. There isn't much to tell, man. My parents, they died just after I was born. See, they had me at home, and some crazy asshole baby snatcher tried to kidnap me hours after I was born. The birth was really hard on my mom, and my dad died trying to protect us, and she died trying to protect me."

Gaara's eyes widened as he turned from the Black Veil Brides poster he was hanging to stare at his roommate. He hadn't exactly wanted Naruto to spill his guts to him, but there was no way he would have guessed the energetic blond boy had such a tragic beginning, much like his own. He didn't know what to say. 'I'm sorry' was so generic.

Naruto laughed nervously, "Heh, I know, it sucks. But I was raised up in the orphanage until I was old enough to live by myself. The Hokage at the time had given me a small apartment when I was about twelve. My teacher, Iruka-sensei, he was kind of like my guardian. I kind of got raised by my teachers. A lot of them work here now, so you'll meet them."

"They must be great people," Gaara remarked, frowning at his last poster as he smoothed it over the wall. Was it coincidence that he'd been roomed with someone like Naruto?

An hour later, Gaara laid on his bed with his eyes closed, his Ipod on low, lost in his music. He was exhausted from unpacking, even though he had Naruto's help for most of it. But somehow he had the feeling that Naruto's energetic personality and incessant talking took a little bit more out of him than the unpacking. His fingers moved to the bass line of the song automatically, he knew it by heart. The song was nearly to the bass solo when his bed suddenly shifted, and he snapped his eyes open to find Naruto squatting over him on the balls of his feet, eating instant ramen.

"Ya air guitar'n man? Whatcha listenin' to?"

"Heh, sorry. I know the bass part by heart in this song. It's called The End with You, by BoxerCar Racer, you know of them?"

"Fuck yeah I do, man! I play the drums, that's how I got in this expensive ass school! Travis Barker is an amazing drummer! Wait-you said you know the bass line by heart…you play bass at all?"

"Uh, yeah, as a hobby," stammered out Gaara, afraid of the wide, ramen filled smile that was spreading across his roommate's face.

"Man! You are the emo angel of my prayers! The bassist that was in our band flaked out on us, but this is perfect! You can totally try out! If you want to, that is," he added, climbing off Gaara's bed and aiming his now empty ramen cup and chopsticks at the trash.

"If I make this shot, will you try out?" he asked, his bright blue eyes begging Gaara to say yes.

"All right," Gaara agreed dubiously.

Naruto shot and sunk the cup straight in with a massive grin.

"You've had a lot of practice at that, haven't you?" said Gaara with a smirk.

"Believe it!" was Naruto's reply.

Gaara nervously studied his reflection in the full length mirror in his and Naruto's small, shared bathroom. For his first day of class he'd chosen a tight fitting black Skylit Drive t shirt with neon green skulls and neon pink and blue colored letters. He paired it with tight black skinny jeans with random ripped slashes across the thighs, a metal studded belt at the waist. He wore a black leather wrist cuff with Suna's symbol carved in a silver plate on his left wrist, a parting gift from Temari, and a black cotton wristband with a skull and cross bones on the other. His red hair was spiked and his long bangs parted to the left to show off his red kanji tattoo on his forehead.

His eyes were rimmed in his usual thick black eyeliner. He'd left in the plain silver studs that marked his snake bite piercings. He tied his K.U. headband around his messenger bag strap, since Naruto explained they had to have it on them while on campus-but where you wore it didn't matter. It was black with the kanji for shinobi carved in the plate. Warriors of knowledge, it was supposed to symbolize. Gaara had rolled his eyes when Naruto told him that, but he was thankful they didn't have to wear stifling uniforms with crests like at his last school.

"Oi, we're going to be late, man!" Naruto said, peeping around the doorway. He let out a low whistle that made Gaara blush.

"Ooo, Gaara, you are going to fit in well with us, kiddo. I hope you brought a stick to beat off the girls, and, well the guys too," he said with a smirk.

Gaara regarded Naruto. He wore baggy, ripped dark washed jeans and black and orange DCs. He wore a black muscle shirt with an orange drum set on it that showed off his toned, tanned arms and his headband across his forehead. He rimmed his eyes in black liner as well, and his right ear sported four black hoop earrings in the upper curved cartiledge. He kept in the silver hoop that went through the middle of his bottom lip.

"Uh, you think so? This is just how I normally dress."

"We wouldn't have you any other way, now come on, man!" said Naruto, grabbing Gaara's hand and towing him out of the bathroom, grabbing his backpack and drumsticks of his bed as they went by and flew out the door. Gaara blushed again at Naruto holding his hand like it was the most natural thing in the world, turning heads as they made their way across campus to the main hall for their noon class.

Outside of what Gaara presumed was their History 101 class, leaned a boy with red fang tattoos on his cheeks. He wore gray baggy pants and all black Vans, a long sleeved black thermal shirt underneath a black hooded vest lined with gray fur. He wore his headband across his forehead as well, holding back his wild, long brown hair. He grinned at them, flashing pearly white canine fangs.

"If I didn't know you better than I do, Naru, I'd be jealous of you holding another man's hand," he said, his black eyes slashing over to regard Gaara.

"Hey, Kiba! This is my new roommate, Gaara. He's from Suna, man!"

"Ah, a foreigner huh?" Kiba said, grabbing Naruto by the hips and pulling him in close. He pressed his lips to Naruto's, giving him a quick tongue kiss, all the while watching Gaara's face, who looked away to give them some privacy. He wasn't aware that Naruto was gay. He had to amend that thought to bisexual when a girl with long black hair, white eyes, and huge boobs walked up to the pair, and Naruto broke from the guy he was snogging to kiss her, too. She blushed furiously and shyly returned the kiss. Kiba winked at Gaara and he just shook his head and walked into the classroom, looking around and trying to decide where to sit.

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