Happy chapman's assistant: Odie's not ready. He has life of consistantly preforming. Happy, you promised you never used marijuana and cocaine. I mean, those drugs are inhumane.

Happy chapman: These drugs are the dog's future. Do you have a problem with that?

Happy chapman's assistant: No. No.

Happy chapman: Now, we'll see how smart you really are.

Happy chapman: Good morning, new york. I know you're going to hallucinate because this dog sure is hallucinating for you. Drink it!

Odie: Ruff!

Happy chapman: Ha ha ha ha ha!

Garfield: Marijuana and cocaine? Those drugs are inhumane.

Happy chapman: Oh gosh, hot doggy. So, how long til' odie stops hallucinating?

Happy chapman's assistant: 2 seconds!

Garfield: Poor odie. Those drugs are torture. Hey, nobody gets the mistreating my dog like that except me! Odie, would you mind sharing the marijuana, please? Every drug makes you hallucinate, evil person.

Happy chapman: Nice kitty!

Garfield: Let's see what you wanna hallucinate with marijuana in your mouth. Odie, give him some marijuana and cocaine. Maybe he'll hallucinate phineas and ferb.