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Bonus Chapter

Affectionately Named

The Adventures of Uzura the Matchmaker-zura!

The sun began to set on the story book town of Gold Crown where people hustled and bustled to get their errands done before the end of the day.

"This is soooo yummy-zura!" a little girl's voice exclaimed from a nearby ice cream shop. The little girl, who was actually Uzura, was sitting at an outdoor table with Fakir and Duck. In the girl's hands was a small chocolate ice cream cone, which she was licking enthusiastically.

"I told you you'd like it." Duck commented with a note of triumph in her voice. She was sitting on Uzura's left side and eating a chocolate ice cream cone as well.

The duck's response was enough to stir Fakir into the conversation. He was sitting across from Duck and to Uzura's right. "I'm glad you two like it since I'm the one who had to pay for it all." The knight replied with a disgruntled grunt, as he took a bite out of his chocolate sundae.

Duck gave an apologetic glance towards the grumpy knight as she rubbed her head in embarrassment. "I'm sorry, Fakir. You know I would have helped pay for it as well but I don't have any money on me at the moment." She ended with nervous laughter. She actually did have money on her, but that was for Raetsel's baby shower gift and she didn't want to spend it on ice cream.

Fakir gave a derisive laugh at Duck's excuse. "This is coming from the girl who just came from her waitressing job? Don't the customers give you any tips?" He wouldn't be surprised if they didn't. Duck was rather clumsy after all.

Duck became nervous at the knight's question. "Well, yeah. The customer's give me tips but I don't take them." She tried to explain. "I mean…they're already paying for Ebine's excellent food! I couldn't possibly take more of their money from them!"

The knight just shook his head and chuckled. That was Duck for you. Sometimes she amazed him by her never ending selflessness. "Idiot." Fakir said with a tone of affection.

"Hey!" Duck exclaimed at the knight's jab. She stuck her tongue out at him, giving her opinion on Fakir's title for her. He could be such a meany sometimes!

Uzura couldn't help smiling to herself during the duck and knights' interaction. Just a moment ago, these two were acting like a lovey-dovey couple and now they were bickering like one. The thought almost saddened the puppet though because it was obvious that the two were completely oblivious to the other's feelings. Uzura shook her head in pity at the stupidity of her own family. If they weren't going to admit their feelings for each other then she was going to have to help them! The little puppet continued to lick her ice cream cone in deep contemplation, wondering what she could do to get Duck and Fakir to confess. Almost immediately, the puppet came up with a little plan: she'd have to get the two of them alone!

Luckily for the little puppet, Duck and Fakir were too busy bickering to notice the almost diabolical look that crossed Uzura's face. She quickly glanced towards Duck's ice cream cone and with an air of innocence declared, "Oh! There's something in your ice cream-zura!"

Duck noticed that Uzura was directing her attention to her in particular and almost dropped her ice cream cone in shock. "What?" she exclaimed in fear as she searched every inch of her frozen treat. "What's in it? Where is it at?"

Uzura jumped up in her chair and pointed to a random place on Duck's ice cream cone. "Here-zura!" She exclaimed like she had found an important clue to a cryptic mystery case, causing Duck to look at the pointed spot.

While Duck was distracted looking for whatever was in her ice cream cone, Uzura grabbed the cone from Duck's hands. "Yoink-zura!" She exclaimed, narrating her action as she held the pilfered ice cream cone in her hand, jumped out of her chair, and ran and hid behind the nearest corner of the ice cream shop.

"What the—?" Duck yelled in shock, noticing the lack of frozen dessert in her hand. She quickly glanced to the side to see a certain little puppet running off with two ice cream cones clasped between her fingers. "Uzura! Come back here with my ice cream!" Duck declared with indignation, standing up to go after the thieving puppet.

"It's no use Duck. Just let her go." Fakir sighed out with agitation. "You know how fast she runs when she's excited like that."

Duck sat back down in her chair with a great huff. "But what about my ice cream?" she whined. She had been really looking forward to eating some. Heck, it was her idea to buy some ice cream in the first place! Duck gave a sad little sigh as she looked questioningly up at the knight across from her. "Do you think you could buy me another one, Fakir?"

The knight gave a grunt of annoyance at the question. "No, I can't. I used up most of my money buying the first three. I don't have enough money to buy you another one." Did she think he was made of money? He could barely pay his college tuition!

"Oh." Duck looked down in disappointment. She hunched her shoulders up in sadness and stared despairingly at her feet.

Fakir flinched at the girl's disappointment. He hated seeing her like that, but it was true when he said he didn't have enough money to buy her another ice cream. The knight thought of something to say to cheer the girl up when an idea came to him. "Well…" he said unsurely, not knowing how Duck would react. "I've…hardly touched my sundae…you can have it if you want?" For extra emphasis Fakir pushed his dish of ice cream towards the melancholy duck, waiting for her reaction.

Duck stared at the offered ice cream in shock. "No, I couldn't possibly…" She replied while shaking her head in disbelief. "It's your ice cream, Fakir. I couldn't possibly take it from you." With that the duckling pushed the sundae back towards him.

The knight shook his head in slight annoyance. Duck made it sound like she was taking a treasured possession! "No, I insist." Fakir reassured by pushing the ice cream towards Duck again. "It doesn't bother me one bit."

Duck bit her lip in hesitance. She still didn't feel right about just taking it. Maybe there was another alternative? Duck's eyes lit up with realization as an idea came to her. "Hey! Maybe we could share it?" She exclaimed with pride at her ingenious idea.

Fakir gave a slight blush at the thought of sharing the ice cream. It was almost romantic in a way (and he didn't think that Duck had realized that) but if Duck was so enthused about the idea, how could he possibly say no? The knight answered her with a silent nod of approval, which made Duck cry out with happiness at the thought of eating ice cream again.

Unbeknownst to the ice cream eating couple, Uzura was watching them from behind the corner of the building. She watched as Duck ran into the store, brought out an extra spoon, and started digging into the chocolate covered sundae with Fakir joining her soon after. The little puppet squealed in joy at the two's display of affection and continued to watch as she took turns licking her two ice cream cones.

Just when she thought her matchmaking plan was going perfectly, Uzura was brought back down to earth by the appearance of a certain bespectacled annoyance.

"What are you doing?" the annoyance, who was actually Autor, asked while pushing up his glasses. He had noticed the little puppet eating her two ice cream cones while peeking her head around the corner of the building.

Uzura was so startled by the musician's voice that she almost dropped her precious ice cream. Almost being the main word. She quickly turned around with a look of annoyance on her face. She didn't really want to mess with the Meany Glasses Guy right now. "I'm doing surveillance-zura!" She explained while waving her chocolate ice cream around.

This piqued Autor's interest. "And just what are you surveying?" He questioned while peeking around the corner as well. His eyes rested on Fakir and Duck sharing an ice cream sundae in the outdoor area of the ice cream shop. "Well, well, what do you know?" Autor snickered with amusement. "Are our friends on a little date?"

Uzura nodded her head proudly towards Autor, who wasn't looking at her but at the couple a few feet away. "Yep-zura!"

"Oh, this is just too good." Autor muttered distractedly to himself. "I am so going to rub this in their faces!" The boy almost laughed maniacally at the notion of walking over there that very minute and bugging the crap out of them.

Uzura noticed what the boy was getting at and frowned at the notion. He wasn't going to bother Duck and Fakir on their love-dovey-date! Not on her watch! As Autor started around the corner heading towards the unsuspecting couple, Uzura made a desperate sacrifice. She dropped one of her ice cream cones with a splat at Autor's feet, causing the boy to slip.

Autor tried his best in keeping his balance (doing an amazing imitation of a flustered Duck in the process) but the surprise from the puppet's treachery was too much, and the boy fell flat onto his back.

Too bad for Autor, that wasn't the end of it. Desperate times called for desperate measures! To make absolutely sure the musician wouldn't bother her brother and sister, Uzura took aim with her last ice cream cone and slammed it directly into the unsuspecting boy's face. The unlucky book-worm gave a muffled cry of surprise as the ice cream swallow up his whole face in all its frozen glory. "Oooh!" Uzura feigned with innocence. "You're all messy-zura! You should go clean up-zura!"

Autor sat up then, glaring daggers into the little puppet as chocolate ice cream ran down his face. "Y-y-you…d-d-did t-that…o-on…p-p-purpose…!" he chattered through clenched teeth; the ice cream was cold after all.

Uzura gave her best, I-have-no-idea-what-you're-talking-about face, to the geeky young man, not in the least bit sorry for her actions. She was sorrier for actually wasting perfectly good ice cream.

Autor gave out an angry growl when he noticed the puppet wasn't going to take responsibility for her actions. With one last death glare towards the diabolical puppet, Autor dragged himself to his feet and walked off towards the nearest bathroom to clean up.

Once the musician was out of sight, Uzura did her own little victory dance (accompanied by the beating of her drum of course) at the defeat of the annoying menace by her own hands. Her victory was short lived though when a cry of surprise, followed by the sound of shattering dishes and a large thump, filled the early evening air.

Uzura peered behind her to see a man, the size of your average grizzly bear, lying flat on his back with ice cream all over his face and the street nearby. It appeared that the man had been handed the same fate as Autor and slipped on Uzura's ice cream cone. "Uh-oh-zura…" The little puppet whispered to herself, once she realized she had caused the man's accident.

The man in question heard the little puppet's surprised gasp and stood up. His height towered over the little girl like a giant, the man glared down at her menacingly. "Was that your ice cream cone…?" the man's deep baritone voice asked with hardly suppressed rage.

Uzura could only stare up at the giant man with amazement and nod her head stupidly. She had never seen such a big man before.

The man practically exploded after the puppets confirmation. "The hell is your problem you little brat?" he screamed with unrelenting fury at Uzura, while pointing a finger accusingly at her. "Haven't your parents taught you how to clean up after your own damn messes? I paid a ton of money for that ice cream and now it's all gone to waste!"

The man's outcry had gained the complete attention of everyone that was in a five yard radius, including Fakir and Duck sitting at their table. They had looked over towards the corner of the building when they heard the bear-like man crashing to the ground and were now witnessing the man taking his anger out on their little puppet friend.

"Oh no! Uzura!" Duck cried out and almost jumped out of her chair to run to the puppet's side. She was stopped by Fakir's hand on her shoulder.

"Sit down, Duck. I'll handle this." The knight growled with angered determination. Who did that man think he was by yelling at Uzura like that? Fakir pushed back his chair angrily and marched over to the gigantic imposing man.

Duck sat back down in worry as she watched her knight go to the little puppet's rescue. She hoped the angered man wouldn't get violent.

Uzura was still staring up at the ferociously angry man, who looked like he was about to ring her neck, with frightened tears in her eyes. She was about to run away as fast as she possibly could when she felt a gentle hand placed on her head. The little puppet looked up in surprise to see Fakir glaring dangerously into the bear-man's eyes.

"Go back to Duck, Uzura. I'll handle it from here." The knight growled with a threatening air, making no room for arguments (though Uzura certainly wasn't going to complain), his eyes never leaving the dangerous man in front of him for a second.

At the knight's words, Uzura ran as fast as she could towards Duck's table. The duck-girl was waiting for her with open arms as she jumped from her chair and hugged Uzura for dear life. Duck had really thought that the man would hurt her little puppet.

"Oh Uzura," Duck exclaimed in worry. "I was so worried about you!"

"I'm alright-zura!" Uzura piped up with a smile on her face. "Fakir came to save me-zura!"

Now that she wasn't worried anymore over the puppet's safety, the duck placed Uzura back on the ground and gave her a very motherly-stern glare. "That may be, but did you actually drop that ice cream cone, Uzura?"

The puppet fidgeted with slight guilt. "Yeah-zura…" She mumbled defensively. She only felt slight guilt for dropping the ice cream cone because it was for a really good cause. She dropped it to make sure Fakir and Duck wouldn't be disturbed. So much for that!

Duck sighed in exasperation at the puppet's lack of guilt. "I swear…you stole my ice cream from me and then you just go and drop it? I thought you'd take better care of it than that!" The duck stated in disappointment.

Uzura bowed her head in shame at her sister's disappointment in her until another idea popped into her head. "Well it didn't all go to waste-zura!" Uzura exclaimed trying to bring an optimistic turn to the conversation. "Duck still got to eat ice cream 'cuz Fakir decided to share his-zura!"

Duck blushed from the abrupt conversation change as it focused on the knight. "W-well…yeah…I guess." She stuttered nervously, remembering the interaction between her and Fakir.

Uzura nodded her head encouragingly. "Yeah-zura! It was a very nice thing for him to do wasn't-zura?" she stated, putting a big emphasis on 'very'. "You should thank him-zura!"

"B-but I already did thank him!" Duck protested. "I said 'thank you' when he said we could share…"

"I didn't mean for just the ice cream-zura!" Uzura commented in exasperation from Duck not following her train of thoughts. "You should thank Fakir for everything he's done for you-zura!"

Duck blushed again at Uzura's comment. "Well, I have thanked him for many things like turning me back into a girl and for staying with me when I was a duck..."

"But you only said 'thank you'-zura!" Uzura interrupted Duck again. "Fakir deserves more than a 'thank you'-zura!"

Duck was beginning to wonder how they had gotten on this topic of conversation in the first place. Duck had already proclaimed her thanks to the knight, but that was only with words and a small hug here and there. She had always felt that her words hadn't adequately described her thankfulness, but what else could she do to show Fakir that she was truly thankful for everything he did for her? "I suppose you're right Uzura but…what can I do to truly show my thanks?" Duck asked with complete sincerity.

Uzura jumped at the opportunity to put her new plan into action. "You should give him a kiss-zura!" She exclaimed, her eyes shining and her fists clenched in determination.

The little puppet's suggestion surprised Duck so much that the girl gave a very audibly "Quack!" and fell onto her butt in shock. "K-k-k-k-k-kiss….him….?" She squeaked out with complete embarrassment, her face turning redder then the setting sun as she tried to take in what Uzura had said. Once the suggestion had finally settled in, the poor little duck was then bombarded with very vivid images of her and the knight from every corner of her mind. The duck was so flustered by the images she started shaking her head frantically, trying to clear her thoughts away while complete gibberish flew out of her mouth a mile a minute.

Uzura watched Duck hyperventilate before her with slight amusement. "Yes-zura!" She nodded with great confidence. "I bet Fakir would really like that-zura!"

It took awhile for Duck to compose herself again and when she did she jumped to her feat in desperation. "I-I-I couldn't d-do that Uzura!" Duck protested while waving her arms back and forth in front of her. "It's just too embarrassing! I can't just randomly walk up to him and…and…" She couldn't bring herself to even finish the sentence. The thought of it made her legs feel like jelly and butterflies start to dance in her stomach.

Uzura almost sighed in annoyance…almost. She should have known that her great idea would be met with resistance since Duck was still oblivious towards Fakir's feelings. Maybe she should suggest her idea a little differently. At that moment, Uzura was very glad that Charon had read all those romantic fairy-tale books to her because another idea came to her mind. All she had to do now was play it out. "You don't have to kiss-kiss him-zura…"Uzura suggested when Duck had calmed down enough to listen. "You can kiss him on the cheek instead-zura! Charon said that's how some people show their thanks-zura!"

Duck showed great uncertainty at the new prospect. "Um…I'm not sure Uzura…" She stated, just as nervous about this suggestion as she was towards the first. The duck-girl started to think that Uzura didn't understand just how serious her suggestions were. Nor was she thinking about how Fakir would react to the situation if it actually presented itself! That's what worried Duck the most. If she did what Uzura was implying, even if it was on the cheek, that Fakir would distance himself from her, reject her, or their friendship would be destroyed. Duck almost cried at the thought.

"Duck-zura?" Uzura asked tentatively. She was beginning to worry over the duck-girl's reaction because her eyes looked so sad.

Duck broke out of her reverie at the sound of her name. She saw Uzura looking at her with worry and decided to at least play along. "Um…I'll think about it, Uzura." She stated quietly, hoping that if she said that Uzura would drop the conversation.

Uzura giggled in delight at Duck's reply (she didn't catch on that Duck wasn't going to go through with it anyway). "Okie-dokey-zura!" she exclaimed while banging her drum in celebration. Sadly, Uzura's celebration was cut short again by a very angry bear-like man.

"What do you mean we're even?" The gigantic man bellowed, his face turning red like an angry demon's and causing the ice cream still on his face to slightly melt.

Duck and Uzura jumped in fright at the man's loud voice. They had almost forgotten about him! The girl's quickly glanced towards the scene a few feet away from them where the angry man and Fakir still 'conversed'. Duck was very relieved to see that Fakir was still standing his ground and that he didn't appear to be hurt.

The knight in question snorted in disgust up at the angered behemoth before him, not fazed in the slightest that the guy was twice as tall as him and had three times the muscle mass. "Weren't you listening? I said that since I don't have any money on me at the moment that I couldn't repay you for your food. But since it was an ice cream cone that I had paid for, we both lost our money's worth today and that makes us even." He explained again slowly like he was talking to a two year old and giving the man his most irritated glare.

"No, we are certainly not even!" The bear-like man screamed in fury, while spittle flew from his mouth. He roughly jabbed his finger into Fakir's chest in anger as he continued. "How can you say we're even when I lost more money than you and I'm covered in frickin' ice cream?"

Fakir glowered dangerously at the man for the rough jab to his chest. "I believe we're more than even because I had the misfortune of talking to a complete dumb-ass like you!" he replied scathingly while glaring at the man with complete disgust.

The bear-like man was so enraged at the comment that he couldn't even find the words for a proper comeback. His whole body seemed to glow with a reddish hue as he clenched his fists to his sides and glared down at the knight. The man was the breathing embodiment of 'If-looks-could-kill'.

Now naturally, Fakir should have started to fear for his very life but the boy just huffed with indifference and walked away from the ticking time bomb. He obviously thought he had won the argument as he made his way over to a very worried Duck and Uzura. "Come on. We're going." He stated as he walked by them, picked up Uzura's story which was lying on the table next to his half-eaten sundae, and walked off towards home.

Duck and Uzura glanced back towards the bear-like man to make sure he wasn't on a murderous rampage, before catching up with Fakir.

If Duck was an anime character (and she really was) then she would have had a big sweat drop on her forehead right about now. She glanced over towards Fakir and Uzura, who were currently walking home with her, to see them squabbling over the ice cream incident that happened a moment ago. They had been doing that the whole time.

"I don't care if you did it on purpose or not Uzura! You should have apologized to the guy at least!" Fakir yelled down at the little puppet. He had been in a foul mood ever since his confrontation with the big angry man.

"But I had to drop the ice cream cone-zura! It was for a very important cause-zura!" Uzura pleaded with the knight, trying to make him see reason.

Fakir massaged his temples with his free hand since Uzura's story was in the other. He definitely felt a headache coming on. "And what exactly was that important cause?" the knight growled in exasperation. "Was it to anger a man that could squish you between his fingers if you pissed him off?" Fakir yelled in worry. He was certain that if he hadn't interrupted the bear-like man, Uzura would have become little wooden splinters in a matter of seconds. And just after he had finished a story over her mortality for crying out loud!

"No, it wasn't to make that big guy angry-zura!" Uzura explained with slight indignation at the knight's behavior. Instead of yelling at her he should have been thanking her! "I dropped the ice cream to make The Meany Glasses Guy slip so he wouldn't interrupt your date-zura!"

"I don't care about that!" Fakir snapped at the little girl, tired of her trying to make excuses for her wrong doings. "I still think you should….wait…my what?" He exclaimed in shock after fully processing what Uzura had said. Duck quacked in surprise as well at hearing the little puppet's proclamation.

"Your date with Duck-zura!" Uzura explained to the knight like he was stupid. "That Meany Glasses Guy was going to interrupt you. So that's why I made him slip and threw ice cream in his face-zura!"

Fakir and Duck stared at the puppet in disbelief, slight blushes covering their faces. "That…that wasn't a date!" They exclaimed in unison, causing both of them to blush harder.

"Sure it was-zura." Uzura explained knowledgeably. "You two were sitting at a table by yourselves and sharing ice cream-zura! That makes it a date-zura!"

"B-but…" Duck began to stutter nervously, a blush still on her face. "That doesn't make it a date, Uzura. You were there before hand so Fakir and I didn't plan on sitting alone together…"

"But I left-zura!" Uzura exclaimed with emphasis. "That would still make it a date-zura!"

"No, it doesn't." Fakir sighed at the innocent puppet's counter argument. "Just because you stole Duck's ice cream and ran away from the table doesn't make it a date. It makes it more of a setup than anything else!"

Uzura crossed her arms in thought. Maybe Fakir had a point there. She had only set them up. In order for it to be a date they would have had to agree to it before hand. That's what some of her story books had implied anyway.

The puppet glanced up then to see that Charon's old house was just a few feet away. The little girl's face became a one of shock. They were almost home! She couldn't let the night end like this! Not when she had worked so hard to make Duck and Fakir convey their feelings to each other! Uzura thought in desperation, thinking of a way to turn her previous conversation around to get the oblivious couple to talk. As an idea struck her, she ran in front of her siblings and stood before the door to the house, refusing the couple entry until they heard her out. "So it wasn't really a date, but that doesn't mean you can't make it one-zura!"

Duck and Fakir stopped before the puppet, staring at her quizzically. What was Uzura getting at? "What are you talking about, Uzura?" Fakir asked with slight hesitance. He wasn't really sure if he wanted to know the answer.

"To make the date official Fakir has to give Duck a kiss-zura!" The little puppet exclaimed with triumph. "Let's see them get out of this one-zura!"

Fakir wasn't expecting that answer in the least. His face had turned as red as a ripe tomato and his mouth was flopping around like a fish out of water. "What?" The knight exclaimed once he had gained the power of speech again. "I…I couldn't…I couldn't do that!"

"Why not-zura?" Uzura asked innocently. "You almost did it before, didn't you-zura?"

Fakir was shocked into silence again as the memory of Duck and his 'almost kiss', after the reading of Uzura's story, came to his mind. The boy was blushing so much he wouldn't have been surprised if steam was billowing out of his ears. A swift glance at Duck also confirmed to the knight that she was in a similar situation. She looked like she was about ready to faint from all the blood flowing to her head.

"T-t-that was d-different!" The knight stuttered out lamely, trying to come up with a way out of this situation. The young man wracked his brain for an excuse. Any excuse! "I can't just go up to her and randomly kiss her! I'd be forcing her into a situation she didn't want!" The knight unknowingly repeated what Duck had told Uzura earlier. He didn't want to force anything on to Duck, especially if it would lead to her probably rejecting him and throwing their friendship away!

"Who said she didn't want you to-zura?" Uzura said with knowing smile.

Fakir stood in stunned silence at the puppet's statement. Was Uzura telling him the truth? Duck hadn't protested to Uzura's suggestion, he had only assumed what she thought. The knight glanced quickly towards the aforementioned duck, his eyes imploring her to confirm or disconfirm what the puppet had said.

Duck was feeling very light-headed by now as the blush was glowing off of her face like a beacon. Having the knight's eyes on her wasn't helping either! She didn't know how to respond to Uzura's statement or Fakir's silent one. Was Fakir bothered by the thought of kissing her or was she just pushing him away? She couldn't answer that question either! Duck began to stutter incomprehensively for a little bit as she tried to form a coherent sentence. "I…uh…" She replied with choked hesitance. She was starting to panic as her eyes searched for a distraction around her to avoid the question at hand. Immediately her eyes fell onto Uzura's story that Fakir was still holding in one of his hands. As quick as a flash of lightning, Duck tore the papers from a very surprised Fakir's hands, practically giving him a paper cut in the process, and handed them over to Uzura. "Here you go Uzura!" Duck spoke nonchalantly like she hadn't just completely avoided a question revolving around her romantic feelings. "How about you go and put that somewhere safe until Fakir gives it to his publisher later." She ended with the biggest fake smile she had ever produced in her life as she started pushing the little puppet towards the door.

Uzura stared up at the nervous duck with slight annoyance. "She just avoided telling Fakir her lovey-dovey feelings-zura!" She cursed within, feeling her matchmaking plan's crumble beneath her. No! She wouldn't let that happen! There was still another plan! Before Duck could push Uzura through the now open door-way, the little puppet spoke up at Duck. "Ok-zura." She said, finally agreeing to put the story away. "But don't forget what we talked about earlier-zura." And with that, Uzura walked the rest of the way to the door all by herself to put her story away.

Duck flinched at the memory of the conversation she had had earlier with the puppet. She had told Uzura she would think about 'thanking' Fakir but she hadn't meant to go through with it at all!

By this time, Fakir had gained control over his blush and was now looking at Duck curiously. "Mind explaining to me what Uzura was talking about?" he asked, referring to the puppet and ducks' interaction.

Duck nervously looked away from the questioning knight. What was she suppose to do now? Should she just tell him about her conversation with Uzura? The thought slightly frightened her. "Oh…you know…" Duck said trying to act like the conversation had been no big deal. "We just…talked about girl stuff!"

Fakir narrowed his eyes in disbelief. "You're a bad liar you know." He stated calmly when he noticed the duck's acting coming on a bit strong. "Was it really that bad? The conversation, I mean."

Duck hesitated again. There was no way out of it now. Fakir knew she was hiding something that bothered her and he would do everything in his power to get her to talk about it. "She talked with me about thanking you." Duck stated quietly, opening up the conversation that she was slightly afraid of.

Fakir stared at Duck in confusion. "Thanking me? What for?" He inquired. Why would Duck have to thank him?

"Um…" Duck hesitated, biting her lip. "For everything you've done for me over the years." Duck notice that Fakir still looked confused so she explained more. "You stayed by my side when I was a duck…" she started off, smiling softly at the memory. "You turned me back into a girl…You continued to stay by my side as my friend, helping me with everything I needed help on..." Duck continued becoming more confident as the memories gave her a newfound strength she didn't know she had. She looked directly into Fakir's eyes with gratitude. "You comforted me when I was sad, and you gave me a place to stay when I had nowhere else to go…"

"Duck…" Fakir interrupted the young girl's speech. "There's no need to thank me for any of those reasons because you already have." He stated matter-of-factly.

"No…I haven't." Duck whispered mostly to herself. Maybe Uzura was right. Maybe she should consider a different way to thank the knight for all he did for her. "I haven't thanked you enough, Fakir."

The knight was very confused now. "What do you mean?" he questioned with mild curiosity.

Duck stared directly into Fakir's eyes with determination. There was no going back now. She was going to see this through, not because Uzura wanted her to, but because she wanted to. "I've only conveyed my thanks to you in words, Fakir. And sadly, my words didn't show my gratitude justice. Uzura told me that I should show my thanks to you in a different way; a way that could effectively convey my true feelings…I'm starting to think that she was right." Duck smiled at Fakir fondly, her eyes full of compassion.

Fakir stood utterly speechless. He became lost within Duck's compassionate eyes as she started walking closer to him. "Duck…?" he questioned softly, wondering what the girl was up to.

She stood in front of him now in determination, preparing herself for what she was about to do. A peck on the cheek wasn't so bad right? Besides, she wanted to do this. Fakir would understand this was just her way of effectively saying thank you.

Unbeknownst to the distracted couple, Uzura had been watching from behind the open door frame. The puppet giggled to herself in excitement as she saw Duck heeding her advice and starting to stand on her tippy toes to reach the knight's cheek. "Now for the grand finale-zura!" she mentally exclaimed with gusto as she ran up to the unsuspecting couple.

Luckily for the little puppet, her two victims were too distracted (Duck concentrating on reaching up and pecking Fakir on the cheek, and Fakir too shocked with embarrassment at figuring out what the girl was actually up to) to notice her reach Duck's side. With giddy excitement and a vocalization of "Bump-zura!", Uzura bumped her side gently into Duck's legs, causing the duck to slightly loose balance and miss her target completely. Instead of meeting Fakir's cheek, the bump had caused her to move slightly to the left and meet his lips instead.

Duck and Fakir's eyes widened to epic proportions at the surprisingly sudden contact. In a split second the kiss ended as soon as it began; Duck jumped away from the very startled knight, holding her hands to her lips in disbelief, while Fakir stood frozen to the spot in complete and utter shock. "Did that just happen?" They both thought as they stared towards each other in wonder.

A million thoughts rushed through Fakir's head as he gazed into Duck's eyes. What was she thinking now? Was it all just an accident? He flinched at the thought. He didn't want it to be an accident. He wanted…he wanted…

"What do I want?" Fakir thought to himself in frustration. The answer came to him immediately as his eyes met Duck's uncertain face. 'Her'…The answer was quiet obvious. He had wanted her to know his true feelings for years. She had changed him into a better person and she had been there for him when he needed someone the most. He had always loved her but he was to afraid to ask her if she loved him back…

Duck watched as millions of emotions flitted through Fakir's eyes. He looked so uncertain and so sad that Duck just wanted to take all of his troubles away…but she was too afraid to move. Was this his reaction to the accidental kiss? Was he angry with her? Duck almost cried at the thought. She hadn't planned on kissing him but... she didn't regret it. A part of her had wanted this for years but she had been so afraid of what his reaction would be. Would he reject her? She had loved him for so long now that the thought of his rejection was almost unbearable but all she could do now was wait and see how Fakir would truly react.

By this time, Fakir was having a full blown fight in his head. The knight clenched his fists tightly in agitation. He wanted to confess everything to Duck but he was still afraid of what her reaction would be. What should he do?

"Don't be afraid, Fakir…" A voice spoke from deep within the troubled knight's consciousness, startling the boy from his thoughts.

Fakir stiffened at the new voice. It sounded so familiar…it couldn't be… "Charon?" he mentally asked the voice in shock.

The voice continued to speak like the knight hadn't asked it a question. "You've waited so long. Just follow what's in your heart." It stated while starting to fade away. "She's been waiting for you too." And just as quickly as the voice came to him it vanished back from where it originated.

Fakir was stunned by the whole scenario that had just played out. He was so certain that was Charon's voice he had just heard! But was the voice really his father's or was it from deep within his own subconscious, finally voicing its opinion? Did he just imagine it all? The knight shook his head to clear his thoughts. It didn't matter what that voice was. What truly mattered was if the voice was telling him the truth. Had Duck been waiting for him all this time? His doubts seemed to be answered as he glimpsed at Duck's uncertain and hurt filled eyes. With newfound determination, Fakir decided to heed what the voice had said. He couldn't take waiting any longer anyway….

"Duck…?" he asked tentatively, staring deeply into her eyes with great determination and compassion.

Duck was completely overwhelmed by all the emotions she saw within the knight's eyes as he said her name. Something had changed but she didn't know what exactly. All she could do now was ask. "What?" She asked quietly, her eyes swimming with wonder. "What is—" but she never got to finish her sentence because Fakir grabbed her shoulders and brought her into a mind-bendingly passionate kiss.

Duck stiffened in surprise at the abrupt contact but once she realized what was going on she couldn't help but smile. With giddy excitement she reciprocated her knight's feelings by wrapping her arms around his neck and kissed him back just as passionately.

A short distance away, Uzura squealed in delight at the couple's actions. "Finally-zura!" she exclaimed with accomplishment and relief as Fakir and Duck became lost in their own little world. Seeing that her work was done, Uzura headed towards the house again with a huge smile on her face, beating her drum to a little song. "Lovey-dovey-dovey-zura!" She sang over and over again with great enthusiasm for anyone who wanted to hear.

For a duck and her knight, they never heard a more beautiful song.

The End-Zura!

A/N: Thanks again for reading this chapter! I know it was a little silly but I hope you were all entertained! I'm sure a few of you were looking for some more Duck and Fakir action anyway XD