So apparently my mind is evil and has randomly killed off a bunch of Harry Potter characters never stated to die. I have since decided that they all deserve to be recorded. So here they are: the unstated deaths of the Battle of Hogwarts.

Katie Bell


She looked over the grounds, out through the empty space where a window once stood. The battle had barely begun, and the fighting was already taking its toll on the castle and grounds.

Katie's eyes raked the slightly scorched ground, five stories below, looking for any sign of the movement Alicia had seen moments before. The rest of the group waited expectantly behind her, searching the ground from a safer vantage point.

"Anyone see anything?" she asked. They shook their heads.

"Too dark," said Oliver, barely above a whisper. "Can't risk Lumos either, it'd give us away."

Katie took a step forward, bringing herself into the open. "Careful, Katie," whispered Alicia. Katie nodded, holding on to the edge of the window. Falling from this height would be unquestioningly fatal.

Then there it was: a dark figure, moving by the smoldering remains of a tree. She could just make it out.

Taking a deep breath, she raised her wand. She'd Stun, just to be safe. Stunning would take a Death eater out of the fight, and would leave anyone else fine. It was the best option; she'd promised herself she wouldn't kill until necessary.

Get ready- "St-"

Too late; she'd been seen. The figure raised their wand and, before Katie had time to get out the spell, there was a flash of green light—

Romilda Vane

The corridors were thick with the stench of blood and ash. People were screaming, shouting, dying- it was horrible, worse than anything Romilda had ever imagined. And she needed to get out of there.

She regretted sneaking back, regretted ignoring her fears and blindly following the other underage kids back into the fight. They didn't stand a chance, none of them did. They'd been stupid, and now half of the ten were dead. She had watched them die. And now, sprinting down the third floor corridor, blindly running for her life, she wanted for the first time ever to leave Hogwarts. To just go home.

A spell whipped past her ear, taking her out of her thoughts. Focus, Romilda thought. You'll die if you don't just focus for once.

This floor was completely trashed; collapsed into the floor below, covered in rubble from the floor above. Romilda was dodging wildly, tripping and stumbling over holes and rubble hidden by the cloud of dust around her ankles.

She tripped and stumbled, almost falling. She brought herself up and immediately ran. She didn't care that her ankle was badly twisted, or that her hands were cut and bleeding, or that she was slower now because of her ignored injuries, she just-

The impact was hard. The spell hit Romilda in the back; she hadn't seen it coming. Not a Killing Curse, surprisingly, but a Body-Bind Hex, equally dangerous in the hole-filled landscape.

The ground came closer; it was a long drop to the floor below, with no way of stopping herself and only stone below.

She shut her eyes just as her head hit the floor.