Holding Out For A Hero


"Dean you gotta hurry, it doesn't look good." whispered Sam as he crouched behind the warehouse watching the vamps inside talk to the girl they had tied up. He couldn't hear what they were saying but it was obvious what they were going to do to her. She was covered in bite marks but from what he could tell they hadn't given her any of their blood yet.

"We're hurrying Sam, we're almost there, don't do anything stupid." said Dean as he and Bobby sped down the highway. He was pressing the gas pedal so hard it was a wonder it hadn't gone through the floor yet.

"I don't know how much longer she's going to last." whispered Sam, there was a large pool of blood on the floor under the chair and the girl was slumped over in the chair. There were two vampires in the room making out in front of the girl. As long as they were distracted she was relatively safe.

Dean frowned as he drove as fast as he could, he already regretted letting his brother check out the nest whilst he and Bobby got the amulet the demons were after. He knew his brother and he was sure that the moment those vamps touched the girl again, Sam was going to rush into that warehouse with or without backup. Bobby groaned in pain as he clutched his shoulder.

"You alright Bobby?" asked Dean, his eyes glued to the road.

"Yeah, not the first time I've been shot." said Bobby as he lifted the gauze pad to look at the wound. The bullet had gone straight through. "Demons with guns, what's become of the world?" he commented shaking his head.

"Just be glad he had lousy aim." commented Dean. Suddenly he heard a loud scream on the other end of the line. "Sam, what's going on?" asked Dean, the phone pressed so hard against his ear it was one step away from becoming a permanent fixture.

"Dean, they're going to turn her, I gotta go in." whispered Sam. Sam could hear the grating sound that told him Sam was picking up the machete he had laid on the ground.

"Sammy No!" yelled Dean as he heard Sam hang up. "Dammit!" he exclaimed as he banged his hand on the steering wheel as he pressed even harder on the gas pedal.


Abigail watched the two people in front of her making out. The guy was tall with long black hair in a greasy ponytail and the girl was wrapped around him, her short, blonde hair fell haphazardly around her face as the two twined around each other like snakes in front of her. Abigail's whole body ached and she found herself wondering how the hell she managed to get herself into this mess.

"It's because you're a damn idiot." said the small voice in the back of her head. She found herself wondering why that voice was always so sarcastic. She shook her head slightly to clear her mind, the pain in her neck immediately told her that moving was a bad idea. As usual her first instinct was to help people, she'd seen the guy lying on the ground holding his stomach and had gone to help him. The second she'd bent over him something had knocked her in the back of her head and the next thing she knew she was tied up in a chair and two vampires were chowing down on her in between their makeout sessions. The blonde had whispered to her that they were going to turn her and keep her as their 'pet' right before she bit her for the first time.

Abby flinched and tried to move away as the couple broke apart and looked at her. The guy grabbed her ponytail and yanked her head back before grinning at the blonde who smiled at Abby before descending her fangs. The blonde sat in Abby's lap and licked her lips before biting down at on Abby's neck. Abby screamed as she felt fangs pierce her skin yet again, the pain intensified as the guy pulled her head back by her hair as far as it would go. Suddenly gunshots filled the air and she heard a loud thud as the male vampire fell to the ground. She felt the blonde jump off of her and attack the source of the sound. She heard more gunshots and a female voice crying out in rage. More gunshots and then a loud thudding sound.

"Hey, I'm here to help you, just hang on." said Sam as he cut the ropes that bound Abby to the chair. Abby's arms dropped to her sides as she felt the ropes fall away from her wrists. She saw a large man with shaggy hair lean over her. He clenched his jaw when he saw the bite marks all over her body.

"Hey, can you hear me, this is important, did they give you any of their blood?" asked Sam as he pushed her hair off her face so he could see her properly. She shook her head to tell him they hadn't given her any blood, wincing at the sting in her neck before mentally berating herself for moving her head again.

"Bigfoot's here." she said with a giggle, groggy from blood loss. 'And here come the hallucinations.' said that voice in her head again.

"My name is Sam, I'm gonna get you out of here, you're gonna be alright." said Sam as he scooped her up in his arms.

"M'Abby." she murmured as he carried her. They were almost out of the warehouse when there was a roaring sound and Abby felt herself falling as Sam toppled over. She felt herself being pulled away from Sam by her hair. She looked up and saw the blonde vampire holding her hair as the guy jumped on Sam and started punching him in the face. Sam drew his legs up and kicked the vampire off of him before frantically scanning the ground for his machete. Abby gasped as something was shoved in her mouth. She tried to squeeze her lips shut but the blonde overpowered her easily and shoved her bleeding wrist into Abby's mouth and filled her mouth with blood. Abby tried to spit it out, desperately trying not to drink it but then the blonde clamped a hand over her mouth and held her nose, forcing Abby to swallow. The blonde released Abby who fell back onto the floor breathing heavily.

Abby heard the sounds of fighting and pushed herself up onto her elbows to see what was going on. Sam was on his stomach as the guy grabbed his leg and tried to pull him away from the machete he was reaching for. Abby drew her leg back and kicked the machete as hard as she could sending it skidding across the floor towards Sam who grabbed it and twisted bringing his arm up and loping the head off of the male vampire. The blonde screamed in rage before tackling Sam. Sam tried to bring his arm up to defend himself but she kicked the machete out of his grasp and pinned him to the ground before attacking his neck and biting him hard.

"mmmm tasty." moaned the blonde before she bit him again. Abby sat up as fast as her aching body would allow She spotted Sam's gun a few feet away where it had fallen when he'd been tackled. She grabbed it and fired at the blonde, none of the bullets hit her but a couple grazed her arm. Blondie reared back and yelled in rage as she glared at Abby.

"This isn't over." said the Blonde as she leapt off of Sam and took off running. Abby fell forward onto her hands before crawling towards Sam. She leaned over him to check if he was still breathing.

"Oh thank God." she murmured when she found a pulse. His breathing was ragged and shallow, but he was still alive and that was all that mattered. "My turn to play hero huh?" she asked as she leaned over him. Suddenly there was a loud crashing sound as someone kicked in the warehouse door.


Dean and Bobby leapt out of the car, both clutching machetes and guns loaded with bullets coated in dead man's blood. Something was wrong, the place was too quiet. He and Bobby approached the warehouse. They nodded at each other in silence before Dean slammed his foot into the warehouse door breaking it down as they burst in. Dean's heart sank when he saw his brother lying on the ground bleeding profusely from the neck. A girl with long black hair was leaning over him and her mouth was covered with blood. Dean saw red, how dare she touch his brother. He kicked her off of Sam and she fell back, losing consciousness immediately.

"That was almost too easy." said Dean as he looked at her unconscious form.

"Maybe Sam had already gotten in a few blows, looks like he took out big fugly over there before she got to him." said Bobby as he applied pressure to Sam's wound. Dean caught sight of the headless vampire on the floor and grinned. He looked around for the girl Sam had gone in to save and scowled when he didn't see anyone else. He came to the conclusion that she'd run off when Sam distracted the vampires.

"This is for Sammy." he said before raising the machete to cut off Abby's head.

"Dean wait, if she managed to slip him some of her blood, we might need her to change him back." said Bobby.

"I hadn't even considered that he. ..." Dean trailed off; he couldn't bring himself to think about his brother turning. He swung his duffel bag around and began to rummage through it.

"What are you doing?" asked Bobby as he stood up.

"I'm looking for a syringe, you said we need her blood right?" asked Dean.

"You idjit, we need it fresh for the ritual, no telling how long before we can gather the rest of the stuff we need. We need to take her with us." said Bobby as he grabbed Abby and slung her over his good shoulder.

"I don't like this Bobby." said Dean.

"Don't have to like it just gotta do it boy." said Bobby as he started to walk out of the warehouse. "Get your brother and let's get moving, that ritual won't work itself."

"Why do I have to carry gigantor?" muttered Dean as he leaned down and pulled Sam up with great effort. "I thought family wasn't supposed to be heavy." groaned Dean through clenched teeth as he lugged his oversized baby brother out of the warehouse.


The blonde vampire stood on the roof of the warehouse and watched the Impala move as they drove off. Tears streaked her face as the moon shone overhead. Rage boiled inside of her, her mate was dead, she sniffed the air, detecting the scent of Sam and Abby, she caught the scent of the newcomers and committed them to memory.

"You will all die." she snarled as she watched the Impala fade into the distance.


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