It all Happened so Suddenly.
I was walking down the jetty, with a bucket in each hand, that I was bringing to my Dad, when all of a sudden I slipped. After that I Blacked out, I don't remember what happened after that.

I woke up in a white room.
What happened? I thought to myself.
I looked around, seeing a curtain on my left and my father sleeping in a chair on my right. I tried to get up but was pulled back by the needle in my arm.
"Ouch" I yelled.
My Dad must of heard me because he came rushing to my side. "Stay still sweety" He said softly, pushing me gently back into my lying potion. I stared at him, not knowing what to say.
"I'm so Glad your finally awake" He Smiled at me. "I need to get a nurse in here fast, One second, I'll be back."
He walked around the curtain disappearing. How long was I Out for? I wondered. I don't even remember what happened or why I'm in here.

As my Father promised he came back with a nurse.
"Oh, Miss Carter." The Nurse said with a relieved voice. "Your Awake, How are you feeling?"
"Confused..." It was all I managed to get out.
She walked over to me, worried. "May I ask you a few questions?"
I Nodded.
"Do you remember what your birth date is?"
"November 14th." I answered.
She wrote down on her clip board. "Okay, Do you remember your name?"
"Of course, I'm Carter Mason"
Again, She wrote my answer down on her clip board.
"Alright, I'm only going to ask one more question for this moment." She Said. "Do you remember any of the names of the people in your family or your friends?"
That question made me think. I don't remember anybody else, Only my father. I lay there a moment, not knowing what to say. The nurse seemed to notice this and wrote it down on her clip board.
"It's alright Honey, Don't stress yourself."
How could I not stress? I had no idea what was going on.
"Why is it I don't know anybody else? What happened to me? How long have I been here?" I Panicked.
"Sweety, Sweety" My father said trying to calm me down. "It's okay, Calm down."
I took a deep breath trying to calm myself.
"You slipped while helping me with the bait shop. You were walking down the jetty with buckets and you slipped on something that made you hit one of the poles and you fell into the water." My father spoke quietly. Taking a breath, he continued. "I jumped in and got you out. I rang an Ambulance as soon as I got you back on the grass. You've been out for about a week..."
A week? Really that long. I said nothing, taking it all in while staring at them.
A moment had pasted when the nurse finally spoke.
"I know you can't remember any of this but it's okay, were going to help you however we can." She paused. "See you have a condition we call amnesia, Which is Memory loss."
What? That explains why I don't remember anything. A tear went down my face, this was horrible.
Why me?
The Nurse feeling sorry for me apologized and left without saying another word.
My father sat with me for the rest of the day, Comforting me while I cried, telling me it's okay. He told me that he was going to help me remember, that he believed that I could get over this.

Around 6 O'clock the nurse came back around bringing me some food. I thanked her and started eating my pasta, I was starving. I ate most of my food and finished by drinking my Orange juice. My father went to the cafeteria as he hadn't eaten today, So I was alone.

I fell asleep not long later, being forced into a Nightmare.

I dreamt that I was walking down a path in a beautiful forest. There were birds singing in the trees with their young and I stopped just to listen to their voices. It was lovely just me and the birds, It was Peaceful. Just when I thought nothing could go wrong, I heard something moving in the bushes. It sounded like it was headed my way. So before I had time to think of what to do, my first reaction was to run.
I continued to run down the path, which lead to a cliff. I stood on the edge and that's when it cracked. I panicked as I dropped from the cliff, falling for my life.

That's when I Flinched, waking myself up and seeing a lady standing next to me crying.