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Dibs POV

Zim and I were sitting in his living room staring at the TV. GIR had the remote in his hand and neither of us could get it from him. Out of no where GIR let out a loud scream. It was so loud that I almost couldn't hear it. I covered my ears from it. As soon as it started it stopped. I guessed it was because Zim had pushed him off of the couch. I noticed that his lekku where flat on his head in what looked like pain. He was trying not to reach up an hold them.

"Zim? What's wrong?" I asked. I hate it when he looks like that.

"My lekku are VERY sensitive to loud noises and other things. Such as scent and touch. From smeethood we are taught to never touch them but never given a real reason." He said. I just looked at him again. GIR saw how he had hurt his master and got up.

"Did I hurt you masta? Huh did I? I sowy! I knows hows to make it alls better!" He said. Before me or Zim could do any thing the little robot jumped up his head and grabbed his lekku. He started to rub them from base to tip. Much to my shock Zim let out a soft purr. I just sat and watched this go on for a while. After a bit I looked at the clock.

"Yikes! I have to go Zim. It's like almost eight!" I said. I stood up quickly and ran all the way home. Once I got there I went straight to my room and laid down.


I walked to Zim's house. It was a Saturday and I had nothing better to do than hang out with him. While I walked I thought about how we had changed over the past six years. We had both grown to about 6'. My hair spike was longer with a small dent and I no longer needed glasses. Than I thought about Zim. He hadn't really changed that much besides his feelings and his height. I let out a small chuckle as I reached his door. I walked in. I also thought about the day he found out he was a defect. He had told me all about it and even shown me the video. I was so shocked and mad at what they had done to him. But I forgot that all when I saw him on the couch and Them on his screen. His lekku perked up a bit as I walked in. He looked over at me and a smile danced on his lips.

"ZIM! The control brains have decided that you must come to the Tallest ceremony." Red said to him. I shut the door. Before I could take another step GIR ran in and yelled.

"HI BIG HEADED KID! I LUVES YOU!" He said it with so much joy than he tackled me to the ground. The three Irkens all lifted their lekku. I could only guess by how Zim flattened his down again that the squeal had hurt him while his leaders just looked trying to see who GIR had talked too. I walked over to Zim and sat down next to him. He looked up at me.

"Hello Dib-love. How are you?"

"Clearly better than you." I said. He nodded and glared at the little robot. Finally his leaders spoke.

"Zim? Who is this...thing with you?" Purple asked.

"This is Dib-love. He is Zim's. He belongs to me!" He said. He spoke softly more than likely due to pain in is lekku. I reached up and softly stroked one just as GIR had done yesterday. He let let out a small purr and closed his eyes. He manged to shut off the call before I started on his other one as well. He let out a steady purr and curled up next to me. I let out a sigh, I loved being the one in control and I loved how cute he was like this. I was going to love this.


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