It is unknown to many Shinobi throughout the world, even to the clan itself but the Uzumaki clan was a cousin clan to the feared and revered Kaguya clan, the clan that prides itself on war and battle. Although unlikely, it is possible for The Uzumaki clan from whirlpool to activate the Kekkei Genkai Shikatsumyaku. After fighting Mizuki, Naruto unexpectedly activates the hidden power within him. Now Kimimaro learning he is not the last seeks his kin to see if he has what it takes to continue the clan.

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"How is he?" An elderly voice asked as he saw the Chunin enter the room.

"He's finally calmed down and went to sleep Hokage-sama. He's had a long day." Iruka Umino said to Sarutobi The Sandaime and present Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village, Konoha. Sarutobi nodded at him as Iruka took a seat in the room. "I still can't believe what I had seen, even though I saw it with my own eyes I have trouble believing I saw him do what he did."

"Naruto, what happened back there?" He muttered to himself as he thought back.

Today was the day of The Genin Test and Naruto Uzumaki, The Village's loudest, most obnoxious, and perhaps worst ninja, had failed to pass it. An outcast by the village that shunned him due to having in secret the Kyuubi inside of him sealed in him. He was regarded as little more than a braggart and a prankster. Although Iruka knew it was just his way of getting people to notice him as he had very few friends.

After failing Naruto was approached by an Instructor, Mizuki who was Iruka's best friend and told him that he could help him out. Naruto had believed his words and the two had went and Naruto had taken a scroll which he said was suppose to help him master basic jutsu. Unknown to Naruto, it was actually The Seal of Scrolls, a forbidden scroll of Jutsu that was locked away and prevented from being used as it was deemed too dangerous. Naruto had taken it and when Iruka went to find him Mizuki had appeared and ambushed them.

Mocking him and Naruto's dream of becoming Hokage. Mizuki revealed that Naruto was the Kyuubi vessel which was strictly against orders as he wasn't meant to know. Taunting the boy and oblivious to Naruto's growing rage Mizuki had bit off more than he could chew when Naruto revealed he had learned one of the Jutsus and overwhelmed him.

Mizuki was to be binded by Iruka and brought into questioning but in a last burst of strength he broke free and cursed Naruto calling him a accursed demon and son of a whore who would never be loved and spat at him.

What next was a blur, Naruto in an instant let out a blood curdling roar as his eyes turned red in fury. To Iruka's shock and Mizuki's horror, two bones sprouted out of Naruto's shoulders, he pulled the bones which transformed into blade's out and charged followed and impaled Mizuki directly in the stomach going right through his body.

As fast as it had happened Naruto eyes turned back and Mizuki dropped to the ground in critical condition. Naruto's rage filled eyes turned into ones of shock and disbelief at what he had just done. An ANBU team arrived shortly afterward and sustained Mizuki's condition while Iruka took Naruto home. The ANBU members being sworn to secrecy at what had happened took Mizuki to a hospital to save his life so they could interrogate him.

The boy was barely able to say a thing, stunned and horrified at what he had just done. Iruka managed to get him to calm down finally and eventually the boy drifted off to a dreamless sleep.

Iruka had returned to the Sandaime's office who had seen everything on his crystal ball.

"I've never seen anything like that. He pulled out his own bones and used them as weapons. It's unheard of." He said as he shook his head.

"No, it's not. It may seem impossible but now that I look at it, I'm surprised this happened." Sarutobi said to him and Iruka raised his head.

"Was it because of the Kyuubi?" Iruka said and he felt a sickness in his stomach to think that that beast could do such a thing.

"Not exactly, you remember Naruto's mother? Kushina Uzumaki from Whirlpool correct?" Sarutobi said mentioning the boy's mother who died.

"Yes, it was believed when Whirlpool was destroyed she was the only survivor." Iruka said as it was well known what had happened to the former village that had been destroyed in the wars.

Sarutobi lit up his pipe. "Not many know this but the Uzumaki clan is related to a clan from Mist. Their cousins if you can call them that. The Uzumaki clan and Kaguya clan."

"K-Kaguya?" Iruka stuttered out in disbelief not believing his ears.

The Kaguya clan was a widely known and feared clan of barbarian like savages that lived in Mist. They lived for one purpose, battle. It was rumored that a thousand Samurai fell to one Kaguya before he himself was put down. Their skills with Taijutsu and fighting where almost unheard of. As if they where demons in human flesh that could manipulate their bones to fight with. When he was a child, Iruka's father would tell him stories about them that would have the young boy fearful that one might appear.

"Yes, The Kaguya clan. The Uzumakis and Kaguya clan come from the same family tree and the Uzumakis, although not all of them could also use their Kekkei Genkai Shikatsumyaku. The Uzumakis thankfully did not have the bloodlust their kin possessed. But Shikatsumyaku is perhaps the strongest of all known bloodlines, perhaps greater than the Sharingan. The body becomes hard as steel, injuries fade as if in an instant and as you saw they can use their own bones to create weapons. The Uzumaki and Kaguya clan once had an alliance due to family ties, but eventually both fell into the pages of history." He said to him as The Kaguya clan was wiped out years ago and so was the Uzumaki clan. "And now Naruto now wields perhaps the most powerful of all abilities. Even his fingernails can become deadly weapons if he wields them correctly. But perhaps it is best that this remains hidden from him. After what he's been through he wouldn't understand what to do and who knows how the villages would act towards him. Some such as Kumo or Mist may try to kidnap him in hopes of harnessing Shikatsumyaku for themselves"

Iruka did not know what to make of it as he still could not believe what he saw.

"The poor thing…" Sarutobi said and shook his head. "He has learned that he is a Jinchuurki and is now unaware that he is the last of both clans. A shame, if The Kaguyas had joined up with us and given up their war mongering ways, than perhaps Shikatsumyaku would not fade into history and Naruto would have a family."

Iruka nodded and stood up and went to leave when Sarutobi called out to him. He turned and Sarutobi tossed his something which he caught.

"A Hitai-ate?" He asked looking at it as he held the item with had the leaf symbol in his hands.

"Correct, Naruto did perform a Bushin jutsu today, so that means he passed the Genin test and is now one." Sarutobi said with a smile to him.

"I see, I'll give it to him tomorrow when I drop by." Iruka said smiling as well and left the office.

Sarutobi watched him leave and making sure he was gone reached towards his desk and pulled out a letter. Hastily he began writing on it, writing a short but powerful sentence on it that the receiver would notice. If the person who got this answered then perhaps Naruto would no longer have to bear the burden. He wasn't alone, there was another who he had been watching for quite some time.

Putting it in a scroll with his seal on it he made hand seals and gently bit his thumb and summoned a small monkey.

"I have an important task for you my friend." He said to it and gave it to it which carried it in its tail and sniffed it curiously. "Take this to a building in Rice Country. It is important that the person gets it, you'll recognize him immediately as he has two red dots on his forehead. Now go!"

The monkey hooted and hollered and sped out the window and Sarutobi watched as it scampered across the rooftops and soon was out of sight with his hopes encased in that letter.

Two days later…

A white haired figure was seated on a small bridge. His eyes where closed as he was there by himself.

His eyes opened and he revealed a pair of green eyes. What was most unique about him was his two red dots he had. He weared a simple white outfit with a purple bow around his waist which was the type of clothing worn by his clan. He worn nothing else and had no visible items or weapons on his person. To an unobservant person he was harmless.

But he was far from it, in the blink of an eye he could decapitate a man as he had done many previous times in his life of fifteen years. Could withstand all but the most powerful attacks thrown at him. He was nearly undefeatable and to bring his wrath down upon you was to invite Shinigami himself to join you.

His name…was Kimimaro Kaguya. The last remaining Kaguya of the once reviled clan. Now in the servitude of one Orochimaru, the Snake Sannin and traitor to Konoha.

Kimimaro had lead a tragic life. Son of the head of the Kaguya clan he was thrust right into a world of war and death. As soon as he was able to walk he was trained by his father how to fight. How to throw a punch. How to shatter an opponent's ribcage.

How to kill…

Kimimaro was much more gentler than his blood thirsty clan and was looked down upon by many. In the Kaguya clan, gentleness was nothing but a weakness. Taught to show no mercy, if he disobeyed his father he would be beaten harshly and locked up.

By the time he was four he had lost his innocence and his hands where already stained with blood as his father forced him to kill a helpless prisoner. The Kaguya clan was the backbone of Mist's army. Their elite forces which many fled from than face such a foe. Of course the Kaguya's would often chase them down and slaughter them. Kimimaro's abilities eventually far exceeded his father's expectations as he was turning him into the perfect warrior. By the time he was eight he was already feared by his own kin and he was locked in a special room by his mad father who believed he would be killed by his own child. Only let out when they went to war.

The only thing in his cell was a small flower, it's beauty giving him comfort.

He faintly remembered seeing other people who were in an alliance with the Clan. One particularly a woman who was far too gentle in the Kaguya's eyes to be a warrior yet she was the strongest of them. Her eyes he reminded soothed him although his father looked down upon her as she preferred talk to battle.

Then one day everything changed, Mist had betrayed the Kaguya clan and ordered their immediate execution as the ruler had come to distrust all bloodline users and that included the Shikatsumyaku the clan possessed. Their allies had been wiped out as well or unable to do anything.

The battle was a fierce one and he still had nightmares from it. All of Mist had gathered to fight them it seemed like and despite the thousands of bodies that piled the ground at the end of the day, The Kaguya clan had lost and all of them including his father died at the hands of The Mizukage.

Well, not all of them. Kimimaro had fled the battlefield shortly after it began and now lived on his own. Unaware what he was going to do with his life now as he wandered the land alone.

After a month had passed he encountered Orochimaru who told him to come with him that he would give him a purpose.

He had joined up with him, joining the man who had dreams of mastering all jutsu and conquering the world. Kimimaro was ready to do whatever it took to help his master achieve his goal. He would kill for him and die for him if that was what it took. Orochimaru had implanted a seal on him. The cursed seal of Earth which was on his chest. He was going to use him to fulfill his dreams. To make him his next vessel so he could continue living. Kimimaro was willing to lay down his life for him.

At least he was until he had recently contacted a disease. The disease had damaged him and he did not know the effects of it. He believed he could fight it off eventually but for now Orochimaru-sama's plans for him would have to wait.

This infuriated him to no end as he could not believe that a mere sickness would prevent him from fulfilling his goal. He was now considered obsolete and worthless until he was healed.

He closed his eyes again when he suddenly heard a chattering noise. He opened his eyes and saw distastefully a small monkey with big eyes squealing in front of him. It had in its tail he noticed a scroll. He frowned at it as he hopped up and down trying to get his attention.

In irritation he went to pull out a sword and dispose of it when he noticed that it was mentioning for him to take the scroll. Frowning not understanding what it was all about he reached over and snagged it out of its tail. The annoying monkey disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Checking it he noticed that their was two seals on it. One was of the Hidden Leaf Village which Orochimaru used to originate from. The next was a different way and it looked like a symbol of importance.

Breaking it open he pulled the letter out and looked at it. Slowly his face changed from one of distaste to confusion to disbelief.

It couldn't be…

It was not possible…

There was just no way. There was no way that it could be true.

"You are not alone Kimimaro Kaguya. An Uzumaki, one of your kin still lives and has activated his bloodline just now. If you wish to see him come to Konoha immediately."

Sarutobi Hiruzen The Sandaime of Konohagakure The Hidden Village of Leaves.

He did not know what to make of it. Could it be true. Could there be another?

He wanted to go but he knew that Orochimaru-sama would notice he was gone. But as he thought about it he knew Orochimaru barely gave him any thought nowadays and he rarely saw the man. He would hardly notice he was missing and the others here in Otogakure didn't bother looking for him.

It could be a fake, and it could be a trap he knew that. But it was almost too good to pass up. He could discover that he wasn't alone, that it wasn't over.

His eyes hardening he put the seal in his robes and sped off immediately towards Konoha as fast as his feet and ill body would take him.

Looking to discover the truths of the letter and see that it was true and he was not alone in this world.

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