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Panic spread throughout the Hidden Leaf Village as swarms of Sound Shinobi and Kurosuki gang members attacked and charged into the village cutting down any who got in their way.

"Kill them all!" Raiga Kurosuki shouted to his men as they swarmed the village.

Amongst them, Kimimaro was being dragged by his chains by two men forcefully taking him into the village.

"W-What's going on?!" Sakura shouted not understanding how that all had just happened. Her eyes widened in horror and shock as a Sound Ninja appeared in the stands and charged her. Gripped by fear she was unable to move as he hoisted an axe and prepared to chop her.

Suddenly a blur appeared in front of her and Anko Mitarashi stopped the attack in mid swing and kicked him in the groin making him drop it. She then took it and slammed it into his neck killing him.

"Move! Move! Get to Kakashi!" She shouted at Sakura mentioning for her to go back.

A Kurosuki member charged Naruto in the stands and he ducked under the attack and slammed his fist into his gut and knocked him down into the ground below. He looked on at the village as he saw several fights going on.

"Sound will, Sound will…Sound will attack! That's what he meant!" He shouted to himself finally realizing what Kimimaro had meant. "I can't believe this, if I'd had focused on his words instead of who had kidnapped him I might've been able to prevent this!" He said cursing his foolishness.

He heard a noise and saw two Sound nins in the stands threatening and cornering Rock Lee who had his crutches in front of him daring them to attack. Rushing forward he grabbed them by the head and slammed them against one another knocking them out.

"Get to the others!" He shouted at him.

"I can fight!" Lee protested holding his crutches in front of him. They heard a sound and saw a group of men charging them. Naruto dashed at them and several bones sprouted out of his arms. Using them he cut and slashed his way through them, single handily defeating them and dodging their attacks.

One man with dual claws slashed at him and he dodged and stabbed him in the abdomen.

"This is no place for a injured ninja!" He shouted at Lee who was still there and looked at him.

Suddenly there was a sound of more fighting going on and he turned his head and looked and saw several Sunagakure Ninjas charging into Konoha as well.

"Sand as well?" He said in disbelief at what he saw. Both Sound and Sand were attacking Konoha. So absorbed at what he saw he didn't notice a ninja charging him with a weapon from behind. He heard it at the last second and turned and saw he wasn't able to defend from that attack.


The sound of wood hitting flesh was heard as a wooden crutch hit the man's face knocking him over. Naruto turned and saw Lee had thrown one of them.

"Alright, let's get to Kakashi, Gai, and the others." Naruto said to him and Lee nodded and they made their way.

"Naruto!" A voice cried out and he turned and saw Kakashi and with him was Sakura and Ino. "This is too dangerous to be here, we gotta get the people out of here before we fight back."

"Watch out!" Asuma shouted and suddenly a Giant Snake burst through a wall and lunged at them. Kakashi dodged it and formed hand symbols and fired a fireball at it causing it to hiss in pain and fled out of the arena.

"This isn't good," Kakashi said to himself looking on. "At this rate the damage done to the village will be terrible, we gotta work fast if we are going to stop them."

"What about Sarutobi?" Naruto asked him.

"He'll be alright, he maybe old but he's more than capable of holding himself in battle should anything happen." Kakashi assured him. "The problem first is dealing with our attackers. We should deal with the Sound Nins and these other members first, they seem to lack the most discipline and are right now more dangerous at the moment."

"Sensei," Sakura spoke up suddenly. "Sasuke's gone missing, I lost sight of him during the intial chaos and can't find him at all in the arena, what if he's been captured?"

Kakashi thought it over as this could all be a diversion for Orochimaru to grab Sasuke while everyone was confused. "Kuchiyose No Jutsu." He said and summoned a small dog. "Pakkun, I need your assistance. I need you to find Sasuke's scent."

"Right." The dog replied surprising Naruto that he could talk and it sniffed the air. "Hmmm, about five hundred yards from here, give or take a few inches but he's getting further away as I'm speaking." He explained to them.

"Alright, Kurenai, Asuma, get the civilians and Lee out of here. Gai, take Anko and help the ANBU and the others. Me, Sakura, Shikamaru, and Naruto will go get Sasuke, hopefully we're not too late."

Jiraiya formed hand symbols and created a small swamp in the road stopping several Sand Ninjas in their tracks as they struggled and tried to break free of it.

"Why on Earth would The Kazekage agree to an alliance with Orochimaru?" He muttered to himself. "No matter I better get to the Sandaime before its too late."

Sarutobi was on top of the tower prepared to aid The Leaf Village by sendign a barrage of Jutsus that would wipe the invading force out when suddenly a barrier surrounded the entire tower.

"Damn! Pull back!" Jiraiya shouted seeing it to a group of ANBU who leapt. One wasn't able to stop in time and upon touching it burst into flames and fell down to the ground below. Jiraiya sensed that it was a powerful Barrier and any contact with it would be foolish.

He needed to find those who cast it to be able to disrupt it and be able to get in there and save his Teacher.

The Sound Four where inside a building nearby using it as a base of operations, from there, Sakon and his brother, Kidomaru, Jirobo, and Tayuya had cast the Jutsu that had trapped the Sandaime seeing to it that no one would interfere in the battle.

Sarutobi looked around as he realized he was trapped.

A cackling voice was heard and he turned his head and saw the Kazekage behind him a kunai in hand. His eyes narrowed upon seeing him.

"…Reveal yourself, Orochimaru." He said to him.

The man reached up and removed the mask revealing the snake like face and golden eyes of the Snake Sannin.

Discarding the Kage Robes Orochimaru laughed at the man who at one time was like a father to him.

"Not even that fool could save you from my plan." Orochimaru taunted him.

Sarutobi stared at his former student his eyes full of Ice at the child who had grown up to become a monster. "Orochimaru when I reach the next world I only hope and pray with all my heart that upon doing so when I meet your parents." He said and reached towards his robes and tossed them off revealing his battle armor underneath.

"That they will forgive me for killing you!"

Elsewhere, Sasuke did battle with Gaara while this was happening, the two having their long awaited match. His siblings had tried to stop him but they had been dealt with.

Sasuke dodged his sand skillfully and fired Jutsus that was blocked by his Sand that protected him.

"No enemy is invincible, there must be a way for me to get past his defense." Sasuke said to himself as they continued to fight. Gaara sent a wave of sand at him and he dodged it and fired a great Fireball at him which did not get through his sand. He followed it with dozens of Miniature Fireballs but they too failed to get through. Gaara did hand symbols and fired multiple bullets of Sand at him and Sasuke countered by forming a Barrier made of fire to block them.

"You…disappoint me." Gaara said to him. "I thought you'd be stronger than this, you wouldn't satisfy my mother's cravings and hunger of blood at all." He said as sand whirled around him to Sasuke who looked disgusted that he referred to his sand as his mother.

"I'm not done yet," Sasuke said activating his Sharingan and drawing upon the power of the Cursed Seal. He started gathering chakra and the sound of many birds chirping was heard. Gaara looked on as electricity started to form in his hand.

"Chidori!" Sasuke shouted and thrusted his arm at him charged with electricity and fired the attack. Gaara quickly created a double made of sand which took the impact and shattered in his place.

"An attack that might get through my defenses," Gaara said and a part of him almost sounded intrigued by it. "Perhaps its time I take things seriously now."

Sasuke felt a surge of power come from Gaara as he realized this was no ordinary ninja he was doing battle against. Something far more powerful.

Kimimaro continued to be pulled into the village by the Two Sound Nins dragging him into Konoha. Despite his attempts to struggle he was being overpowered by them.

With Naruto…

"He's close, about one hundred or so yards." Pakkun said to them as they continued to make their way throughout the chaotic scene of Konoha.

"Naruto?" Sakura said seeing that Naruto had stopped. "What are you doing?"

"…You guys go on ahead, I'll catch up with you later."


"Just go!" He snapped suddenly. "I'll be alright, just follow Pakkun's scent to Sasuke." He said to her and she nodded and she and Shikamaru and Kakashi went on.

Naruto didn't watch them go as he looked on as what was being brought before him.

"Kimimaro?" Naruto said as he looked and saw before him being dragged by chains his cousin.

"Do as Orochimaru-sama commands, kill this brat right now." One of the Sound Nins dragging him ordered forcing him in front. Naruto's eyes widened as his words. Kimimaro lifted his head up as the two stared at each other.

"What's going on?" Naruto asked not understanding.

"Stupid boy, Kimimaro is Orochimaru-sama's servant, his job is to kill you as punishment for running off. He'll kill you and then be executed for treason at the end of the day by Orochimaru-sama." The other Sound Nin sneered at him.

"No…' Naruto said not believing what he just said. He looked at his cousin and saw how weak he appeared to be.

"Now, do as Orochimaru-sama orders, kill him!" One of the Sound Nins shouted shoving him forward.

Naruto looked at him as blue stared into green. Slowly a pair of bone blades sprouted out of his arms. Kimimaro lifted them up…

And turned and drove them right into the chest of the Sound Nin.

"What?!" The Second one shouted before he too was impaled.

Several bones sprouted out of Kimimaro's body and they cut apart and shattered the chains that were binding him to pieces. Having broken free he looked at Naruto and raised his hand at him.

"Drilling Bullets." He said and fired bones at him which flew past him and hit a Suna Nin who fell to the ground dead and who was about to have attacked Naruto from behind and would have killed him if he hadn't attacked.

"I will not fight you Cousin." Kimimaro said to him. "I will not destroy my only remaining family that I have left. I have made my choice."

Naruto looked at him and nodded in understanding. He may have served that guy before, but his allegiance now was to him and his family.

Naruto and Kimimaro heard the sound of battle going on and saw a tornado of sand gathering.

"I believe that is where we should go, if we stop that we'll gain an advantage in this battle." Kimimaro informed him as he sensed that was no ordinary tornado.

"Right," Naruto said and the two went off cutting through anyone that got in their way and the two wielders of Shikotsumyaku fighting together where invincible.

"Kimimaro has betrayed us!" Sakon hissed in fury as Kidomaru reported it to him. "That bastard, he'll pay with his life for this!" He said prepared to take to the battle himself.

"We need to stay here to hold up the barrier you dumb ass, if even one of us aren't here they can get in and aid the Hokage." Tayuya reminded him. "He won't last long anyway with his health. Even if he does kill some of our men, it won't make much of a difference." Tayuya said to him and the other members.

"You better be right." Sakon said venomously.

Kakashi dodged the Kurosuki members who attacked him and skillfully parried and countered their attacks.

"Black Tornado!" A group shouted forming a tower and spun at him and he leapt out of the way as they destroyed part of a building. Kakashi leapt up and knocked the one at the top off with a kick and then stood on the next one's shoulder's who batted at him trying to swipe him. He dodged it and then dropped down delivering a blow to each one and then hitting the ground delivered a powerful kick to the last one sending him into a sign.

One charged him from behind and without even looking brought his hand up and elbowed him in the face.

"These guys are mostly cannon fodder, the real dangers out here somewhere." He analyzed as these men main job was to wear down and tire the Leaf out. They where getting close to Sasuke as Pakkun had picked up his scent and he was nearby.

Suddenly Kakashi sensed danger and turned and dodged a bolt of lightning. He watched out of the corner of his eye as it went and hit a tree and burned it. "That's no ordinary Lightning." He said and looked ahead and saw a green haired swordsmen wielding double blades carrying a bundle on his back staring at him amused as sparks of electricity came from his swords. "So, you're Orochimaru's newest lapdog. Raiga Kurosuki, Codename: The Lightning Fang of Kirigakure." He said to the man.

"Not anymore, I left Mist quite some time again and struck out on my own. Orochimaru has hired me and my men's services." Raiga said to him.

"I fought another Swordsmen before, I'm no stranger to the Seven Swordsmen. I'll eliminate you today." Kakashi said getting into a stance. "Sakura, take Pakkun and get Sasuke. Stay out of trouble." He told her quietly and she nodded and left.

"Let us begin." Raiga said as lightning charged from his swords.


Orochimaru's sword clashed against Sarutobi's staff as the two battled, despite his advanced age, Sarutobi matched him blow for blow and attack for attack.

Sarutobi spun the weapon and swung at him and Orochimaru dodged it. He leapt across the roof and doing hand symbols fired multiple shards of ice at him, Sarutobi twirled his staff and deflected the attack not one of them touching him. He then prepared hand symbols of his own and fired a Jutsu at him. Orochimaru took the full force of the blow but when the smoke cleared he was unharmed. He emerged from it and slashed at Sarutobi who blocked and swung his staff and hit him right upside the head, Orochimaru if he felt it didn't show it as he lunged at him and his sword graced his armor drawing a small wound.

Sarutobi fired a Jutsu and Orochimaru formed a barrier and countered by doing a Jutsu of his own. Sarutobi made his own barrier which absorbed the impact of Orochimaru's attack and sent it back at him which he leapt out of the way avoiding it.

Orochimaru felt a trickling going down his face and reached toward it and saw a small drop of blood on his hand, a cut from a wound he had received. He smiled evilly and let out an evil laugh.

"Even in your old age Sarutobi you still have it." He complimented and licked up the blood. He looked out at the village and scowled. "It appears Kimimaro-kun has betrayed me, siding with his idiotic cousin. I'll punish him accordingly after I deal with you." He said as he sensed that Kimimaro had betrayed him and sided with Naruto.

"Bonds between families and friends cannot be so easily severed despite what you might think." Sarutobi responded to him. "You are a fool to think that Kimimaro would assault his only remaining family."

Orochimaru let out a wicked laugh in amusement. "You and your foolish thinking that the bonds of family shall strengthen one entertains me to no end old fool. Since you believe it so much, let's put that to the test."

Suddenly Three Coffins raised up and Sarutobi looked on in horror recognizing what they meant. "You didn't…" He said shock in his voice.

"Yes Edo Tensei, The art of resurrecting one from beyond the grave." Orochimaru replied. "Of course to do so one must also offer a life in exchange, and I just had three pawns ready to offer themselves." He said referring to the ones who failed to get The Sound Trio and Haku last night and had taken and used them as sacrifices for their failure.

One coffin opened up and out stepped a man. "The Shodaime Hashirama Senju," A second one opened up and another man stepped out. "His brother The Nidaime Tobirama Senju, and finally The Yondaime and father of that wretched Uzumaki boy." The third coffin began to open up but Sarutobi reacted quickly and casting a Jutsu destroyed it interrupting it and destroying the body.

Orochimaru didn't blink as he saw it get destroyed, a part of him hating the man who was in it more so than the man in front of it.

"Kill him…" He ordered the two former Hokages.

Tayuya down below looked on. "Orochimaru's using his Ace in The Hole, Sarutobi must be as powerful as the tales said." She muttered to herself. "But I wonder how Kimimaro's defection will affect all of this. If he does in fact join the Leaf with what little time he has left, he could turn the tide of battle in their favor."

Sasuke continued his battle with Gaara who using his sand had created a twister cutting off others from outside.

Sasuke stood in the middle of it and dodged an attack that came from behind. He sensed another attack and twisted his body, weaving and bobbing it and avoiding Gaara's attacks as he was seemingly toying with him like a cat with a helpless mouse.

Sasuke formed hand symbols and suddenly a torrent of water surrounded him, the water soaked up the sand and turned it to mud and the twister started to die down a bit as it was being weakened. The twister stopped as Gaara appeared in front of him. Sasuke threw a punch but Gaara didn't even flinch as Sand formed around him and stopped it. Sasuke leapt backwards out of his sands reach.

Gaara fired shuriken and sand made of hardened sand at him and He covered himself blocking it as it nipped and cut his shirt. Gaara let out a snarl and suddenly his body began changing form. Part of his body became more animalistic as half of his face became a mixture of a wild animal with evil eyes as sand covered his form and an animal like tail sprouted out of his back.

"You die!" Gaara shouted and lashed at him with a claw like hand that extended and Sasuke narrowly avoided it. He dodged the next attack and leapt at Gaara who suddenly spun around and smacked him with the tail sending him crashing into a tree which broke apart. Gaara opened his mouth and fired a ball made of wind at him. Sasuke in the nick of time dodged it as if that had hit him, it would've killed him.

He breathed and panted hard as he saw Gaara preparing another one, and this time he wouldn't miss.

"Sasuke!" Sakura shouted seeing it and ran and knocked his semi conscious body out of the way of harm's path. She after checking on him sensed an evil presence and she turned and saw Gaara glaring at her.

"You are the first to die." Gaara said and out shot a claw made of sand, Sakura was unable to dodge it and was slammed into a tree and she slumped over nearly unconscious from the force of it.

Gaara with a maddening look in his eye prepared to kill Sakura and crush her when two figures appeared and slashed through the claw like hand cutting her free. His eyes widened in surprise as they cut her free.

"So, you're the one causing all this havoc?" The Blond said to him standing in front of him. Gaara's body shook in fury as he growled like a maddened beast at them as he turned back to his original form glaring at them with wild eyes like that of a demon. "I don't know what it is your capable of but we're going to stop it right now before you harm anyone else!"

"You both dare to fight me?" Gaara snarled at the Cousins as they stood before him shoulder to shoulder as both Naruto and Kimimaro stood together against the Suna Vessel. "Your blood shall satisfy my mother!" He shouted as sand formed around him as they felt the power coming from him, power that would send ordinary men running but they held their ground not backing down an inch from him.

"There is something important you should know first before we begin." The white haired Shinobi said calmly to him. "Whenever an Uzumaki is threatened, a Kaguya will be there to defend." Kimimaro stated as he got into a fighting stance.

"And whenever a Kaguya is endangered, an Uzumaki will be there to protect!" Naruto finished and got into a fighting stance of his own as well.

"There are old tales used to say about us. That fighting a Kaguya or an Uzumaki alone is like doing battle with a Grizzly Bear."

"And unfortunately for you, you're going to have to fight the both of us!"

The two then charged Gaara, preparing to do battle with The Jinchuurki of the One Tailed Tanuki.

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