Next chapter of Blood is Thicker Than Bone; while Kimimaro and the others try to stop Orochimaru from creating the plague, Naruto attempts to put an end to The Sound Base.

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"Prove your worth to Orochimaru-sama," Kidomaru ordered as he put the knife in the disguised Naruto's hand. "Kill this kid."

Naruto looked on at the terrified Inari who stared at him a fearful look in his eyes as he looked on the knife in his hand.

"Kill him!" Kidomaru barked at Naruto who looked down at the weapon in his hand and at the group of Sound Nins who looked on and then back to Inari. "I said kill him!"

Naruto's features hardened as he clutched the weapon in his hand and looked at Inari no mercy in his eyes. He stepped forward grasping the weapon tightly whilst all the Sound Ninjas looked on

Naruto slashed the knife at Inari…cutting the bonds on his arms.

Naruto then turned and slugged Kidomaru right in the face with chakra poured into his fist sending him flying backwards into a heap of junk metal that tumbled and fell on him

"Get out of here!" He ordered Inari while the others were shocked and stunned at what just happened.

Kidomaru emerged from the pile junk with his hitai-ate knocked off revealing his third eye with his cursed seal activated. "Kill Him!" He ordered The Sound Ninjas.

One rushed Naruto who dodged it and kicked him away. Another charged at him and he grabbed a piece of scrap metal and slammed it into his head knocking him out. A pair of ninjas ran at him swords drawn and he blocked their attacks with it before leaping up and doing a double kick and then grabbing them and tossing them into others.

Inari ducked under a kunai and hit a man with his Tonfas. He blocked a hit and lost his footing but proved to be to his advantage as his larger opponent stumbled over him and he whacked him upside the head with them.

One Sound Ninja appeared behind him and was about to get him when he was struck in the face with the metal that Naruto had thrown.

"I thought I told you to leave!" He shouted at Inari.

"I'm not going to leave-"

"Run!" Naruto shouted kicking an opponent away. "Or I'm kicking your butt next." He ordered Inari who reluctantly turned and ran.

"Don't mind the brat! It's this one we're gonna kill!" Kidomaru shouted at The Sound Ninjas.

Naruto ducked under a sword and activated Shikotsumyaku sprouting bone swords out of his arms and deflected the next swing

Three ninjas stepped forward and Naruto realized that these were stronger than your average opponent.

One lunged at him with a unique weapon attached to his arm. Naruto dodged it as he attempted to cleave his head off. The second one a bald man blind in one eye spat out a spider web at him and Naruto avoided it. The Third the female of the group did hand symbols doing an Earth Jutsu and disappeared underneath the earth and appeared right behind Naruto a dagger in hand.

Naruto blocked it at the last second with his sword and swung at her and she dodged it. He dodged the weapon wielder who had lunged at him and did hand symbols creating multiple clones. Using them to overwhelm the group

"Earth Release: Antlion Technique." The girl said and suddenly the area around began to suck into a pit including the clones who were drawn in. "Jigumo, Kamikiri," She ordered and the two partners swung on a spider thread created by the bald man and destroyed the clones with their attacks and techniques. The two then leapt up it and dove at Naruto. He waited until the last second before doing hand symbols.

"Sun Flare No Jutsu!" He shouted and put his hands to his forehead and emitted a bright light blinding them and several other Sound Ninjas as well. He then delivered swift attacks to the two knocking them to the ground. He looked over and saw Kagero still standing.

Now that he got a good look at her, He recognized her as one of the Sound Ninjas he had spotted earlier.

"Orochimaru's nothing more than a psychopath, he'll be responsible for all your deaths and it will mean nothing to him!" Naruto said to her. "Why the hell are you following that creep." He said and dodged her attack as she lunged at him.

"His path is the only path that we The Fuma clan can take, our clan is virtual obscurity and only by with him can we restore and bring ourselves back up." The girl said to him.

"Than you're a bigger fool than I thought!" Naruto shouted and rushed Kagero when her partners appeared.

"Kagero link him." Kamikiri said to her. Blue chakra threads suddenly appeared and wrapped around Naruto surprising him.

"The heck?" He said in surprise looking at them. He tried to break loose of them but found himself unable to. He tried to sprout Shikotsumyaku using his bone swords but he find that even they weren't able to do so.

"No escape," Jigumo said to him as Naruto struggled in vain to get loose.

"Those are the unique Chakra links that Kagero has." Kidomaru said a smug smirk on his face. "Not only do they bind whoever she attacks them with and prevent them from moving but they have one other ability as well. Your two hearts are now connected and share the same beat." He said to Naruto. "If hers slow down yours will as well, if yours speeds up so will hers. And if her stops than you would die as well. By killing her, I'll also kill you as well!" He said a wicked grin on his face much to Naruto's disbelief.

"What, you would do that to your own men?!" Naruto shouted in shock and disbelief that he would be so cruel. Kidomaru only smirked evilly in response at him confirming it.

"All Pawns once they played their use are to be discarded." He replied and brought up a heavy hammer ready to bash it into Kagero's head. That would shatter her skull and it would kill Naruto as well due to the link between them. Kagero had closed her eyes quietly accepting her fate that she was about to die. Her teammates although not saying anything also seemed to reluctantly accept it as well Kidomaru brought it up and got ready to do so and there was nothing Naruto could do to stop it.

An explosion suddenly went off surprising them all at what just happened as in the background a discarded ship blew up.

Kakashi appeared suddenly and using a Kunai sliced through the threads freeing him. "What?! Only a special Fuma Kunai can break those!" Kagero shouted in shock at what he did.

"Good thing I snuck into your armory and helped myself to your gear while I was here then." Kakashi said dryly.

"What the?! Damn Leaf!" Kidomaru shouted and got his bow and fired at him and Kakashi dodged it. Kidomaru let loose with another when Kakashi did hand symbols and fired a fireball and followed with another Jutsu.

"Futon: Daitoppa!" He shouted firing a strong powerful gust of wind which made The Fireball go faster and get bigger and The Spider Nin dodged in the nick of time as it slammed and exploded setting up part of the base in flame.

Naruto charged Kamikiri and engaged the Fuma member in battle. Naruto with his swordsmanship overwhelmed him and was about to strike the finishing blow when Jigumo spat out a spider at him causing Naruto to move out of the way. Kagero disappeared underground and went to reappear in front of him but Naruto was ready this time and positioned himself and launched his foot catching her in the head when she emerged knocking her back.

"Tear them apart!" Kidomaru shouted at The Sound Nins who joined the fray at his orders looking to overwhelm them with sheer force and numbers.

Jigumo seeing The Blonde distracted swung in on a thread looking to kill him while his back was turned. Suddenly a shuriken thrown by Kakashi flew by and cut the thread sending him falling to the ground landing on his back.

Kakashi lowered his mask revealing his Sharingan eye and began charging and preparing his move.

"Take this!" Kakashi shouted charging the attack. "Raikiri!" Kakashi's attack hit him piercing through his heart and body as Jigumo let out a cry of pain and agony before dying.

"J-Jigumo!" Kamikiri shouted as he saw him die. "You'll pay for that!" He shouted at Kakashi and lunged at him with his pincers looking to tear his head off. Kakashi dodged his attack and leapt up and kneed him in the face knocking him back.

"Time to go!" Kakashi shouted and did hand symbols engulfed the entire place in a thick cloud of smoke buying time for him and Naruto to escape.

The two were long gone and had hightailed it out of there, putting a mile behind them in under a minute.

"I think we're good for now." Kakashi said five minutes later as they stopped to rest. "I doubt they'll be coming after us this far." He said to the panting Naruto. "Good job there, you made the right decision freeing Inari but I'm afraid we need to go back and finish the job soon, that's too close to Wave and they may try and attack it in retribution since Inari had snuck in."

"I see," Naruto responded to him. "What do we do?"

"We need to get the others and Asuma's team as well. We've got a lot of work to do before tonight's over." Kakashi said and suddenly collapsed to one knee feeling the effect of his Sharingan. Naruto rushed to help him stand up.

"I've never said this before Naruto," He said faintly smiling behind his mask. "But I'm proud of you. You've grown so much and are worthy of being a Ninja of The Leaf." He said much to Naruto's surprise. "When I first heard about your dream I thought it a good joke, but I truly believe you represent The Shining Star that is Konoha's future and will become Hokage." He said to him and Naruto was taken aback by his words.

"C'mon, let's head back to Wave." He said and the two went on to the Village knowing they had to prepare.


Kabuto continued to examine the tube in which The Plague was housed in. Looking on at it, The disease that Kimimaro had would be his greatest work yet he thought with a smile. By the time Tsunade had discovered a cure for it it'd be too late as tens of thousands would already be dead by the time she could. Orochimaru would be most pleased upon this knowing that he can at last have his revenge.

Raiga Kurosuki looked on with Ranmaru interest in the ex Mist Swordsmen's eyes. A plague that would wipe out thousands. It sounded like something The Bloody Mizukage would dream of during his brutal reign. Perhaps he could take advantage of it and use it on Kirigakure.

Kabuto made some notes when suddenly the power to the room went out as things turned dark and the only light was coming from the tube. "Hmm? Now what?" He said looking on as the lights flickered on and off. "Raiga, go see to this. Make sure the Generators are fully operational." He ordered the swordsmen who scoffed as he was not some lackey.

"You," He said to a pair of Kurosuki members. "Go check on the damn generators and make sure some rats ain't chewin' on them." He ordered them who exited the room.

The group went down the hallway each one grumbling about their luck and how things hadn't changed from before when they joined up with them.

They were unaware of someone above them on the ceiling.

In the blink of an eye, Kimimaro dropped down overhead and cut them down with ease before they knew what had happened.

He went to go when suddenly

"Kimimaro…" A familiar voice said, one he hadn't heard in some time. Slowly he turned around to look at who was the owner of that voice.

The Bison mask wearing figure stood across from him a Double Voulge in his hands. He wielded the weapon and stood there not letting

"Toshihiro, run." Kimimaro said as he didn't want to fight him, one of the few people he could call friend.

"My…loyalty…to Sound." The scarred ninja said to him gripping his weapon. "I fight…for…Orochimaru-sama…."

"I see," Kimimaro said knowing he had made his choice to remain with him. Bone swords sprouted out of his arms knowing what was going to happen.

Toshihiro gripped his weapon and reluctantly charged at him. Kimimaro blocked his attack with his bone swords and Toshihiro spun his weapon and did an overhead chop at him which he avoided. Kimimaro kicked him in the stomach and rushed him looking to run him through. Toshihiro blocked it and slammed his head into him and went to take his head off his shoulders. Kimimaro dodged it gracefully and fired Drilling Bullets at which he spun his weapon to deflect.

Toshihiro lunged at him and Kimimaro blocked his attack as the two were at a standstill and test of strength trying to out power the other.

The masked ninja let out a bellow and opened his mouth and let loose with a small fireball. Kimimaro barely dodged it in time just missing getting hit in the head with it.

He charged him and pulled out several bones and leapt up and flung them at him. Toshihiro deflected them and using the weapon as a pole leapt up to attempt and kick him in the chest. Kimimaro evaded his attack and went to sweep his leg out from underneath him. Toshihiro leapt over his attack and swung at him which Kimimaro dodged and he pulled out a Kanabo shaped bone and swung it sending him backwards. He then rushed him looking to deliver an overhead slam to his skull when Toshihiro threw his spinning weapon at him forcing him back.

Toshihiro caught his weapon as it returned back to him.

"Don't make me kill you Toshihiro." Kimimaro said as he was holding back on him not wanting to end his life.

Toshihiro let out a low growl and charged him. Kimimaro dodged his attack and kicked him away with a hard kick knocking him down. "Stay down." He said to him and went to walk away.

However he was uanware that Toshihiro had gotten back up and charged him knocking him from behind into the wall and the wall crumbled and the two fell through into the lab.

"What?!" Kabuto shouted in surprise turning around having heard it. "Kimimaro!" He yelled seeing him. What was he doing here?

"Damn…" Kimimaro muttered. Toshihiro went to attack him when he dodged it and slugged him across the face. He then leapt up and kicked him in the head knocking him back.

Kabuto pushed a button on one of the control panels and an alarm went off. Kimimaro cursed his luck. Toshihiro suddenly grabbed him from behind pressing the staff of his weapon against his throat to choke him out.

"Return…to us!" He shouted not wanting to kill him either as he was the only one the scarred person who had looked at him like he was a human being.

"Forgive me my friend." Kimimaro said solemnly and sprouted bones out of his back puncturing his side and making him lose his grip.

Raiga Kurosuki seeing a golden opportunity grasped The Kiba Blades charging them both up with electricity as Kimimaro was in his sights

Raiga fired the bolt at him looking to fry him to a crisp. Kimimaro saw it coming and moved out of the way leaving Toshihiro in its path.

The Bolt of lightning hit Toshihiro sending him sprawling and unconscious from it. Raiga charged his swords prepared to let loose with another attack when Orochimaru appeared beside him with several dozen Sound Ninjas as well as Sakon and Jirobo who had went to their second Cursed Seal forms.

"Stand down." He ordered Raiga who glared at him and reluctantly sheathed his swords taking a step back. Orochimaru stepped forward looking on at The Kaguya.

"I should've expected that you would return to me one day Kimimaro-kun." Orochimaru said to him with a dark smile. Kimimaro stood there not saying anything as he looked on at him.

"I am willing to ignore what you did and allow you to return to my side Kimimaro." Orochimaru said to him as he was using his greatest weapon his mouth. "I can look past your foolish actions at Konoha and pretend that it never happened." He said to him.

"If you surrender, I will forget your betrayal that you did." Orochimaru said to him. "I am willing to forgive and forget. I'll let you be my vessel and next body. That's what you wanted to be wasn't it? Your entire life was devoted to serving me after I saved you." He said smirking. "I can let your life have a purpose as my body and see to it your clan shall never be forgotten." He said to Kimimaro who for a moment looked like he was contemplating it.

Kimimaro stopped and looked at him and Orochimaru smirked knowing he had him as he walked forward feet away from him.

Kimimaro reached out his hand as if to accept his offer, and then rammed his open palm hand into the unsuspecting Orochimaru's chest who was sent flying backwards landing inbetween equipment as Kimimaro gave his answer.

Orochimaru emerged from it a murderous look in his eyes fixated on Kimimaro who stood there. "Kill Him!" He ordered his men.

The men charged him when something suddenly overcame them. Kabuto looked on not understanding as the men were attacking, each other, or nothing at all.

"Tayuya…she's here as well." He muttered realizing that this was her work and performed hand symbols and brought an end to the Genjutsu.

Tayuya appeared knowing she had been found out and played a tune on her flute summoning her Doki which attacked The Sound forces with their clubs. They rushed them looking to overwhelm them with sheer numbers but they were batted aside by them.

Tayuya played a tune on her flute using her Doki to attack and defend her while Kimimaro fought against Raiga avoiding the bolts from his swords.

Tayuya looked on as suddenly a person stepped through them not saying anything but she appeared to have some command over the others. She stepped forward standing across from Tayuya who looked on at her.

The woman looked a bit like Kin Tsuchi if she was older as she had long black hair and wore an open green vest and black bra and cow camo skirt.

"Kotohime," Tayuya muttered recognizing her as one of The Fuma Clan.

"So you betrayed Orochimaru-sama as well?" The woman sneered at her. "The greatest punishment is designed for traitors."

"He betrayed me first." Tayuya responded to her.

"Make your excuses when you are in the Underworld!" The Fuma member shouted at her and lunged at her lashing at her with a Kunai. Tayuya dodged it and blocked her next attack with her flute. She brought her foot up and kicked her away and dodged the thrown Kunai as it zipped past her head.

Kotohime's hair suddenly sprung up and came to life on its own Kotohime lashed out with her hair at Tayuya who dodged it, Kotohime then did hand symbols and a stringed musical instrument appeared. "Fight me, music vs. music." She said as she kneeled before The Koto.

"A musical Duel?" Tayuya said and brought her flute up to her lips. "Fine by me." She told her as she sent away her Doki.

The two began playing their instruments, Kotohime running her fingers across the strings while Tayuya blew into her flute as both played instruments. The two played not taking eyes off the other as they played on. Music filled the air as they dueled. As they played melodic notes started to come out of the music as they both glowed

A pink one came out of Tayuya while a Blue one came from Kotohime as they played. The Melody Notes appeared and then went against one. Battling one another fighting music with music.

Kotohime ran her fingers across the strings of her instrument at a solemn pace. Playing on it as she smirked as hers began to overwhelm Tayuya's, she continued playing on The Koto sensing that she was having the advantage.

The notes coming from her instrument pushed Tayuya's back overpowering her own music as The Koto's music was heard in the room drowning out her Flute until it was inches away from her

Kotohime smirked as she believed victory was hers.

Tayuya however showed no signs of panicking at what was happening as she kept on playing her instrument. She played moving her fingers expertly across it as she blew into the flute.

Playing her instrument she kept on performing and slowly her notes started to push back against Kotohime's knocking them back and regaining strength. Kotohime picked up the pace of her own playing the strings

Tayuya's continued to strengthen and get stronger and louder as hers knocked back The other musician's beam and notes overpowering them. Kotohime continued to play going faster and quicker on it but she could not find herself regaining the advantage as Tayuya was overpowering her. She played at a frantic pace on it but found herself being overwhelmed as cracks started to appear in The Koto.

Tayuya played her finale and The Koto shattered broken apart and Kotohime was knocked back as she rolled on the ground having been defeated by her.

Tayuya put her flute away and didn't regard her.

"Surround them!" Kabuto ordered and the group of Ninjas went to encircle them.

Kimimaro lashed out at Raiga blocking his swipes and found himself being attacked as well by Sakon and Jirobo also attacking but they were intercepted by Tayuya's Doki which she resummoned and knocked them away. The two fighting together combining both sword and flute to deadly effect.

However even despite their formidable skills they could not hope to overcome them as well as more and more entered the room numbering in the Hundreds surrounding them both.

The two were surrounded back to back by Sound Nins and Kurosuki members all around them from each side. Nowhere for them to run. The two looked on as they were moments away from being run through.

Orochimaru sarcastically clapped despite the pain in his arms mocking their performance.

"What exactly could you two fools possibly have done?" He taunted them. "There was nothing you could have done to stop me. Now you shall bare witness to the Plague that will destroy not only Konoha but all who oppose me!" He said to Tayuya and Kimimaro.

"We're not done yet you bastard." Tayuya said to him defiance in her eyes and Orochimaru cackled.

"There's no escape this time, I shall you use Kimimaro as a vessel to have as my next body and you Tayuya you shall be the first subject to be tested on his disease." He said to them letting each know their fates. "What could you possibly be waiting for?"

The ground suddenly rumbled in the room much to their surprise of all in the room. An Earthquake?

Suddenly a giant blue snake appeared bursting through the floor with a Kunoichi riding on its head.

"Waiting for me!" A voice shouted much to Orochimaru's surprise as to who it was.

"What?! Anko!" He shouted at seeing his former student not expecting to see her.

"No way in hell am I going to let you get this to work!" She shouted and The Snake lashed at those in the room with its tail knocking them back.

"STOP HER!" Orochimmaru shouted ordering his men.

Anko leapt off the snake hovering the air above them and revealed several explosive tags on her body and lit them.

Anko threw the explosive tag at the tube containing the disease and it exploded on contact, the glass shattered and broken and Anko threw another into it and it exploded as well destroying the Plague. Their plan had been for while they were distracted by Kimimaro and Tayuya she would took that opportunity to destroy the plague when no one would suspect it.

"NO!" Kabuto shouted seeing it and the work they had done was destroyed

Explosives went off as some of the machines exploded due to what had happened sparking and setting off and a fire broke out.

"Let's get The Hell out of here." Anko said to the others as they had managed to destroy it.

"Fine by me." Tayuya said also ready to leave.

The group fled on The Summon escaping the base their mission a success. Gradually they had earned each other's respect today.

Orochimaru stood in the remnant of the room looking on at the destruction that had happened and the loss of the project.

Gone…it was all gone. The Plague had been destroyed by them. All his work had been for nothing. Orochimaru looked on as fire was around the room as he stood alone looking on at it as the fire reflected off his eyes.

Orochimaru a look of fury in his eyes let out a roar of outrage and anger as another of his plans had been thwarted.

"Idiot!" Sakon shouted at Toshihiro who was leaning against the wall dazed. "Because of you everything's ruined!" He yelled at him. "If you had been able to get off your ass they would've been stopped and the equipment wouldn't have been destroyed!" He yelled at him.

"They…hit me." He tried to explain about what Raiga had down hitting him with his attack. But Sakon was having no pity towards him

"You do what we say you understand you idiot!" Sakon yelled at him and then slapped Toshihiro across the face. "Your nothing more than a worthless worm not fit to be trash!" He shouted and slapped him again.

Suddenly Toshihiro grabbed him by his shirt surprising him. "You hit…me?!" Toshihiro yelled at him his voice full of rage.

"N-Now Toshihiro, calm down." Sakon said putting his hands out trying to get him to stop. "No need to get upset." He said realizing he may have done something foolish just know.

"You…don't…strike me!" Toshihiro shouted at him. He then struck Sakon across the face slapping him in return. He delivered another smack to him. Striking him back for what he had said He was unaware of a person behind him fist drawn back.

Jirobo threw his fist at him when Toshihiro turned and caught it surprising him not expecting him to catch it. The warrior let out a roar as he gripped it tightly overpowering him and brought Jirobo to one knee.

However he had forgotten about Sakon and Ukon who attacked him from behind in the back. Laying into him together and making him lose his grip on Jirobo who then joined in.

The group attacked and beat him down, overwhelming him with sure force and numbers. Beating him down and kicking him while he was defenseless and unable to defend himself.

He laid on the floor having been beaten down as Sakon and the others looked down at him contempt in their eyes and Sakon kicked him in the ribs as they left.

On the outskirts of Wave the sounds of fighting was heard.

The Sound Forces had come, just like Kakashi had expected they would seeking revenge for what had happened.

Anticipating that this was going to happen he had told The Inhabitants of Wave to set up defenses and block the bridge to prevent them gaining access into The Village. Also able bodied men were assigned to help protect the place.

Sakura avoided a kunai thrown at her and threw a kick hitting her opponent in the chest. The Pink haired girl saw them backing away and went to give chase when she noticed them making motions with their hands and group of Sound Ninjas appeared each one carrying a Crossbow aimed at her.

"Kill her!" The Shinobi shouted and they fired the bolts from the crossbows at her. Thinking fast Sakura did hand symbols and was replaced with a log and she appeared behind them with a small ball in hand and threw it in between them.

The ball exploded sending up a cloud of orange smoke which they inhaled and entered their lungs. Slowly the group fell unconscious falling to the ground as it had been a chemical substance that had knocked them out.

"Nice one Sakura." Ino complimented her. "I'll have to use that myself sometime."

"Copying me now are you?" Sakura asked with a smirk.

Asuma was fighting with Chouji and Shikamaru against a group. "Oh man, couldn't these guys attack after supper instead?" The hefty Chouji whined. "I'm hungry."

"Now's not the time to think about your stomach Chouji." Shikamaru said to his teammate The Chunin admonishing him for thinking about food. He activated his Kage Mane and trapped a group with it.

"Don't be too hard on him Shikamaru," Asuma said with a smile. "Chouji if you perform well and beat at least ten of these guys I'll take you out to an all you can Buffet!" He said knowing how to encourage him.

"You mean it!" Chouji said his eyes lighting up at the prospect of a free meal. "Alright then you Sound creeps, bring all of you on at once!" He shouted and rushed into the fray and Asuma let out a chuckle.

"Jigumo will be avenged!" Kamikiri shouted lunging at his clanmates' killer weapon in hand. Kakashi dodged his attack and struck him across the face.

"It's good you wish to avenge your friend, but I'm afraid your chasing an impossible dream as long as you follow Orochimaru." Kakashi said to him. Kamikiri attacked him but got intercepted by Sasuke.

Kamikiri attacked him looking to tear his head off, Sasuke avoided it and grabbed him by the arm and twisted it. Kamikiri slugged him with his other arm knocking him back and lashed at him with his Scissor Pincers and just missed Sasuke but he cut a tree in two

had been behind.

Naruto was facing against Kidomaru the leader of the Sound Forces who had attacked. Kidomaru attacked him weapons in his six hands lashing out at Naruto who blocked and parried with his bone swords. Kidomaru's multiple weapons looked threatening at first but Naruto realized that there was very little he could do with having to wield so many at once.

Naruto dodged and parried outmaneuvering him. Kidomaru fired a gob of web at him and Naruto sliced it in half. He rushed at him and lashed at him with his bone swords but Kidomaru covered himself up in a golden substance protecting himself and struck Naruto knocking him back.

"You'll pay for being a constant thorn in our side!" Kidomaru shouted at him doing hand symbols summoned a giant web looking to ensnare him in it. Naruto saw it coming but Asuma appeared trench knives in hand and cut it to shreds surprising Kidomaru.

"Take this! Wind Slash!" He shouted and slashed his trench knives creating a sharp gust of wind that hit Kidomaru knocking him back and putting cracks in his armor from it.

"Nice, think I could learn that?" Naruto said impressed.

"Sure," Asuma replied with a smile "Maybe I can give you a pointers how to use your Kekkai Genkai and use it with your element if you got the right type."

Kidomaru revealed his third eye in anger and formed his bow and arrow and let loose with one with a thread attached to it. Naruto and Asuma dodged it but Kidomaru pulled on it and it turned and came at them from another angle. The two evaded it as it Kidomaru notched another arrow and fired another two at once sending them after them.

The arrows came at them as Kidomaru used his threads to direct them and keep them coming at him and prevent them from using any Jutsus or Techniques.

Asuma saw them coming when Chouji in his enlarged form appeared in front of them and The Arrows hit him. He let out a grunt and reaching into his mounds of flesh pulled them out and snapped them like twigs. "Nice one Chouji, your learning your family's abilities aren't just for Offensive!" Asuma praised him.

Naruto taking the opportunity created a pair of clones and tossed both of them a sword as they charged at Kidomaru. "Dance of The Crescent Moon!" Naruto shouted and all three lunged at the spider ninja from different slides who covered himself up.

All three swords hit their mark and Naruto's cracked through his armor cutting through to his flesh. Kidomaru cried out in pain as blood spewed from the wound.

"You'll pay for that!" He snarled as he activated his Cursed Seal

Sasuke still engaged Kamikiri in battle. Sasuke was holding his own against The Fuma clan member. Kamikiri lunged at him Pincers in hand as he lashed at him aiming for his head. Sasuke ducked his head back just in time.

The edge of the weapon faintly cut against his cheek.

A bit of blood dripped from his cheek from it and Sasuke snarled and cursed markings appeared across his face surprising him as The Cursed Seal of Heaven activated as something inside him snapped at what just happened.

Sasuke then attacked relentlessly going twice as fast as before overwhelming him. Sasuke attacked with ferocity that stunned Kamikiri who was unable to defend against him. Performing hand symbols he hit him across the face and kicked him hard in the stomach making him keel over. Sasuke's eyes flashed red as he was no match for him.

Sasuke performed a Jutsu and fired several fireballs at him. Kamikiri saw them and did symbols of his own and did a gust of wind but saw that several Shurikens were inside them coming at him.

He quickly covered himself up with his arms as the ninja stars passed through leaving cuts and scratches on him.

He was unaware that Sasuke had appeared behind him and tripped him up sending him to his knees Sasuke grabbed his arm and then jabbed the blade of his weapon at his neck.

The attack hit him going through piercing his throat.

"Join your clansmen in the afterlife." He said to him with no emotion as Kamikiri breathed his last.

Kidomaru looked on and saw it was a losing battle.

"Enough of this, I'm done!" Kidomaru shouted having had his fill of fighting and fled retreating.

"Oh no you don't!" Naruto shouted chasing after him not letting him get away knowing he was one of Orochimaru's top men.

Sasuke saw Kidomaru and an opportunity for himself. "Fire Release: Grand Fireball!" He shouted and fired it at them unaware he had also put Naruto in the line of fire

The attack came at them and Kidomaru saw it and used his thread to launch himself into the air and avoid it but the same couldn't be said of Naruto as the attack landed near him and exploded

Naruto fell off the bridge and into the water with a splash. The blonde tried to pull himself up but found his body unable to move as he could barely move his arm and kick his legs. He felt heavier and unable to swim as he desperately tried to stay afloat but was unable to do so. His body having become denser and weighing more preventing him from moving.

"Help!" He shouted before he sank underwater

"Naruto?" Kakashi said looking around for his student as The Sound Ninjas had retreated. "Where's Naruto?" He said to the others who didn't see him. He turned and then saw the bubbles faintly rising from the water. "Naruto!" He shouted and leapt into water diving after him.

"I'm going after them!" Asuma shouted taking off his vest preparing to dive in as well. No way was he going to sit here while someone was drowning as he dove in.

"Sensei!" Shikamaru shouted seeing him go in.

Kakashi swam and paddled his way down through the water and soon saw him. Naruto had fallen unconscious and was not moving as he sank to the bottom. Kakashi raced after him knowing that his time was limited as Naruto would soon die if he did not save him.

He reached up and wrapped an arm around him and began to swam upward. Struggling with carrying Naruto as well as his own lungs knowing he could drown as well if he wasn't careful.

(Dang it Naruto, lay off the Ramen.) Kakashi thought as he struggled to carry him as Naruto had become so heavy he was struggling with carrying him. (His bones, that must be why.) His Kekkai Genkai was hindering him as due to the heavy and additional density of them Naruto was unable to do anything.

He continued on swimming with Naruto trying to bring him to the surface but it took a mighty effort even for him to do so with an extra body.

He felt his lungs start to burn as they were still far away from the surface. Suddenly a hand grabbed him and he turned and saw Asuma having reached them. The two nodded and Kakashi gave Naruto to him and both carried him as they swam up to the surface.

They appeared out of the water Naruto in their arms and the two Jonins swam over to the shore.

"Naruto!" Sakura shouted as the others ran towards them. "Is he alright?" She asked concern and fear in her eyes as they looked on as Naruto laid there silently.

"Get back!" Kakashi said turning his head to them. "Give him room!" He said looking down at him with concern. Naruto was not moving or breathing. "C'mon kid, you can't die not like this." He said to him.

He then pressed his hands against Naruto's chest and began pumping them against his heart. "One, Two, Three." He said counting in rhythm as he did so to get his heart to beat. "One…Two…Three." He said and used Chakra as well to try and pump oxygen into his heart. With his back to them he lowered his mask and He then tilted Naruto's head back and propped open his mouth and breathed into it performing CPR on him and then resumed pumping on his chest. "One, Two Three. C'mon Naruto you can do this!" He said and performed CPR again continuing his attempt to resurrect him.

A weak cough escaped Naruto suddenly and he spat out water groggily opening his eyes.

"Naruto!" Kakashi excalimed as he weakly sat up coughing as fresh air filled his lungs. He wrapped his arms around his student. "Thank god your alive." He said to him as he knew he had almost lost him. "Your going to be alright." Kakashi said to the boy.

Sakura let out a sigh of relief glad that he was alive as she looked on with the others.

They headed back to The Village celebrating their successful defense of The Place knowing they had protected them. Kakashi had sent a Dog Messenger to Tsunade letting her know about The Sound Base and ANBU would be sent to deal with it so it wouldn't threaten Wave.

The Masked Ninja looked on at the sight knowing that Morale was high after what had happened. Inari had been admonished for threatening himself and his family by his mother and grandpa. No doubt he would have many chores to do after this.

He looked on and saw Sasuke standing there. "Sasuke, I want to talk to you about what happened earlier." He said and he looked at him.

"You endangered Naruto with what you did, he nearly drowned because of you Sasuke. "That's not something you want in your mind of what you did." He said to Sasuke who let out a scoff

"People die as a Ninja in missions, everyone who becomes one knows the risk that they may die."

"But not dying because of a mistake caused by their own teammate." Kakashi said to him sternly. "You've learned nothing I'm afraid," He said shaking his head. "The cold bitterness in your heart of your desire to slay Itachi has cast you off from everyone else."

Sasuke glared hard at him for his words and mentioning his brother. "You're reminding me of a foolish boy who was your age who believed that friends weren't needed or necessary as he thought they were with the way your looking at me right now." Kakashi said to him. "One of the few friends he had paid the ultimate price for him to realize what he had done and he realized just how much that friend meant to him and if had done things differently his friend would still be alive."

"What are you saying?" Sasuke said to him.

"I'm saying that you can't keep this up, this Lone Wolf façade you got on. Can you imagine what would've happened if Naruto had drowned earlier? Can you live with yourself knowing that you did that? That you're responsible for him no longer alive?"

Sasuke didn't respond as he stared at Kakashi.

"Your quest to avenge your clan at this rate is going to lead down a path with nothing left at the end of it."

The next day the group bid their farewells to Tazuna, Tsunami, Inari, and the rest of Wave as they left and headed home

However, as they left Naruto's gaze was on Sasuke.

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