Next chapter of Blood is Thicker than Bone. Facing off against the fully restored Orochimaru, Naruto finds himself badly outmatched against The Sannin.

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"After all these years, I finally have what I've been searching for." Orochimaru with his arms restored said as he fired a Jutsu.

"MOVE!" Anko shouted and they leapt out of the way. The Jutsu went off and hit a nearby tree and destroyed it leaving nothing.

"Searching every corner of The Elemental Nations and beyond for the halves of it. I have at last possess The Mask of Honda." Orochimaru claimed as he casual made hand symbols and fired a snake made out of flame at them. Kakashi performed hand symbols and put up a barrier which just barely stopped it. "With this I no longer have to fear anything, no wound, no jutsu, no technique. Nothing can harm me!" Orochimaru cackled in glee as he had spent years looking for The Mask of Honda. Finding the broken pieces of them as he had come to the Land of Tea to get the other Half. The fabled item worn by the Legendary Samurai himself now in his possession and had undid the damage done to his arms by Sarutobi months back at Konoha. His jutsus and techniques being restored to him. Kimimaro rushed at his former master bone swords springing out of him and lunged at him. Orochimaru caught the swords with his hands and they did not cut through his flesh shocking Kimimaro at what happened. Grinning Orochimaru kicked him in the chest knocking him backwards. Kimimaro landed on his feet.

"Nothing can hurt me anymore, I fear no one." Orochimaru said with a cackle.

"Rasengan!" Naruto shouted as he threw the ball of energy at him and got him in the chest as Orochimaru didn't even try to dodge it. The move hit him but Naruto looked on in disbelief as it didn't even lay a scratch on him. "No way." He said as his body was shaking as he felt rare fear enter his body.

"Jiraiya's old move eh? This is a Jutsu boy!" Orochimaru taunted him and a ball of energy appeared in his own hand and he threw it at Naruto. Naruto ducked under it dodging it but it stopped and came back at him narrowly missing him. The ball continued to go at him and Naruto dodged and avoided it as each miss only made it come at him faster and he was unable to dodge it as it slammed into his back knocking him down from the impact. Naruto struggled to pull himself up from it as it felt like he got hit by a bull.

"He's too strong Naruto," Kakashi said to him helping him up. "We've got to get out of here." He told him and Naruto nodded his head. Kakashi threw a smoke bomb down and Tayuya cast a thick mist on the area and the group went to retreat.

A wave of flames shot up right in front of them stopping their retreat. Any closer and they would've been burnt to a crisp if they had came into contact with it.

"I told you," Orochimaru said to them having put it up stopping them. "You shall all die this day. There will be no escape!" He exclaimed and fired a Jutsu at them. The attack hit Tayuya and knocked her back towards the flames. Kimimaro caught her in the nick of time before she would've been burned alive.

Naruto gritted his teeth at what was happening. "Kage Bushin No Jutsu!" He shouted and summoned over three hundred clones and they all rushed The Sannin.

"Futon: Daitoppa!" Orochimaru shouted as he cast a Jutsu and summoned a powerful gust of wind which hit the clones and sent them all flying through the air and slamming against one another and exploded. "Child's play, at least make me actually sweat a little." He taunted them.

The Three Genins watched from afar at what was happening. Might Gai stood guarding over them to protect them and ready to enter the fray if need be. They had rushed to here after defeating The Sound Nins in Tea only to see what was going on.

"Bastard!" Tayuya cursed as she dodged a barrage of giant shuriken Orochimaru threw at her. She summoned her Doki and they attacked Orochimaru swinging their clubs. Orochimaru stood in one spot not moving as they brought their clubs right down onto him. However despite the fact that they could crush solid stone with them the attacks had no effect on him. The Mask preventing any damage from being done to him much to her disbelief. She switched tactics and her summons bandages were removed form their mouths and snake like creatures appeared and bit Orochimaru on his chest and shoulders.

Orochimaru cackled in amusement as they had no effect either and bringing his sword up spun and slashed through all three of her Doki destroying them. He then appeared in front of her and struck her across the face knocking her down.

"I've always found that tongue of yours irritating. Perhaps its time I removed it." Orochimaru said a wicked grin on his face. Tayuya stared up at him fear in her eyes as there was nothing she could do.

Before he could do anything Anko appeared and lashed out at him and snakes shot out of her wrists and bit him. Tayuya took that opportunity to get out of there.

"Trying to kill a Snake with poison Anko? I thought I taught you better than that." He said dryly as it had no effect on him even if the mask wasn't on. "That does remind me of a favorite technique." He said and summoned a giant snake which spat out acid at them and they nearly ducked avoiding it as it burnt a hole in the ground.

Tayuya cast a melody on her flute and Orochimaru found himself in a different dimension and saw his arms starting to melt before his eyes. "Genjutsu," He noted as this was one of her techniques. "Adequate, but lacking in power!" He said and brought them up and formed seals and shattered it.

"Damn it," Tayuya cursed as that was her best Genjutsu and it didn't have any effect on him.

"Together." Kimimaro said and he and Naruto rushed at Orochimaru each sprouting bone swords from their arms and attacked him. Orochimaru dodged their attacks and disappeared with a clone of himself in his spot which exploded knocking them backwards to the ground.

"K-Kimimaro." Naruto said looking on at him as he laid on the ground. Orochimaru appeared in front of him and lashed out at him. Naruto didn't have time to block it as he was hit in the face. Orochimaru followed it up with a combo of kicks and punches pummeling him and knocking him backwards leaving Naruto no time to react or try to defend against it. He could not hope to match up against his speed or skill as the difference was too great.

Orochimaru kicked him in the chest knocking him down and Naruto cried out and coughed up blood from the blows he had taken. "He's too strong…" Naruto muttered to himself as he couldn't follow his movements. (I don't know how to get out of this one)

Orochimaru cackled when he spotted Kimimaro having recovered attacking him and blocked it with Kusanagi. His former bodyguard glaring at him cold fury in his eyes. Kimimaro sprouted multiple bone swords and begin spinning going at him in a wheel of death. Orochimaru avoided it and Kimimaro turned around and threw multiple knives made of bone at him and they hit Orochimaru but didn't harm him.

"Take comfort, you shall not die today. With your body and this Mask, I will be truly unstoppable. Once I obtain The Sharingan eyes and add it to this, nothing in this world can stop me." He said to Kimimaro who growled at him

"I will kill you this day, even at the cost of my own life if need be!" Kimimaro shouted at him and leapt and fired hundreds of bones at him. Orochimaru brought Kusanagi up and deflected them and brought his other hand up and formed hand symbols.

"Lighting Release: Bolt of Judgment." Orochimaru shouted and a bolt of lightning shot out of the sky and hit Kimimaro in midair. Kimimaro cried out in pain and agony as he was electrocuted by the bolt and fell to the ground.

"Water Style: Raging Rapid!" Tayuya shouted suddenly as she did hand symbols and blasted a powerful wave of water at Orochimaru hitting him and knocking him backwards.

"Fire Release: Dragon Fire!" Anko shouted and inhaled and blew out fire at him and hit The Sannin. However when the dust cleared Orochimaru stood there unharmed.

"Damn it, nothing's working on him." Anko cursed. "I hate to say it but I think we're dead." She said as she looked on at him.

"Thanks for stating the freakin' obvious." Tayuya mumbled.

(There has to be a way, if he leaves here with that. No one is safe.) Kakashi thought to himself as he knew Orochimaru would be invincible with it. (I can't let him leave here with that, even if I have to give my own life in the process.) He said looking on as Orochimaru walked towards them.

"I've grown bored of this. Deal with them." The Sannin said and a bipedal snake creature appeared wielding a great axe. The Snake hissed and lunged at them looking to cleave them apart. The Kunoichis barely dodged it in time as it slashed at them.

The summon roared and attacked with its weapon as it would lop off their heads. Anko leapt backwards avoiding its swing threw shuriken at it. The ninja stars hit its arms and legs but that only seemed to make it madder. "Fire Release: Firebird!" She shouted firing the jutsus which took the shape of birds and flew at him and slammed into its body. The beast roared in fury and lashed at her. One hit would turn her into worm food if she wasn't careful.

Tayuya played a melody on her flute and a thick mist surrounded the summon. The creature hissed on edge when it felt something nearby and lashed out and hit a copy of Tayuya which disappeared. It hissed in fury opening its mouth wide showing rows of sharp teeth.

"Earth Style: Tremor!" Kakashi's voice was heard and the ground began to shake stunning it as it lost its footing. Three blonde boys with a sword in hand appeared in the mist as well.

"Dance of The Crescent Moon!" Naruto shouted as all three stabbed into it as blood poured from its wounds. The creature roared in pain and Kimimaro cut off its head killing it and it dispelled in a poof of smoke.

"Good job." Kakashi said to the group and turned and looked back at Orochimaru who was advancing towards them. "Kimimaro, Anko. I got an idea." He whispered to them.

Orochimaru walked towards the group the mask covering his face as he stepped forward to them. He hadn't had this much fun in some time. He could've killed them all at any time if he had wanted too. But he wanted to delay their deaths. Make them feel agony and pain like he had felt when he had lost his arms back at Konoha after what Sarutobi had done. So that they would beg for death from him. Then and only then would he decide to end it.

Kakashi rushed at Orochimaru and tossing a scroll up into the air it poofed into a Katana and Kakashi caught it and engaged him pitting steel against steel. The two ninjas expertly blocked and parried one another's attacks and blows. Kakashi ducked under Kusanagi and swung at his abdomen which he expertly blocked

Anko appeared a pair of daggers in hand and slashed at him as well attacking him with them. Forcing him on the edge and the defensive. He blocked each ones attack as they attacked him.

Kimimaro appeared as well catching him off guard sprouting bone swords and attacked him as all three Jonin level Ninjas attacked him from each side. Kimimaro lashed at him with dual blades while Kakashi aimed for his chest and Anko kept him from trying to use a Jutsu with her daggers.

Orochimaru grunted as he was attacked from all sides by them. He wouldn't admit it, but he had to use all his swordsmen skill to avoid their attacks from the three who attacked him. He knew he could not stay focused on one for more than a half a second. Kimimaro slashed at him and he dodged it and blocked Kakashi's katana. Anko's daggers almost got him in the back that he brought his sword up to block in time.

Kakashi swept diagonally at him which Orochimaru blocked pitting themselves against one another. Kimimaro rushed him and slashed at him and The Sannin dodged and grabbed his arm as the three struggled. Anko seeing that opportunity threw her daggers aiming at his head. Orochimaru saw it and moved his head in the nick of time and the weapon hit the side of the mask

The Mask started to slip but Orochimaru caught it and put it in place keeping it on. "Enough of this!" He snarled and Kusanagi glowed and he spun and all three were sent flying backwards. Naruto and Tayuya rushed to join them to check and see them.

The group were panting and heaving exhausted as their chakra was running on empty, and they hadn't even landed a blow of any sort on Orochimaru.

"Feel ready to keel over and just die." Tayuya grumbled as she struggled to breathe.

A cry was heard and they all looked and saw Naruto standing up. Fury was in his eyes as they slowly turned red and fangs and claws started to form on his mouth and hands as be let out a scream. An aura started to take shape around him the shape of a fox.

"Naruto…" Kakashi whispered as he realized what was going on.

"Now things are getting fun." Orochimaru said with a smirk as he looked on as a tail sprouted out of Naruto who drew on the power of The Kyuubi.

Naruto murder in his eyes lunged at Orochimaru with great speed. He attacked him with a claw looking to tear his face right off. Orochimaru dodged it and lashed at him with Kusanagi but Naruto caught the blade surprising him and kicked him in the mid section. Multiple bones sprouted out of him as he activated his Kekkai Genkai as well and threw giant javelins made of bones at him. Orochimaru dodged it noting that they would skewer him if one connected with him. Naruto leapt at him and Orochimaru brought up a barrier which Naruto bounced off of. Naruto leapt back up to his feet and attacked the barrier again breaking it and Orochimaru dodged his attack.

"A miracle has appeared before us." Anko said with a smile. "If he uses that power he'll tear that bastard to pieces!" She exclaimed thinking they could win.

"Oh?" Kakashi said as he wasn't sharing her celebrating. He looked on at what was happening as Naruto attacked again and Orochimaru dodged it.

"I don't like this." Kimimaro said looking on as well.

Orochimaru struck Naruto in the face with a hard punch but he shrugged it right off and snapped at him looking to bite his arm clean off. Orochimaru dodged it in the nick of time as Naruto snarled at him.

Despite his attacks and increased strength and speed that he had gained from using Kyuubi's power. He couldn't land a hit on The Snake as Orochimaru dodged each attempt as his attacks were wild and predictable thus making it easy for someone on Orochimaru's level to know where they were coming at and how to avoid his blows. Naruto roared in anger as he attacked fury in his eyes that was growing with each miss.

"With The Kyuubi's power, your no better than a mindless beast." Orochimaru taunted him as he knew Naruto had little experience with it. Naruto's powerup was in fact hindering him as he was so unused to using it he lost all reasonable thought and actions as a primal side took over. The only thing he wanted to do was tear Orochimaru limb from limb as any rational actions or thoughts had left his body.

Naruto ran on all fours and lunged at him who avoided it. Naruto skidded and held out his hands and fired dozens of sharpened nails from his fingers at him which Orochimaru batted away with Kusanagi a taunting smirk as if asking as if that was all.

"Don't let The Kyuubi take control of you Naruto." Kakashi said looking on. Even though Kyuubi's strength was great and Naruto was only using a small portion of it, he was losing control of his actions as both him and Kyuubi wanted control. If Kyuubi got control, things could take a turn to the worst.

Naruto leapt and spun at him bones sticking out of him becoming a buzz saw of death. Orochimaru avoided it in the nick of time. "That one could've left a deep wound on me if I didn't have this on." He muttered glaring at the wretched boy who landed on his feet and charged him.

"Would you like to know how your parents passed away?" He asked suddenly and Naruto stopped in his tracks surprise in his eyes.

"My parents?" He said outloud as his eyes turned back to blue.

"Yes, your mother and father. Your mother's family name you inherited. Kushina Uzumaki, " He said to him. "It had been her name."

"Naruto don't listen to him!" Kakashi called out to the stunned boy.

"She died the same day you were born. If it weren't for her pregnancy and delivering you she could've escaped when Kyuubi attacked." Orochimaru told him recalling how his parents had died that day to him. "She died because of you. Your father killed himself out of grief shortly afterwards." He said to Naruto

Naruto's body shook hard. Shaking with each passing second at what he was saying. His eyes transformed back to red as the Aura glowed hotter and brighter than before.

"Oh my god, do you feel that?" Tayuya said as she felt her knees shaking from the killing intent he was pouring out.

"YOU LIE!" Naruto shouted at him

"Do I?" Orochimaru asked with a sadistic smirk beneath The Mask of Honda.

Naruto let out a roar of fury as he charged Orochimaru. He lashed and attacked at him with his bone swords wanting nothing more than to cut his head right off. Orochimaru expertly evaded his hate filled attacks and knocked his swords out of his hands. He went to cleave him in two when Naruto leapt up into the air.

Orochimaru summoned a snake out of his sleeve and it wrapped around Naruto's leg and Orochimaru pulled downwards slamming him to the ground.

Naruto's body hit the ground hard and Orochimaru dashed forward and stomped right on his wrist breaking it shattering the bones. Loud cries of agony escaped Naruto as he felt the pain shoot throughout his body as Orochimaru grinded his foot in making the pain worse.

"Naruto!" Kakashi shouted listening him screaming in pain.

"One step forward and this boy will die a slow death." Orochimaru warned. "Weapons, now." He ordered them. "Drop them or else he dies." He said his sword aimed at Naruto.

Anko growled but Kakashi shook his head no at her. Reluctantly she discarded her daggers throwing them away. Tayuya dropped her flute while Kakashi sent away the Katana he had used. Kimimaro put his bone swords back into his body glaring fully at Orochimaru who had his cousin trapped.

Orochimaru looked at them as they obeyed him and cackled before going into full length laughter. "Kukukuhahaha! Fools. Bare witness to the end of The Uzumaki!" He shouted and prepared to stab his sword into Naruto's throat.

"Kuchiyose No Jutsu!" Kimimaro shouted making hand symbols as fast as he could casting it.

Orochimaru's sword only stabbed the stone as something dashed by and grabbed hold of Naruto pulling him away in the nick of time. He turned in surprise and saw a great black panther had appeared and was carrying the boy on its back coming over to Kimimaro and the others. It stopped in front of them as Naruto's broken hand hanged limply off the side of The Panther who's eyes showed intelligence as it stared up at Kimimaro who had summoned it. Having saved Naruto in the nick of time from dying just now.

"Hmph, The Panther, the personal summons of The Kaguya Clan." Orochimaru said. "Its been years since you used that. But it won't save you." He said to them. "Now it's time for you all to meet your end." He said as he prepared to attack them

A horse's cry was heard suddenly much to everyone's surprise. The Sound of galloping hooves echoing across the area. Turning they looked and saw a large horse nine feet tall galloping towards them. It ran with ease and grace across carrying its rider.

A man clad in Ancient Samurai armor rode upon it seated in the saddle of his horse. His armor was magnificent crafted showing no weak spots as he rode easily on his steed. Prayer beads adorned across his neck as he rode. A large polearm he carried in one hand that would take an ordinary man both hands to carry as he carried his weapon with zero effort. The Spear looking so sharp it would cut through anything in its path with zero difficulty.

What was most striking about him was his helmet, large stag antlers protruded from it. The Samurai rode towards them coming to a stop between them, putting himself in between The Leaf Ninjas and Orochimaru.

"Who the hell is this guy?" Tayuya muttered looking on as he had appeared out of nowhere.

"He's powerful, a warrior amongst warriors." Kimimaro noted looking on as he felt the power he had inside of him. Strength that only came once every hundred of years and few could ever possibly hope to obtain.

The Samurai turned his gaze to Orochimaru who scowled at his unexpected arrival. Matching his glare with one of his own he dismounted from his horse standing before The Sannin as a staredown was being had between The Snake and The Samurai.

"Any idea who this guy is?" Anko asked cautiously looking on at him. Was he a friend, or was he an even more terrible foe? He didn't look like someone you'd want on the opposing side in battle.

"I don't know…" Kakashi said as he was as confused as the last. He looked on at the Man studying his body structure. Every part of him was on edge, every muscle in his body was ready to make a move.

"Who are you? Another fool come to die?" Orochimaru snarled at him. The Samurai didn't respond as he clutched his weapon standing feet away from him. "Answer me!" Orochimaru commanded him.

"Give up…" The Samurai spoke to him. "Give back that which isn't yours." He said as his eyes were on the mask. Orochimaru looking at his unknown foe snarled in fury at his audacity to challenge him.

"I don't know what or who you think you are, but this mask is mine!" Orochimaru shouted and lashed out at him with Kusanagi.

It happened so fast that none could even register what happened but the next thing they knew was Kusanagi flying up in the air and landed in the ground behind him. The silent man's spear at his throat. Orochimaru The most feared man in all The Elemental Nations and Master Swordsman had been disarmed effortlessly.

"His skill, it's not like any I've ever seen. Not even with The Sharingan could I track his movement." Kakashi said in awe looking on at The Samurai.

Orochimaru snarled at him and performed hand symbols as his hands transformed into pythons and they lashed out at him looking to tear out his throat. The man stoically blocked the attack and with a heave and to the shock of all tossed Orochimaru aside. The stunned Sannin landed on his back looking up at him.

"You have something that is mine." The silent Samurai said and held out his hand. The Mask of Honda suddenly detached itself from Orochimaru's face and rose up.

"WHAT?!" Orochimaru shouted in disbelief at what was happening and cried out in pain and agony as excoriating pain shot throughout him and he stared in horror as he watched his arms turn purple and lifeless again now that he wasn't wearing The Mask.

The Samurai clutched The Mask as it returned to him and put it on his own face. At long last, he had his Mask again. That he had adorned in the undying servitude of his Lord. It was not meant to be worn by those who would cause chaos. He had come back for it when he sensed it had become whole again. Returning from The Spirit Realm where souls resided after many hundreds of years to get it back. He walked back to his Stallion and mounted it as he had no reason to be here any longer.

Orochimaru screamed in pain as he felt what was happening to him as his arms were now worthless and he could do nothing with them. "I'll remember this!" He shouted and using his last bit of energy he had before his arms completely stopped working disappeared via a teleportation Jutsu.

The Samurai did not regard The Leaf who stood there stunned at what they had witnessed. Stroking the mane of his horse and carrying his Spear in his hand he rode off into the distance and disappeared the same way he had appeared. Returning from whence he had came.

"Who was that? It couldn't have been, could it?" Kakashi said at what he had just saw. A Legend having come back to Life right when it all seemed over and disappearing again.

"Let's get the hell out of here." Anko said speaking as they had the opportunity to flee. "Before who knows what or who shows up as well."

They left and met up with Gai, Sakura, and the others who had fought The Sound Nins back in Tea while that was happening and who were stunned to see them in the shape and condition they were in. Sakura bandaged the wounds the best she could using what Tsunade had been teachign her looking on at them as Naruto was in deep pain. An ominous feeling was in the air after what had happened as they could hardly call it a victory or a success after what had happened.

The group made their way home, heading back to Konoha feeling the effects of the battle that had taken place.

Kakashi informed Tsunade of what had happened. Of the meeting with Orochimaru and the hopeless battle they had against him followed up by the unexpected Samurai showing up and taking The Mask of Honda and departing, part of which he still couldn't believe had happened.

"We just barely got out of that one alive. A split second and we were all dead." Kakashi told The Hokage. "It's a miracle none of us died back there Godaime-sama." He said to Tsunade who sat at her desk listening in. They had all suffered wounds and she and those at the Hospital had tended to them. Naruto had been hurt the worst suffering the most severe wounds.

"I see," Tsunade replied as she listened to his report. Finding it very intriguing. She had heard about The Fabled Mask. She had been told it as a child but she had never believed it existed. One thing for sure, she was glad it wasn't in Orochimaru's hands anymore.

"Orochimaru if The Mask of Honda hadn't been taken would've been invincible. Nothing worked on him while he wore it. What I'm worried about the most though is Naruto." He said referring to the boy.

"The boy will be fine, he'll heal in a week or two." Tsunade told him and Kakashi shook his head disagreeing with her.

"It's not that. This battle wounded Naruto far more than it appeared. He was hurt more on the inside than anything else. He came very close to dying today. This will have an effect on him I know." He said to her.

"Perhaps, you've dodged quite the bullet. Apparently The Heavens favor you all." Tsunade said but Kakashi didn't share her mirth.

"Get some rest Kakashi. You've had a long day." The Hokage told him and The Jonin nodded his head and left her office.

Kakashi walked through the empty streets of Konoha his mind replaying what had happened today. It had been a hard loss, and he wondered just how much it would affect his student. They all had been affected by it.

As he walked heading towards home he heard a sound which caught his attention. "Hmm?" He said in confusion upon hearing it. It sounded like it was the sound of battle. Coming from the training grounds. "What's going on?" He mused to himself. Who could be training at this time?

He listened and heard another sound of fighting and a voice cried out. "Naruto?" He said as it sounded just like him.

He rushed towards the training areas going as a blur throughout the streets. He reached the training area and soon saw a number of figures there.

"Jiraiya?" He stood to the Toad Sannin who was standing there watching. "What are you doing here?" He asked the man who turned to look at him.

"Watching The Gaki in action." He responded to Kakashi who looked and saw that Naruto was fighting against Kimimaro. The two looked on as they fought against one another Naruto only able to use one arm due to his other arm being in a cast as it had been broken during the fight. It would take at least two weeks before it would heal properly even with his healing factor as Orochimaru had crushed the bones in it.

"What? He's in no condition to fight!" Kakashi protested.

"Don't worry the kid will be fine." Jiraiya told him.

Naruto was sweating and breathing hard as sweat poured done his brow. Gritting his teeth he rushed at Kimimaro who blocked his attacks and struck him across the face. Due to his wrist being broken he could only use one arm to attack with. He swung at Kimimaro who blocked his attack and parried it and twirled and kicked him in the chest staggering Naruto backwards.

"Stop this, he's in no condition to fight right now." Kakashi said looking on. "He'll only aggravate his wound or worse."

"The kid wanted to be here." Jiraiya mentioned to him surprising Kakashi a bit. "He said he wanted to be here tonight. Both of us have been sparring with the boy for the past hour." He explained as they watched as Naruto spun and swung his sword and Kimimaro evaded it and fired bones at them. Naruto deflected it with his bone sword but one got past and hit him in the shoulder causing him to grit his teeth. Naruto backed away doding Kimimaro's swings and attacks using his agility. His bad arm hanged by his side.

Kimimaro was not holding back on his cousin as he was fighting for real and Naruto had to use every inch of his skill and footwork to avoid his attacks. He slashed at Kimimaro with his sword and Kimimaro easily blocked it. He spun and kicked at him and Naruto avoided it in the nick of time. Kimimaro then leapt up appearing in front of the moon and dove down on Naruto and dropkicked him backwards knocking him off his feet and landing painfully on his damaged wrist. He let out a cry and clutched it in pain as he struggled to his feet grasping the bone sword.

Naruto gritted his teeth ignoring the burning pain in his arm and charged at Kimimaro and threw his sword halfway there surprising him who leapt out of the way of it. Naruto sprouted another bone sword and leapt into the air and went to attack him as he was wide opened. Kimimaro narrowly blocked it in time stopping his attack with his bone swords. Naruto tried to overpower him as they landed on the ground locked in a test of strength when Kimimaro hit his damaged arm making him lose his grip. Kimimaro then slugged him across his face sending him sprawling to the ground.

"Get up." He ordered his cousin who struggled to get to his feet.

"That's enough." Jiraiya said calling for a stop. "We've done enough for now." He said and walked forward towards Naruto who was struggling to catch his breath. "You now realize the gap in front of you Naruto?" He said to him and the blond nodded his head. "Good, this was an important lesson to you today. You have a long way to go before you can hope to match against Orochimaru, myself, and others. Believe it or not, there are ninjas out there who surpass even me."

"Akatsuki." Naruto said and Jiraiya nodded his head as well.

"Indeed, at your current state you are no match for them. You wouldn't have a prayer against them. You've got to get stronger, much stronger if you ever want to have any hope of beating them in battle. It'll only be a matter of time before Akatsuki tries to get you again." He told Naruto. "You've got to close that gap if you want to have any chance of ever beating them or Orochimaru. You have to become stronger. Right now you are at a Mid Chunin level I'd say. But I want you to become even stronger than a Jonin. I want you to use Kyuubi's power and obtain a level of strength not seen since the days of Tadakatsu Honda himself!" He said to Naruto who listened to his words.

"Everyone suffers a hard defeat at one point or another. No one is invincible and only a fool believes he is." Kimimaro told him. "Instead of dwelling on what had happened, get up and train and become stronger, that way you can prevent that from ever happening again."

"I want you to go past the Chunin and the Jonin level. I want you to become even stronger than myself and Sarutobi in his prime was! I want you to become even more powerful than The Yondaime!" Jiraiya exclaimed and Naruto's eyes widened. As strong as them? Could he really hope to become as strong as those legends?

"It's not going to be an easy path I'll tell you that, you'll have to go to your limit and push beyond it multiple times. There's no room for those who give up in this world we live in." He said telling the boy the hard truth. "But if you can keep the course and give it your all you shall obtain the power and achieve your dream!"

Kakashi looked on as he listened in to what Jiraiya was saying and seeing the effect it was having on Naruto.

Naruto watched The Toad Sannin his words and Kimimaro's in his head. He looked at his damaged hand and brought his cast up and with a bit of a struggle wiggled his fingers. Nodding at seeing them mobile his eyes grew firm with determination in them. He had to get stronger. He had to become even stronger and push himself beyond the limit of both what Shikotsumyaku could do and with Kyuubi as well.

He would not let what happen today happen ever again.

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