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Gentle brushes of petal soft lips upon his skin like shy butterfly wings filled his every night and daytime dream. There was never a distinct face to go along with those lips, just a comforting warmth and the slightest hint of jasmine that seemed so familiar to him. And even though Wally never saw the person leaving sweet kisses in his dreams, he knew he loved him.

At first, when the dreams were still just dreams, Wally couldn't be sure if it was a he or a she that was visiting him on a nightly basis, but once the hazy line between dreams and reality started to blur he knew without a doubt that it was a he. The dreams had been occurring for a couple of weeks when Wally's sleep-addled mind started to realize that they might not be dreams after all.

Quietly stirring, emerald green eyes would crack open and be met with soft, robin's egg blue walls dimly lit by moonlight. Upon those walls were shadows of every shape, length, and darkness. Sleepy eyes could recognize the unmoving shadows of themselves and all the inanimate objects of the room, but there was always one that wasn't standing still.

The shadow would be slow moving, yes, but it was nevertheless moving, and always moving closer. Feeling himself rouse just a few degrees more, Wally's eyes would open a crack further just in time to feel the warm presence of his dreams gently press up against his back.

Keeping calm and making his breath remain even, Wally would wait to see what the shadow would do, eyes never leaving it or his own. It would be then that the press of lips on his neck could be felt, and then the words.

"Night Wally, love you."

God, those words, spoken so quietly against his skin and sent straight to his heart were enough to make him come undone. It wasn't just the words either, but the person who spoke the words, because surely no other shadow could meld so flawlessly with Wally's own as if they were meant to.

For hours after Dick left to return to his own room, Wally would be lying in bed wide-awake, heart racing and mind wondering what to do. A month went by with Wally watching the shadows on his wall, not daring to show any sign that he was awake for fear of the conversation that would inevitably follow.

More than anything though, Wally feared the night when the shadows on his wall would remain still, and the whispered words would fade into the darkness.

One. Two. Three.



One. Two. Three.


Exasperated pause.

One. Two. Thr-

"Wally! Seriously, that tickles!" Dick tried, once again, to squirm away from the firm hold Wally had on him.

"Nuh uh, you had enough time to map my skin, now it's my turn." Wally insisted, glad that he'd put Dick in between himself and the wall so that there was no escape for the younger male.

"But your tongue tickles!" Dick huffed, resigning himself to the fact that his boyfriend was stronger than he looked. "Can't you use your finger or something?"

"Where's the fun in that?" Wally wondered aloud before going back to connecting the little freckles sprinkled across Dick's back with his tongue.

Warm skin felt like silk and tasted like heaven beneath Wally's tongue, his path gently disrupted occasionally by pale raised scars that had yet to fully heal. Green eyes slid slowly closed as lips joined the tongue in its exploration and the momentary silence was broken by a soft moan as Dick felt his body arching into Wally's touch.

"God, I love you." Wally whispered, sliding his lips up to his boyfriend's slender neck before resting his chin on a bared shoulder. Opening his eyes again, Wally could see the two shadows he'd watched for months finally intertwined together as one.

Just as it should be.