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It was a relatively nice and sunny day out this specific Friday morning, but as it was slowly reaching late afternoon, out came the dark and threatening clouds in the sky. Today was yet again, another big racing day for Lightning McQueen, but things weren't beginning to look so good with the weather.

Every car was already here, and the people who were in charge of this race had decided to go on with it, despite the storm clouds threatening the race.

Having the racers get to their starting point on the track, an all too familiar voice came through the radio headset hooked up to Lightning, who was straight forwardly focusing on the track ahead if him.

"Hey, are ya ready, Kid..?" The voice belonged to none other than thee Doc Hudson. The former racing legend casually asked in his stern, but relaxed tone of voice, although he probably already knew the answer to his own question.

"I am.." Lightning said in a determining tone of voice, revving his engine in preparation.

"You'll do great. Just keep your attention on the track, and don't get distracted again, ya hear? They said that the weather would be alright for a while, at least until the race is done, but If it starts raining hard, they're gonna just stop the race because the track might get slippery and get dangerous; Got it?" Doc explained.

"Got it." Lightning agreed and slightly narrowed his eyes at the track, ready to win today's final race.

Down at the pits, Sally hadtagged along with Doc this time to watch Lightning race. It had been going on a year and a half since Sally and Lightning had been together, and Sally had been at almost every one of Lightning's races, encouragingly cheering him on. But, you know, there was never a time where Sally had never been worried about Lightning getting into a sudden accident.

She emitted a small exhale and intently watched her boyfriend preparing himself on the track, intently concentrating. Her lips slightly curved into a half-hearted smile and she spoke to herself in a hushed voice, "Stickers, please be careful out there..."

A few short moments later, the flag shot down, and the race began. Lightning kept his place behind three other racecars, trying to get ahead of them in some sort of opening for quite a while until he finally spotted an opening to snatch up. He immediately made his move before anyone else and sped up fast past them, that was until he came right behind Chick Hicks and another new race car by the proper name of Torre Pierce...

"Heeey, Look who's back! Are you ready to loose again, McQueen!" Chick rudely laughed in Lightning's face. "The trophy is all mine!" Chick finally began getting on Lightning's nerves.

"Shut up, you...-" Lightning growled angrily under his breath, but then remembered in his head not to get distracted and kept his eye on the track, trying to block out Chick's unnecessary and inappropriate shouting.

"Aw, Is widdle lighty getting angry, Huh?" Chick teased him to the edge, watching, as Lightning got more furious by the second.

"Don't... Call... Me... THAT!-" Lightning shouted in irritation, but then suddenly heard an older voice through his headset.

"Hey. Lightnin'. Don't loose your temper, Kid... He's just saying those things to get you angry and distracted. Come on, you only have four more laps left, now. Just ignore him and keep going!" Doc demanded as he intently watched Lightning speeding around the track.

"I know, You're right, Doc." Lightning let out one big sigh, ignoring the rest of Chick's rude statements and then very quickly, sped up far ahead of Chick.

"HEY, YOU BASTARD, GET BACK HERE!" Chick angrily screamed, trying to catch up to Lightning.

"In your dreams." Lightning muttered under his breath, the finish line finally coming in view.

Lightning was getting more anxious then excited by the second as soon as he saw the finish line in sight. Picking up more speed, Chick finally caught up to Lightning and intentionally kicked Lightning's back tire, spinning him out uncontrollably.

"What-! Woah woah WOAAAH!" Lightning tried braking as hard as he could, but it didn't provide any help as he went suddenly sent flying, slamming hard into the solid concrete wall, knocking him out cold right there.

The other cars that were behind had inattentively crashed into Lightning at full speed and burned out tires were sent flying across the infield, cars beginning to dangerously smoke up until it looked like a large pile of cars created a bonfire, except with no fire, just thick smoke.

The moment Doc witnessed the horrible scene right before his eyes, he couldn't do anything but stare, frozen in place, as the memories of him in his past wreck all came flooding back to him, but this was possibly the worst wreck he's ever witnessed. Doc suddenly heard a small gasping sound that sounded like it came from Sally. Doc listened in disbelief, knowing that Sally had probably just witnessed the biggest wreck in history right before her very eyes.

There was a horrified gasp that emitted from the crowd, then not one car made a single move. It was almost like time had stopped for everyone, even Chick Hicks, and that was when thunder loudly crackled in the sky and rain poured down heavily. Multiple emergency ambulances rushed onto the track, rolling cars back into the pits or into the ambulances, depending on how severe they were wrecked. Everybody could only stare in awe.

It remained silent.

Very Silent.