Rain lightly pelted down over the small town of Radiator Springs, thunder lowly growling in the mystical-looking sky. Everybody in town took cover in their own protective shelter, deciding to stay indoors for the rest of the night. Although earlier in the day, it was sunny and warm, Mother Nature on the other hand, decided that she had other plans for tonight.

Back at the Cozy Cone, Lightning and Sally had taken shelter in the front lobby. The couple had stood in silence, but it wasn't a heavy, awkward silence; it was much more serene and calmer this time. Whatever it was, possibly being the soothing sounds of the rain, it was wonderful.

Lightning glanced up from his corner of the room, eyeing at Sally who was neutrally reading a newspaper. He faintly smiled to himself, having a bit of a simple idea in mind and drove up to her, giving her a small little kiss merely inches away from her lips. She immediately became alert of her surroundings again and side-glanced at Lightning with a slightly befuddled look clouding her eyes.

This time before she could even open her mouth to speak, he swiftly captured her lips in a tender kiss. Her eyes slightly widened at his sudden action, but eventually found herself swept off her tires; she was so caught up in the kiss, the newspaper she was reading was long forgotten.

The second he gently broke the kiss, Sally fluttered her eyes back open to gaze at Lightning with a soft expression as a small chuckle nearly escaped past her lips.

"Was there a reason for that, Stickers?" She smiled at seeing his lips curve into a smile of his own.

"What; is it wrong for me to love my girlfriend…?" Lightning spoke in his usual soft and mellow voice, warmly chuckling.

"No, no, not at all. I was only caught off guard, that's it…" She honestly replied, but was suddenly startled by a crackling of thunder outside.

In natural instinct, Lightning slightly nuzzled himself against her, something he had picked up not too long ago that it was one of the many things she loved about him. In response, she huddled against him with a warm smile, sitting for a while longer in silence.

Lightning, on the other hand, was secretly pondering over his own thoughts as the both of them were supposedly enjoying their moment. It had to be at the worst of times, that he felt as if someone was nearby, watching them. Which in fact, was what he was thinking about.

He uptightly glanced around at his surroundings for a swift second and accidentally muttered something incoherent under his breath, which unfortunately was something he always did when he was nervous or tense. Hoping Sally hadn't just heard a sound come from him, he found no response from her the first few seconds, but abruptly she turned herself a bit to glance up at him.

"Did you say someth-?"

"N-No, I didn't; don't worry." He immediately cut her off mid-sentence, terribly hiding the fact that he was nervous about something.

She stared at him in confusion, wondering what got into him all of the sudden. Not in a while, has she seen him so suddenly tense. This caused her to feel a tinge of uneasiness spark inside her, staring at him with a serious expression.

"Stickers, what's wrong all of the sudden?" She semi-boldly asked, but only received a 'Shh' in reply.

And in a mere 8 seconds later, just as she was about to speak up again, Lightning impetuously grabbed a hold of her tire, bringing her to the seemingly safest corner of the room.

Starting to get a little startled by what was going on, she slightly winced at the thunder deafeningly cracking outside, but kept her stern gaze towards Lightning.

"What's going on?" She asked with only two emotions mixed in her voice. Seriousness and concern.

"I... don't know..." He faintly muttered in concentration over something, using himself as a shield to protect Sally from any harm that might be nearby. He valiantly stood in front of her, his eyes narrowed in almost a glare.

"Sally. Don't move." He demanded, freezing in place himself. She quite easily obeyed his command, but her mind was racing with thoughts. What was going on? Was there someone here?

She slowly looked away and momentarily closed her eyes, still listening to her surroundings. And in only a matter of four seconds, Lightning broke the silence. He blurted out an unfamiliar name Sally had never even heard of before, but Lightning shakily whispered out loud.


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