The king of the white forest

In the white deserts of Hueco Mundo were it is always night, three men of immense power traveled across the sands to a distantion that was yet known to them.

All of the three men wore white robes and carried swords that were sheath and strip to their waists.

One of the men had silver hair and a fox like grin with his eyes closed shut as he walked, the other had dark skin and hair, which was tied in dreg locks and wore glass that covered his blind eye's and the last of the men who displayed the most power of all them and stood in between them, had brown hair and eyes, with his locks flipped over his head and the cold calculating eye's of that a genies and a tyrant.

The three continue to walk until they finally came upon a forest that stretch across on the other side of the desert, with white tree's and braches stretching out of the ground and into the night sky.

'So this is where the Vasto lords El Oscuras lives' the silver haired man said in a smoothing sarcastic tone as he looked up over the branches of the forest.

'I must say he lives in quit a beautiful region in comparison to the barren deserts of Las Noches, don't you think Aizen sama '

'Indeed gin' the brown haired man said in agreement. 'But we will see if his strength, actually matches the brilliants of his home.

The three men then walked into the forest as the sand that pressed against their feet hardened into solid earth and as they continue to walked, the tress steadily grew taller and more spread out as the steadily went into the older parts of the woods, following the great source of power that they sense in the very center of the forest.

The three men then arrived at a clearing of the forest, in which a dark humanoid being sat in the center of the field on a thorn made out of bedrock, he had black skeletal armor and claws, wore a human shaped skull with two horns and laying beside his hands a black metal doubled bladed staff.

Aizen then walk up to the armored being.

'I believe you are the Vasto lords called, el Oscuras Diablo?' he said to him in a polite tone.

'…yes and I suppose you are Sosuke Aizen the shinigami lord of las noches' the vasto lord said to him in a indifferent tone. 'What is it that you want from me?'

'I'm glad you've ask 'Aizen said as walked around Orecuso. 'As you've already know, I'm building an army of arrancer's out of the most powerful hollows and menos I can find in Hundo mundo, practically Vasto lord's such as yourself, in order to overthrow soul society'

'Oscuras then nodded his head to the right in slight interest, while Aizen continue.

'If you join my cause, then not only can I grant you strength and power, but also any wish and goal you desire' Aizen then stared at the hollow intensely.

'So what's your answer?'

'Heh' the vasto lord laugh at him.

'Do you think I'm some sort of gullible idiot, shinigami' Oscuras said with venom in his voice.

'Grant me strength and power, my deepest desire, such petty things are those said by a tyrant to make people join him and use them just before throwing them aside and you Aizen are the worst form of how low a tyrant can become, because I know the very moment you get what you want out of me, you'll just cut me down.

Aizen then smirk at the comment. 'Now Oscuras, you shouldn't be so untrustworthily of me, for I assure that as long as you remain useful to me, I will make sure that no harm will come to you'

'…I'm sorry Aizen' the vasto lord said in a mock sympathetic tone 'but despite how per suave you sound, I just can't bring myself to trust you.'

'I see' the shinigami said as he unsheathe his sword. 'It seems that words have no meaning to you at all and so to prevent you from becoming a threat to me, I will strike you down here and now.'

Accepting the challenge Ocureso jumped out of his thorn and swung his double bladed spear down upon Aizen, the sharp edges of the weapon slicing through the shinigami in half, but before the hollow could smirk in satisfaction, the severed half's of Aizins body suddenly shattered like broken pieces of glass and before the vasto could even register what was going on, Aizen who was somehow already behind him slash his sword at the his back, but before he could deliver the fatal blow, his blade was instantly caught by someone behind him just when he was about to swing it.

And when the shinigami turn his head, he saw El Ocureso, grabbing the blunt sides of his sword with his right hand, much to Aizen confusion and shock.

'So this is the infamous Zanpakuto Kyoka Suigetsu, the blade to induce complete hypnotist on any given target' the vasto lorde commented as he look over his reflection on the blade's surface, almost ignoring the stun look that Aizen had cast on him.

'Oh I'm sorry, you're wondering, why I saw through your hypnoses so easily, well to tell you the truth it wasn't all that hard, for while the zanpakuto can control all five sense of one's body it can't fool the six sense, spiritual awareness, which enabled me to realized I was under its effect the very moment you cast it and second was the fact that despite how realistic the illusions were, they are by no means flawless enabling me to differ what was real and unreal before my eyes. In other worlds Sosuke Aizen that even thou I couldn't break out of your Kyoka Suigetsu trance… it held no power over me.

Cold sweat then drip from Aizen's brow, as his heart thump in terror upon seeing how intelligent and how cunning the Vasto lorde truly was as he withdrew his sword from the fiend's hand, before regaining his composer again.

'I'm amazed vasto lord, for while there are many who tried to escape Kyoka Suigetsu absolute hypnoses, you were the first and the only one that has overcome it' he said in slight praise to Oscuras's skill.

'However' Aizen threaten in a dark low tone. 'That does not mean it will give you victory in this battle.'

Oscuras, then smirk at that remark. 'It would be too easy if it was.'

'The shinigami and hollow then lash at each other again, their weapons clashing against one another as a shower of sparks flew between the friction on the edges of their blades, before breaking apart from one another again and engaging themselves in an all out sword duel, as they swipe, counter and dodge each other movements in a flashing display of speed and power, their attacks cutting open huge crevasse's in the ground, smashing massive craters into the earth and uprooting the many white tree's that surround among the open field. While the two other shinigami stood outside from the battle

'I can't believe that a meno's, even in the class of a vasto lorde, could battle against Sosuke Aizen so evenly' the dark skin shinigami said as he watch the battle unfolded around him.

'Oh it is far much more then that Tousen' gin corrected his comrade.

'For if you take further notice, El Orcuras, isn't just evenly matched against Aizen sama, but is pushing him back as well'

'Do think we should help him?' Tousan asked gin, but the fox grining man shook his head in disagreement.

'Oh no, for you see, for despite having little to no morals what so ever, Aizen still has his pride as a shinigami and if we were to help him in any way, that would only result in getting are selves cut down by him.

'Tosen then remain silent before nodding in agreement, while gin continues to observe the battle before him.

'So, what are you going to do now Aizen?' gin mused in thought as he saw Oscuras pushing and slamming Sosuke into the ground.

'For while you are strong even with Kyoka suigetsu rendered compliantly useless to you, many of your tactics and deceptions in battle riley very heavily upon it and since the foe you are facing, is many times stronger than you, your now at huge disadvantage Sosuk Aizen, for if you are unable to find a way to turn the odds in your favor and soon…'

'Gin slowly open eyes as his smile faded 'Then your death is imminent'

When Aizen finally got himself off the ground, he was panting heavily as he was already at his limit.

'What done already?' Orcuras mocked him whom didn't look tired at all. 'I was Impress at first by how much you hold yourself up without resorting to that zanpanto of yours, but now I'm having second thoughts if you're going to tire yourself in battle this quickly.

The shinigami said nothing as he raised his up his sword in defense, while Orecsuo lunged at Sosuke swinging and twirling around his doubled staff at him with rapid speed and grace, while Aizen held up his guard blocking and dodging every attack his opponent hammered at him, even when he was steady push back across the ground.

'Then when the vasto lord just swung his bladed staff down, Aizen at long last saw the opening he was looking for as he step sidestepped behind the hollow, pointed his fingers at his waist and uttered 'Hado 63 Raikoho!' a moment later a massive bolt of yellow energy shot out of his fingers, but before the attack could even hit him at point blank range, Orcuras grab the shingami's hand just and at the same time canceling it out as the blast of energy was seeming suck out from the air.

Aizen then stood there in a moment of disbelief and shock, upon witnessing the amazing feat the vasto lorde had done, before the hollow thrown him up several feet into the sky, while the shinigami in response, righted himself up by literally standing on the air.

'It seems I finally understand your technique' Aizen said as a smile form on his face the first time he did since the start of the battle. 'At first I thought it was the stress taking toll on my body from being push back so much in are fight, but now I realized it was something else entirely' he said as he pointed his zanpakato at him.

'Your ability to absorb the spiritual energy from your adversaries and adding it to your physical power, enabling you to become stronger and faster, while your opponent becomes weaker and slower, am I correct?' Aizen said mocking while Orscuras, scruff at him in announce.

'So what if you figure out my ability to absorb others energy so what, it's not like it's going to help you win this battle Sosuk Aizen' the hollow reminded him in further annoyance.

'That is where you are wrong El Oscuras, for I have yet to show you the true power of my zanpakuto and sense your powers are physical base in nature as oppose to mind which are base mentally' Aizen explain as he then hold his sword upside down. 'victory is already mine.

'Victory is already mine...Bankai' he uttered as his zanpanto glowed in a brilliant light that consume Oscuras.