A great funeral was held in soul society, after day of Magi Ichionus death, along with all the students and instructors killed, when the Vasto Lorde El Oercuso, invaded soul society, now forever written down in history as one of the most powerful hollows that the shinigami had ever face. Yet the his motives of his actions along with his means of he got into soul society in the first place remain unknown.

But for some at the funeral, felt nothing for his lost, but contempt and sanctification that he would never be seen again, for others they felt guilty in for themselves not coming in his hour of need.

But none were so stricken by the tragedy of that day then Sho Ichionus, who remained silent, not speaking a word to anyone at the funeral or the day after it.

But eventually as the years past, Sho steadily began to get over his lost. He began to returning to his classes at shino academy, began talking to people again and even began making friends again.

One day however shattered what peace he had left when he saw a student at the academy with dark pale skin, white hair and red eyes, walking among the school grounds casually, along with his classmates. Who looked just like the disguised the vasto lord use to kidnapped him, before killing his father which now seem so long ago.