Jack and Kim: Little Stories

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Day at the Beach

The sun was shining up in the clear blue sky while birds flew by. The ocean breeze blew past the relaxing adults and playing kids. While laughter and squeals filled the air as a wave splashed onto the shore.

A loud splash and scream erupted as a wet clothed girl stood in the water while a laughing boy was sprinting away.

"JJJJAAAAACCCCCKKKK!" yelled the wet girl.

She had on denim short shorts, clearly soaked, and a pink tank top clung to her body, clearly showing the out line of her baby blue bikini top. Her golden blonde hair stuck to her face as a scowl plastered her lips.


"Yah, sure Kim. That is if you can catch me first!" yelled the sprinting boy. He just laughed as the girl, Kim, took off after him. The boy, Jack, had on black swim trunks and a red fitted long sleeve shirt, with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, completely dry. His brown hair blew in the wind as he ran along the sand.

Jack was too busy laughing that he didn't notice his foot getting caught in seaweed until his face was met with sand. He turned onto his back and tried getting up only to find Kim straddling his hips and his arms pinned to the side.

Kim giggled and moved her lips towards his ear and whispered, "You're dead."

Jack couldn't help but smile up at his girlfriend while he tried to look as innocent as possible. Kim just rolled her eyes and smirked at her boyfriend's failed attempt at a puppy dog face.

"Come on Kimmy, you wouldn't kill me. Besides you love me too much." teased the pinned boy.

"You're right," agreed the girl, "but I would do this." and with that, Jack felt all the wind get knocked out of him.

"Okay that, I do deserve."

"Ya think?" said Kim as she pulled her tank top off, the wet top giving her a bit of an itch, leaving her only in her short shorts and baby blue bikini top.

Finally catching his breath, Jack just looked up at the girl on top of him and enjoyed the view.

"Enjoying the show?" questioned a smirking Kim.

Instead of a response, Jack placed his hands on her hips and pulled her down towards him.

"Mmmm yup. Five star review." mumbled Jack before he placed his lips on Kim's. Kim smiled into the kiss and ran her fingers in his hair.

Kim pulled away just so that their noses were touching with their breath mixing and whispered, "Why thank you."

Jack grinned and just as their lips were gonna resume their previous action, a volleyball hit the ground beside them.

"Ayyye lovebirds, quit the macking and let's play some volleyball!" Jerry yelled as he made his way towards the couple.

"Did you guys know swapping spit can lead to one or both of you getting a cold or something." added Milton as he and Eddie made their way to Jerry's side.

Eddie, Jerry, Kim, and Jack all looked at Milton as if he had grown three heads.

"What? Its true." defended Milton.

"Right...well, whatever Milton." replied Kim as she sat up from her position on top of her boyfriend.

Jerry and Eddie turned and started walking back towards the volleyball net with Milton trailing behind, still trying to reason his earlier statement.

Kim leaned down and gave Jack a quick kiss on the lips. Then got up and grab her tank top, offering her hand to her laying boyfriend.

"Well you coming?"

"Well, I kinda wanted to stay here...with you and, ya know...finish what we started." suggested Jack as he took Kim's awaiting hand and started getting up.

"I would too but, the others wouldn't agree on it. Plus those girls over there are kinda giving me the death glare." Kim replied. She nodded her head towards a group of girls down the beach glaring at her with envy and jealous written all over their faces.

Jack turned his head and got a good glance just as the group squealed and turned their heads away from the couple. Jack chuckled and turned his attention back to his girlfriend.

"Well I don't really care about those girls. But what I do care about is those guys over there, who can't seem to take their damn eyes off of you." he mentioned. Jack cocked his head to a group of guys, not far from the group of girls from earlier, staring and whistling at Kim.

Kim rolled her eyes and scoffed, "Just a bunch of meat heads who, are nothing like you." as she wrapped her arms around Jack's waist.

Smiling, Jack gave his girlfriend a quick kiss and then took her hand as they began walking towards their friends.

"Well well well, look who finally decided to come and join us." Jerry teased.

"Whatever Jerry. So are you ready to lose?" challenged Jack.

"Oh you're on pal. Me and Eddie versus you and Milton."

"What about Kim?" questioned Eddie.

"No it's okay. I'm just gonna go set up our stuff. You guys can go on and play." Kim smiled as she made her way to the chairs, blankets, umbrella, and backpacks scattered on the sand around a fire pit.

"You sure?" asked Milton.

"Yah, I'm sure Milton. It's fine. Volleyball really isn't my thing." reassured Kim.

The three boys shrugged and began arguing over who got ball first. Jack just looked over at his girlfriend.

"You sure babe?"

Kim smiled at her boyfriend's concern and nodded as she began placing the chairs and blankets in their places. Suddenly a struggling Rudy emerged from the parking lot carrying wood, his backpack, and dragging a cooler and barbecue grill.

"Need a little help there Rudy?" laughed Kim while she made her way towards her struggling sansei.

"Yes...please." Rudy breathed out.

Kim let out a laugh as she took his backpack, cooler, and the wood from him. She set his backpack by the others, placed the wood in the unlit fire pit, and put the cooler by the grill.

"Thanks Kim." thanked Rudy as he turned on the grill.

"Oh you're welcome Rudy." Kim replied as she put down her beach towel under the huge beach umbrella.

After placing her beach towel under the umbrella, Kim stripped herself from her still wet shorts and placed them with her tank top in a plastic bag. She put her sunglasses on and laid down onto her towel. Kim felt herself drifting off to dreamland when she felt a little tap on her shoulder. She opened her eyes to find Rudy crouching by her side.

"Hey Kim, the burgers and hot dogs are ready. Thought you might want some before the guys eat them all." smiled Rudy.

"Thanks Rudy. I probably wouldn't have gotten any if you didn't wake me up just now." laughed Kim as she and Rudy walked over to the grill.

Grabbing a plate, bun, burger, and drink Kim made her way back to her beach towel where she sat down and hollered to the boys.


All four boys looked at each other and took off towards the grill. Kim just giggled at her friends' actions towards food. She took a bite from her burger as she felt a presence and turned her head to see her boyfriend gulfing down his burger and hot dog.

"Hungry much?" Kim teased with a raised brow.

"Mewh hont mehavan mo." Jack tried saying with his mouth full.

"Try chewing and swallowing first sweetie." teased Kim as she moved her hand under Jack's chin moving it up and down.

"Mwah," Jack swallowed his food, "I mean shut up." Jack recovered.

Kim just giggled and got up and made her way to the trash can. After throwing her trash away Kim started to turn to head back to the gang when a football rolled to her feet. Picking up the football and looking up Kim saw a really cute looking guy coming her way.

"Uh, hey. Thanks." the guy said as he mentioned his head towards the football in Kim's hands.

"Oh! Um, yah sure. You're welcome..."


"Greg. Well you're welcome Greg. I'm Kim." Kim smiled. She took the time to soak in his features. He had light brown hair spiked into a for hawk, a nice tan, six pack, and blue swim trunks on. He seemed to be just 3 inches taller than her. Soaking in all his features Kim still thought Jack was cuter.

"Well thanks again, Kim." Greg said as he took the ball from Kim's hands.

"Oh, it's no problem."

"So, um, do you wanna come with me to my little bon fire thing back there? And I could get to know you a little better." Greg asked as he flashed her his pearly white teeth.

"Um no thanks, you see I'm already here with my friends." Kim said as she mentioned her hand back at her friends.

"Oh well, how bout I get your number cause I kinda wanna get to know you better. You're really...pretty." Greg nervously smiled.

"I'm sorry but I have a-"

"Boyfriend." Jack finished for Kim. He had his arms crossed over his now bare chest, his muscles matching and comparing to Greg's.

"Oh. Sorry I didn't know man. Well, you're real lucky bro. Um well I hope I'll see you around Kim and nice meeting you..."


"Well nice meeting you Jack." Greg finished as he shook Jack's hand and gave Kim a friendly smile.

As Greg walled away Jack turned to Kim with a stern face and spat out, "What was that about!"

"Nothing I just gave him his football back and he started a conversation. That's all." Kim stated as she looked Jack into his eyes, pleading.

"You gotta believe me." plead Kim as she put her hand on his crossed arms.

A few moments of silence pasted. Jack sighed and said, "I'm sorry. I just got jealous." He uncrossed his arms, allowing Kim to fall into his chest

"Well you don't have to be. You're my boyfriend and that's not gonna change." Kim mumbled into his chest.

"But sometimes I feel like you're too good for me." Jack said as he pushed Kim back a bit so he could look at her face.

"Well stop thinking that. You're my boyfriend and I love you." stated Kim as she smiled and placed a soft kiss onto Jack's lips.

Smiling, Jack looked his girlfriend in the eyes and said, "Thanks babe. I just needed to hear that. Oh and I love you too."

"Well that's good. Oh and anytime. Soo do you wanna-"

"Go in the water? Hell yah." finished Jack as he and Kim ran towards the water, laughing hand-in-hand.

Later at Night

Two hours and so many water fights later, Jack, Kim, Milton, Eddie, Jerry, and Rudy were all fully clothed and covered in blankets as they gathered around the still unlit fire pit.

"Come on Rudy, I'm freezing." whined Jerry.

"Yah, it feels like the north pole." Milton added as he, Jerry, and Eddie gathered around Rudy.

"Hey! I'm trying as best as I can but this damn lighter won't light." defended Rudy. Soon all four boys were fighting over the lighter.

Settled between her boyfriend's legs, Kim couldn't help but giggle at her friends' silliness. But they're her best friends, like the brothers she's never had, and if they didn't act this way it wouldn't be the same.

"You think we should help them out?" a voice interrupted her thoughts.

"Mmmmm, no. They can figure it out themselves. Besides, it doesn't take 4 people to light a fire." reasoned Kim as she looked up at her boyfriend.

Just as the girl had said that a yelp filled the air. Soon warmth surrounded the two. The couple looked away from each other and towards their friends where they could see a fire going. But Milton, Jerry, and Rudy were all giving Eddie stern looks.

"Hey, great job guys! You got it going." congratulated Jack.

"Yah but Eddie dropped my lighter in there." complained Rudy.

"It coasted me burning my finger." Jerry whined as he showed his red finger.

"And after Jerry got burned he elbowed me in the gut while he tried moving away from the fire." continued Milton as he was clutching his stomach.

"Well I'm sorry guys. At least we got the fire going." Eddie said trying to make it up to his friends. Seconds passed and soon Eddie was given high fives and slaps in the back.

"Yahh, it's alright Eddie." Milton said.

"Yah, I could buy another light." added Rudy.

"And I'll just ice my finger." Jerry smiled.

Eddie smiled and said, "Thanks guys."

Meanwhile, Kim and Jack took the time to sneak away from their friends and take a walk on the beach.

"You know, the beach is real peaceful at night." commented Jack as he swayed his and Kim's locked hands back and forth.

"Yah I think the stars look real pretty here at night." Kim said while she snuggled into Jack's warm sweater.

"They're not the only pretty thing." Jack replied, his eyes locking on Kim.

Kim giggled and shook her head. "Whatever." she mumbled.

"What? It's true and I'm looking at her right now." Jack stated as he kissed his girlfriend's cheek.

"You're real sweet, you know that right?" questioned Kim.

"Only when I wanna be." smiled Jack.

Kim just giggled and kissed Jack's cheek as the two made their way down the beach. The couple passed the group of girls from earlier and paid no attention to the glares sent Kim's way.

Jack chuckled and kissed the top of his girl's head as he pulled her close and draped his arm onto her shoulders. "They don't compare to you." he mumbled into her hair.

Kim smiled and wrapped her arms around Jack's waist. They passed Greg and his friends. Feeling Greg's stare on them Kim whispered into her boyfriend's ear.

"I only see you." she whispered as she kissed his lips.

With those four words Jack felt like he was on top of the world. 'Heh, I guess the beach isn't that bad here.' Jack thought as he and his girlfriend continued their way down the beach. Smiling and laughing, enjoying their time together.

The End

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