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Chapter 12

The End Result

After getting over the shock of Mustang's words, Ed took a deep breath and formulated a way he could get back at Mustang and humiliate him in front of everyone.

"Well, Ed, what are you waiting for? Why so speechless?" Mustang asked smugly.

"Ha ha ha, joke while you can, Mustang. You'll see," Ed replied equally as smug, having thought of a suitable revenge.

"Oh, please, give it your best shot, Ed," Mustang retorted.

"Well, you asked for it, so here you go," Edward said. Then, turning to the audience, mainly the new recruits, he questioned, "So, did you guys know that our Fuhrer has two situations where he is rendered USELESS?" putting emphasis on the word useless.

Gasping could be heard in the audience, and a lot of people had looks of disbelief and curiosity on their faces. Suddenly, Mustang yelled, "USELESS?! How the hell did you come up with that conclusion?!"

Ed ignored Mustang's outburst, but he picked up on the disbelieving stares he was receiving and decided to prove to everyone that what he is saying is true. So he turned to Riza and said, "First off, the two things that make the Fuhrer USELESS are water, mostly rain, and Riza." Again gasps were heard and many people still looked stunned and still had disbelief written all over their faces.

"What the hell are you talking about?! I can take anyone on, even while it's raining! And just what do you mean Riza can make me useless?!" Roy shouted.

Ed ignored Roy once again and just kept on talking, this time actually addressing Riza, "Now, since many of you still don't believe me, if the right hand of the Fuhrer, Riza herself, would be so kind to back me up, it would be great."

All heads turned towards Riza, and she answered simply, "Sure, of course I will. On numerous occasions I have had to save the Fuhrer because he thought that he could use his Flame Alchemy while it was raining, which obviously wouldn't work. So yes, he is useless in the rain."

By now, many people had their mouths hanging open, while the Fuhrer just stared in shock.

"And, obviously he is useless against me. Someone has to make sure he actually does his work, so he can't complain against anything I say. Well, he also can't complain since I know he loves and respects me," Riza finished.

"Riza, how could you?! I thought you were on my side!" Roy whined, while his team, Ed, and Hughes laughed.

"When did I say that? I don't take sides, I'm neutral in these childish arguments between you and Ed," Riza replied calmly.

"Hahaha! That's what you get!" Edward laughed.

"OK! That's it! Get ready Edward!" Mustang declared, taking a fighting stance.

"Fine! Bring it! Let's go! I was born ready!" Edward countered, also taking a fighting stance.

Right as they were about to charge at each other, Riza fired two guns, one at Roy and one at Ed, just barely missing both of them. "Ok, that's enough, both of you. If you continue this fight any longer you will possibly end up injuring someone by accident. Plus you would keep fighting forever and the fight would never end," Riza ordered strictly.

"ARE YOU INSANE?! YOU COULD'VE KILLED THEM!" one of the new recruits yelled.

Riza turned toward him and replied, "Do you actually think missing them was an accident? I did that on purpose. I am the Hawk's Eye."

Now Mustang, his team, Ed, and Hughes tried to hide their snickering, amused since someone underestimated Hawkeye.

"Well, now that we had some fun, I think it's time to go back to serious business. So Edward, you pass! You are now promoted to General and once again, your second name will be Fullmetal," Roy declared.

"Of course, as if this is a surprise," Ed replied, smirking.

"True, true. Though with Ed, even the impossible is possible," Hughes stated, grinning mischievously.

"Hey, just what are you hinting at Hughes?" Ed asked dangerously.

"Just kidding, just kidding. But honestly, congrats on passing, once again!" Hughes said cheerfully, while the rest of Roy's team also congratulated him.

"Thanks guys," Ed thanked everyone while Roy looked at him fondly with a smile on his face.

Well, things are going to be even livelier around here now that he's part of the military again, Roy thought to himself. Oh well, not that it won't be fun.

During the interaction between Mustang's team, Hughes, and Ed, the new recruits just stood rock solid, with their mouths gaping open, not being able to believe what just happened.

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