Chapter 1 Life style of Lexis and Marcus

Lexis woke up to the bright morning sun in her small little hutt.
She yawned as it was a new day in the valley. Lexis got on her feet and walked to the barn and milked one of the cows. Lexis then moved back into her own house and put on her morning clothes to start the day. "Oh i forgot to wake up Marcus!" Lexis says to herself as she then proceeds to the basement and opens the door. She yells "Hey Marcus wake up!" Out of the darkness came a thing most humans call a Rat creature and are curentlly at war with them. "Good morning Marcus."
Lexis yelled again agverating the poor rat creature. "Do you have to be so loud?" Marcus asked sticking one finger into his blistering ears. "hows this then?" she answered letting Marcus recover. "You know you should get a smaller basement so when you wake me up there are no echos." "But I like the echos." she replied with a smile. She immedatly fills a glass of the freshly squeezed milk and made a second glass for Marcus. When they were young they found each other and managed to depend of one another and became the best of friends. Marcus finished his glass and asked "We going to the market today?" "Yeah we need more food. Winter is coming and if we don't harvest soon." Lexis sighed and said "We need to conserve our eggs if we don't we won't survive this winter. We need to harvest today." Lexis please just check the store. We'll buy one thing then we will harvest." Lexis considered Marcus's proposition. "Alright but for the harvest only a few things." Lexis quickly changed clothes and she put a chain metal collar around Marcus, some people had rat creature slaves to do work their work. As they went into the village they saw that the other residents of the valley were taking notice.
They went into the back of the bar because their were special guest. Daniel the bartender went back into the room that Marcus and Lexis were and smiled. "Marcus and Lexis. I see you brought your pet in this time, I see your still too afraid to take off his chains in public." Lexis giggles and says "Men control eveything...but women control men." Marcus spoke up and said "What can I say her blue eyes are hyptonising."
Daniel laughed and said "What do you want?" Lexis thought and said "Winter is coming and we need something that can help us last that long." Daniel scratched his beard and said "Well most shops are closing up but there is this libary that is out of town but the whole thing is run by rat creatures but they are netural to the war like you. They claim to know all the tricks and myths of dreaming than the Ven-Yani." Marcus asked "Where is it?" "Near the stream hat crosses the borader that seperates the ratcreatures from the humans. Careful there though Roque Ja is still alive after so many years of fighting. He isn't happy with neturals." Lexis put the collar around Marcus's neck again and said "Thanks for the information!" After walking from the village Lexis removed the collar and put it in her bag then Marcus asked "Is it true this libary knows more tricks than the Ven-Yani and those are the soliders of tha almighty dreaming?" Lexis shook her head and said "Nah, that couldn't be true." When they arrived at the stream Marcus shivered and said "Well that's just great we missed the harvest. We were too late!" "Damn!" Lexis said in extreme anger. "Lexis look."
Marcus said pointing to the brightly colored tent that was big enough to cover the whole village,
it had a purple tint to it with bright red and blue dragons. "This must be it Lex! Let's take a look inside." Lexis frowned and said "Do you or do you not feel the cold winter air that is shivering down our spines. we need to get back to the house where it's war!" Marcus raised one finger and said "Think about it Lexis, all over sops closed up for winter except this one." "So?" So i'm saying they must have heat." Lexis scratched her head and said "Well...that is true. Mabe better yet thaey have coats we can use to get back to the house." They both took a deep breath and steped into the libary.

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