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When wives get fed up with their husbands

"Stupid Rune, I can't stand how he can be so... so," I raged on walking in Raseleane's room feeling frustrated about my husband.

"Husband problems, join the pity party," Raseleane said patting a seat next to her. I raised an eyebrow looking at everyone in the room, where they having similar problems as I was having.

"Lykoulen, is being sexist again to me," Raseleane said with mad expression. "Ditto, but I tell you Thatz is the worst, he is acting like a perverted asshole," Tintlet said clenching her fist tightly. We all sighed to ourselves, why do men have such big egos?

"Hey, have you seen Cesia anywhere?"

We shook our head at each other and thought for a moment,"She must be with Rath, at least they seem to have no iss-"



"Never mind," we sweatdropped seeing Cesia stormed in with an ferious expression on her face. "Ahhh, Rath is such a conceited over jealous son of bitch," she said throwing things every where.

I screamed as an object flew over my head and I raised my hands in defense, "Woah Woah, Calm down, nobody doesn't want to be knocked out with flying objects! Put. the. thing. down. and lets be civilized," Cesia blew a puff cloud and slouched over next to Tinlet.

"Okay, Rune is a great husband and all, but I am tired and sore from all the "late night activities". For once I would like to have a say when we can do it or not," all the other girls looked at me crazy. I gaze them a stern gaze, I do have problems like that. I do know Rune know about him then them, besides they haven't seen the other side of him yet.

"RRWARRR(Cesia make kitty claws), I see Rune have a wild side to him in the bed with you Alexia! HA HA HA-Ah," a pillow hit Cesia in the face, which I thrown to stop her perverted talking.

"YOUR GOING DOWN WITH MY MIGHTY DRAGON SWORD, YOU DEMON! DIE!," Cesia shouted flying towards me with a pillow. "WHAT THE HELL! AHH!," I screamed bewildered, but got hit in the face with pillow. Tintlet sighed to herself, "Ladies, this is no time to be play-," a pillow smacked her hard in the face,"Grrrr...," she growled in anger, but then took a deep breath in.

"Thats alright, you guys didn't mean it,"we all were silenced, but then bursted out laughing at her. Tintlet had the pillow clenched in her hands, "So you want to laugh huh, how you like this!," she screamed jumping on Rasleane who in return screamed as she got hit with the pillow.


Pillows where flying everywhere and tearing up the room. We were all huffing in tiredness until Raseleane shushed us to be quiet. "What? What is it? you hear that? Voices," she whispered putting her ear to the door making us do the same thing.

"They are so naive and desperate," a voice said snickering.

"Rath, son of bitch," Cesia said as a wave of angery cursed through body indetifying her husband voice.

"Yeah, but they make good food besides women are only good for food and sex"

"THATZ," Tintlet growled underneath her voice hearing her husband voice.

"Yeah I admit Raseleane is great in bed. Women are never fit to fight, they should leave it to the men"

"...Lykouleon," Raseleane said although looking calm we could feel she was pretty ticked off.

"Women should always be obedient and not defiant. Women can never compare to men. Good thing they are always obedient in bed, ha ha ha"

"Rune, fucking asshole," I growled and was about to run out there to beat some sense into him, but the other girls wouldn't let me.

We heard footsteps leave our door, but our wraths was ready to leash full force on them if they would stayed there and kept on talking.

"Okay, it definitely seems like our men don't respect us on how they degraded the whole feminine race. I am sick and tired of it, so how about we do something," Raseleane said with a mischivous look on her face. We all looked at her confused, but then a huge grin spreaded arcoss our faces. Oh, they were going to pay dearly, very dearly.

"Okay so here is the plan and the list!," Tintlet said holding the paper up for us to look at it.

1) Bring them to their knees

2) Dress up all sexy and tease them

3) Ignore them and make them jealous

4) Flirt making it seem innocent not whorish

5) Concert put on by us and invite the whole Kingdom

6) Make the BURN with JELOUSLY

7) Sleepover

8) Sneakout meeting

9) Beach day invite the whole Kingdom and our husbands

10) Make them beg

We all smirked at the list, this was going to be so easy. The guys wouldn't know what hit them. "Okay, so lets start with number one, OPERATION: BRING THEM TO THIER KNEES!," Raseleane said pumped up to get this list started. We all went to sleep for the night and the next moring we got up with smiles on our faces.

We walked in the diner room and cleared our throat to catch our husbands attentions. They looked at us confused, "We have noticed that you guys haven't been respecting us and the whole race of ladies," they raised an eyebrow at us to see where we were going with this.

"Since you are disrespecting us we decided to give you all punishments," Lykouleon, Thatz, Rune, and Rath all snorted at us. "What can they do, their just females," the men thaught haughtily crossing their arms.

"Okay, so what are our "punishments"," Thatz said smirking and snickering at us along with the other men . We all grinned at our husbands, "Your "punishments" are no, aboustely no sex," Tintlet said with an air of superior around her.

Yep, their grins were wiped off their faces as they stared at us in disbelief and dropped to their knees.


Oh, this was getting to be fun and it's not over, for it is just the beginning.


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