Love from Pain

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Chapter 2: The Masquerade Festival and a New Door

Alice's POV

It had been nearly a week since I appeared in Markymarky's house and thanks to him and Laura I have almost become my old self. Emmy didn't do much but that is because she doesn't like me and my personality but that's okay we still get along even if it only for the sake of Markymarky. Markymarky started to train almost immediatly with Dumbo Decus's sword and quickly became good at wielding the heavy blade as if he had always been using it. He also started to integrate his revolver Nightmare into his style but when he sparred with Emmy and the wave blade rapier he said he bought her a year ago he only used the sword. Somtimes Laura would be over and have an odd shining rapier and would help Emmy double team Markymarky but their fencing style was too rigid for Markymarky's self created style so he was able to adapt and beat them each time. Soon the girls began to develop their ways of fighting that suited them more and tested their styles out on each other. Markymarky also brought home his best friend Gwendolyn Bones whom I call Gweny since it's obvious that she likes Markymarky and just as obvious it the face that he doesn't see her like that but she also brought us tickets to get into Markymarky's university's Masquerade Festival. When the day had arrived we all took care of what to wear except Laura who went with a nice kimono and her shining rapier. Emmy wore brown shoes, long black socks, a plaid skirt that went to mid thigh and a white button up shirt that was slightly opened and made her lok like a japanese school student like the ones off the anime that Markymarky showed me. I wore the clothes I wore back in Aselia. Markymarky was able to get Gweny to clean them perfectly and even repair them so well you couldn't tell I was slashed with a sword and a bladed spinner. Markymarky wore his black boots, jeans with a pair of black leather chaps over them that had a long chain that hung from the back pocket and was attached to a belt loop and the chain dipped all the way to Markymarky's knee, black shirt, the same dark blue and silver jacket he wore when we first met, and black fingerless gloves. On a black belt he had a holster for Nightmare which was hidden by the shirt and he found a special holder for Dumbo Decus's so he could carry it on his back. Gweny wore her normal clothes of stiletto heels, jeans, a red miniskirt over the jeans, but instead of a tank top she wore a tight pink corset, a spear tipped mage's staff, and finally her witch's hat. We all got into the transport that Gweny drove, I believe Markymarky called it a mini van, and went to the festival.

3rd Person

When the group arrived They saw costumes of all types from scary to stupid to funny. They even saw people cosplaying as the characters from Tales of Symphonia. As they walked they came across a slightly thcik youing woman cosplaying as Alice. "Hi there Marky-" Mark pulled out his sword and rested it on his shoulder.

"Don't even go there you bitch." Mark said. "Only the Alice next me can call me that. Got it memorized Christina?"

"Yeah so leave MY Markymarky alone." Alice said as she held her riding crop in one hand and and tapped the end on the palm of her other hand. "Or else I'm going to have to punish you." Alice said in her childlike voice while winking.

"Yeah right. Listen you stupid whore Mark is my man!" Alice smiled darkly as did Mark while Emily shuddered. Since her personality recovery Alice had been complaining about not being able to punish any one so this was a godsend to the half elf sadist.

"What do you say Markymarky?" Alice asked Mark who put his sword on his back.

"A couple of lashes but that's it. Can't make too much of a scene, Babe." Mark said sitting down in a nearby chair. Alice nodded and immediatly began to use her riding crop and flogged Christina. After ten hits Alice stopped and walked over to her friends. "Very good. I hope this sears into your wounds to get to your head. I hate you Christina. People who think that because they are rich they can have whatever they desire pisses me off. Now do me a favor and leave me alone." Mark and the others walked away. "So Alice you wanna try some of the food they have here?"

"I don't think it'll be as good as those delicious cookies you bake." Alice replied.

"I must agree with Alice." Laura said. "Your cookies are indeed delicious. As is your Devil's Mousse." Mark smiled.

"Thanks babes. Nice to know you appreciate my baking unlike somebody." Mark said looking at Emily.

"Oh you even eat what you bake! all you survive on is pizza and strawberry sundaes!" Emily countered. "Sheesh. You are hopeless." Mark just hit her on the head. Mark grabbed them a large funnel cake and began to dig in with Emily and Laura taking a couple bites before Alice tried it. Alice's face gained a look of sublime pleasure.

"Markymarky that is great! What is this treat?" Alice asked.

"Funnel cake Babe." Mark said. Alice took another piece and ate it until she saw something else that caught her attention. "Oooooooh! What's that over there?" Mark looked over and chuckled at what Alice was pointing at.

"That's cotton candy, Alice." Mark said as he went over to buy some for the group. As Mark walked back with the cotton candy, Alice gained a look of childish glee. Mark saw this and laughed. "Calm down Alice. It's only candy." Mark took some and threw it in his mouth. Alice took a piece and examined it like a child would a new toy before putting it in her mouth.

"Mmmmmm. This is good!" Alice said while her face was one of childish ecstasy. Mark laughed harder at her face. "Markymarky what's so funny?"

"I believe he finds your face enteratining." Laura said. Mark could only nod due to how hard he was laughing.

"My face is not funny!" Alice pouted before she ate another piece of cotton candy.

"Actually it like a little girl who just got a new toy." Gwendolyn said. Alice just pouted again and ate more of the cotton candy. Mark was finally able to stop laughing and went over to Alice.

"Sorry Babe. Didn't mean to upset you like that." He said. "It's just weird seeing you act like such a kid over something like cotton candy. But then again I guess you don't have this stuff over in Aselia so I can understand how somethinh small and insignificant to us can be fascinating to you." Mark smiled at the blond and she looked at him before smiling herself.

"I forgive you." Alice said. "I guess my expressions and reactions to mere candy must be quite enteraining." Everyone nodded before Emily spotted something of interest to her.

"Hey Mark! Look at what your university's art club and writing club created!" The group walked over and saw a sign that showed the characters from Tales of Symphonia with peple in black outfits that seemed straight out of feudal Japan and matched Laura's kimono. "Tales of Bleach: Unreal Society, Tales of Bleach: Return of the Samurai, and Tales of Bleach: Blades of Destiny."

"Hmmmm. From what I can tell they are the two Tales of Symphonia games-" Gwen began before she remembered Alice. "Ummm I mean..."

"The Journey of Regeneration and The Journey to Revive Ratatosk." Emily said entering fangirl mode. "Oh and that means the last one is an original story!" Mark only sighed as Emily began to read the series and smiled before starting Return of the Samurai. After an hour they were finally able to pull Emily away from the stand but not before she finished Unreal Society and Mark was able to read both Return of the Samurai and what was made of Blades of Destiny. "Awwww! I wanted to read the whole thing."

"Emmy, the series was incomplete according to Markymarky." Alice chided.

"True but they were good and the clubs say that they were going to give away he copies of the comics they made to those who really enjoyed them and before we left I was actually able to get them to send us a copy of all the issues they made so far." Mark said. "I will admit there are some intersting think the brave hero would take her instead of the friend always at his side."

"I'm more surprised by the captain and his choice. I mean I know they me be intellectually similar but remember who the guy is." Gwen said with a faint smile.

"I'm just happy that many found happiness in the story in the end." Laura said.

"I end up dying at the end of Return of the Samurai still though. Maybe the author doesn't like me?" Alice said downtrodden.

"I do not believe that is entirely the case. Remember originally you were supposed to die in Aselia but Fate decided to change for you at the last minute bringing you to Mark." Laura said in a sage like voice.

"Yeah. But I don't mind. After all I got to meet the Blond Sadist of the Vanguard so I'm happy." Mark said. The group began to check out the other booths and activities around the festival such as the university's haunted house (which Mark almost went berserk on with his sword due to the guys in costume making remarks about Emily, Laura, Gwendolyn, and Alice that are better left unsaid around the public), photos in which they did poses that made it look like they were going on the cover of the next Tales of Symphonia game, and even a costume conest that Alice won for just being herself. It started getting late but Gwendolyn refused to leave.

"The comet's coming! Don't you want to see it?" Gwendolyn asked as Mark had forgotten about the red comet that was supposed to be visible that night.

"Oh yeah! Hey every one follow me!" The girls followed Mark who lead them to a garden on the roof of the university's science department. "This is the best stargazing spot in the whole university. I can come up here anytime since this was my idea last year." There were chairs set up for them so every one took a seat with Mark on the far right with Alice next to him, then sat Gwendolyn in the middle, Laura, and finally Emily.

"I see it over there!" Emily proclaimed as she pointed to a red sparkle that seemed to be growing until that comet seemed to be right next to the earth. It was enormous because even at the distance it was supposed to be at it was the same size as the moon. "Gwendolyn is it supposed to be that big?" Emily asked.

"No...I wonder why it is?" Gwendolyn asked. Soon the hanging plants and flowers around them gained a silver glow. Emily, Laura and Gwendolyn got up to investigate. Mark was about to get up as well but he could see Alice shiver out of the corner of his eye. When he turned to completely look at her he saw that she had an icy blue aura around her that was getting bigger.

"Markymarky...that's made out of pure mana...and it's...effecting me.. I can feel my old powers rising in me again." Alice said as she shivered. The aura then jumped from Alice to Mark turning black and dark purple and it swirld around Mark maliciously.

"This dread I negative emotions...I feel them getting this...darkness?" Mark asked as the aura around him and Alice raged before more broke off and hit Emily. Her's became brown like stone.

"What's going on...I feel...different...stronger than this what it feels like to have mana flowing through your body?" Emily asked looking at her hands and the aura flowing around them. Soon the aura extended to Gwendolyn and the aura became a light green and swirled around her like a twister.

"Finally...the power...This is what I was born to wield." Finally the aura surrounded Laura and it turned a light purple and began to crackle. Laura said nothing and didn't seem effected. Mark looked at her for a moment before there were screams from the festival. The five on the roof looked at each other before they ran to festival and were in awe of what they saw.

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