Harry Potter , age one hundred thirty seven, Headmaster of Hogwarts School, sighed as he looked around the grounds of Hogwarts. Even now, over a hundred years after he had graduated the school, he was perplexed over most of the school grounds. Even during the night, people were lurking about outside the grounds in their pairs. He had to smile as he looked around at the little First Years he had sorted just three months past. He could barely contain his rage however as he once again felt his pain try to erupt. It's nobody's fault but my own. He thought to himself as he felt his pain. I should have been able to stop him. He growled before clenching his chair, looking at the wall where four special photo's stood protected by a large bubble.

Standing up from his desk, Harry moved over to the blackened pictures that had been destroyed when he became Headmaster. Albus, you should have done more for me then just try to protect me. He thought as he moved his fingers along the black name plate of the late Albus Dumbledore. And what did it get you, huh? Dead by your own pet Death Nibbler. He thought in anger before walking to his adjoining door. "Good Night Hogwarts." He chanted, moving over to his bed. Taking off his Head robes, Harry looked at the necklace around his neck. One object for each of you. he sighed before removing the necklace, being mindful not to injure or displace anything on the gold chain. "Good night, My loves." He smiled painfully, looking at the night's sky appearing. "Hermione, I hope you found your gorgeous Library in the sky, and are with Daphne in studying as much as you can, until we can be together." He said, kissing the horntail scale and the miniature wand of his first wifes. "Luna, I can't help but wonder what your finding up there." He smiled, touching the bottle top before looking at the gavel next to it. "My precious little Minister of Magic. How could I ever forget you." he groaned as he pulled out the Elder Wand that he kept in his pockets. I should have given you up a long ass time ago, Death Stick. He thought as he placed a security bubble around his bed before laying down, looking at the pictures that he kept on top of the four poster bed that he had had brought up from the Gryffindor Boys Room.

Smiling at the pictures, he could only try to remember that fateful day, back when he realized how much his Hermione, Daphne, Susan and Luna meant to him. I wouldn't be alive if it wasn't for you girls. He sighed. "I just wish that I could have died and gone back to fifth year, before everything went to hell. I would change so damn much." He sighed before sleep claimed him, unable to hear the small chanting occurring outside the security bubble he had ensconced himself in.


Harry woke up groggily, his hands reaching up to his face to rub his eyes. But as he did, all he could see was a big blur. Wait a minute. He thought as he moved his hands up to stare at them closer. I haven't needed glasses since I took those blocks off of me. He thought as he tried to summon up any of his magic to fix his eyes. All he got unfortunately was a larger than life headache. It was then as Harry was trying to get his head wrapped around his predicament that he heard a voice he did NOT want to hear again, much less think that he would see again. After all, he had killed the owner of that voice many years ago.

"Come ON Harry!" the annoying voice of Ronald Weasley called out to him. "If we don't hurry up we'll miss breakfast!" his former friend shouted, right before Harry heard the sound of curtains being ripped open. He could now see a once again annoying blur standing over him, making Harry wish that he had a wand on him to stun the hell out of the ginger.

Ron seemed to be waiting for something from him. All of a sudden, he heard an annoying growl before he moved over to the side of the bed, seconds later Harry was able to see once again, and was almost grateful for it, if it didn't lead to him seeing Ron's expectant face. "What day is it anyways?" he asked.

"Its December the twelfth!" Ron called out. "Everybody's leaving today for Christmas Break!" he explained happily.

"Fine, I'll be down in a minute." Harry growled. "I need to get dressed." He explained before looking at the Weasley. "Why aren't you dressed?" he asked, spying the ginger git only pulling on a pair of winter robes.

"I never get dressed before breakfast." Ron shrugged. "After all, the food doesn't stick around all day, you know?"

All of a sudden, Ron was wordlessly shoved into the boys bathroom leading from their room and the door was shut after him. "Get cleaned up and dressed." Harry ordered. "The door won't open until you're clean. And no charms, your wands still on your bed."

"What!" Ron shouted, banging on the door now. "What are you playing at!" he called out. "I need to get to the Hall!" he demanded.

"Then I suggest you hurry. I have things to do today and you can't sit there and tell me different and hold me back from it." Harry explained.

"What are you talking about?" Ron asked, turning to look away from the doorway in an attempt to get out.

"Don't worry about it. You've other things to worry about." Harry smirked. If this is a dream, it's a really bad one. he thought as he looked around the room. Placing a couple of wordless charms around the room he smiled. "Dobby?" he asked, hoping that his suspicions would be wrong.

But for him, it wasn't to be. Dobby immediately appeared in front of him, wearing his usual assortment of clothes. "Yes Master Harry Potter sir?" the young elf asked.

"Dobby, how many times must I beg you not to call me anything aside from Harry?" Harry said absently before he looked up at the ceiling. Whoever is torturing me, he thought sadly. Please stop.

"But Master Harry Potter sir deserves the best that he can get." Dobby whined, pulling at his ears in worry.

"Oh well." Harry sighed. "I need to know something old friend." He smiled, now fighting back the tears that always showed themselves when he thought of the young elf. "What year is it?" he asked.

"I would think that the Young Master Potter would know." Dobby blushed. "It is exactly two and a half years ago that you saved me from the bad families." He smiled tearfully.

Oh no. Harry thought as he looked around, suddenly realizing that the room he hadn't really even paid attention to until now was far too life-like in his opinion to be a dream. I've come back? he thought before feeling something appearing around him. Looking around agitatedly, Harry saw something on his bed that wasn't there before. A small slip of paper was folded up on the bed. Walking over to it, he suddenly had to blink at the content.

Dear Harry Potter

Weird isn't it? I felt the dire wish you made in your years. I am confused however. You say that you want to change things. Well I am giving you the chance to do so. We will be checking in every once in a while to see how things are going. But don't forget that there are things that you must do even in this time frame. This is not a dream, but a real wish from us that you see this through. Don't get sidetracked by this. Your choices are your own now. You must finish what must be done.

Fate & Death

P.S. By the way, go have fun with your soul bonded woman.

Harry nearly fainted right then and there. Feeling dizzy, Harry frowned before looking back to a nearly hysterical Dobby. "Come here, Dobby." He asked.

The elf was nearly at his side. "What can Dobby do for you Master Harry Potter?" he asked, his eyes and ears appearing as if he was scared.

"Would you like to be my elf?" he asked. "You can even ask Winky if she would like to serve a big family." He smiled.

The House Elf in front of him however, was no longer there. Instead Harry felt himself being pushed over with a crying House Elf smacking himself upside the head using his own knee. "Dobby stop punishing yourself okay? No more." He ordered.

Needless to say, both Dobby and Winky, by the end of the next hour, were two very happy, and two very young looking, House Elves bound to the House of Potter.


Hermione frowned as she looked around the Entrance Hall. Normally, especially during breakfast, she could easily find Harry and Ron sitting already by the time she made it down to breakfast. Then again if she was really truthful to herself, this wouldn't be that much of a surprise to her. After all, with everything else that had been going on with her lately, she couldn't exactly think that something was odd. For when she woke up this morning, she woke up screaming, feeling as if something had been shoved through her chest and yanked back out the other side. But as she looked around her dorm room, looking at Lavender and Parvati still sleeping despite her scream, Hermione had immediately got out of bed and prepared for the day. However, something was even more confusing. After she had showered and done her usual business, she had stood in front of her mirror and used a spell to cut her own hair! Now if someone would look at her, they would see a young woman with slightly frizzy hair that was barely neck and shoulder length. Her teeth had even cooperated today and stayed resized like she liked them to be. Taking a seat at the Gryffindor table, she idly pulled three plates toward her and began pilling some of Harry's favorite food onto the plate. Looking to the other plate however, she instantly decided against putting anything on Ron's plate, since the last time she had done so for him he had given her a mouthful of grief about how she was trying to take his food away. Honestly! She thought as she looked around and seen several people staring at her.

"I like your hair like that, Hermione dear." An oddly familiar voice called out from behind her. "I like to think that it's nice how it frames your face so well."

"Luna?" Hermione asked, turning around, only to get a small peck on the lips from the girl. Before Hermione could say anything however, Luna was standing back up, her face no longer looking vacant as she looked around the Hall in worry.

"I'm so sorry Hermione." Luna whispered, as if in agony. "I didn't know what came over me!" she whimpered.

"What are you talking about Luna?" Hermione asked. "I know you didn't really mean to kiss me."

"That's just the thing." Hermione heard Luna's voice quieting. "I think that I honestly DID mean to kiss you." the silver haired woman began. "I just don't know why."

Hermione frowned once again. "Well why don't you sit with me." She asked absently. "I'm sure Harry and Ron are going to be coming down soon for breakfast." She explained, motioning for her to sit on her right, seeing how Harry always sat on her left.

"Okay." Luna smiled dreamily. "I need to talk to Harry anyways." She giggled. "I just hope Ron doesn't try to eat me with the rest of his food." She laughed outright at the thought of it, which she whispered to Hermione shortly after she had calmed down sufficiently, but was unprepared for the laughter that erupted out of Hermione's own mouth at the mental image that the statement brought to the bookworms mind.


In a dark catacomb beneath a previously unknown ruin near a formerly elegant castle, a loud scream could be heard as several large boxes were broken open. Bodies began to stir as if suddenly unfrozen after many years in a coma. One particular body, was a man that looked like he was about twenty years old, with green eyes and silver and blue hair cascading down his back. But as he stepped forward, he heard multiple crunching sounds from around him. It didn't distract him however from looking up at the morning sun. "What's this?" he asked, looking down to see several people kneeling before him. "My friends, it seems we have finally been awoken." He said hesitantly. "That must mean that the heir of Pendragon has shown himself finally!" he called out, getting resulting howls of amazement and happiness from the people around him. "Everyone gather what you can from the catacombs. Tonight we move." He smiled, watching as thirty men and women moved deeper into the catacombs. He himself stepped to the barrier between the outside sunlight and the perpetual darkness of the ruins. Taking a deep breath, he stuck a foot out experimentally before setting it on the ground. Smiling at himself, he quickly moved himself out entirely into the sunlight, shouting out in joy at the feeling of the sun on his pale skin after three hundred years of darkness.


Harry frowned as he looked at his clothes. "I need to get some new clothes." He said to himself before hefting a pair of shorts and a t-shirt on before slipping his shoes and robes on. "I think now would be a good time to check if this is indeed a dream. I need to see 'Mione." He choked. "I just hope she doesn't mind being hugged to death." He blushed before transfiguring the robes to fit better.

Walking out of the dorm, he saw Ginny waiting at the bottom of the stairs, twirling her hair around her finger. But as soon as she saw him, Harry had to bite back a curse as she seemed to make a beeline for him. Oh great. He thought. Here comes the fangirl. He growled to himself, fighting back any show of aggravation. Back to what I thought… a bloody fucking nightmare. He thought. "Hi Ginny. Have you seen Hermione? I need to talk to her about something." He explained as he watched the emotions playing all across her face. Instinctively, Harry looked into the girls eyes and broke past any kind of mental shields in her head.

I don't know where the Mudblood is. She sent in her head. And if it wasn't for my stupid brother botching those potions on her, you wouldn't even see her anymore. She would be stuck at home being Ron's pathetic little bed whore. She thought. Images then assaulted Harry as he watched a scene where Ron and Ginny were listening to their mother in the kitchen.

"I'm telling you Ginny." Ron frowned as he watched the pot his mom was brewing. "Harry has no interest at you at all." He explained. "And the Mudblood bores me too damn much."

"It doesn't matter anymore, Ron." Molly interrupted. "You need to get Hermione to fall in love with you so that Ginny and Harry can be together." She smiled as she dragged a small number of vials toward her on the counter. "I'm upping the dose, Ginny." She smiled. "So soon it shouldn't be a problem to get Harry to be head over heels in love with you so that the family can get all that money we seen in his vaults. " She whispered dreamily.

Harry had to pull himself out of her memories or else he felt that he would have destroyed the little bint's mind. "I don't know where she is." Ginny frowned. "I don't even care."

"What did she ever do to you, Ginny?" Harry asked. "What is it that she did to make you have so much anger towards her?"

"She wont leave me alone about Ron." Ginny snapped, her eyes moving around circularly like a top. "Those two need to get over this whole 'Hermione is superior than Ron' thing. Or else they wont be able to have a happy marriage, not like me and you." she muttered low, trying not to be heard.

"Hey Ginny," Harry sneered, drawing her attention to his face. "What is the penalty for using love potions? Or attempting to destroy a soul bond of any kind?"

Ginny seemed to withdrawal into herself for a minute before looking down at her feet. "Well according to my mum, Love Potions all depend on the severity of the love potion, whilst attempting to destroy a soul bond is life in Azkhaban." She explained, not even caring about what

"Okay, thanks." Harry laughed internally before nearly running out of the Tower, Ginny screaming at him to wait for her. Yeah right you useless bint. He thought as he ran down to the Entrance Hall.

Harry had to stop himself from almost crying out in happiness as he saw Hermione and Luna sitting next to each other at the Gryffindor table, eating and talking. But as he looked at the Slytherin and the Hufflepuff tables, he saw something that was odd. Daphne for one looked like she didn't sleep all to well. Bags were under her eyes, and as he looked closer, he could barely make out the distinct traces of tear-tracks. Searching for Susan, Harry was able to see her in the exact same way that he saw Daphne. She also looked like she was waiting for something to happen, like something was stopping her from so much as moving correctly or was making her want to leave. Whats going on? He wondered. But before he could say something, his danger sense was going off like a Chinese battle gong.

Quickly ducking and rolling out of the way, Harry was up on his feet with his wand out as soon as a red beam of magic slammed just where he had been standing. Looking for his enemy, he had to stop himself from laughing as he saw Draco Malfoy, Blaise Zabini and Umbridge standing before him, Draco having the distinct magical residue of a Stupify smoking from his wand. "Hem Hem." Dolores laughed. "You shouldn't be pointing a wand at anyone like that, Mr. Potter." She giggled. "I think that would be three weeks detention with me."

"You wanna know what I think about that, Dolores Umbridge?" Harry laughed as he looked around the now quiet Entrance Hall.

"I am a Professor here, boy." She growled at him, brandishing her wand at him.

"You are nearly a Squib, professor." Harry laughed. "You can't teach anybody for shit. You have to rely on a text book study. I wonder what you had to do to get inside Fudge's pants, hmm?" he said, standing up. "Whats the matter, you poor excuse for a Slytherin?" he asked, looking at Draco and Blaise. "I am curious, though, Draco." He smiled. "What would Daddy dearest think about his little son trying to kill someone that is strictly for the Dark Tosser to deal with. Hmmm?" he asked.

"Now see here!" Dolores shouted.

A beam of blue light hit the woman in the back of the head, causing her to pitch forward while a large amount of heavy looking chains surrounded her. So its fifth level after all. Harry thought as he watched the woman writhe as chains rubbed her between her legs and other parts of her disgusting body. "Now," Harry laughed as he watched Draco and Blaise backing away from her. "Which one of you are Gryffindor enough to attack me when I'm looking back at you?" he asked, pointing his wand back to Blaise and Draco, moving it between the two. "Come ON!" he shouted. "Who's got the real meat and potatoes between the two of you, huh? Which one's the fucking Dom?"

"Potter!" came the loud and disgusting voice of Severus Snape, coming closer if going by the sound of his bellowing. "Your not supposed to use magic on a Professor!" he shouted angrily. "Two hundred points from Gryffindor!" he sneered, nearly faulting in his control.

"I think not, since I'm not the one who used magic on anyone today." Harry said angrily. "Why don't you get your greasy head out of your ass and look around you!" he shouted. "I'm standing right next to a sizeable dent in the floor, and if you haven't been putting your moose on this morning in front of the mirror, you would have seen that she had been hit from behind. And who was behind her when she was hit?" he asked.

"Severus leave him alone." The voice that Harry wanted to hurt the most called out from the Entrance Hall's entrance. Dumbledore immediately walked through the door. "And Harry I am most disappointed with you." the old man sighed. "You are to apologize to Professor Snape and accept your punishments." He said as he looked at the assembled people.

"And you are to shove that idea up your ass, Headmaster." Harry growled. "I am attacked in your Hallway, by none other than Draco Malfoy and his butt-buddy, and one of YOUR professors!" he screamed. "And who wants a pensieve memory for this?" he asked. "I know for a fact that you have one, Professor." He said, walking to the door.

"Figures that you would make something like this up, Potter." Snape snarled. "Your just like your father."

"And your just like your tube socks Snape." Harry laughed. "You don't even care that you're an idiot. Go play with your Dark Tosser and leave me the hell alone." He demanded.

"Harry show respect." Dumbledore growled, just as Harry felt a mental probe trying to breach his mental defenses.

"You show respect." Harry snarled, bringing up his own shields."You should really not use Leglimensy on a student, Professor Dumbledore." Harry laughed at the way Dumbledore seemed to fall back against the Potions Professor."Oh and a warning to you, Snape." He smirked. "If I ever see you outside of Hogwarts again, I will show you what Death Eaters get for trying my patience."

"Harry how many times do I have to explain to you that Professor Snape has my utmost confidence in any regard." Dumbledore frowned once again. What is going on here? The Headmaster thought.

"Yeah and the next thing you know your falling from the Astronomy Tower." He sighed. "I'm going to eat my breakfast, seeing as how its almost over with." He said, looking at the clock. "And I have more important things to do then to deal with detentions and point removals, so why don't you use that great authority of yours, Headmaster, and give Draco the punishment that we BOTH know he deserves. Check his fucking wand. I know you know how." He growled as he spun around and walked away from the small group.


Susan looked on at what was happening with Harry at the entrance. At least he didn't do anything too harsh. She could see how angry he was simply by the way he walked. But even as she watched him, she got the same feeling that she had been having all day. Why am I having this weird feelings? She asked, looking around the hall. Seeing something odd at the Gryffindor table, Susan looked closer and saw something that made her question herself again. There, sitting next to each other, were Luna and Hermione, and they were looking at the entrance to the Entrance Hall as well. Damn they look beautiful. She thought, only to mentally slap herself as she thought that. I am not a lesbian. She growled to herself before she looked back to Harry. She had to literally restrain herself from going over to kiss him and hug him. Seeing him in no immediate danger, Susan turned back to her plate, which somehow had rearranged the fruit that she had been nibbling on. What the bloody… she wondered, looking closer to the way they were shaped. Her plate, instead of looking like a pile of grapes, orange slices and carrots, was cleared of everything except for two words, made from the many pieces of fruit.

Kiss him.


Ginny was on her feet before anyone could do anything to stop her. She literally seemed to vault over the Gryffindor table, her robes nearly forgotten. Wait a minute. Hermione thought as she and Luna tried to get up and stop her. Where the bloody hell did SHE come from?

"She moves fast." Luna giggled, pointing to where Ginny had been sitting at the far end of the table, away from the both of them. Hermione laughed as soon as she saw the state of where she had been. Ginny had literally been torn out of Dean and Seamus' grasps. Apparently they had been doing something or other and when Ginny had seen Harry, had immediately gone into 'fangirl mode'.

"Yeah but it will do her no good." Hermione said happily as she looked back to Harry, his evident anger showing in the way he stood, his wand out as if he was expecting more trouble.


Oh trust me, Umbridge, your time will come my dear. Harry laughed mentally as he looked back only marginally. "Oh and Professor Dumbledore, if someone is nearly killed because of a bad decision, me and you will have words. Got it?" he asked.

He never got his answer as he was tackled by a red headed missile, knocking the wind out of him and knocking him to the ground. "Harry are you alright?" the voice of Ginny Weasley asked, causing Harry to restrain himself once again in the same day. "I was sitting there talking with Hermione and everything about the club and trying to revive it or something. But I was rudely interrupted by one thing after the other." She said as she tried to look him in the eye.

"Shut up you bint." Harry growled, pushing her up and off of him, much to her own dismay. "I don't think you realize even how stupid that entire statement was." He warned, finally able to stand up. "You think you can just tell me that 'oh I was sitting by Hermione talking' and expect me to follow it?" he asked.

"But, Harry…" Ginny began, trying futilely to stop her tears.

"But nothing!" Harry shouted, all to knowingly understanding that he now had an audience. "I respect your family. It has a lot of loyalty in it. You have no real respect for me however. I know for a fact you think that your destined to be my bride or some other shit." He sighed again once he calmed down a little. "I will never be yours. I will never give you or your mom my fortunes, little sister." He snapped. "Now, if you'll excuse me, my real friends are waiting for me." He said happily, walking around her.

Her eyes however, bore into his back. We'll see about that. She thought. One way or another, I WILL be Mrs. Harry Potter! She growled to herself. But before she could really do anything about it, she was pulled away by the Headmaster.

"Don't do something you'll regret child." The aged professor said calmly. "Go floo your mother. Tell her that the plans must be moved up."

"But Professor, Umbridge watches the floo." She explained.

"Not the one in my office my dear. Come with me." He smiled while his eyes twinkled in happiness as the two walked away, being mindful not to look at the Pink Caftan wearing Witch on the floor as she writhed.

Several screams coming from the Great Hall however, were all that was needed for Dumbledore to leave the small girl as she moved to his office.


Luna looked up from her discussion with her friend Hermione when Harry walked up behind them. Smiling at him, he surprised the both of them by grabbing Hermione and giving her a small kiss that quickly became more and more passionate. A soft golden glow slowly grew around the two, hiding them from sight as they continued their kiss. She lost herself to a feeling of immense joy and happiness as she felt something occurring near her. But as she watched the two, she could not see the glow appear around her as well as two others. But others did not miss what was happening. Not many of them were happy about it either way.


Harry was in heaven. As soon as he had seen Hermione up close, with Luna right next to her, he could not have stopped himself if he had wanted to. But as he kissed her, he felt everything that he had had buried up about her for so long. It felt incredible to kiss her again. God how I have missed this. He thought as his hands came up to caress her face and cheeks. Everything seemed to be exploding around him, as if his entire world was finally coming crashing down around him, and he found no reason not to be the happiest bloody idiot in the world.


Hermione had just been talking with Luna when all of a sudden, her mouth is being assaulted by some pair of lips. But as soon as their lips touched, it felt as if her entire body was being electrified with searing bliss! Everything was becoming so stifling lately with the stupid professor. But as she kissed the boy in front of her, she forgot everything that she had been worrying about.

Then it got painful. As soon as the kiss intensified, Hermione was suddenly being assaulted with memories. Memories of wrongness and a sense of fear because of something happening around her that could not have been changed. And other emotions started to surface. Emotions that she had been burying for so damn long about her green eyed friend. God I love him! She shouted in her mind as she began to kiss the pair of lips back, already knowing that it was Harry's lips that were attacking her. The smell hit her next. The smell of open air and green grass, something that Harry had always smelled like. I love you, Harry Potter. She thought to herself as she reached her arms around the man's head drawing him in closer. Mine. She thought, nibbling at his lips. Before she knew it she felt like something else was missing. No. she pronounced worriedly. He's mine. All mine. She growled. She was rewarded however, with the feeling of three other people coming into their little bubble. She saw that there was no sense of alarm from either her or the man in front of her. It immediately clicked to her however, as she saw that there were indeed five of them. And when she saw their faces, she instantly knew what it meant, but not the reason how or why. Hermione Granger found herself doing something that she did not know she was able to do: She fainted while kissing the boy she loved.

A/N: I am doing this story in an attempt at a Harry Potter Story.