Dr. Temperance Brennan bent over a set of bones. She examined the tibia and searched for any unusual marks that she may had missed before. This set of bones was 199 years old and had been found during the War of 1812. When Brennan was not solving crimes with boyfriend and partner Special Agent Seeley Booth, she tried to identify unidentified bones that were kept in the room known as limbo.

Brennan set down the tibia and stretched her arms. She had been in the limbo room for hours without taking any breaks. She yawned and checked her watch. It was almost 7pm which meant she had been at work for almost 12 hours. She decided to call it for the day and head home to see Booth. They were planning to celebrate their six month anniversary that night by watching a few movies and eating dinner at home. They could have gone out to celebrate, but due to the FBI's "no dating in the workplace" policy Booth and Brennan had begun their relationship in secret.

Brennan put the bones into a clear plastic container. She walked down a long aisle to the section where unidentified bones from the 19th century were kept. She inserted the case into a cabinet and turned towards the exit. Brennan walked to the end of the aisle, but stopped when she saw Angela sprinting across the room towards her. She grabbed Brennan's arm and pulled her towards the exit. Brennan called out Angela's name to get her attention, but Angela ignored her. Brennan stopped and yanked Angela towards her.

"Ange, what's going on?" Brennan demanded. She could tell by Angela's expression that it was serious. Angela wiped her face and said, "It's really bad, sweetie. About an hour ago, a bomb went off at the FBI building. A group of men walked in and detonated bombs on each of the floors. It destroyed the building. Jared Booth said that there has to be over a hundred casualties."

"Seeley?" Brennan choked out.

"We don't know, sweetie," Angela whispered. Brennan stared at her for a moment in complete silence. After a minute, Brennan slowly nodded her head and said, "Should we go to the hospital?"

"Yeah, Hodgins and Cam are waiting for us in the car."

Special Agent Seeley Booth blinked twice as he slowly regained consciousness. He blinked again to see the ceiling light swinging above his head. He then realized that he was lying on his back outside of his office. He tried to sit up, but the pain was too immense. Booth could see blood seeping through the bottom of his white shirt. He turned his head and saw agents lying dead all over the floor. The area had been transformed into piles of rubble. Desks became piles of wood, pipes were dangling from the walls, and glass was scattered everywhere. The lights flickered on and off every few minutes.

Booth coughed for a moment then heard footsteps. FBI Director Hacker appeared over him with a calm look on his face. It bothered Booth that the man had such a calm expression in a terrible time.

"Hacker….help," croaked Booth. He reached his hand up to Hacker expecting him to help him up. Instead, Hacker just stood over Booth with his expression slowly turning into a smug look. He kneeled down next to Booth and pulled out a handgun. He admired the gun while Booth said, "What are you doing? There might be more bombers in the building. They could kill us."

"They won't unless they are told to, "Hacker said as he turned his attention to Booth.

"Why? What do you mean? Do you know who orchestrated this?

"Yes. I did."