Langley, Virginia

Hacker walked into the CIA building with a smile on his face. Unfortunately, neither Booth nor Hodgins gave him the location of the blue prints within the last two days. On the bright side, Hacker had found a way to legally send Booth and Hodgins to prison without drawing attention. Hacker was almost positive that he would be in the clear within a few weeks.

As he entered the building, a shocked hush fell around the main desk. The security guard checked Hacker's badge and smiled at him nervously. Hacker walked through the metal detector and noticed that two agents that had been walking in his direction, immediately turned around as soon as they saw him. Confused, he continued down the hallway towards the interrogation rooms while trying to ignore the multitudes of eyes that followed him.

Hacker opened the door to the first interrogation room and saw Booth and one of his special agents. Booth appeared to be hungry and physically and mentally exhausted. Both of his hands were still handcuffed to the table in front of him.

Excellent, He should crack any moment, Hacker thought while closing the door behind him. Hacker's agent, who had been talking to Booth, looked to Hacker as soon as he closed the door behind him. Her eyes widened as she said, "Andrew, you can't be-"

Hacker put a hand in front of her face to silence her. He strutted over to Booth and grabbed his collar.

"Seeley, how have you been?" Hacker spat. Booth glanced between Hacker's cocky smile and the nervous agent next to him.

"Have you read the news, Andrew?" Booth mumbled.

"Sir, he's right. You really need to-"

"What? Do you have some magic backup plan to save the day, Booth? I got you and the little squint for messing with my investigation. Plus, you haven't left this spot in two days! How would you know what has been going on in the news?"

Suddenly, the door opened revealing the director of the CIA and two CIA agents. The CIA director nodded to the FBI agent who then walked over and took off Booth's handcuffs. She helped him get to his feet while Hacker exclaimed, "What are you doing?"

"Someone had brought me some very interesting information last night. Unfortunately, the news bloodhounds got to it first," growled the CIA director. He motioned to the CIA agents, who walked towards Hacker. The CIA agents arrested him while the CIA director declared, "Andrew Hacker, you are under arrest for committing a terrorist attack on U.S soil, which caused the deaths of one hundred and three people. You are also being charged with falsifying information for a federal investigation and false imprisonment of a federal agent and a civilian. You have the right to remain silent….."

As the CIA director read Hacker his Miranda rights, Hacker's agent was then handcuffed as well. Booth watched both Hacker and the FBI agent squirm as the reality of being caught dawned on them. Booth dropped his shoulders and head. He was so tired, hungry, and lightheaded that he felt as if he was going to pass out. Besides being chained to the interrogation with no food or water for three days, Booth had no human interaction and even no sunlight. It was frightening for him to sit alone in the room with his thoughts. The only thought that crossed his mind was worry for Brennan and Angela.

"Who did it? Who turned me in?" Hacker spat in the CIA director's face. The older gentleman kept his professional, calm composure as he answered, "Two anonymous sources came to me with blueprints and testimonies regarding your involvement in the bombings. They also told me that they feared for their life and had come to Langley for protection."

Hacker turned to Booth and exclaimed, "I knew you had it. Who did you give it to? Who?"

While staggering towards the door, Booth responded, "Three people that I trust very much."

"It's Dr. Brennan isn't it? I should have thought of that! It's probably one of the little squints at the Jeffersonian right? I should have arrested all of you-"

"Why did you do it?" Booth suddenly asked, cutting off Hacker. Everyone else in the room turned to Hacker, expecting an immediate answer.

"Why did you kill those people? What happened to you, Andrew?" Booth repeated. Hacker sighed and said, "I think you figured it out already, Booth."

"No, Andrew. I haven't. All I know is that you were going to place the blame on the Freedom Fighters. I don't know why you chose to kill dozens of innocent people. We were friends; Andrew- I don't know what would posses you to do such a thing."

Hacker gave Booth a mischievous smile. "You are right about the blaming thing, but in regards to why I blew up the Hoover building, that, my old friend is for you to figure out on your own." He started to laugh as the CIA agents led him out the room leaving the CIA director and Booth in the room, both completely confused.

Booth turned to the CIA director, who held out his hand towards Booth to shake. Booth shook his hand while the FBI director said, "I apologize for that Agent Booth. You did a brave thing by standing up to Hacker; it does the victims of the bombing a greater honor."

"Thank you, sir," Booth replied. It's over, he thought, we won.

Six Weeks later- Washington D.C

"Cheers!" Booth, Brennan, Angela, Sweets, Hodgins, and Cam exclaimed as they clinked glasses together. They stood in the entrance of the Jeffersonian lab, a few moments away from spending a night out on the town. The group had just toasted in honor of the victims of the bombings.

"Did they ever find out why Hacker blew up the Hoover buildings or if he had any accomplices, Booth?" Cam asked as soon as she finished her sip.

"No, it's been over a month now. He hasn't said a word to anyone. Unless we find more evidence, we may never know why he did it." He smiled at Brennan who had her arm wrapped around his waist.

"Well, at least we got him," Sweets stated, "Thanks to Dr. Brennan and Angela."

"We couldn't have done this without you, Sweets. You held onto those documents and even stayed in D.C after we left. That was very brave of you and I admire that."

Sweets blushed as Hodgins exclaimed, "What about me? I found the blueprints and even spent two days in solitary confinement!" Angela kissed him on the check. "That was very valiant of you, babe."

"I would like to make another toast," Brennan said as she lifted her glass, "To us and to a bright and hopefully safer future." Everyone exclaimed, "Cheers!" before taking a sip of their wine. Angela giggled and linked her arm with Hodgins. The couple led the way out of the lab with Booth and Brennan following them. Sweets looked to Cam and said, "Will you be my date for tonight?"

She laughed and placed her hand in his. "Of course." They followed their friends out to a night of dancing, laughing, and happiness.

The End