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Bang Bang, we're beautiful and dirty rich

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Beautiful, dirty rich

Chapter 1: Beautiful, Dirty, Rich

Rachel Berry looked at the girl sitting in front of her in her music and theory class. She was wearing some of the worst clothes she had seen in a century. She looked at the girl's feet which covered by a pair of awful off black flats that had nothing but quilted patterns on them. Her eyes then followed up her legs which she wore a pair of yellow tights that matched the yellow and pink skirt that she wore around her hips. Then her eyes fell on her top, which was just as hideous as the bottom part of her bottom. The yellow shirt had a ruffle around the neck and it was made of some sort of polyester material that would make Rachel's skin crawl. The hairstyle that followed on her head looked like she had a birds nest inside of it which was pulled up to a messy ponytail.

Rachel couldn't believe that she was in the same school as these people. Miss yellow tights wasn't the only one who had no fashion sense whatsoever. There were at least three or four more people in her row that looked like they rolled out of bed and stumbled into class. She knew she shouldn't judge, her father's told her that people with no class only judged and degraded people and Rachel wasn't one to do those things, but it was moments like these that she couldn't help but not judge. Who would be caught dead in yellow tights? Rachel's mind wandered further when she saw her teacher, Mr. Schuester write something on his dry erase board that followed notes. Of course in her head she knew the notes, but she wondered if any of her classmates understood what he was staying. This class was way above their heads, she could teach this stuff in her sleep.

After about another hour and a half of Mr. Schuester babbling about Mozart and the work he did with the world, he finally dismissed the class. Rachel grabbed her Gucci leather bag which costed more then half of her classmates wordobe. Her handbag matched her brown leather zip up boots and went well with her Gucci printed silk creoe de chine dress which had an equestrian print on it and the halter top was tied around her neck. It was orange and had a matching leather belt. As she left her seat, she could hear the clicking of her heels followed by the rustling of her dress.

"Miss Berry?" She heard Mr. Schuester follow behind her as she almost exited the door.

"Yes Mr. Schuester, how may I help you?" She said twisting around seeing him lean against his desk holding a green folder, which must have been hers because there little gold stars all over the front side of the folder.

"I read your essay on the musical theory of Mozart last night and I have to say I'm impressed." He said as Rachel's face lit up. She knew that it was a good essay no doubt, but she didn't think that he would want to talk to her about it.

"Well thank you Mr. Schuester. I worked really hard on it." Rachel lied, her roommate did most of the work. She was to busy hanging out with her friends to worry about it. She wrote maybe five or six paragraphs in it.

"I was wondering though, I have a few students who are needing tutoring and I was wondering if you would like to take the lead and help out. Tina suggested you." Mr. Schuester said pulling out a letter of recommendation out from Tina. Of course she recommended her, she wanted to get pay back for writing all her essays.

"Well, I will have to take a look at my calender. My dad's are opening a new hotel up in Boston and I am suppose to be doing some work with them, but can I let you know?" Rachel asked hugging her Gucci bag tighter wanting to leave.

"Sure, but as soon as possible, the new classmates start on the 20th and we only have a month before their final." He said handing her some information on it. Rachel nodded smiling as she said farewell to him before walking out the door shoving the paper into her handbag. She clutched her laptop as she walked back to her dorm room which she hated. She felt so...common. Rachel Berry never wanted to share a dorm room with Tina Cohen-Chang, but her father's thought it would be a good idea to get to know people. They also thought it would be a good idea for her to spend her time with people who weren't heirs to millions and millions of dollars. In their words, 'Just because we are well off, doesn't mean other people are Rachel. Get to know the NYU culture.' And Rachel didn't want to live at home anymore so she thought moving into the dorms was better then being at home, where her parent's could watch her.

Once she walk the last flight of stairs to her room, she put her key in the door and unlocked it. She opened the door and saw the completely empty dorm room which needed style on one side. Rachel's side of the room was like heaven. She had designer bedding, which had the colors pink fuchsia, purple, white, and black in beautiful beading patterns. It had circles, and squares and all sorts of shapes on it to make it look cute. Everything on her side of the room matched the bedding from her wall right on down to her slippers. She had the entire closet and Tina used the dresser which was at the foot of her bed. She had a bluish green comforter set that clashed horribly with Rachel's side but Rachel learned not to hate it completely. Rachel fell on her bed slipping of her boots and curling up next to her cute little piggy stuffed animal that she got when she was four from her Grandma. She stared out the window for a view moments before sitting up and grabbing her computer. She pulled the screen up and typed in her password and pulled up her facebook. She had millions of friends, none of which she really knew. That is what happens when you are born a New York Socialite.

"Listen Mike, I understand that you have practice and I am not upset about that, but I am mad because you knew you had practice and you still told me you were coming up here." Tina entered through the door holding her phone against her ear and a latte in her hand. She was wearing a pair of ripped jeans that had paint on them and a NYU hoodie. She wore one of those knitted caps and had a pair of tennis shoes on. Rachel rolled her eyes at the site of her, it looked like she just got done with art class. After arguing for a few minutes with her boyfriend Mike, Tina threw her phone down on her bed and pulled her black hair from her hat.

"Thank you so much for putting me up for tutoring." Rachel said in a sarcastic tone. Tina looked at Rachel and laughed before sliding off her shoes.

"I didn't think Schue would take that seriously. You barely make it to class as is." Tina added as she plugged in her cell phone. Tina's major was art, but her minor was music. The two of them had music classes together for the first two years of their schooling, but Tina decided that art was her true love.

"Yet I am acing the class?" Rachel said with a grin as she pull the paper out, crumbling it up, and throwing at her face.

"Thanks to me." Tina said reminding her. Rachel shook her head and laughed.

"You can't do my singing for me." Rachel said making a point. Tina didn't push the conversation further knowing that she would never win against the famous Rachel Berry. Rachel had told her the day that the two moved in together that it was a honor and a privilege to live with such high status people. Rachel was very from high status, but her family was. Rachel was the kind of girl who didn't have to work for anything. Rachel's parents owned Berry Hotel and Resorts as well as a small amount of industries across the country. It was a household name, and she was too. She wasn't like Paris Hilton or Nicki Hilton. She did actually have some class, but she had been caught out by TMZ and Access Hollywood out late at night drinking with friends. She had her own section on TMZ with the guys she dated. So, if reality, Rachel Berry was famous. She was also a spoiled little brat. "So I take it that Mike and Artie aren't coming down this weekend?"

"No, Mike has practice for basketball. Villanova made it to March Madness, and Artie is tagging along." Tina said kind of upset.

"Poor baby." Rachel said sarcastically. "Jesse is in town." Jesse St. James was the exact same person as Rachel Berry, rich, and a spoiled brat.

"What are your plans with him this weekend?" Tina usually didn't care, but Jesse would most likely end up staying in the dorm, and she didn't want to be around him.

"Well, he will only be in on Saturday before he flies back to UCLA. He is up in Vermont visiting his Nana." Rachel said staring at a picture of him on her computer.

"How wonderful." Tina said sarcastically before rolling her eyes. Rachel and Jesse were connected at the hip. They both grew up with a silver spoon in their mouths. Rachel and Jesse went to elementary, middle, and high school together. They were mostly best friends but have had an on and off relationship for years. They thought they were in love with each other, but it was really just the money getting in the way. Jesse and Rachel were heirs to the hotel throne. Jesse's family owned St. James Plaza hotels which was about the same capacity as Rachel's family. Her parents would do anything to get the two to marry each other, it would mean millions for Berry Hotel and Resorts. Not millions, billions. Jesse was a creep as well. The first tine he met Tina he asked her if she shopped at the Goodwill. Tina was so offended she kicked Rachel and Jesse out of the dorm, although they just went to one of the St. James hotel's up town for a week. Rachel made Jesse apologize and Tina didn't take the apology, she merely brushed it off knowing he was always going to be a stuck up snob.

"He keeps telling me he wants to hang out and go to dinner but Brit and Mercedes have tickets to this club that's super hard to get into. We got one for you. We should Saturday night after my date with Jess." Rachel said trying to find something to wear.

"How did you know to get me a ticket if Mike was into town?" Tina asked snuggling into her pillow. Tina had become use to Rachel's attitude. Her friend's weren't half as bad as her.

"Well it was for one of Brit's friend's, but I don't get along with her so well." Rachel said smiling knowing she always got her way. Tina groaned before throwing her pillow at the brunette who was admiring herself.

"Well, thanks so much for thinking of me." She saw Rachel grab a pair of designer jeans and a pink fuzzy sweater that made her look like a stuff animal, or so Tina thought.

"What do you think?" Rachel spun around holding the jeans and sweater to herself. She saw Tina pretending to gag herself.

"You look like a walking teddy bear." Tina said laughing so had she almost fell of her bed. Rachel rolled her eyes and looked back in the mirror. She frowned and threw it back into her closet pulling out a very sexy cute mini mocha colored sweater dress, which had a turtleneck, long sleeves, finished with a thick cable knit pattern. She would make some leggings with it and wear her matching boots. 'Much better.' she thought in her head. She smiled then frowned when she realized that she had to work on her composition paper and a paper about the new exhibit at the Met. Tina had put a stop to doing all her work. By now Tina had stopped herself from laughing and started texting on her phone. No doubt Mike.

"Do you want to come to the Met with me? They have an exhibit on African Instruments." Rachel did find interest in the weirdest things.

"I can't. I'm working on my new painting, I just had to take a break." Tina said gesturing that she was going back to work later.

"Well, that sucks." Rachel really didn't want to go by herself, last time she went the Paparazzi followed her around, and with Tina's clothes, they would think she was helping the less fortunate.

"I think you will survive." Rachel rolled her eyes. She hoped she got some work done this afternoon.

Finn woke up to loud noise's in the small living room in the two bedroom apartment in Queens he and Puck rented. The sun had been shining through his window for at least four or five hours but he hadn't crawled into bed until at least three in the morning after last night's shift. Finn moonlighted as a bartender at night at a killer bar named Bliss. It was one of the top clubs in the city. It was very exclusive and they handed out tickets, so the odds of seeing the same people twice were low. Her heard Puck raise his voice.

"High score bro." Finn knew Puck was out there high fiving himself. Finn put his pillow over his head before he realized he was awake. He threw the pillow across the room and pulled the covers off himself. His room was quite organized for a 23 year old man, but he still struggled to find a clean t-shirt. After searching for a few minutes, he opened the door seeing Puck with a Xbox controller in one hand and a beer in the another. Finn looked at him and then shook his head. It was 1:30 in the afternoon and Puck was already drinking. It must have been Puck's day off at his second job.

"Finn, I just beat your high score." Puck said holding his beer up for a cheers moment.

"Listen dude, I don't care if you drink from morning till night. I don't care if you beat my high score, but do you really have to scream, I was sleeping. Can't you calm down?" Finn said falling against the couch.

"Sorry man, I'm still wound up from last night. I'm sure I will crash sooner or later." Puck said throwing back another beer.

"It's to late, I have to work in at four today at the Met before my shift at the bar. I picked up hours for Jacob." Finn said.

"Oh shit man, I'm sorry. I would have shut my mouth if I would have known." Puck said patting his back.

"No worries man. I don't expect a big crow this afternoon. Easy money." Finn worked four days a week as a security guard at the Metropolitan Museum. It gave him the extra cash he needed, but most of his real money came form the bar. Horny drunk women tipped generously.

"I'm not tending tonight. Sylvester needed a extra guitar player, so I'll be on stage tonight." Puck turned off the Xbox and turned on Sportscenter.

"That's complete bull shit. Do you know how many times I've asked Sue to play drums. She only uses me when she's desperate." Finn said mad. He was better then Paulie, he was from Long Island and had a thing for house music.

"Trust me, she doesn't have a choice. Did she tell you that Saturday night's are now karaoke night's? So she doesn't have to pay the band, just one DJ." Puck added. That was just like Sue Sylvester, the cheapo.

"Great, just what we need a brunch of drunkies thinking they can sing." Finn said before standing up. "Since I'm up, I might as well get to work early. Clock in." Finn ran his hands threw his messy hair as he headed back to his room. Finn and Puck had been in New York for five years and he felt like he hadn't done anything in the time he had. When they first arrived, Puck and Finn had arrived with a few members from his former band. They saved just enough money to last a year and thought that they would be fine. Six months into everything, they broke up and the two had to get jobs. Finn didn't want to call his Mom to hear her say I told you so, and if he did call, she would drag him home. And now, he tried to work as much as possible to send money home to her. His stepfather, Burt, owned a garage in Lima, Ohio but when he had a heart attack, Burt had to take less hours at work and his mom picked up more hours to help around the house. They weren't struggling as much as Finn was, but he liked sending money home to know he was doing something.

Finn shook his head from his thoughts and pulled out his clean uniform. It consisted of a pair of khakis, a white button up shirt, and a red blazer.. He had about a half an hour trek from Queens to the Met, but he took the subway mostly. He usually just caught up on sports in the newspaper at the time. Finn took about an hour or so to shower and change and around 2:45, he was out the door much to Puck's pleads for him to stay and play a round of Call of Duty. He exited the apartment locking the door behind him and headed out the door of the front of the apartment building. He walked a few blocks to the subway station and once he paid his fair, he stood on the platform waiting for his train. In the corner of the terminal, he saw a man sitting on the ground with a guitar box open in front of him. He was playing a soft melody as his buddy sat next to him slowly beating on a small drum. Finn walked over and smiled jamming to the beat while he waited for his train. Finn heard it arriving and he threw a few dollars, which he really didn't have, into the guitar case before nodding to them and catching the doors before they closed on him. He took a seat and saw a few people chatting and reading.

Finn had gotten use to working so much. When he first came to New York, he lounged around for six months and when he realized he had to get a job, he had a hell of a time doing it. Finn met Sue at a gig and she was desperate for bartenders so he and Puck lucked out. When he realized that wouldn't be enough he got a second job at the Met. His boss, Shannon Beiste hired him based on size. In her words, tall large men were better to protect priceless artifacts better then short scrawny men. Finn pulled out his newspaper, pulling himself away from more thoughts and started to read. After about a twenty minute train ride, Finn got off and walked the remaining distance to the museum. For a Friday afternoon in the beginning of March, the front of the Met was busy. It was mostly tourists but he didn't mind. He went around the back entrance of the museum, scanned his badge, and entered the employee area finding Beiste eating lunch alone. He slowly made his way over to the table.

"We sure are busy this afternoon." Finn said to Beiste. She jumped a little before he sat down.

"Tourist's." Was all she spat out.

"So I'm gonna be busy watching people trying to touch the art?" Finn asked laughing.

"Well, Jacob was scheduled in the new exhibit on African Instruments so that's where you'll be. Not many people interested though." Beiste said biting into her sandwich.

"Really? I've seen it, it's amazing." Finn said feeling like a dork.

"Well have fun working. It's nice and quiet over there, so don't snooze." Beiste said as Finn slide his ID to clock in. He made his way to the quiet exhibit and stood at the door seeing no one. Beiste was right, no one wanted to see this. He only worked until about eight, so would he would get off, he would change, stop for dinner at Blue's then head to work at Bliss. The first two hours went by rather quickly. Three people came in and only stayed for maybe ten minutes before moving on to the next exhibit. He knew it was getting late when he saw the sun setting from the main lobby.

For the last hour of his shift, time seemed to drag by. He had seen the entire exhibit and the music they were playing was soothing for a few hours tops, it just got annoying after that. As he stood at the door, he heard clinking of heels which sounded like they were running. He peaked down the hall and saw a short brunette running towards the exhibit. She was wearing a sweater dress and leggings with leather boots and a matching bag. Her legs looked never ending as she slowed down at the door and caught her breath. At first sight Finn saw her he thought she looked so beautiful and vaugily familiar. She smiled at him before setting her bag down on one of the benches that sat in front of the exhibit items.

She stared at a drum which was named a djembe, an West Africa name for a drum. She was jotting notes down like crazy into her notebook. Working at the Met, he had seen some women that he thought were smoking hot, some totally MILF worthy. Most of them housewives and school teachers, but this girl was different. She acted like she cared about the drum in front of her. She had all sorts of passion in her eyes. Finn looked at her as she moved to a harp like instrument called a Kora. It had twenty one strings and was made with cow skin covering the frame. One of Finn's least favorite instrument's in the exhibit. Finn looked at her before saying anything.

Rachel stood in front of the harp shaped guitar, studying it thoroughly. A lot of people misunderstood her. Sure, she was the cover girl for Berry Hotel's and Resorts, but a lot of people thought of her as a party girl, but she was very educated. She knew a lot about everything. That's what made her so snappy. In the corner she saw what seemed to be a tour guide or security guard. He pretty much got paid to make sure no one touched anything. All beefcake, no brains. Hew was kind of cute. Actually he was more then cute, he was a major hottie. She could feel herself getting aroused by the thoughts of him giving her pleasure, and she barely knew him. Most men didn't have this kind of effect on her but she kind of like it. She wondered why he worked here when he could totally be a fitness instructor or a football player.

Going back to her notebook, she scribbled and scribbled the next hour away. She knew they closed at eight and frankly, she had to meet up with Brit for drinks, but she was so caught up in the exhibit. She didn't want to go.

"Miss?" She heard a husky male voice interrupt her from behind. She turned around seeing the same guy who was guarding the door. He smelled just as amazing as she thought. He also had the most beautiful brown eyes she had ever seen. "We're closing up." Rachel looked at him before looking at the Kora again. She went over and grabbed her stuff.

"I'm sorry, I stayed so late I didn't realize what time it was." Rachel said blushing.

"I don't mean to stop you. I get lost in here to but I didn't want you to get locked in." Finn said smiling.

"I don't care if I did get locked in. There is so much to see here, I would be entertained all night.: She said following Finn out of the room. He locked the door behind him. She saw his soft features as he pulled the key from the lock and putting it in his pocket.

"Like in the movie Night of the Museum. I always wanted to know if the exhibits came alive once we left." Finn laughed making her smile. Her smile was even more beautiful as he thought. She looked so familiar but he couldn't place her face.

"I love that movie even though it was majorly corny." Rachel laughed smiling. "The second one was a disappointment."

"It really was. I mean, the Jonas Brother's as cupids?" Finn laughed as they slowly walked to the lobby. Rachel was some what mesmerized by all they statues and painting on the wall. She would have to remember to apologize to Tina. Finn knew he had to rush her out but didn't want to.

"I come here all the time but I've never seen you before." Rachel looked at him trying to see if she had seen him before, but she had no luck.

"I haven't seen you around either. I'm here four days a week." Finn said seeing a group of people leaving through the front door. Rachel smiled at him hoping he would take an interest in her. Although her father's would never ever approve.

"I'm usually here once a month. They always have great music exhibits here." Rachel said.

"This new African Instrument exhibit is one of the best. It's so underrated." Finn barely knew her but he felt like he had a strong connection with her.

"Not many people interested though. I just have the weirdest taste in things." Rachel laughed as she put her notebook in her bag and grabbed her cellphone seeing she had five missed calls from Jesse.

"This exhibit is here for two months. You should come back to see it." Finn said hoping and praying she would come back. Finn very rarely met a girl who had as much passion about music like he did, but he just met this girl and he didn't even know her name.

"I will be back next week to finish looking at the exhibit. I have a paper due in two weeks.:" Rachel said as she smiled.

"Well if you ever need a tour of the exhibit or of the Met, ask for me. I'm usually her Monday through Thursday." Finn held out his hand. "I'm Finn Hudson." Rachel looked at him and smiled holding out her hand.

"Rachel Berry." She was half expecting him to ask her for a autograph but he didn't. He just sat there grinning.

"I can give you a private tour. No charge, just ask for me." Finn said as she headed to the door.

"I'll remember that. I might just have to come back on Monday." Was all Rachel said as she waved goodbye leaving. Finn's heart was in a flutter. After a few seconds of happiness, his smile fell. He was such a idiot. He never got her number and probably would never see her again. He rubbed the back of his head as he headed toward the employee area again. Beiste was signing some papers as Finn slid his ID to clock out.

"Why so down girlie?" She asked Finn who was headed toward the door.

"Just tired." Was all he said.

"She comes almost every other week Finn. She'll be back." Beiste said.

"How did you know?" Finn asked. He wasn't surprised she knew. She was the eyes and ears of the Met. She knew anything and everything that went down.

"Did you see the look on your face?" Beiste laughed.

"Was it that bad?" Finn asked laughing.

"You looked like a lovesick puppy." Beiste chuckled.

"I don't know why. I said a whole two phrases to her." Finn said putting his ID in his pocket. Beiste just shook her head as she opened the door for him. He was so down on himself.

"Love at first sight?"

"I have no clue what it is." Finn said confused as he headed down the stairs leaving as Beiste locked the door behind her.

"Well you should know..." Beiste started talking but when she turned around, Finn was halfway down the stairs. "Okay, nice talking to you." She said sarcastically. As Beiste walked down the steps she passed Rachel sitting on a bench texting away. She didn't say anything leaving Rachel in her thoughts. Rachel spent most of the afternoon studying. She was so upset she didn't get to finish the exhibit. Usually, she didn't care but that brown eyed boy caught her attention so she could barely breath. Of course, most of it was arousal but she genuinely thought he was handsome. She would come back his next work day, get a personal tour, and maybe have closet sex at the Met.

"Yummy." She said aloud. Her parent's would never approve of him. He wasn't Jesse. He probably wasn't rich if he worked her and he could never understand a girl like her. As much as she loved her dad's, she really didn't listen to them much. She did her school work during the week and partied on the weekend. One guy wasn't going to change her lifestyle. She was raised in Gucci and Chanel and was born in upstate New York, not in No town, USA. She was Rachel Berry.

Rachel sat in front of Jesse wearing a strapless dark purple cocktail dress. It was made of taffeta and had swirl applique ruffles on the side. Jesse had booked their evening dinner at one of the fanciest restaurants in New York, Le Bernardin. He was wearing a black Gucci suit with matching Gucci shoes. Waiters shuffled around them as Jesse rambled on and on about UCLA and how everyone there appreciated him and the fact that he was an heir to a hotel throne. People in LA were very superficial, no doubt money mattered to them. New York was dirtier, in Jesse's words. Jesse hated the fact that Rachel still lived there. Jesse's short curly hair shook as he made gestures with his hands as Rachel continued to nod at him. She tuned him out slowly with each phase. Did he ever shut up? She wished she was standing at a bar with a drink in her hand dancing against a hot man.

"So Carla told me to go to hell." Jesse laughed hard causing people to look at him like he was crazy. Rachel downed her glass of wine before holding it up wanting more. Jesse rolled his eyes knowing she wasn't listening but still felt the need to continue to talk about LA. Rachel wanted to throw a glass of wine at his face and stain that hideous pink dress shirt he was wearing. She didn't want to be there. Sure, Jesse was probably her best and closet friend she had ever had, he could relate to her but he was so narrow minded. "Rachel are you even listening?"

"Sorry, my mind has been caught up in my homework. I am worried about this paper due and I have to go back to the Met to research more." Rachel was half telling the truth. Her mind was occupied with thoughts of Finn Hudson. She couldn't help but think of his strong hands and how they would feel on her warm skin as he pushed her up against the same door he locked when she left. She wondered how wet she would get with one kiss that he would give her. Leaving them all down her neck and she released moans of pleasure.

"I thought you were paying your poor roommate to due your papers." Jesse asked sipping on his wine.

"I stopped, Schuester was suspecting something." Rachel made up an excuse to get Jesse off her back.

"Seriously, pay him off to. That is what I do with my teacher's. I need more time for play rehearsal not study time. Hell you even have a roommate who will take money." Jesse said.

"Tina doesn't take money from me, I would never pay her because she wouldn't ask. She is a friend." Rachel said eating her salad.

"Oh please, poor people are meant to fill the space at the top of the theater." Jesse smiled devilishly. Rachel didn't say anything as she just stared at her clock. She had to be at the club in an hour and a half to get in, and she didn't know if she would make it.

"I told Tina, Mer, and Brit that I would meet up with them at 10:30, so I have to get going soon." Rachel said hoping her food would get there soon.

"Brit is fine I like her. Mercedes is okay, but seriously, Tina? I thought Brit was allergic to poor." Jesse said seeing a couple look at him after he said that loudly. "What? I know I'm handsome but it's rude to stare." Jesse smiled.

"No your just allergic to it." Rachel spat back.

"Poor people are simply people who didn't have the good fortune to be as good looking or talented as me." Jesse was really talking himself up tonight. Rachel seared the conversation away and in a matter of minutes, the conversation with from bad to worst. "Have you given any thought to what I asked you last month?"

"Jesse, I can't. I am graduating in May. I plan to be on Broadway a month after that, I am not moving to LA, I'm not marrying you." Rachel didn't want to think back to the Valentine's Day she spent with him. The two took an early vacation to Buffalo where her dad's were opening a new hotel. They had dinner and then walked to Niagara Falls where he proposed. She declined, and declined, and declined. He still wasn't giving up. She knew he didn't love her, he loved money, power, and talent, which he had. He cheated on her multiple times, and the sad thing was, Rachel didn't seem to care.

"Rachel, we would make beautiful beautiful babies together. Talented beautiful babies." Jesse said reaching for her hand as she pulled it away.

"I am not talking about this." Rachel smiled at the waiter as he placed her Vegan food in front of her as Jesse fell back against the back of his chair signing.

"It's like talking to a fucking brick wall." Jesse dug into his food and the rest of the dinner went silent. Rachel had about forty five minutes to make it to the club and she was doing fine on time. She dug into the chocolate dessert as Jesse started to speak again. "Just say you will think about it."

"Jesse, I have. It's a no. I am to young to get tied down. I want to go out, have fun. You won't let me to that."

"Of course not Rachel. We have an image to protect. You don't see me on TMZ twice a week drunk of their ass dancing on a stripper pole." Jesse said referring to her recent night out. Rachel shook her head placing her fork down and grabbing her handbag.

"That's because you have a stick up your ass and can't cut loose." She stood up starting to leave. "Thank you for dinner." She stormed out of the restaurant pissed. He just ruined her night.

Bliss was in full swing by ten thirty. Finn had already made at least two hundred dollars in tips in two hours and the night wasn't even close to being done. Puck was back behind the bar flirting with even woman that came up to the bar. Whether she was buying a drink or not, whether she was pretty or not so pretty. Puck made twice as much as he did on Saturday nights. At the end of the bar stood the only two female bartenders Sue hired. Quinn Fabray and Santana Lopez, they were both ice queens. Finn was sure that Quinn had a thing for him, she would try to brush up against him in the back when she would refill the liquor or when she needed something, but Finn never advanced on her. He knew Puck had a thing for her. Santana was about the same as Quinn expect she was a whore. She spread her legs for almost every man in the club, including Puck. Finn even slipped on night when he was drunk and lonely and had sex with her.

Finn made two whiskey sours for the 40 something women in front of him and moved on to the next few people. The club was busier then usual on Saturday, they had to be over occupancy or getting close to it. Sue was very selective of who she let in this club, but some of these people were below Sue's standards. She wondered if she was around or if she was at home working out. She couldn't be around because there were people in the corner holding cameras and talking on their cell phones. She didn't allow flash photography in her club. Finn went back to work hoping the night wouldn't end in disaster.

Across the club Rachel entered wearing the same dress she wore to dinner with Jesse. Brit, Mercedes, and Tina were by her side as she got a stamp on her hand and handed to a corner that Brit called ahead to reserve. Mercedes set her scarf down as she grabbed everyone's drink order. In a matter of minutes, she came back handing the girls apple martini's that the blonde at the bar had made. Rachel stood by the side of the table and danced to the beat as the other girls followed. She could see the Paparazzi trying to find her in the crowd but she didn't care. She had the worst night and she just wanted to dance.

After about an hour of Brit and the girls feeding her martini's, Rachel was throughely drunk. The camera's finally found her in the crowd, dancing against Brit and Mercedes and a silver pole which the Paparazzi would eat up. She was sure to be on TMZ this week. Finn saw the commotion from the bar and had Puck cover his area while he went over to defuse the situation. He had to push through a crowd of people.

"No flash photography!" He said but as soon as he found out what they were shooting his jaw dropped. There stood the beautiful brunette that he met at the Met. Rachel Berry. Now he remember were he saw her, on the cover on TMZ. She was dancing to the beat as she slid up and down the pole. On one hand he was getting hard seeing her move against it, he could barely stop thinking what she would look like with her naked body around the pole, but then he remembered he had to do his job. He whistled for one of the bouncers who started dragging out the Paparazzi one by one. Once the situation was defused, Rachel climbed down of the table and hugged him.

"You saved me!" She smelled of apples and vodka. She pulled away looking up and seeing his face. "Hey, brown eyed Finn!"

Finn smiled because he already had a nickname, then frowned knowing she was drunk. He dragged her, and her friends to the back of the bar to sober them up. His body was still effected by her touch when she hugged him with a thank you. She was as soft as he thought. He could feel her hard nipples poking through the material of her dress as he could feel her breath against him setting her down in the booth. This wasn't good, this wasn't going to turn out good. Rachel Berry, the smart girl he met at the museum was a party girl. A rich party girl. A very dirty party girl. A very beautiful party girl. A beautiful, dirty, rich, party girl.

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