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She looks good but
Her boyfriend says she's a mess
She's a mess, she's a mess
Now the girl is stressed
She's a mess, she's a mess, she's a mess
She's a mess
Baby loves to dance in the dark
Cause when he's looking
She falls apart
Baby loves to dance in the dark

Chapter 6: Dance in the Dark

She laid still on the hotel bed. The silence of the city was unusual for this time of year and part of her wondered if it was the city agreeing with her soul. She was lonely. She felt a thousand miles away from happiness. Rachel turned her hair seeing the devil lying next to her. This weekend had gone from the best weekend to the worst weekend possible. Rachel sat up and looked out the window seeing twenty stories down, the New York City streets quiet. Her mind flickered to Finn. The look on his face when he saw him enter the club. Rachel didn't expect Jesse to show up. He was supposed to be in Europe with his Dad. Rachel didn't know how long Jesse had been following her around, but it was long enough for him to learn about Finn. She gripped her phone scared to message him. Her eyes adjusted on his number. She was trying to work the nerve up to text him but scared that Jesse would wake, she stashed her phone in her bag before shoving it in the corner pushing it as far away from her mind as possible.

She didn't deserve Finn. He was the perfect person, man, boyfriend, or whatever he wanted to go by. He stuck up for Rachel event though he was staring his enemy in the eye. She heard him stir from behind and she grabbed her bag and rushed to the bathroom locking the door. She leaned against the door closing her eyes tightly wanting to forget the pain of the night. She pulled her phone close to her pressing his number nervously wishing he would answer. He was really mad at her. When she heard a knock on the door, she dropped her phone on the floor scared. After Finn and Jesse's little confrontation, Jesse drug her back to his hotel threatening her. She was scare and the pounding became louder. Her eyes snapped shut again and she just wished the night would end.

Forty-eight Hours Earlier

"They won!" Tina said happily dancing around the girl's dorm room with tickets in her hand. Rachel was sprawled out on her bed, her computer in her lap as she just finished skyping her Dads. Rachel had been extremely busy since Finn and she came back from Philadelphia. Finn went back to work and Rachel went back to school. Rachel's mind still faltered to her meeting with Farrah. She still thought it was a dream, but when Farrah called her the next day, it felt more like a nightmare. Not only did Rachel have the weight of the world on her shoulders, she was carrying Finn's life in her hands as well. Her Dads continued to pressure her about the wedding, saying they picked a date. Rachel wanted to drown herself in misery.

"Wait? Does that mean they are going to the final four?" Rachel asked still knowing nothing about sports.

"Yes, this weekend!" Tina said twirling around. Rachel became extremely excited knowing that she and Finn might actually have an alone weekend together. "Mike is trying his hardest to get tickets for everyone else. Do you still think Finn will be coming?"

"Yeah, why wouldn't he?" Rachel asked looking at her confused.

"Mike said that Finn told him something about his brother coming in this weekend." Tina said sitting on her bed.

"Oh yeah, I forgot." She frowned. There went her romantic weekend. "Well, I'll talk to him to see." She pulled up her Facebook searching for Finn's name but as soon as she signed on, he messaged her on Facebook messenger.

Finn: Hey!
Rachel smiled knowing he was probably just as excited to talk to her as she was to talk to him.

Rachel: Hey Finny! Did you hear about Villanova?
She pressed her lips together waiting for his answer.

Finn: Yes! Did Mike score any tickets?

Rachel: To be determined. If so, it's this weekend. Will you still be able to come? I remember you said something about your brother coming into town.

Finn: They are actually flying in today but I talked to Mike about extra tickets. We will have to see.

Rachel: Okay, well, keep me updated.

Rachel sat for a moment looking at the last message but saw he was typing something.

Finn: Do you want to come with me?

Rachel thought for a moment before smiling as her fingers moved across the keys typing back.

Rachel: I would love too.
After a few moments of the two talking, Finn signed off and Rachel closed her computer. She hadn't really seen much of his since the whole Philadelphia ordeal. Finn was busy with work and she was bogged down with school. They hadn't seen each other in a week. Rachel shuffled to her closet finding a pair of skinny jeans, a cream color chiffon top, and a black wrap that would keep her warm. She changed quickly and threw on her boots as Tina looked up from her computer.

"Where are you headed?" Tina asked curiously.

"Finn invited me to pick up his brother up from the airport. Did you want to come? I am probably going to buy the lunch." Rachel said sitting on her bed brushing her hair.

"I wish I could but I have to wait for Mike's call. Artie said they are on their way up now." Tina clapped in excitement.

"Oh, by the way, Finn said he would still come, if Mike can't score any extra tickets, let me know the price and buy me some extra tickets." Rachel said.

"I will know in a few hours. Let's hope we don't have a repeat of what happened in Philly." Tina added typing something on her computer. Rachel's memory fluttered back to Philadelphia.

"That was my own fault." Rachel muttered.

"How? You were enjoying a small vacation with friends and they were the ones barging in." Tina said quite annoyed with the Paparazzi.

"Yeah I guess." There was more to it than being engaged to a St. James. She knew the real reason she was ambushed and she prayed that it would be over soon. Tina looked over at Rachel and frowned somewhat.

''I don't mean to rain on your parade but you might want to see this." Tina said turning the computer towards her. She saw the website Tina was looking at was People and there was a giant picture of Jesse with a caption in bold letters.

"I think it's time to move back to my home town."-Jesse St. James

Rachel's face dropped and she rushed to the side of the bed reading the article out loud. "Jesse said in a candid interview to be released in next Tuesday's issues. I miss New York. I have so many ties there. My family, my theater friends, and even my soon to be wife. I will be taking over the New York office to expand my horizons." Rachel had read aloud in the vilest voice. Tina stayed quiet as Rachel put the computer on the bed. "What the hell is wrong with him?!" She screamed grabbing her phone quickly dialing his number. Rachel waited as it rung and after two rings, he picked up.

"Rachel, I was just about to call you." Jesse's voice answered.

"So, you're moving to New York?" Rachel was beyond angry.

"In a month's time, yes." Jesse added.

"Why? Why now?" Rachel questioned him.

"Because, this wedding needs to be planned because you are not making any progress." Jesse said in a stern tone.

"I have school to worry about." Rachel lied. She was stalling as long as possible.

"Rachel, I think school isn't as important as our wedding." Jesse said.

"In your mind it is." Rachel spat back.

"Have you looked at wedding dresses?" He asked.

"I haven't had time." Rachel said now regretting calling him.

"Well, I am coming in next weekend to tour the Plaza. My parents are so dreadful. They said they prefer a New York wedding. I have to make a quick trip to Rome with my Dad for a business meeting but my next stop is New York." Jesse said sounding snobbish.

"Jesse, why are you really moving here?" Rachel said annoyed.

"Work and the wedding, I thought you would be happy."

"Don't make me laugh." Rachel really regretted the call now.

"Well, next weekend we can look at the Plaza together then houses. Get you out of that hobo dorm room." Jesse said. Rachel could hear traffic in the background.

"I like my dorm room thank you very much." Rachel snipped before hanging up on him. Tina looked at her in somewhat shock. Rachel looked like she was going to explode. She took a deep breath before shoving her phone in her pocket.

"What's going on?" Tina stuttered.

"He thinks that when he moves here, if he moves here, that we are going to live together." Rachel mocked the last words.

"Well, you are engaged." Tina let slip before regretting it.

"Wow Tina. You know more than anyone that I don't want to marry him. I am being practically forced to marry him. You have no idea what kind of pressure I'm under. Not to mention, I'm in love with Finn." Rachel said almost sobbing.

"I know. Jesse just gets on my last nerve. He treats you like crap." Tina said trying to somewhat defend herself.

"And no one cares. My Dads' don't see it. I…don't know what to do." Rachel cried. Tina jumped off her bed and hugged her tightly.

"Rachel, I care." Tina said feeling tears well up in her own eyes. Rachel wrapped her arms around Tina sobbing.

"I'm a mess." Rachel muttered into her shoulder. Tina laughed a little.

"So am I." Tina gave her a slight grin. Rachel smiled before pulling away.

"What am I going to do?" Rachel sat on her bed staring at her hands.

"Dump him." Tina laughed wishing she could see Jesse's face when she dumped him.

"I wish it was that easy." Rachel wiped her tears before going to the mirror to check her make-up.

"What's stopping you?" Tina looked over at her hoping she didn't go back into her hard shell.

"Losing my family, my friends, having no money, and potentially no fame." Rachel said quietly.

"First off, I know your Dads', they will come around. You have friends in me, Mike, Artie, and Finn. Get a job. And as for fame, it about ruined your life." Tina made all valid points. Rachel took a deep breath and nodded.

"I know, but I am two months away from graduation and if I break off this engagement, they won't pay for the remainder… you know what, never mind. I hate repeating myself." She said rolling her eyes. Tina laughed knowing what she meant. "But the fame? I will miss it." Rachel said frowning again. Tina giggled seeing the old Rachel Berry come out again.

"No matter what happens Rachel, I will always be your friend." Tina smiled before hugging her. Rachel hugged her back tightly before pulling away.

"Okay, so, for a bigger dilemma, the cream top." Rachel pointed to her shirt. "Or my pink lacy top?"

"The cream top is beautiful." Tina said admiring the ruffle of the neckline.

"Pink top it is." Rachel laughed jokingly as the two probed through her closet.

Finn didn't know what to do. He loved his brother but he honestly didn't like sleeping on the couch. He was too tall and his legs and feet would hang off the edge, but, he was willing to endure it. He wasn't really focused on the sleeping arrangements more than he was focused on Rachel. It's not that their relationship became troublesome since Philadelphia. They were just both really busy. He had to pick up extra hours to cover his expenses and he didn't want to worry Rachel about it. He was also saving up for something special for Rachel. She treated him like a king all the time. He just wanted to make her feel special, like she was the queen to his king. Puck had crashed from the night before around dawn just as Finn got a call from his brother stating that he and Blaine were getting into a cab heading to the Toronto airport. Finn finally got the day off and Kurt woke him up. He loved his brother dearly, but Kurt was a riser, Finn wasn't.

Their flight left at 10:30 and Toronto was only about a forty-five minute flight, so they would be here in no time. He had to make sure the apartment was spic and span because Kurt had a thing for organization and if Finn wasn't organized, he would hear it. He hung up jackets, washed all the dirty dishes Puck decided to dirty, and cleaned up all the beer bottles. At around 11, he had changed into a pair of jeans, a black t-shirt, and a gray sweater to keep him warm. Rachel was getting a taxi to bring her over and they would leave from there. This was really the first time a girl was meeting his family. He never brought a girl home when he visited his Mom and Step-dad and he knew that Kurt was the one who was the family member he had to please. Kurt was very picky. He wanted the best for Finn, so he knew this weekend could be great or it could be a disaster. Finn heard a knock on the door waking him from his thoughts.

"Come in!" He yelled from the kitchen putting dishes away. He wasn't paying attention; he was focused on trying to finish cleaning. He heard the door open and two seconds later he felt two delicate hands form around his face.

"I missed you." He could recognize Rachel's voice automatically.

"I missed you." Finn said before turning around kissing her before wiping his hands on a towel.

"Sorry it took me so long to get here. I had a little crying session with Tina." Rachel said leaning against the counter.

"Why? What happened?" Finn asked worried.

"Oh, it's just girl things. Nothing to worry about." Rachel said in a somewhat sad voice. He didn't know if he should believe her or continue to probe. He worried about her since Philadelphia. She wasn't different, she was just down lately.

"Well, if it counts, I love you." Finn said pulling her into a hug.

"I love you too." Rachel whispered into his chest.

"As thoroughly disgusting this is, I really don't want to see man hands and puffy pyramid nipples making out in the kitchen." A voice pierced as the two looked up. They saw Santana Lopez standing at the door frame of the kitchen wearing nothing but a bra and panties.

"What the… What are you doing here?" Finn said still holding Rachel close to him.

"Puck and I, well, we had sex last night and believe it or not the sex god actually asked me to stay." Santana crossed the kitchen grabbing a bag of chips from the top of the refrigerator and pulling herself up on the counter eating the chips. "You two are so gross."

"Santana, I know that you are Puck's guest, but this is my apartment as well so I can kick you out." Finn said annoyed.

"You won't kick me out Finny, you are way too sweet." Santana said tugging on his cheek. He pushed her hand away while Rachel clung closer to him as if she was protecting him.

"And you're the devil." Finn muttered.

"You weren't saying that when I was in your bed." Santana laughed munching on some chips. Rachel pulled away from Finn upset. He hadn't told her about his little relationship with Santana yet. It's not that he was hiding it from her; he was waiting for a moment to tell her. "Wait; let me guess, he didn't tell you?" Santana added.

"No." Rachel whispered looking up at Finn. Finn felt bad knowing she was probably lost and confused.

"Thanks a lot Santana." Finn said annoyed.

"What?" Santana blurted out.

"Don't get mad at her Finn, she was just stating the truth. Something you failed to do." Rachel said pulling away from him. She was pissed off.

"See, at least man hands is right." Santana said jumping off the counter heading back to Puck's bedroom. Rachel stood next to Finn with a pissed off look on her face.

"Listen, I'm sorry." Finn said.

"Sorry for what? Not telling me you dated Santana or having sex with Santana?" Rachel said grabbing her purse.

"One, I did not date her. Two, we had sex a couple of times and I regret it." Finn said following her.

"But you didn't tell me." Rachel stood at the door frame upset.

"Because it happened before I met you." Finn was getting angry now.

"But you work with her." Rachel said loudly.

"Hence why I regretted it. I have to see her every single time I tend the bar." Finn said in a somewhat angry tone.

"Let's just go get your brother okay? We really don't have to argue about this." Rachel said wanting to get out of his apartment. Frankly, Santana being there was making her uncomfortable.

"Are you mad at me?" Finn asked grabbing his coat.

"Let's not talk about this right now. I just want to go." Rachel said in a spiteful tone as she opened the front door. Finn didn't say another word as he walked out the front door behind her. They were quiet all the way downstairs and the only noise that released from his lips was hailing a taxi. The two got into the backseat and Rachel crossed her arms quietly while Finn looked out the window. He really did want to tell her but he was kind of scared of the repercussions of telling her. Clearly she was upset, but he knew that she would calm down. Santana really didn't mean anything to Finn. It was mostly a sexual relationship that the two really didn't want to rehash. Now, not only was Rachel mad at him, he was pretty sure that Kurt would be just as mad at him for ruining the day. After a silent cab ride to the airport, Finn paid the cab fare while Rachel quickly, and still quietly, got out. She waited on the curb as Finn joined her smiling trying to fix the situation but Rachel wasn't pleased still. Finn headed towards the doors hoping that Kurt would somehow magically appear and make the situation better. He could hear Rachel behind him and the sooner they got to the baggage claim, the better. After standing quietly with Rachel, Finn finally decided to speak up.

"Listen, I'm sorry." Finn said looking at her.

"I don't like her. Her and that blonde girl you work with, from the very beginning. I was honest with you. I haven't lied about my relationships. As cringe-worthy as it is thinking of you with her, you should have at least warned me." Rachel groaned upset.

"That's why I don't want to talk about it, as much as it makes you cringe, it makes me cringe even more." Finn said annoyed. Rachel opened her mouth but was interrupted by a small petite man running over to Finn's arms for a hug. He was about the same size as Rachel. He had completely impeccable taste. He was wearing Marc Jacobs's boots, the most fabulous Gucci coat, and Calvin Klein trousers that were just released off the runway. Rachel saw Finn wrap his arms around him and she automatically knew it was his brother Kurt.

"Finn Hudson you big lug." Kurt said before pulling away. Rachel was quiet. She noticed a shorter man next to him who was wearing a pair of black slacks and a matching bow-tie. This must have been Kurt's boyfriend. Finn pulled away from the hug going over to Blaine hugging him. Rachel felt out of place in the middle of the airport.

"Oh my god…" Kurt spat out holding his Burberry jacket close to him. "You're Rachel Berry." Rachel looked over at Kurt who was gushing in his shoes.

"Hi." Was all Rachel could say.

"I really thought Finn was lying about you in all honesty." Kurt said. Blaine gawked at Kurt while rolling his bag behind him.

"That's extremely rude Kurt." Blaine said annoyed with Kurt.

"No it's not. I was simply stating a fact." Kurt added.

"I don't take any offense." Rachel said eyeing Finn. Kurt pressed his lips together annoyed.

"Well, sorry Finn." He said quietly. It seemed like Kurt hated apologizing as much as Rachel did.

"Forget it. How was the flight?" Finn asked grabbing all their bags.

"Finn! You are rude, introductions!" Kurt muttered. Rachel giggled at him. Finn was right. Kurt was a manners Queen.

"Oh sorry. Rachel Berry this is my slightly obnoxious yet funny loving brother, Kurt." Finn started to talk but Kurt jumped in towards the end cutting him off.

"It's such a pleasure. You are an icon!" Kurt said pulling his hand out shaking Rachel's hand. Rachel's cheeks started to blush.

"And this is Kurt's boyfriend, Blaine Anderson." Finn interjected Kurt.

"Hey Rachel." Blaine said smiling reaching out to shake her hand. He looked somewhat star struck. Rachel nodded smiling.

"Now that we have introductions out of the way, let's go. This airport is way too crowded." Finn said heading towards the sliding doors. Rachel followed closely behind the three of them as they chatted. Finn got to the front of the curb and hailed a cab.

"Are you okay?" Finn asked worried about Rachel. She hadn't been this quiet before. Rachel was still somewhat mad at him. She knew that she shouldn't be upset because all of this Santana stuff happened before they met. She couldn't blame him for any of that.

"I'm fine." Rachel said in a quiet tone. Even if she was still mad, she wasn't going to spoil the day for Finn and his family. Finn gave her a frown before opening the cab door for the three of them. He followed the cabbie into the back to help load up the luggage. Rachel crawled into the back seat between Kurt and Blaine and Finn sat in front with the cabbie. He knew giving her a little space was probably helping the argument they were in.

"So, Rachel, you go to NYU right?" Kurt asked interested.

"Yes, I'll be graduating shortly." Rachel smiled looking down at his Gucci coat. "I just wanted to say, that coat looks amazing on you."

"Oh boy, here we go." Blaine laughed to Finn.

"What?" Kurt said slapping Blaine lightly on the shoulder. Rachel seemed confused.

"Well, you are going to get him started on fashion." Blaine added.

"Is that bad?" Rachel asked.

"They just hate when I get all into it." Kurt said giggling. "So you really like my coat?"

"Yeah, I love Gucci." Rachel added.

"It's fake." Blaine once again added as Rachel turned her head before shaking it.

"No, it can't be." Rachel touched the fabric which felt like normal Gucci fabric.

"As much as I hate to say it, I have to agree with Blaine. It's fake. I can't afford a real Gucci coat." Kurt added showing her the fake tag. Rachel's eyes popped open and her mouthed dropped open.

"That's a pretty good fake." Rachel added. "But everything else is real right?"

"The only thing in my wardrobe that's real is my Marc Jacobs shoes." Kurt added. Rachel was dumbfounded.

"Wow, well, you look so fabulous." Rachel said smiling. Kurt nodded with a huge grin.

"Thank you. I seriously feel like I'm in heaven right now." Kurt's head fell back against the head rest.

"Well, I figured we could all go to lunch. My treat." Rachel said looking at Finn who seemed to get tense.

"No, don't worry about it Rachel. I had something planned." Finn said blind sighting her.

"Oh, okay." The tension between the two was growing and Rachel didn't like it. Kurt was somewhat confused with what was going on but leaned against the window looking at his home away from home.

"We just have to stop off at the apartment first before we go." Finn said as the rest of them nodded in unison. Rachel hoped that this day would just get better.

After about 10 minutes of carrying luggage up the stairs to Finn's apartment, they were drained. They listen to Kurt complain for about five minute about almost ruining his shoes. Finn had been somewhat quiet the entire time. Once they actually finished with lugging bags upstairs, Kurt and Rachel moved all the bags to Finn's bedroom while Blaine and Finn dived into a game of Call of Duty. To Rachel's happiness, Santana was gone.

"So, if you don't me asking, I have a question." Kurt said putting his suitcase on the bed unpacking.

"Okay, ask away." Rachel said leaning against Finn's dresser.

"From what my brother told me, you two are dating and from the feeling I'm getting from you guys, it seems like you guys hate each other. What's going on?" Kurt sounded sincere and sweet.

"I… well, we got into a fight." Rachel said opening up.

"Okay, well that's not uncommon. I lived with him through high school. We have gotten through so many fights. I can't even count. So I'm sure he'll get over whatever he's mad about." Kurt said unfolding some clothes.

"He's not mad at me. Well, he probably is now, but I started it by being mad at him." Rachel said huffing out a breath.

"Wait, this doesn't sound good. What did he do?" Kurt said sitting on the bed.

"Well, have you ever met this Santana girl?" Rachel asked.

"Unfortunately, yes." Kurt said rolling his eyes. "She's a female snake with no fashion sense."

"Well, she told me that she and Finn slept together, and Finn never told me." Rachel added to Kurt who didn't look surprised.

"Why am I not surprised?" Kurt laughed. "First off, don't get upset with Finn. Santana likes to manipulate people, so no doubt she just used him for her own selfishness." Kurt added.

"She's so much prettier than me." Rachel looked down at her feet feeling unpretty for the first time in her life.

"Rachel Berry, I may have just met you, but I know you are smarter than that." Kurt said putting his hand on her shoulder. "Besides, I can tell you right now, Finn doesn't talk about Santana, ever."

"What does that mean?" Rachel asked interested.

"Let's just say, he talks about you all the time. At first, I thought he was just crazy because I mean, you are Rachel Berry." Kurt laughed.

"All the time?" Rachel smiled cutely trying to hide her excitement.

"95% of the time he calls me it's Rachel this, Rachel that. I got quite annoyed after some time." Kurt pulled of his coat laying it on the bed.

"He never talked about Santana or any of his ex's?"

"Ex's? Rachel, he hasn't dated since high school." Kurt added which shocked her even more. He was opening his heart to her and only her for the first time in years. Kurt smiled before exiting the room. Rachel followed behind him. Blaine and Finn had just finished a game of Call of Duty and Finn was in the kitchen doing something. The apartment was quiet minus the loud snoring of Puck in the second room.

"Is he usually this loud?" Blaine asked laughing before stretching.

"Only when he drinks the night before." Finn yelled from the kitchen. Kurt wrapped his around Blaine's waist and Rachel wandered to the kitchen leaning against the door frame.

"Hey." Rachel said quietly. Finn was sorting through cabinets doing something. He didn't say a word; he just looked at her before looking away. He was still mad. Rachel looked down before heading out of the kitchen entry way to grab her things.

"Are we leaving?" Kurt asked standing up.

"Yeah, I'm gonna go. It was really nice meeting the both of you." Rachel put on her jacket.

"No, don't go! I thought you were coming with us for lunch?" Kurt said trying to stop her. Rachel looked at Finn before back at Kurt.

"Maybe you guys would be best to spend some brotherly time together." Rachel bit her lip. Kurt moved across the room to Finn elbowing him in the side.

"It's okay, come." Was all he could spit out. Rachel gave them a troubled look before nodding quietly. She really didn't know what to do other than look down at her feet. After a few awkward moments of silence, everyone shuffled out of the apartment heading to where Finn planned to take them.

Finn tried to smooth the situation over when they got onto the subway, but they all stayed quiet. Kurt just held onto Blaine and Rachel sat quietly next to Blaine. Finn felt bad for being upset about everything, but he knew he had to swallow his pride and apologize. That was hard to do considering Kurt and Blaine were cock-blocking him. Blaine broke the silence finally.

"I hate the subway, I'm so claustrophobic and it smells like pee." Blaine said biting his lip.

"It's okay Blaine. We are almost out of here." Kurt said putting his head on his shoulder.

"I felt the same way the first time I rode the subway." Finn said with a laugh. Rachel grinned a little before turning back into a frown. Finn looked at his feet.

"I'm so use to the light rail system." Blaine said in a cringed type tone.

"Ah, well, it will be okay Blaine. We get off at the next exit." Finn said standing up as the train slowed. The three followed suit in standing as they saw the doors of the train fly open and Blaine was the first one to bolt for the exit. Once they reached the daylight above ground, Finn led everyone to the sidewalk towards the Met.

"Where are we headed to?" Kurt asked.

"The Met. I figured we can tour, have lunch, and then maybe hit the streets later tonight." Finn said not knowing if Rachel would be tagging along much longer.

"The Met?! Now I'm excited." Kurt smiled.

"Don't you ever get tired of being at The Met?" Blaine asked laughing.

"Nah, I feel at home when I'm there." Finn said smiling. Rachel smiled for a moment remembering back to their first date.

"I would spend my time there too. It's such an amazing place." Kurt smiled. Rachel still remained quiet as they walked the next initial 12 blocks before they found themselves on the stairway of the Met. Finn opened the main door and all of them shuffling inside. Finn showed his work ID and the counter assistant let them all pass.

"That's the great thing about working here, free admission." Finn smiled handing them programs of the exhibits at the museum. Rachel had seen this museum up and down, but it never ceased to amaze her all the history it entailed. She had seen every exhibition that passed through. The only thing she wanted to see was the African exhibit. It was on its last weekend and she was pushing to see it.

"Do they still have the Alexander McQueen exhibit?" Kurt asked looking through his program.

"Yeah, down the main hall." Finn said leading the way. It was clear Kurt was excited to see it. Rachel lingered behind as the three of them shuffled towards the exhibit. She broke from the group and found herself in the quiet exhibit looking at the same drum she was still mesmerized by. She wondered if the group noticed she was missing. She felt defeated. Not only did she miss Finn and his smile, the entire world was caving in around her. Jesse would be living here and it would all be over. She needed to get into Jesse's parents' house and she needed to do it quickly. She took a breath before feeling two arms wrap around her. The arms were strong and big at the same time. She closed her eyes knowing who it was.

"I'm sorry." Rachel whispered quietly falling back into his arms.

"Rachel this is my fault. Don't be sorry." He said running his lips across her neck. He felt Rachel melt into his arms and finally he felt like the world made sense again.

"I got upset about something so small." Rachel said hugging him close to her. She hated fighting with him. It made no sense.

"No, I didn't tell you about something that personal. It should have been something I told you." Finn said now feeling her lips peppering him with kisses. He smiled down at her trying to control himself. The room was somewhat dark, due to the mood of the exhibit.

"Remember when I first saw this exhibit. You were over in the corner guarding everything with your life." Rachel laughed thinking back to that day.

"Hey! I'm a great security guard." Finn said giggling.

"Best in the world." Rachel said going back to kiss his neck.

"Well, there is an advantage to working here?" Finn murmured.

"Advantage huh? What's that?" Rachel asked with a gesture cat grin.

"I have access to restricted areas." Finn smiled holding his security key up. Rachel smiled and giggled somewhat before grabbing his hand.

"You should show me." Rachel smiled. Finn grinned before he moved with her over to a small area that was towards the back of the exhibit. Rachel smiled as Finn slid his ID card in front of the door unlocking it. It beeped and Finn smiled opening it quickly. The closest was small and compact, filled with mostly cleaning supplies. Finn had only used the closet every now and again to help the janitor with after hour duties. Rachel pushed him into the closet closing the door. The room was dark and Finn was fumbling for the light switch.

"Leave it off." Rachel said in a seductive tone. Finn wondered if she could see his smiled in the pale darkness. He could hear Rachel's breathing penetrate the darkness and he could hear her heels click on the linoleum floor underneath them. She was getting closer to him and her hands were grazing across his shoulders as her lips found home against his neck. Finn's fingers rand through her brunette hair and he found comfort in the locks. Her lips trailed up to his jawline kissing it gently as Finn's hands moved to her waistline gripping her, pulling her closer. His breath became staggered as Rachel's right hand moved down his chest stopping at the waistband of his jeans. She was being adventurous once again. He ran his hand down to her bottom as they both fell towards the door knocking over a bucket which also knocked over a few things on the shelf. Rachel let out a low giggle as Finn smiled pulling her lips against his. She could feel the wetness from his tongues flicker across her own lips as his hands held her close to him. Finn could memorize every curve and every freckle that she had.

Rachel wrapped her legs around Finn's waist as her lips moved more into his, whimpers crossing his own lips. Her fingers were wrapped around his brown locks as Finn moved his lips to her neck sucking slightly. Rachel moved her head a little to give him more space to kiss her. He sucked on her pressure point as Rachel's hands ran down his back losing all her bearings as whimpers released from her lips. Rachel's right hand moved down his chest and Finn groaned slightly.

"I'm so sorry Finn…" Rachel let out from her lips as her head fell back. Finn pulled away from a moment and looked through the darkness trying to look her in the eyes.

"Don't be sorry baby." He let out touching her face. Rachel could feel the blood rushing to her cheeks causing her to blush under his fingertips as she realized she felt more vulnerable than she ever had in front of him. He pushed his lips to hers once again as his hands ran up her shirt. He fumbled so happy in excitement. Rachel could feel his hands move across the mounds of her breasts and she could feel her nipples pebbling over his touch. Finn could feel his pants getting extremely tight as his hands explored her wonderland. Rachel could feel him push her against the door as his hands pinned her arms up nibbling on her earlobe in happiness. "Good thing this exhibit isn't very popular." Finn murmured as his hands pulled off her jacket discarding it on the floor. He could feel the smooth material of her lacy pink top underneath his fingertips as he slowly pulled it off. He couldn't tell what type of bra she was wearing but when he touched her; he could tell it was lacy. She leaned forward kissing his neck as he hands wandered down his back.

Finny, make love to me." She whispered smiling against his ear. He was somewhat worried about getting caught, but at the moment he didn't care. She was there. She was in front of him, begging him for his love. He moved her into a kiss as he dropped her to her feet moving his free hands to her bottom tugging at her skirt slightly. He loved when she wore skirts. Not only did it make it easy for him to just take her then and there, it showed off her long sexy legs. She felt his fingertips at the hem of her skirt and she waited patiently as his fingers traced her inner thighs which were building heat. His fingers tickled her inner thighs as her head fell back against the door. She bit her lip trying to control her whimpers. Finn moved his fingers up a little more feeling her heated center building wetness against the lacy panties under his fingers. He was 100% positive that the panties probably matched her bra but at the moment he wasn't worried about that.

"Damn Rach…you are dripping." Finn said massaging the outside of her panties feeling the wetness grow with each word he had said. He kissed her lips once more before clipping his fingers on the top of her panties pulling them down her legs as she kicked out of them leaving them next to her jacket and top. She left her heels on so she could have some height to Finn, but at the moment she was more focused on where Finn's fingers were falling again. It's like he knew what buttons to press with her. His fingers roamed to the slit of her wetness feeling her juices dripping on him. He let his fingers linger for a moment hearing her quiet whimpers before he pulled his fingers away putting them against her lips. He could feel her lips part as her tongue flickered over his fingers. He could hear sucking sounds building as she moved her mouth up and down on his fingers. It was making his pants extremely tight.

"God Finn, you make me so wet." She whimpered in his ear as she moved his fingers back to her thighs. Wrapping his arms around his neck, she whimpered begging for his touch again. He moved his fingers back to the wet slit between her legs moving his thumb slightly over her clit brushing it gently feeling the wetness fall onto his fingers. Rachel's hands gripped Finn's shoulders as his fingers moved swiftly inside of her letting her wetness fall down her legs, dripping. Finn's fingers were dripping with her juices and he knew it was all because of him. He moved his lips against hers, feeling the pucker and the plumpness as he pushed his tongue into her mouth tasting the bubblegum tongue he so longed for. Finn continued to push his fingers in and out of her, stopping briefly to rub the wet opening before rubbing her clit. Rachel let out a muffled groan against his lips as he pulled out his fingers quickly. Rachel didn't waste a moment as she grabbed his fingers pushing them into her mouth sucking slightly. Her lips formed around his fingers as she flickered her tongue of the dripping mess she made on his fingers.

"Rach…" Finn let out a small moan as his pants were as tight as they could get. Rachel pulled his fingers out of her mouth before moving her hand down to the waistband of his jeans. She could feel the friction between the jeans and his body growing as she slowly unbuttoned the fly. It was so dark that she couldn't tell if he was happy or upset. She was basically going down on him in his place of work and if anyone caught them, he would lose his job and she would be kicked out of the Met forever. She loved the risk. Rachel Berry loved to risk everything. Her hands fumbled on the fly of his pants as she felt them drop to the ground. Rachel moved her hand against the boxers clinging to Finn's skin as a grunt released from his lips. He was begging to be released and she knew her hand was going to be the death of him. She groped him as her lips clung to his to try and stop the moans that were moving throughout the room.

"You are so hard." Rachel whispered against his lips as she pulled her hand into his boxers bringing him out and stroking him gently. His groans turned into moans and then next thing he knew she was down on her knees with his hardness inside of his mouth. As he moved his hand to the back of her head, he heard a loud knock on the door.

"Finn! When you are done sexing up your girlfriend, can you come out so we can finish the tour?" It was Kurt. Finn had to remember to smack him when they got home. Rachel giggled as she pulled herself up kissing his lips. Finn moved his hands to his pants pulling them up as he flickered the light on seeing Rachel fumbling with her clothes with a huge smile on her face. Her hair was disheveled and her lipstick was smeared on her face.

"You don't understand how beautiful you look right now." Finn whispered to her running his fingers across her cheek wiping off the lipstick that was smeared. She smiled at him before leaning in kissing him.

"We will finish this later cowboy." Rachel smiled smoothing his hair down before fixing hers. She giggled slightly as she reached for the door handle finding Kurt and Blaine staring at the two of them.

"You made up I assume?" Kurt said with his arms crossed. "While you two were making out, Blaine and I saw the Prada exhibit and fell in love."

"Great exhibit." Rachel spat out trying to change the subject.

"Hey Finn, that shade of pink looks great on you." Blaine laughed trying not to hold it in. Finn quickly wiped his lips staring down.

"Blaine, stop." Kurt laughed slapping his shoulder. Rachel wasn't amused, but she ended up giggling with them grabbing Finn's hand making him feel better.

"Come on, let's finish the tour." Finn said dragging them along.

The lights of the floor moved in their colored pattern as the music blared with the celebration of the Villanova basketball's win. Mike had outscored the record and they moved into the championship game that was to take place on the follow Sunday in Dallas. She felt somewhat upset that Finn wasn't going to get to go, but he got to experience the win of the final four and he swore to her that was enough for him. Artie tried to convince to Mike that going out after a big win could be bad for the team, but he needed to celebrate with his girl and his new best friend. Rachel had gotten them into Bliss, which was somewhat surprising to Finn. They were trying to avoid the public so being at Bliss wasn't good for them, but at the same time, Finn could blend in and Sue loved Rachel being there. He knew that he was going to have to watch her alcohol intake so she wouldn't get sloppy.

The club was extremely slow and he was surprised. He literally only saw Nova players as well as their friends. He had a feeling that somehow Rachel convinced Sue to use the club for a private celebration, and knowing Sue wanting publicity, she approved. Finn leaned against the bar holding a bottle of beer as Mike and Blaine discussed the game and the upcoming game. Finn put his lips against the head of the bottle as he looked over at his step-brother and his girlfriend dancing around on the light up floor to the sound of what seemed to be Lady Gaga, something Finn knew nothing about. He smiled as he watched Rachel swirl around on the dance floor in the dress she just had to wear. Rachel argued with him for an hour before the game saying, "I need to look good." Or "It matches my smile." Rachel ultimately won the fight because he couldn't deny that smile of hers. She always won in his eyes.

Rachel did really love her dress though. It was a one of a kind v-neck cocktail dress is fully embroidered with cherry overlapping palettes and raised flower detail around the neckline. It showed off her legs which Finn said was her greatest asset next to her smile and her eyes. She danced around with Kurt as he sipped on a Cosmo and talked about the latest fashion magazine that he had read. Rachel had to admit, Finn's step-brother was really amazing. He was a male version of her. He loved Broadway, he loved Patti Lupone, and he loved dancing. Okay, Rachel wasn't that great of a dancer. She usually needed about four or five drinks in her to become a great dancer, but she wasn't going to do that tonight. Tonight was about Mike and his buddies and the Villanova win.

"So, Rachel, can I ask you a question?" Kurt twirled a little to the music as he sipped his Cosmo.

"Depends on the question?" Rachel knew she could trust Kurt, but at the same time, she didn't need mindless gossip floating around in thin air about her.

"Are you still seeing Jesse St. James?" Kurt's eyebrow raised as he slowed his dancing dragging her to the small table for conversation.

"Well, it's really complicated and I really don't want to get into this. Now if I can go back to dancing to Lady Gaga." Rachel said trying to stand but her arm was pulled down by Kurt plopping her in her seat.

"If you are worried about me spreading lies, you don't have too. I would rather not get mixed up in your world. I see what it does to people. Paris Hilton. Nikki Hilton. Even Kim Kardashian." Kurt sipped his Cosmo. "Just spill it." Rachel bit her lip nervously as she looked over at Finn who was now doing shots with Puck. This was the first time she saw Finn drink anything but beer, but she figured he was just letting loose and having fun.

"Jesse St. James is an old friend." Rachel started as she moved her fingers over the rim of her Manhattan Cocktail. "I have known him and his family since I can remember. I think his first words were money. He is quite the socialite in his own little way. This of Gossip girl, he is the Chuck Bass of the St. James family, but the only thing is, he makes Chuck Bass look tame." Rachel took a breath continuing. "My parents and his parents want something from the both of us. Ultimate power and combining of the two biggest hotel owners in the world. You think Paris Hilton is rich, imagine if the St. James family and Berry family became one, they would own over 75% of the hotel industry. It would be a monopoly."

"So, marriage? Is that all true?" Kurt was prying on a sensitive subject, but he was probably just trying to protect his brother.

"Yeah, if you are worried about Finn not knowing, he knows everything." Rachel added before sipping the rest of her drink.

"No, I was just merely making an observation. I just needed to know what my brother was getting into. Not saying that you aren't a great girl, because after spending the past few days getting to know you I can tell that you are an amazing person." Kurt added to the conversation. "I hear a lot of things in magazines and watching TMZ, but I don't like to believe them completely unless they have the proof to back it up, my opinion of you completely changed."

"Wait? You didn't like me?" Rachel asked nervously putting her hands in her lap running her fingers over her knuckles.

"No. No, no, no, my dear, I didn't have any type of bad opinion of you before. I just had this thought in my head. I mean, you are Rachel Berry. Daughter of the famous Leroy and Hiram Berry. The biggest socialite in New York City, or even the United States. I never thought you were stuck up or anything but the society we live in, has a certain image of you." Kurt didn't want to go any further but he could feel Rachel pushing the subject now.

"Image of me? Like what?" Rachel pined in hearing Puck yell across the bar encouraging Finn to drink another shot. She looked at him in his blue jeans and button up blue shirt with his usual hair-do. Even in a time of worry, Finn still caught her eye.

"Rachel, I really don't want to offend you with the words I read." Kurt was uncomfortable now.

"You might as well tell me now, nothing could be worst then the press." Rachel added knowing she was right.

"Well, you are a party girl. You like to go out, have fun, and drink. That is normal for people our age." Kurt said downing the rest of his drink as he knew he probably offended her.

"No, you are right, so don't feel like you crossed the line. I like to go out and have fun, but lately it's been different. Finn makes me feel different. I don't have to go out and do anything over the top to make myself feel better. I can just take the train to Brooklyn to see Finn and watch a movie and my Saturday nights get so much better." Rachel smiled looking over at Finn who was now chatting with Blaine. "He makes me feel different. Like all that money doesn't matter. Like the fame doesn't matter. He makes me feel more alive than any glass of alcohol ever could. More than any amount of money could. I was a mess. I use to go out to just drink and drown my sorrows in music dancing alone. I know that the poor little rich girl scheme doesn't go over well, but my life is way more complicated than a lot of people think." She said tucking a strand of hair behind her ear.

"I don't doubt it. Money makes life way more complicated than it should be. That is why I am glad that I struggle with Blaine. It makes us stronger." Kurt stood up hearing the music. His train of thought changed completely smiling down at her. "I love this song! I need to get Blaine to dance with me." She watched Kurt scurry off and she sat there quietly thinking to herself. The drink she had just drank was really getting to her and it was only one. She shook her head looking at Kurt and Blaine as they both scooped on the dance floor as Finn moved back to Puck to talk. Her eyes were getting heavy and she really didn't know what to do so she headed to the bathroom to wash her face.

Finn had been completely worried about her. He saw Kurt and Rachel's talk and wondered what Kurt could possibly say to Rachel. He knew that Kurt was a protective little guy but even his words could get to the strongest man alive. Finn watched as the rest of the team dragged their dates to the dance floor and he looked around for Rachel remembering that she had headed towards the bathroom. He pulled his conversation away from Puck as he put his glass down on the bar shuffling through the crowd heading towards the back of the club which he was quite familiar with. He heard laughs and conversation as he moved down the long line for the bathroom.

"Finn!" He heard a voice behind him. He turned around looking down at the little short blonde calling his name. It was Quinn Fabray. The girl who said she liked Puck, yet hit on every man that came in the club.

"What is it Quinn? I really need to check on Rachel. It seems like she is holding up the line to the women's room." Finn added as he felt the blonde's hand move up his arm.

"Don't worry about her. From what TMZ says, she has some type of eating disorder. You really don't want to get involved in that." Quinn added in a matter of fact tone.

"Don't believe everything you read Fabray." Finn said trying to pull away from her.

"Why so protective Finn?" She said cornering him into a wall. This was somewhat of a shock to him. Quinn Fabray has always been cold to him and for her to be cornering him in a dark club with Puck watching them was a big jump for her. Puck had a thing for her and he didn't want to be rude.

"Quinn, if you value my friendship with Puck you will back away." Finn said trying not to put his hands on her shoulders to move her.

"I just want to know what is so special about man hands." Quinn was either drunk or stupid.

"I am not getting into this, back away." Finn added before looking over seeing one of the waiting girls' trying to pry open the bathroom door. "Hey!" He moved Quinn aside and moved to the bathroom door opening it. The bathroom was huge, so he was surprised that there was even a line at all, but it was completely empty when he stepped in. He saw the last stall door was lock and when he looked underneath he saw Rachel laying on the floor. She was leaned over the toilet like she had been throwing up and he was worried that Quinn was right. Did she have an eating disorder on top of it. She looked a mess and he didn't know what to do so he slipped under the door quickly unlocking it before he pulled her out. She was knocked out cold, like she had been drugged. He moved over quickly to the sink turning it on trying to get some cold water to splash on her face. People in the hallway heard the commotion and were filtering in.

"Puck! Get these people out and call 911." Finn yelled seeing him in the hallway of the bathroom door. Finn picked up Rachel laying her on the washroom counter running a cool wash rag across her face as he could see her stirring for a moment.

"Hey there cutie." Rachel said through a slurred voice. He didn't know if she had drank too much or if she was drugged. She had only had one drink from what he could remember.

"Stay awake, we called 911." Finn whispered to her as he saw the bathroom door close to give them privacy.

"I didn't even drink that much. One drink." Rachel let out closing her eyes having a hard time staying away.

"Babe…" Finn said touching her face slightly before hearing another commotion outside the door.

"LET ME IN NOW, BEFORE I CALL THE AUTHORITIES " It was a male voice. He had never heard this voice. Puck opened the door and Finn was caught off guard by a semi-tall man with curly hair and a scowl look on his face. He was wearing a dark back suit with a purple tie. He made his way over to them and he grabbed Rachel from Finn's arms.

"Who the hell are you?" Finn said becoming protective of her. He looked down at the man who was holding the love of his life. Who was this? Why was he holding her?

"I am Jesse St. James, Rachel's soon to be husband. Who the fuck are you?"