Nikita doesn't belong to me.


Michael couldn't believe his ears. He'd been walking to his office when he'd heard voices; Percy and Amanda were talking. They were in Amanda's office but the door hadn't been shut properly.

"I think she should be cancelled." Amanda was saying.

"Give her some more time," Percy urged her.

"She seemed scared of doing things," Amanda replied. "And she's lying to me, holding something back."

"Well we can't do anything about her until the September job," Percy reminded her, "she's our way in."

"Yes," Amanda agreed, "this job will be her test, if she does it well then she survives, for now. What about her boyfriend?"

"We'll take care of him after the job." Percy replied, "We don't want anything to jeopardize September."

Michael walked to his office; they wanted to kill Alex and Nathan. He knew Percy was only putting off the killing of Nathan because the September job was too important; he'd probably had Roan on his tail already just waiting for the word to take him out.

Michael wasn't going to let that happen on his watch, innocent people weren't going to be killed while he stood by and did nothing.

He needed a plan; he needed to get Nathan out of town without alerting Division.

He needed Nikita.

He was still angry with her; she'd interfered with his plan to take Kasim out, and had him stopped on the tarmac. He'd been so close, closer than he'd ever been but Nikita had taken that from him. He was angry about that but he knew she was his only help in this situation; he just needed to find her.

A few weeks ago they'd found the Shell program, Nikita's way into Division's computers. Of course she hadn't used again but Birkhoff had left the link open. Michael reasoned that he could still use it to communicate with her. It was worth a try anyway.


Michael sat at the computer, logged onto the program and typed, Nikita, you there, and waited.


Nikita was standing by the window looking out when her computer pinged, she'd received a message. She walked towards the computer and read the message. Someone from Division was writing to her, Percy probably. She ignored it.

Nikita, it's me, Michael.

Nikita looked at the screen. Was it really him? Could she take that chance? On the other hand what if she ignored him yet he really needed her help. She couldn't say no to Michael.

She sat down.


Michael took a breath, she was there.

Plain Vanilla, he wrote.

Nikita smiled slowly, it was him.

Wild Cherry, Nikita wrote back, her smile widening.

They'd come up with those code words while on a mission. While Nikita was running out of the building following Michael's instructions through the coms, she'd come up with a silly game.

"What if we went rogue and were trying to communicate, what would you say?" she asked him.

"Why would we go rogue?" Michael asked her.

"Answer the question," Nikita urged him.

Michael had smiled, "why would we be trying to communicate?"

"Aggh," Nikita was frustrated, "okay say one of us was captured and we're trying to ascertain that it's really us, whatever."

"Okay," Michael replied, "don't shout at me."

Nikita had come out of the building and they got into the getaway car. After the debrief Michael was walking out of the building when he run into Nikita.

"Good job today," he told her, "Percy was very pleased."

"Yes," Nikita replied, "he told me."

Michael nodded and walked off. He turned and said, "Plain Vanilla."


"I'd use Plain Vanilla, as my code word." Michael told her, wondering why he was doing this. She was a recruit, his recruit; personal relationships could get them killed.

"Wild Cherry," Nikita replied, smiling wickedly at him. "Now we have our secret code words."

Michael broke the eye contact and turned to leave. Nikita run after him, "that wasn't so hard, was it?"

He walked out of Division smiling.

We need to meet, Michael wrote. I need your help.

Your place, 8pm tonight, Nikita wrote back.

See you then.

Michael logged off and sat at his desk, smiling.