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Chapter 1: Bad Moon Rising

It was a calm peaceful day in the middle of November at a small town high school in the middle of Texas. Students were sleepin… I mean learning; while they anxiously waited for winter break to begin but the main focus was on certain teen who was staring out the window at the moment.

The teen had a light tan skin tone along with dark unkempt hair that stopped just above his neckline; he wore a black t-shirt with a brown zip-up hoody lining a dark blue denim jacket, for his lower half he wore baggy blue jeans with a dark brown belt along with a pair of brown lace up work boots covering his feet.

Right now the teen had lowered his head down on his desk, as he tried to get a certain thought out of his head that would not leave.

The said thought was of an incident that had happened almost a month ago. As much as he wanted to say it was all a dream, something kept telling him that it wasn't.

Maybe it was the fact that his friend was found passed out on the floor in his room or the fact that both of them, saw the same exact thing in their dreams. Whatever it was, all it seemed to do was haunt him.

Raising his head up, the teen watched as his fellow classmates either chatted with friends, secretly texted their friends, or just slept… studied, since there was no teacher in the room at the moment.

"I wonder where the teacher is?" the teen thought to himself as he laid his head back down.

As soon as he rested his head again, the door opened catching the class's attention.

Looking towards the front, most of the students were surprised to see a man with long silver like hair that spiked backwards walk in. He wore a simple white button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows and a pair of dark blue slacks, with a pair of brown boots covering his feet.

Walking up to the board the man wrote down a few words before turning back towards the teens.

"Hello class my name is Jonathan Talbain, and as of now, I will be your history teacher for the rest of the year, any questions," the now named Jon said as he looked over the student body.

Hearing this, the teen jolted up from the name. Looking up towards the man, his eyes widen in shock.

Despite the man being human, the teen instantly knew who he really was. The memories from last month began to flood back, from the transformation to the blue and white fur blowing in the wind from when he was being cared home. The man before him was none other than the same werewolf the teen had once turned into.

"This can't be happening. This is got to be a dream or something," the teen said quietly to himself as he clutched his head in panic.

"Well since no one has any questions, we will begin, where your last teacher left off. Now please open your books to page 125," the newly dubbed teacher said as he wrote on the board once more.

Deciding that the best course of action was to not make a scene, the teen opened his text book to the designated page and followed along with the lesson.


After nearly an hour of lecturing had passed the bell rang. Looking up at the clock, Jon let out a sigh before turning towards the class.

"That's it for today. Now remember that you have a test on Friday so be sure to look over your notes this week, other than that, you can leave," Jon said as he began to erase the notes on the board.

Watching his fellow peers leave, the teen stood up and began to gather his things to leave, and while at the same time was hoping that Jon wouldn't notice him.

Just as he was about to head out the door, the teen heard the teacher call out to him.

"Excuse me, Trey was it. Can I please talk to you for a moment," Jon said as he starred at the back of the teen's head.

"Yes sir," was all the teen could say as he tried keep calm while turning to face the lycan.

Following the teacher towards his desk, the now named Trey began to grow even more worried when he saw the silvered haired man shut the door to the hallway, completely cutting off the noise from the outside while at the same time cutting off noise from being heard from the inside

As the silver haired man sat at his desk, he quickly pulled out a file and started going over its contents before looking back up at the teen.

"Now that we don't have anything to distract us…" Jon said as he stared at the teen before him, who at the same time was on the verge of a panic attack.

"I wanted to talk to you about…" was the teacher got out before being cut off by a loud thud.

Looking over the edge of his desk, Jon was surprised to see Trey passed out on the floor twitching slightly.

"Is something wrong?" Jon said as he stared at the comatose teen.


After a few minutes of shaking and slaps to the face, Jon was able to wake the panic stricken teen.

"O.K., I can understand that you are real and everything but I think the question that is on my mind right now is why, are you still here?" Trey asked as he sat across from Jon.

"Trust me, I wanted to leave and did for a little while but for some reason, when I was about a few miles out of town, something told me to come back," Jon replied as he leaned back in his seat.

"Your conscience, maybe," Trey suggested.

"Maybe, I don't know," Jon said as he shrugged his shoulders

"Another thing is that for some reason I've been feeling something malevolent approaching," Jon stated in dark tone.

"Malevolent, what do you mean by that?" Trey replied in a worried manner.

"I mean something that defines a darkstalker, but the energies I've felt are not as large as some foes I have faced, but they are something you shouldn't take lightly," Jon said as he looked out one of the windows.

"That's not good, but what should I do if I encounter one of these things?" the teen asked as he stared at the lycanthrope.

"All I can say is that you should keep your wits about or else you might end up dead," was all Jon said to the teen.


Walking out to his truck in the school parking lot, Trey had just thrown on his dark grey ball cap before he began to think over the things, Jon and he had just talked about.

"Darkstalkers here, that's just impossible. Besides what would they want from a college town in the middle of nowhere?" the teen thought to himself as he dug for his truck keys in his pocket.

Soon as his hand came in contact with them, the teen suddenly felt something off. The air around him felt as though someone was watching him or more like hunting him.

Looking behind himself, the teen only saw an empty parking lot and deserted high school.

Giving the area, one more look around, the teen shook his head and mumbled something to himself.

"Get a hold of yourself; it's just your imagination getting to you,"

But what the teen didn't notice was a dark figure lurking in the shadows, watching him as he started up his truck and pulled out of the parking lot.


As he rode the only thing Trey could hear was the sound of Blue Oysters Cult singing "Don't Fear the Reaper," over the radio in his 96 maroon Chevrolet pickup. As he drove down the old dirt roads, towards his dad's house to drop off some tools that he bowered from him, while he was at work.

Suddenly the radio and lights began to fade before dying out. Seeing this, the teen pulled the truck towards the side of the road, while giving a light sigh.

"Great, not the battery again," Trey said as he remembered how the truck's battery always seemed too corroded around the connecters, causing it to shut down.

Pulling out a wrench, the teen quickly popped the hood and set to work on getting the battery connecter cleaned off.

After a few seconds of unscrewing, brushing, blowing, and reconnecting the truck headlights flared to life once more.

"There, that should do it," Trey said as he slammed the hood closed, only to suddenly feel the same chill roll down his spine.

"Exscusssss me, do you think you help me," a cold and dark voice called from behind the teen.

Turning around the young Texan, couldn't help but stare at the unknown being in front of him.

The man wore a black hoody with the hood completely covering his head and face along with a pair of black jeans and sneakers.

"Umm sure, what do you need?" Trey replied nervously as he wondered where the man came from.

"Oh nothing much, jusssst a fresh body," the man said before as he rushed and pinned the teen by his neck, against the truck's hood.

Feeling the pressure on his throat, Trey began to struggle and gasp for air as he heard the figure chuckle at his pain. Tilting his head up the man's eyes flashed in the setting sun's light causing them to give a dark golden glow.

Seeing the unnatural color of the man's eyes was surprising but, what really scared the teen was the slit, snake like pupil in them.

With his free hand the man reached up to the hood and pulled it back to reveal a long dark scaled serpent head, which he flicked his tongue out to show that it was real.

"Wha-what in the world are you?" Trey gasped out as he tried to pry the snake's grip off of him.

"What I am is not important, but what is important is that I'm going to kill you. Now how should I do it, should I ssssqueeze the life out of you or do I just sink my fangsss into you and let my poisonssss slowly draw the life out of you. What do you think?" the snake man asked in a mocking tone.

Even though he was fight to get loose and for oxygen, Trey didn't want either of the choices. Grabbing onto the reptile's arm once more the teen tried to force it off of his throat or at least loosening it so he could breath.

Seeing this, the snake chuckled once more.

"You should know, that it is foolish of you to think that you can break free," the snake man said as he watched the teen struggle.

"Well then, why don't I help the boy out," a voice replied from behind the serpent.

Before the snake could look back, a white furred fist slammed into the side of his head causing him to release his grip on the young man, while at the same time throwing him a few feet into a nearby pasture.

Rubbing the spot that had been hit, the snake man began to hiss in anger as he looked up to see a dark blue and white furred werewolf, wearing a pair of dark blue karate pants with a yellow belt standing in front of Trey.

"Why are you protecting thisss filth werewolf?" the snake hissed.

"Cause he is my student and last I checked, I am in charge of protecting him in times of need," Jon replied as he cracked his knuckles for the upcoming fight.

"Well then, I guess I should give you the honor of dying alongside him then," the snake said before leaping at the werewolf.

Quickly dodging the snake's lunge, Jon delivered a knee to the serpents gut before slamming his elbow on to its neck. Only to have the snake hiss a little before lunging at him once more but this time with its claws.

As the two dark being continued to fight, Trey was starting to regain his bearings. Looking up the teen couldn't help but watch in amazement at the fight.

Every time snake would try and either bite or claw at the lycan, he would instead hit air before being struck by a painful punch or kick to the head or body.

From this, it looked like Jon was going to win this fight easily, but that was before the teen saw something move from behind the snake man.

"Jon, look out!" was all the teen could get out before the snake's tail rap around the werewolf's neck.

Laughing at the lycan's situation, the snake man grinned as he watched the wolf man struggle to get loose.

"Oh man, I've got to do something," Trey thought to himself as he looked around for something that could help Jon.

Looking at the same spot that Jon had hit the snake man, the teen suddenly remembered something he had borrowed from his dad.

Quickly throwing the door on his pickup open, Trey began to search through his things to find the said item that would help the darkstalker.

"Where is it, where is it," the teen asked himself as he moved stuff around before feeling something cold and metallic against his fingers.

"There it is," he said with a grin.

Back with the two dark beings, Jon was just beginning to lose consciences from the snake's coils as they continued to tighten around his neck.

"Heh, heh, guess it'sss time to say goodbye werewolf, any last wordsss," the snake man asked in a sadistic tone.

Before the werewolf could say anything a voice shouted out behind the scaled being.


Turning around the snake man was suddenly slammed in the head by large, heavy object. Hissing out loud, his tail unwound it's self from Jon's neck causing the werewolf to land on his back.

Stepping back a few passes, the snake man tried to shake the small concussion off from the unknown opponent, but was slammed again but this time, in the same place Jon had punched him much earlier, and was followed up by another blow on the side of his jawline.

Falling into the ground in pain, the snake man held onto his wounded jaw and continued to hiss in pain before hearing the sound of the assailant's footsteps approaching.

"Man you're pathetic," a voice said over the wounded serpent.

Looking up the snake's vision had clear up enough to see Trey standing over him, with a now bloody pipe wrench gripped tightly in his left hand, while his other hand hung loosely by his side.

"Aaarrrgh, I'm going to kill you! You human piece of crap!" the snake man shouted as he jumped up and began to charge at the teen only to stop when the teen held his hand up.

"Before you do that, shouldn't you be worried about the pissed off lycanthrope behind you?" the teen asked calmly.

"The what?" the scaly replied before turning to see a fully enraged Talbain looming over him.

"NO WAIT I…" was all the serpent got out before Jon slammed him in the head with a roundhouse kick.

"Do you think, I'm going to let someone as dangerous as you, run loose in this world? Well then sorry to say this but. YOU ARE DEAD WRONG!" Jon said as energy began to build up around him before he threw his hand forward.

"Dragon Cannon!"

As soon as Jon shouted the attack, two wolf like flames appeared out of the energy flare up and started spiraling towards the serpent.

Letting out an ear piercing scream, the snake man wasn't even able to dodge before the flames hit.

When the attack made contact with the dark being, a pillar of fire erupted around him for a few minutes before dyeing down to reveal only a black ash cover ground.

"Whoa," was all that Trey could say as he stared at the spot the snake man once stood.

"Glad that's over. So are you all right?" Jon asked as he walked up to the stunned teen.

Seeing no response from him Jon let out a annoyed sigh as he remembered that the boy was still young and he had not experienced things like this before. So with another say the wolfman gentled rested his hand on the boy's shoulder, which seemed to pull him back to reality.

"Huh? Oh yeah. I'll be o.k." Trey said as he rested the pipe wrench on his other shoulder and grinned.

"Good, that's good. So what gave you the idea of using a wrench on him?" Jon asked as he stared at the object in the teen's hand.

"Have you ever used one of these things? Just put enough force into it and you can crack a skull with it," the teen replied as gave a slow practice swing.

"I see," Jon said as he gave a his sore neck a slight pop before he began to walk off.

"Wait!" Trey nearly shouted as the werewolf turned towards him once more.

"Yes, what is it?" Jon asked as with a small hint of annoyance in his voice.

"I just wanted to say thank you and to ask if you want me to give you lift or something in return for saving me?" Trey replied with a small smile.

Hearing all of this caused Jon's eyes to widen a little. Never before in his travels had a human, thanked him for something and at the same time offered some sort of service to him. Sure he had been thanked by Felicia once or twice but she was a dark being.

"Thanks, but no thanks, I'll be alright. As for you, just make sure to be more careful. Other than that see you tomorrow," with that said Jon continued to walk into the coming darkness.

As the teen stood there watching the wolf man leave, he couldn't help but smile.

"Well this is going to be an interesting school year," Trey said to himself as he watched the full moon begin to rise.