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Chapter 3: No Sleep Tonight

A few days after Hantakuro had left; things begin to return to normal. Well as normal as having a martial arts werewolf as a teacher could get.

By now Trey had gotten used to having Jon as his teacher, but it was still surprising to him was that Jon had picked the profession considering, he didn't like being around humanity to much but that was what Trey remembered from playing the game and from what he read on the net. So far from what the teen had seen Jon was pretty calm about being around the young adults.

Today though, Jon seemed different, almost like he was a little more on the edge.

The air around him gave off the feeling of being at the mercy of a vicious predator, which technically Jon was.

As he stood in front of the class, almost everyone couldn't help but feel nervous around him.

The room was completely silent except for the sounds of the grinding of the chalk on the chalk board and the ticking of the clock which everyone was praying that it would release them soon.

Suddenly the bell rang causing everyone to sit up fearfully in their seats. Everyone's eyes rested on the silver haired teacher as set the chalk down and turned towards the class.

Giving them one look over, Jon closed his eyes and said.

"You're dismissed," in an almost threating tone.

Hearing this, the class nearly scrambled out the door in hopes of not having to face Jon's wrath.

As soon as the last student had ran out with the door slamming behind him. The only person left was in the room besides Jon was Trey, who started to carefully make his way towards the lycanthrope.

"H-h-hey Jon, are you feeling alright?" Trey asked as he stood fearfully before him.

Turning his head towards the teen, Jon let out a small growl but stopped as soon as he saw Trey take a step back from him.

"I'm sorry, if I've made you and the other students feel a little uneasy today. It's just that the full moon is coming out tonight and usually it makes me become more violent during the day," Jon said as he walked towards his desk and sat down with a long sigh.

"Are you like this, every full moon?" Trey asked as he stood in front of the man.

"No, usually I'm much worse," Jon replied as he gave the teen a glare.

"I see," Trey said as he sat on top of one of the desk in the front row.

"But the real trouble well be at night," Jon continued as he buried his face into his hands.

"You mean, when you transform," Trey said as he caught onto the issue.

"Correct, usually I would just head out into the woods, far away from civilization and wait for the night to pass, but since I'm in a town that is scattered out as this. I would be impossible for me, to not end up attacking someone during my rage," Jon said with a heavy sigh.

Hearing this, the dark haired teen began to think of a way to help the discouraged wolf man with his problem, when suddenly an idea came to him.

"Hey, what if someone was to stay up and keep an eye on you during the night of your transformation. You know, just follow you around and make sure nothing bad happens while you're roaming around?"

Looking up at the teen, Jon was about tell Trey that it would be a bad the idea for someone to perform such a feat but stopped when he realized that the plan could actually work.

"You know, that would be a good idea but where are we going to find someone brave or either crazy enough to pull it off?" Jon asked as he stared back at the teen.

"I'll do it," Trey replied almost instantly.

Jon's jaw almost dropped, when the teen just volunteered like the idea of staying with a deadly violent werewolf, like it was nothing.

"Ar-are you sure?" Jon asked as he tried to hide his worry.

"Positive, and don't worry its Friday, so I don't have to worry about sleeping in tomorrow," Trey replied as he adjusted the straps on his backpack.

"What about your parents?" Jon asked in hopes that the problem would keep the teen from hurting himself.

"Don't worry, I got that covered. Just be ready and I'll be by around six," Trey said as he walked out of the classroom.

"No, Trey wait…" was all Jon could say before the door slammed shut.

"What have I done," Jon said to himself as buried his face into his hands once more.


The first thing Trey noticed about Jon's place was it was a ways out from even the county roads, which ran across the town out skirts.

As he drove up the dirt path towards the darkstalker's home, the teen began to go over his plan in his head for tonight.

"Alright, keep it simple, just stay awake, make sure Jon doesn't hurt himself or anyone else, and try to stay alive. Yeah just that simple," Trey said to himself as he finally pulled up to Jon's place.

Climbing out of the cab of his truck, the teen began to look over the place, his teacher called home. The clearing mostly consisted of a small house and an old sheet metal barn, surrounded by a large acreage of pastures and woods.

"Not a bad place," Trey said to himself as he switched his hoody and denim jacket combo for a heavy black hooded work coat.

Digging around in his truck one last time, the teen grinned to himself as he slammed the door shut while carrying out a black mag-light and a crowbar.

Walking up to the front door, the teen gave it a few short knocks before waiting for a response. After waiting for a few seconds, the young Texan was about to knock again when he heard a voice call out to him.

"Hey Trey, I'm out here," Jon shouted from behind the teen.

Turning around, the teen saw the lycan teacher, dressed in a white t-shirt with a pair of blue jeans with brown work boots, standing in the barn entrance.

As Jon watched the teen make his way towards him, he couldn't help but raise an eyebrow at the item in the student's hand.

"Why are you carrying a crowbar with you?" Jon asked as he turned to head back into the barn.

"Cause my dad, came home early from work and I was unable to raid his gun safe," Trey replied as he followed behind the werewolf.

"I see, anyway help me out here," Jon said as he picked up a pair of shackles.

"Umm, why do you have a pair of cast iron shackles with you?" Trey asked as he watched the silver haired man wrap the chain around a nearby post.

"The reason why is that, this isn't the first time, I've tried to restrain myself when I've transformed," Jon stated as he snapped one of the manacles onto his wrist.

"I see," the Texan replied as the wolf man handed him, the key to the cuffs before snapping the other one on.

"Anything else, I should know?"

"Yeah, try to stay alive," Jon said as he sat down, with back towards the post before closing his eyes.


The Next Morning

The first thing Jon felt when he started to wake up was the warmth and comfort of a bed rather than the cold hard ground of the barn.

Opening his eyes, Jon's vision was filled with the site of his bedroom's ceiling rather than the wooden raptors of the barn. Wondering how he got from one place to another, the lycan was about to rub his brow, when he suddenly saw that he still had the shackles on his wrists, except that the chain that had connected them was snapped clean off.

"I-I got loose," Jon said to himself in fear.

"Then that would mean,"

Jon stopped when he caught a scent that had haunted him since he found out about his lycanthrope, along with a coppery taste in his mouth.

"Blood," was all Jon said as he looked over the side of his bed, to see a Trey's body lying face down on the ground covered in the crimson substance.

"Oh no, what have I done. WHAT HAVE I DONE!" Jon shouted.

"What?" a barely awake Trey said as he pushed himself up from his position.

Jon's head suddenly snapped towards the supposedly dead teen.

"You-you're alive," the silver haired man asked in shock.

"Uhhh, yeah," Trey replied as he tried to stay awake.

"Oh, thank God," Jon said before embracing the teen in a hug.

"Ummm, Jon," was all the teen could say as he felt disturbed by the wolf-man's action.

"What, oh sorry," Jon replied as he released the teen, when he realized what he was doing.

"But wait, what about the blood on your jacket?" Jon asked, still fearing that he might have killed someone still.

"I accidently got some it on it, while you were running around, but don't worry the blood's not human," Trey replied as he yawned from the lack of sleep.

"Ok, I'm glad to hear that, but still where did it come from?" Jon asked once more.

"I'll let you know in another hour or two," the teen replied before lying down once more.

"Why in another hour?" Jon asked with some anger in his voice.

"Because, I've been up all night making sure, that you were staying out of trouble. So good night," was all Trey said before passing back out on the floor.


Last Night

"Anything else I should know?"

"Yeah try to stay alive," was all the teen heard before watching the wolf man fall asleep.

"Noted," Trey said himself as sat against another post.


Nearly an hour later, Trey was already on the edge of boredom. Since he knew Jon's lycanthrope side could cause a lot of damage, the teen had to keep on alert at all-time during the transformation. Meaning that Trey could not have anything around to distract him, this right now was starting to have its drawbacks.

"Just great, it's only eight o'clock and I'm already at the edge of my patience," Trey said to himself as he checks his watch. "I should've brought a book or a magazine or something,"

Looking at Jon once more, the teen could only sigh at the job he had volunteered for.

"Maybe nodding off for a few minutes wouldn't hurt," the teen said to himself before shutting his eyes for a power nap.

A few minutes later the young Texan, was jolted awake by the rattling of chains.

"What, Jon?" Trey asked hazily.

Looking over at the lycanthrope, the teen's eyes suddenly bulged out in fear, at the site of Talbain in his werewolf form, as he snarled and tried to break loose from the chains.

"Oh, that's not good," Trey said to himself while bring his crowbar up to defend himself, just in case.

"Ok as long, as the chained holds up. No one will get,"

Was all the teen could say before the chain gave away, from the werewolf's fighting.

"Oh crap! Not good," Trey shouted as he prepared for a possible mauling.

As he raised his make shift weapon to defend himself, the teen was suddenly tackled to the ground by the wolf man. Feeling his weapon fall from his grip, the teen suddenly felt the werewolf push off of his chest.

"Uggh, what just happened," Trey asked as he looked down to see a muddy paw print on his shirt but suddenly froze when he realized something. "Wait, where's Jon?"

Turning around, the young man saw the retreating form of the lycanthrope, dashing into the nearby woods.

"Oh, that's not good," Trey said to himself as he picked up the crowbar and followed after the runaway wolf-man.


After a few minutes pursing the lycanthrope, a now winded Trey could be seen trotting into a nearby clearing.

"Great, I lost him," Trey said disgruntledly to himself, as he looked any sign of Jon being nearby. "Where is he?"

The teen's question was answered by a long piercing howl, just a few meters away from him.

"Oh man, I hope that's not a bad thing," the Texan said to himself as he ran towards the cry.

Stumbling into the location of the wolf's cry, Trey saw a familiar blue bushy tail swaying nearby as the owner of it dug into its now claimed meal.

Keeping quiet as possible, the teen tried to move to a better angle to see what the lycan was eating, only to accidently step on a twig; causing it to snap.

Hearing the noise, the werewolf's ears suddenly perked up in alarm. Turning towards the teen, the beast began to growl; just before he turned and ran off into the woods once more.

"Uggh, great, lost him again," the teen said to himself as he looked over towards the mess the werewolf left behind. "Better check and see who or what that is,"

Walking over towards the mass, the teen gave slight gulp in fear as shined the mag-light on the body.

As the light unveiled the object, Trey was relieved to see that it was a large deer.

"Well that's a relief," he said to himself as he inspected the large buck.

Looking over the large white-tail, the teen couldn't help but admit that he was impressed that Jon had brought down such a large size animal in his feral state, suddenly a low growl was heard right behind Trey.

Hearing the noise caused the blood in the Texan's veins, turning around slowly he saw the savage Talbain crotched down snarling at him.

"Oh no, not again," was all Trey could say as he knocked over once again by the wolf-man.

Falling back, Trey felt the back of his jacket come in contact with the deer cadaver. Once he landed the teen tilted his head back to see the retreating form of the lycan running off into the woods.

"Great, just great, I can't believe I just let him get away again and…" was all Trey could say when he noticed an odd smell coming from himself.

"What the... ah ugh. Man, now I smell like a processing plant," the teen said out loud as he tried to shake the deer blood from his coat.

After giving his jacket a few shakes, another howl pierced the night. From the sounds of it, the teen estimated that it was just a few yards from his location.

Throwing his coat back on, Trey began to dash towards the wolf's call, only to come upon a barb wire fence, that lead into an open pasture.

"Oh please tell me, he didn't…" was all Trey said when he noticed a tuff of white and blue fur on the barbs.

"He did," was all he could say to himself as he crawled through the fence line.

Walking through the small cow pasture, Trey began to grow really nervous when he saw the outline of a farm house nearby by.

"Aw man, I hope Jon isn't up there," he said to himself.

Looking around the open field, the teen suddenly saw the werewolf eating a large bull near the fence line.

"Now that's a slab of beef," Trey said to himself, as he cautiously walked towards the lycan.

Just as the teen was, only a few steps away from the wolf. Jon suddenly turned his head towards Trey and began to growl at him.

Holding his hands up, Trey stood still for a few minutes, just before he began to slowly approach the werewolf again, while speaking as gently as possible.

"Easy Jon. I don't want any trouble,"

Growling at the teen for a few minutes, the lycan suddenly stopped just before turning his and giving a loud snort at Trey.

'Ok that's different,' Trey thought to himself as he watched Jon continue with his meal.

"Now, why is it that every time I'm around you, you don't try and rip my face or something, like most werewolves in the movies and books,"

The only response the young man got, was the continued sounds of the lycan digging into its meal.

"Is it, maybe…?"

Was as far as the teen got, just before he heard the sound of a back door being kicked opened.

"Damn coyotes!" a voice shouted out from the farm house, followed by the crack of a shotgun.

"Oh, crap!" Trey nearly shouted, when he saw the slug hit the dirt between him and Jon.

Both Jon and Trey turned and made a dash for the back pastures, in hopes of getting out of range of the angry rancher.

As the teen was running for his life, he suddenly felt something grab onto the back of his jacket, just before he was slung onto the back of the werewolf.

"What the… Jon!" was all Trey could say, as the werewolf leaped over the fence line and into the brush while dodging the buck shots.

With one hand on his hat and the other gripping the wolf-man's pelt for his life, the teen could only grit his teeth and dodge every branch and twig that he could.

Suddenly the forced path opened up to a small clearing. Before Trey could even figure out where he was, he was suddenly flipped forward from the lycan making an abrupt stop.

Lying on his back, Trey looked up to see Jon standing over him.

'Oh man here it comes,' he thought to himself, as he waited for the wolf to go for his neck or his chest.

What he got instead was the cold feel of the lycan's nose rubbing up again him. Opening his eyes the young man was surprised to see the werewolf nosing him like a normal wolf looking after its pup.

After a few more nuzzling, the lycanthrope lot out another loud snort and began the walk off into the back pastures once more.

Picking himself up, Trey began to carefully follow the wolf being into the woods, but unlike before the said wolf didn't try to lose the teen in the back woods.



Jon could only sit and stare in confusion at the story, Trey had told him.

"Then what happened," Jon asked as he took a sip of some coffee he had just made.

Raising his head from its resting position on the table, Trey looked up at the lycan and replied.

"After that, you just went and dropped two more bucks, five cotton-tails, and a goat. Then you returned here and fell asleep in your bed, that's about it,"

Hearing this Jon began to think.

"So not once did I try and attack you?"

"Nope, all you just did was run me over a couple of times," Trey said as he let out a yawn and stretched his arms above his head.

'That can't be right, I'm usually more violent during my transformations," Jon thought to himself when he suddenly saw the teen get up and began to leave.

"Where are you going?"

"I'm heading home, since my work here is done. Plus you look like you could use some alone time for yourself," Trey said as he stood near the door.

"See you on Monday, Mr. Talbain," the teen said with a bit of humor in his voice as he left out the door.

"Yeah, see you in class," Jon said but because he was so deep in thought, he didn't even noticing the teen as leave.


Slamming his truck door shut, Trey was just about to start the engine when he looked up at Jon's place once.

'He doesn't need my help. He's done this enough to know what to do, besides, I'll just get in the way,' he thought to himself as he cranked the engine and drove back towards the county roads that lead to town.

Trey was just about to turn the radio volume up, when he notice that he was running low on gas.

"Better fuel up or I'll be pushing this thing home," the teen said as he turned the volume up just in time to hear "Fortunate Son" by CCR playing.


After the teen had left, Jon had gotten up and was about to go see what kind of damage he did to his place, when he notice a strong lingering scent from Trey, nearby.

'How can his scent trail still be this strong, even though he left just a few minutes ago,' Jon thought to himself as he looked for the source of the smell.

Walking into his dining room, the silver haired man noticed the teen's jacket resting on the chair.

"He must have forgotten about it," Jon said as he picked the blood stained piece of clothing up.

As the wolf-man, lifted the coat to inspect it he noticed something in one of the pockets.

"What's this?" Jon asked to himself as he dug out, the teen's cell phone and wallet.

"Oh boy, the kid probably going to need these,"

Throwing on a shirt, some shoes and his martial arts coat, Jon walked out towards the barn, to get his bike, in hopes of catching up with Trey before he got too far.


Pulling into a nearby service station, the said teen got out of his truck and was just about to retrieve his billfold, when all he felt nothing but air in his back pocket.

"What the…" Trey said to himself as he began to pat himself down looking for his wallet.

'Great, I must have left it back at Jon's place,' the teen thought to himself while climbing into the cab of his truck.

"Excuse me, mister," a young voice called out to the Texan.

"Huh, yes?" Trey replied as he turned to see a young girl with blonde and blue eyes wearing what looked to be a red riding hood getup, standing behind him.

'Where have I seen her before?' Trey thought to himself as the site of the young girl jogged his memory about something important, but from the lack of sleep, his mind was only drawing a blur.

"Can you help me? I've lost something of mine and I think you would be a big help in finding it," the blonde-haired girl said in a calm peaceful voice.

"Um, sure what is it?" the teen asked while still trying to figure out where he saw the girl from.

"Oh, it's just that I'm missing my big bad wolf. He has big eyes, big ears and big teeth so he shouldn't be hard to miss," the girl said as if it was nothing.

'Wait a minute, blonde hair, blue eyes, red hood, look for a wolf,' after listing these things in his mind, Trey's eyes suddenly widen in fear.

"Shit, BB," was all he could just before feeling the metal prongs of a Taser rammed into the side of his throat, followed by the painful shock.

The young girl giggled as she watched the fall back into the truck cab.

"Too easy," BB said as she shoved the rest of the teen into the vehicle, just before climbing in and driving off with him.

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