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"Come m'lady."

Her voice was so soft, so fragile. The brunette teen smiled softly, nodding and holding out a delicate pale hand. She felt the soft, wrinkled skin of the old woman's hand close around her own. She stood from the vanity chair and carefully took a step, and then another. Her blank, cloudy blue eyes revealed nothing of her emotions. The defect she had been born with was now her ticket to a perfect life.

She was led out to a balcony flanked by two sets of stairs. She could feel all of the eyes on her, even though she could not see the people they belonged to.

"Lords and ladies, the Princess of Water, Princess Katara."

The slender girl curtseyed slightly. The gown she wore was made of finest white silk trimmed in gold thread, her long brown curls were pulled into an elegant updo, and she looked as a princess should on her wedding day. Though she had never the man who was to be her husband, she knew him as the Prince of Fire.

The elderly woman led her to the top of one of the staircases, and the same voice rang out once more.

"Lords and ladies, now presenting the Prince of Fire, Prince Zuko."

She knew how the ceremony was to go. They would descend the staircases at the same time and walk to meet each other on the bottom floor. There, they would be wed and she would be handed off to him as if she were a prize.

She had heard that the prince was horribly scarred, and that was the reason she had been chosen as his bride; she could not see.

She was carefully led down the staircase and to where she would be wed. Her hands were placed into the rough, warm hands of her husband-to-be and chills ran through her body. She had never heard his voice, never felt his touch, yet none of that seemed to matter at that moment. The moment her hands touched his, she felt safe, and by the way she felt his muscles relax, he was relieved as well.

The ceremony began and then it ended. She was now being led, by her husband, out to the carriage that awaited them. A small smile had crept onto her lips as he assissted her into the covered carriage. She heard, and felt, the door shut.

She jumped slightly at the sound, and heard his voice. "There is no need to be scared anymore, Princess. I am here to protect you. Forever." His hand clasped around hers and they headed to their life together.


Funny story, this actually started out as a SasuxSaku, but then I decided against it when I wanted the prince to be scarred, and I was like "Zuko is already scarred, why not?" Lawlz, so let me know whatcha think and junk. Depending on the feedback, I may make a second chapter, but I dunno. Also, I apologize for OOCness, it is AU after all.